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Spicy Vs Extreme Spicy Food Challenge With The Prince Family!!
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Oct 23, 2019




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Comments 13 082
THE PRINCE FAMILY 3 months ago
Subscribe :)
ynhstampa Month ago
Expiccally biaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaca
ynhstampa Month ago
THE PRINCE FAMILY hi I love 💓 you guys 💕 l
Vsellouts_IQ 2 months ago
every time you eat hot stuff eat chocolate
Zoeyona Derrer
Zoeyona Derrer 2 months ago
Hermenia Paige
Hermenia Paige 2 months ago
Thank you for being good
Janaea Julius
Why did Damian drenched his wings though 😂😂
Jaeden Ponder
Y'alls toilet is gonna get messed all the way up(R.I.P. Toilet☠)
TS_Mike Day ago
Hot sauce and noodle come the fck on 🤦🏽‍♂️
Antlano Day ago
Done since day one
Fatima Salinas
Yosgar Juarez
Bro I like y'alls videos but yall over react man
Ashley gamer Rodriguez
You maked me hungry
Latrail Thomas
My checkpoint 9:27
Alma Ledezma
Alma Ledezma Day ago
At 16:31 bruh the way he vomit 😨😩
Veronica Landeros
Hi I love your videos do more videos please your videos are great and good and awesome
Devin Holmes
Devin Holmes Day ago
Syncere Baker
My stepdad said he going to be sweating when he Put the hole bottle of hot sauce on his chicken
jade Collett
jade Collett Day ago
I love yall and beannca I wach ur tik tok loooooooooove y'all pl give me a shout oout
Laure stadtmiller
jade Collett u just here for them to give u a shout out
Cara Adkerson
Watch when your mouth get on fire
Gacha Cookie
Gacha Cookie Day ago
who else started craving hot chips 😂
Dominic Jimenez
Hodo Awaleh
Hodo Awaleh Day ago
Hodo Awaleh
Hodo Awaleh Day ago
Gacha Cookie I actually have the, rn but I am sick
Dee Foust
Dee Foust Day ago
hotsause is not hot to me louisiana you here me I'm on Biannca team not your boyfriend
100 savage04
100 savage04 Day ago
she laphed in the middle of her mouth burnning
100 savage04
100 savage04 Day ago
im about to unsuscribe\
Asma Hassen
Asma Hassen Day ago
100 savage04
100 savage04 Day ago
i just stoped in the middle of the video just to say they cappin
100 savage04
100 savage04 Day ago
yall northern people are somthin else i can drink hotsause like if u from louisiana
Itzel Cendejas
Every Mexican person be like no of this this is spicy
Sarah Gentry
Sarah Gentry Day ago
That's s I got
Rihanna Girl
Rihanna Girl Day ago
I say catch a tiger by its toe not u
Cecilia Hirschman
U have the same bday as me feb 18
Rihanna Girl
Rihanna Girl Day ago
Keep playing y'all nose going to be red as an fire ant
Rihanna Girl
Rihanna Girl Day ago
Keep playing y'all nose going to be red as an fire ant
Rihanna Girl
Rihanna Girl Day ago
Y'all probably making the hot sauce and pretending it's hot I know how people act when something hot I'm not dum
Giovani Menendez
Rihanna Girl learn how to spell before you call someone out you onion
whitney smith
I don’t like y’all 🖕🏼🤬
Madison Proctor
Lol why?
Shayaan Ali
Shayaan Ali Day ago
The extra flamin hot Cheetos aren’t even hot they capping 🧢
Brynleighjjnjj Kruzil jknimm
When he said oh man it’s hot even though he eats more spicy Doritos 😂
Georgie Stephens
I you Love DJ
Jonathan and daya
I am the spice KING
Jonathan and daya
Both yall ain't know spicy stuff I drink hot sauce
ugh burGr
ugh burGr Day ago
Me think of there babies then me realizing they still probably didnt burn 90% of their taste buds
Wendy Saunders
U are the best RUvid
Nene Reese
Nene Reese Day ago
Emily Vaca
Emily Vaca Day ago
We have the flames chips a school and there not hot
100 savage04
100 savage04 Day ago
same they sell them at ours to and we eat them all the time
Fredericka Greer
me and my baby love you guys
Hell girl_gacha123
But it is good with chill I tried and it as good and spicy but not to much spice try it it will be good I promise £¥₩€£¥€€₩£¥€£€£€¥
Ta'layjah Powell
No shade but I think that they’re being Gymatic
Joanna zhen
Joanna zhen Day ago
Krista Gilmore
Caleigh World
You all did not but no hot sauce on them chips
XSummberxX Hehe
go damien and bianca
Joseph Augustin
I love flamin hot doritos
Alia Williams
Team both
Alia Williams
I like both
Dania Carcamo
Hi prince family My name is dania and I been dying to do a video with you guys like in your biggest fan I’ve watched all your videos I wanted to to the takis challenge with out drinking water and milk I know you guys don’t rarely eat spicy stuff but please i don’t care if you say Bad words please
Kourtnie Dixon
Damien should’ve stoped eating the extra hot Cheetos like it was nothing 🤣🤣🤣🤣 that’s what he get lol
Corianne Michel
Corianne Michel 2 days ago
Damien's teeth looks really normal
Julie Meirelles
Julie Meirelles 2 days ago
Him “bae you love me right? ". Her “no not that much to eat your throw up” 🤣
Robin Maldonado
Robin Maldonado 2 days ago
You are the best people ever
Selenra Allison
Selenra Allison 2 days ago
team damion
Boss Rider06
Boss Rider06 2 days ago
Kyilan said he got it going to 3get a 2good in 2your to 2am 2and and I would like to 2know
Dominic Terzo
Dominic Terzo 2 days ago
Extra flaming hit cheetos are not even hot
Corianne Michel
Corianne Michel 2 days ago
Dominic Terzo that ur opinion
Danielle Maldonado
Shanasia McClain
Shanasia McClain 2 days ago
Team Bianca all day every day yeaaaaa🥳🥳🥳🥳
Shanasia McClain
Shanasia McClain 2 days ago
Team Bianca all day every day yeaaaaa🥳🥳🥳🥳
Danielle Maldonado
Like👍 for team Biaaaaaaaaannca and coment for team Damien
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