Spending MAX ROBUX to Fight 1,000,0000,0000 POWER MECH BOSS.. (Roblox)

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you guys... IM SCARED! These bosses are too stonk! I had to fight the BIGGEST BOSS in Roblox Boss Battles and they were super HARD! Watch till the end or the FINAL MECH BOSS will come to your house and eat your lasagna!
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TITLE: Spending MAX ROBUX to Fight 1,000,0000,0000 POWER MECH BOSS.. (Roblox)




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Comments 80
annisa lestari
annisa lestari 4 hours ago
so cool
Manisha Dangol Shrestha
Use creater code tofu
John Atienza
John Atienza 3 days ago
hey tofuu what game is that called
Toffu you’re the best Roblox player I’ve ever seen!
Oscar Ng
Oscar Ng 8 days ago
Tofuu i have friend 1 and i have norobux can i have robux
Vilma Gella
Vilma Gella 11 days ago
Please link the game
Jacksen Enbert
Jacksen Enbert 16 days ago
Username jackmoopi
Jacksen Enbert
Jacksen Enbert 16 days ago
Tofuu give me 30k robux because I have brothers
Juan Azucena
Juan Azucena 16 days ago
You make me happy
yassinouttgaming 17
Jo mama
Reno Idehenre
Reno Idehenre 23 days ago
What game is that
Jay Tamborello
Jay Tamborello 23 days ago
What roblox game is this? My son wants to know.
Glen Mokisang
Glen Mokisang Month ago
What kind of game is it
goingtobeaseed65 26 days ago
hi687893 is my name on roblox
goingtobeaseed65 26 days ago
i like you vids can you make two a day
Purki Month ago
i want to play the game but i dont know what game is it names
jannie fernandez
BOSS 👍👍👍👍👍💪💪💪💪
Ahmad Ali
Ahmad Ali Month ago
jen boltiador
jen boltiador Month ago
and pls ad freind me plllllllllllllllllllllls
jen boltiador
jen boltiador Month ago
pls give me robux pllllllllllllllllllllllllllllls
jen boltiador
jen boltiador Month ago
i los all of my credits i still love youere vidieos
Hai Hoang
Hai Hoang Month ago
Plss robux 10000 Name : anhemviej
William Smith
William Smith Month ago
Hi my name is Joe Joe mama
Scarlett Ashleigh
Hey like 23 =700 name djorydjory
Gail Burchette
Gail Burchette Month ago
I am going to play the game
Kristie Maloney
Kristie Maloney Month ago
N n
Blanca Barboza
Blanca Barboza Month ago
Username: savagechad13 and i like your vida and lost my robux
Johan Nissen
Johan Nissen Month ago
999m 👍👍👍👍🎃🎃💳
tongamesBG Month ago
Tofuu can you play swordburst 2 please?
Erduan Sadri
Erduan Sadri Month ago
Erduan Sadri
Erduan Sadri Month ago
Erduan Sadri
Erduan Sadri Month ago
samyyo9999 Month ago
I wish I had 2 k robux I rlly need it I got hacked and lost everything
Diptansh Bogati
Diptansh Bogati Month ago
i am avery big fan of your nepalibaba35
Hunter PRO Achenbach
Tofuu you must save speed city
kuterek1212 Month ago
That was sick in cool way the last boss was so powerfull
kuterek1212 Month ago
Thx for liken my commment whoever it was👍🏻
Rachel Toledo
Rachel Toledo 2 months ago
I like your videos can you please give me 1 million vevo get up entrance fee vbox send money please I am sick today
Crisp_toy -
Crisp_toy - 2 months ago
I have no roubx
jens pen
jens pen 2 months ago
No one is gonna talk about how putted four 0's? (Spending MAX ROBUX to Fight 1,000,(0000),(0000) POWER MECH BOSS.. (Roblox))
Jon Cakolli
Jon Cakolli 2 months ago
pls give me robux im your bigest fan and i love your vid and i dont miss one so pls give me robux im on your group usernam:lovamagic
Tina Yang
Tina Yang 2 months ago
I like this video so much there the best
Ray Wilson
Ray Wilson 2 months ago
I love you I wish I could give you a hug
Ena Thomas Casseus
Ena Thomas Casseus 2 months ago
Paulina Salim
Paulina Salim 2 months ago
I am noob fee Huynh
I am noob fee Huynh 2 months ago
What game is it
Byo Arumpac
Byo Arumpac 2 months ago
Uri Brown
Uri Brown 2 months ago
What game are you playing @Tofuu
Malingamoyo Phillips
Charlie Taylor
Charlie Taylor 2 months ago
I absolutely am addicted to your videos
seann de castro
seann de castro 2 months ago
What is this game its cool
Piotr Staron
Piotr Staron 2 months ago
User GTSormsey love you tofuu I never had robux
chris chia
chris chia 2 months ago
now this year us 2020 HAPPY NEW YEAR!
chris chia
chris chia 2 months ago
we all love tofuu we are fans we are fans we are fans we are fans
Adriel Correa
Adriel Correa 2 months ago
tofu there is a typo in the description you said stock instead of strong like this so tofu can see it
Zane Munro
Zane Munro 2 months ago
My name is Charlie Farley I love your videos every simulator leave like you are very cool and I watch every video no subscribe and I love your videos
Fabian Alvarez
Fabian Alvarez 2 months ago
Me:gets link from toffu toffu:here's Some 10k robux
Abir Rathi
Abir Rathi 2 months ago
Face can
Sith Phommixay sith Phommixay
Sith Phommixay sith Phommixay
You cool you are the boss you king I like you
Arta Ken
Arta Ken 2 months ago
Tofuu dont spend this much money just for videos
Familyyy 132
Familyyy 132 2 months ago
Touu give me roboux i subscribed your video and liked love rafid
Archy Olaybar
Archy Olaybar 2 months ago
what is that
Olivér Lombosi
Olivér Lombosi 2 months ago
10000 robux
gavin ross Apolo
gavin ross Apolo 2 months ago
your vid is cool
Luka Nestorovic
Luka Nestorovic 2 months ago
Patricia Opazo
Patricia Opazo 2 months ago
He spend all of them Jk he spend 1OOO
Luljeta Rodoni
Luljeta Rodoni 2 months ago
username:Christhelegendofs reason:I love your vids and your my favorite youtuber And I think your the best youtuber of them all and I’m serious
Shaun gabriel Fazon
Shaun gabriel Fazon 2 months ago
This is how many robux tofuu spends
bakorp 2 months ago
Give me robux
Rolex Galceran
Rolex Galceran 2 months ago
Username:yokyok142 Hiiiiiii
Tyler Robinson
Tyler Robinson 2 months ago
U r asum
John Paul Christian Bialen
I like your merch and your video i like your simulator
Jasper Zheng
Jasper Zheng 3 months ago
when u want to play the game but there is no link
Anniebeth Raymundo
Anniebeth Raymundo 3 months ago
I love your vids
EJ Waterhouse
EJ Waterhouse 3 months ago
I like your vids can you give me robux beacuse my dad doesn’t let me have 1 for Christmas
Elvis Karlsson
Elvis Karlsson 3 months ago
Plis tofuu aj Never had robax
Raul Garcia Q
Raul Garcia Q 3 months ago
chevanlo saturnino
chevanlo saturnino 3 months ago
Joe what is this game bra
bazuczi 2.0
bazuczi 2.0 3 months ago
I've been subscribed to u for 5 years and got scammed to give all my robux ,to a bakon hair
Bresgottalent OxO
Bresgottalent OxO 3 months ago
Reason: I subbed to you tofuu! I also liked. I hope I can get robux! Love ur videos. User: Bresgottalent
Orlandus Warren
Orlandus Warren 3 months ago
Brian Morre
Brian Morre 3 months ago
Username:aroboso1232 This is my first robux if i win im very happy you the best youtuber
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