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You may feel weary today, but the good news is, strength is coming. When you’re weak, God is strong. He has the supernatural strength you need to reach your destiny.
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Aug 3, 2020




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Comments 100
Sheetal Bhasme
Sheetal Bhasme 8 hours ago
Thanks for this msg pastor... Renewed my strength which I was desperately in need of... πŸ™
Annette Chattree
Annette Chattree 20 hours ago
All your videos are so encouraging l take time out to watch and I am always blessed. I share them with my friends too.God bless you Pastor
Bettyjo Rowe
Bettyjo Rowe Day ago
I thank god for sending us Joel olsteen to teach us his word this man is a saint in my eyes everything Joel has preached to us has come true I feel Joel is gods earthly angel thank you lord please take care of this teacher I love you heavenly father. Bettyjo
Gina Trujillo
Gina Trujillo 2 days ago
I'd like to thank you Joel for all your prayers. Everyday is something new and I enjoin those name to you I asked for prayer for my brother Victor is in the hospital with COVID-19, That God places hand upon him and heals him. I also answered prayer for my dad and mom whom my brother lives with that they don't have this COVID-19. I asked they God covers them with his blood and Places a shield Of protection Over them. In Jesus name I pray Amen
Denise Godinez
Denise Godinez 3 days ago
Thank You! Father for giving that message to pastor Joel. You are my Angel. I've been waiting for a door to open for 63 years and 1 door OPEN at last. Every word you spoke what is exactly directed to me Thsk You. The Bible says the greater the suffering the greater your blessing will be. IAM GOING TO BE BLESSED BEYOND ANYONE HAS EVER BEEN. THANK YOU. I HAVE WAITED ALLLLL MY LIFE. NOW I HAVE JUST BEGONE TO LIVE. PRAISE GOD!!!!!!! I BELIEVE MY BLESSING IS HERE TO STAY ! DONT EVER GIVE UP BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN CHRIST. JESUS IS HERE WITH US NOW OUR DAY HAS COME!!!!!! IN 2020
Malou Franco Queyquep
Amen and Amen
Vivien I
Vivien I 4 days ago
I was so weak to get up and go to work this morning, but this message encouraged me. Thank You Jesus!
Lisa Chavers
Lisa Chavers 4 days ago
Hazim Ali
Hazim Ali 4 days ago
Peace and compassion!😌
Curt's Channel
Curt's Channel 4 days ago
Amen. We all as Christians have The Holy Ghost to help and guide us. Peace in Christ to allπŸ˜ƒπŸ™
robyn Barton
robyn Barton 4 days ago
God blesses in the darkness ... darkness blessed God πŸ™Œ prayers go up and sight bestowed the mean: be still have faith be still be godly even in doubt .. cup πŸ₯€ run over peace to these lands now
Malou Franco Queyquep
Amen and AmenπŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»
Rosita Dsouza
Rosita Dsouza 7 days ago
God bless you and your family for doing such a blessed job ..My life has transformed from the time I have started listening to ur videos
Derek Green
Derek Green 8 days ago
Derek Green
Derek Green 8 days ago
Bruno Dinis Zavale
I am listening to the powerful Word of God from Africa, Mozambique, Maputo. We don't need to be strong All the time! If Jesus fell down πŸ‘‡ while carrying the Cross.There's perfection in imperfections in Jesus Christ name !
Roberto Nick Hernandez
This message made me feel that I have special strength from the Lord, knowing that whatever looks impossible is not possible with God!!! God bless everyone!!!
Pinky Fabregas
Pinky Fabregas 8 days ago
Perfect message for today, as i felt so lost & weak. Praise God. Thanks Pastor Joel!
Reinhard Amoh
Reinhard Amoh 8 days ago
Amen πŸ™πŸΏπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™πŸΏ
bibi ronny
bibi ronny 9 days ago
U N 10 days ago
Whoever is reading this, cry but have faith that those hard times will one day be an encouraging memory, for you kept going. God hears you, and in his time, he will bless you. Stay strong and faithful.
sheela chandekar
sheela chandekar 10 days ago
John Contos
John Contos 10 days ago
Please God come over me and give me strength to do the things I need to do! πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜‡
Neemia Sila
Neemia Sila 11 days ago
Thanks for the great massage Pastor you breathing life in to a dry bone. I love and like the word of life you gave to day God bless you and your Ministries β€οΈπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
SiMoN 11 days ago
right people right place right time
SiMoN 11 days ago
Lucky Cindy
Lucky Cindy 11 days ago
Thank you for this
isoa Valu
isoa Valu 12 days ago
Amen in Jesus wonderful name...love to hear from Joel more new things make me learn !!β™‘β™‘β™‘
David Karanja
David Karanja 12 days ago
Joel you are awesome preacher. Thank you for making me see the big picture that i need to connect my faith always with God promises. Amen and Amen.
Shudzuo B
Shudzuo B 12 days ago
Oh Best pastor best preacher I ever kknow may God bless you we Love you
Zanele Shongwe
Zanele Shongwe 12 days ago
Joanna Rio
Joanna Rio 12 days ago
angela kelley
angela kelley 13 days ago
Its true about the strength. I recently hsd a surgery in my chest absolutey no pain during or after but i know someone that had that surgery months later and they were in seriously pain.
Stefani Lynch
Stefani Lynch 13 days ago
I agree with and recieve this prayer. In the wonderful and powerful name of Jesus Christ our savior I pray, Amen. Shalom
Anil Verma
Anil Verma 13 days ago
Darion Parker
Darion Parker 14 days ago
She's going through healing
Brittney Renea
Brittney Renea 14 days ago
Latanya Spencer
Latanya Spencer 14 days ago
Thank You Lord For Your Supernatural Strength !!! Whoever Is Watching This Sermon Please Give Them Your Supernatural Strength Also!!! And God Please Give My Mom Supernatural Strength Too!! In Jesus Name AmenπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
Tori Thompson
Tori Thompson 14 days ago
I need help
Mary Loveland
Mary Loveland 14 days ago
God bless you all in Jesus name amen πŸ™ πŸ™Œβœ¨β€ πŸ™Œ ✨ ❀
BEST PLAY 15 days ago
This kind of videos desearves more view.
Yvonne 15 days ago
A true word in due season for me. Thank you Pastor Joel!
Lady 15 days ago
Amen πŸ™ wow is a amazing powerful sermon. I proclaim all, I believed the Lord will restore what I have lost. Even more blessings is going to come to me. Thank you so much and affirmation
Common Sense
Common Sense 16 days ago
It is so encouraging, God Bless
Kindy Chagas
Kindy Chagas 16 days ago
Thank you pastor Joel.. you are that angel sent to me and to many. You are that Simon. πŸ™πŸ’“πŸ’“
Eddie Sam
Eddie Sam 17 days ago
Thank you Lord for all the Simons in my life. Forever grateful
Eddie Sam
Eddie Sam 17 days ago
New strength is coming to me, for me today. Thank you Lord
abusednomore im free
I needed to hear this today thank you Joel Osteen for bringing the word of God to me in ways that I can understand
Carol Imasiku
Carol Imasiku 17 days ago
Amen ,God bless you pastor
Sarah Chicharro
Sarah Chicharro 18 days ago
I’ve kept my strength going after a car accident on 11/1/18 that delayed my life, lost my job, my health lost, and my depression and anxiety increased. I almost gave up. August 2020 -> found out I got accepted into Georgetown University for Masters program in Family Nurse Practitioner. I am so blessed that I accepted the program. It won’t be easy and have overcome so much. God is helping. No more depression and anxiety. My health is getting better slowly. Still have flare ups of pain from the car accident but pain is managed through pain interventions. I have special strength for grad school. God bless!
Jack Breese
Jack Breese 18 days ago
I call upon 10,000 Angel's to help with the Gods promises an to make a safe path.
Jack Breese
Jack Breese 18 days ago
God you can step in any time.
Jack Breese
Jack Breese 18 days ago
Praise God
Jack Breese
Jack Breese 18 days ago
I openly recieve this message
Jack Breese
Jack Breese 18 days ago
I need it.
Jack Breese
Jack Breese 18 days ago
The opposition sadly are my brothers and sisters in the lord.
Jack Breese
Jack Breese 18 days ago
I am done .
Jack Breese
Jack Breese 18 days ago
TSOSIE FAM 18 days ago
Listening to this is helping me thank you!
Susan David
Susan David 18 days ago
Your words give new strength .
Nichole Green
Nichole Green 18 days ago
God truly has his hands on Joel. Every time I listen to him, his words are always right on time for me. On one sermon he said look in the mirror and speak good words, to yourself. I do this every morning before leaving the house. My boyfriend thinks I'm crazy but my whole day is better and I'm happier. Thank you for your blessings every day for us to hear.
Chris Lens
Chris Lens 19 days ago
A smile makes us look younger. while prayers make us feel stronger. and friends.? They make us enjoy life forever. I need a good friend, text me on +14075698705
blessed Indeed indeed
Abby Mendoza
Abby Mendoza 19 days ago
I can do nothing until I fill myself from when I awake. I have learned to smile in oppressors, to praise when I am in pain, and to trust when it's worst. AMEN GLORY to GOD HALELLUIAH HALELLUIAH HALELLUIAH since I LAID my BURDENS down THENK YOU JESUS O HOW I LOVE YOU THANK YOU MOSTLY FOR PILOTING THIS VESSEL. YOU ARE THE VERY BREATH GOING IN AND OUT AND AS LONG AS I KEEP WAKING UP I WILL KEEP GIVING YOU GLORY WITH YOUR TEMPLE.
Tony Williams
Tony Williams 19 days ago
Good πŸŒ… ,this message really up lift me i really needed to hear that Amen...
cheryl 19 days ago
im a catholic but i love to hear your talk, it seems that God is talking to me everytime i hear from you!❀️ πŸ™God give me extra strengh to overcome all my burden.. in Jesus name πŸ™
Sharda Goundar
Sharda Goundar 19 days ago
Thanks SIR. I HAVE many obstacles in MY LIFE. But SIR you ALWAYS enlighten me
Poonam Grandom Tamang
Poonam Grandom Tamang
Thank you Pastor Joel,God bless all.
Poonam Grandom Tamang
Yes Lord my good time is coming.
Sarah Yuhanna
Sarah Yuhanna 20 days ago
God bless you Joel.
Karen Templin
Karen Templin 20 days ago
Obedience is possible when we are truly reborn. Jesus made this possible when he died on the cross: And I will give you a new heart, and a new spirit I will put within you. And I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh. And I will put my Spirit within you, and cause you to walk in my statutes and be careful to obey my rules. Ezekiel 36:26-27
shawn lamont
shawn lamont 20 days ago
Thanking God for special strength!! For my son and family on his journey in life, college and his athletic career!! To see the surpassing GREATNESS of God Favor! In Jesus name!
Deryck & Annie Downie
Good morning Joel, thank you once again for your message. Thank you Father for giving me strength, for sending my angels, thank you for sending special strength. Waling in faith.
J Noel
J Noel 21 day ago
This was a right-on-time message for me. Pastor Osteen, I enjoy your genuine personality, so much like your Dad. I was just given the news I have Covid-19. Yep I’m sick, in headcold like pain and several other symptoms and an itchy rash across my face and head. From the Masks. 10day quarantine. Aug 30, 2020 was the Test. I can confirm the Angels one at a time giving me helps/tips on how to solve each problem that has arises so far. I’m a Essential Worker in front of 100people a day. I’m thankful to Our Heavenly Father for HIM giving you Preaching this evening Joel. I pray Scriptures before bedtime. In Psalm 18:1 And I will Love YOU, oh LORD my strength. All this year that particular mention of Strength has been an Anchor of hope to cling to. Joel your Words we’re confirming and consoling to my soul. β™₯οΈπŸ™πŸ˜‡πŸŒΉ
Wanjiru Muhiukia
Wanjiru Muhiukia 21 day ago
Amen and amen, God has the right people to hold me,.....& Angels πŸ‘Œ
Juana Velazquez
Juana Velazquez 21 day ago
Me anima muy a salir a adelante
Gabriela Ciesielski
Thank you Lord. I really needed to hear this.
Sonia Robert
Sonia Robert 21 day ago
Praise the Lord
Juliann Williams
Juliann Williams 21 day ago
Thank u much for this massage I have been feeling so tired frustrated. Am not working bills stocking up don't know where to start but I just keep thinking God have my back I have been working for age 14 now I'm 41 always been independent but now it's like am going know where fast but am keeping Faith
merwisha alo
merwisha alo 21 day ago
Thank you Pastor for always sharing us encouraging messages. God bless you always!πŸ™
Zen Girl
Zen Girl 21 day ago
Joel is such a blessing !
Atiya Sultana
Atiya Sultana 22 days ago
So true. God is always merciful and a very present help in times of trouble. Your message is a great reminder of this truth. Thank you.
Leon Llamas
Leon Llamas 22 days ago
God is definitely using Joel's powerful gifts to bless
Henry Davou
Henry Davou 22 days ago
Your message alwas give me strength at the appointed time of need of incoragement in my spiritual life, thanks for God πŸ™ I mite you Pst Joel
russell gorham
russell gorham 22 days ago
Tears of tired of not moving forward from the theifs
Marina Garcia
Marina Garcia 22 days ago
Jesus, I need that you give me strength!!!
Mawasha Matseleng
Mawasha Matseleng 22 days ago
Kascian Powell
Kascian Powell 22 days ago
Lord is our strength when we are weak I will praise him all the days of my life in Jesus name Amen
Leviticus 20:12 And if a man lie with his daughter in law, both of them shall surely be put to death: they have wrought confusion; their blood shall be upon them.
Kale R
Kale R 24 days ago
Love you Lord!!!
Brother Art
Brother Art 24 days ago
You I Live For by Moses Bliss is a great song.
Laimi777 Vapual
Laimi777 Vapual 24 days ago
Thank you, Joe, for this encouraging message. Countless lonely nights. Being overwhelmed by uncertainty. But God used your message to encourage me to keep going. Thank you and God bless!
Amen! Halleluijah !
Kiyah Yisrael
Kiyah Yisrael 25 days ago
Olsteen is a demon.
Marta Dalmau
Marta Dalmau 25 days ago
I lost my husband so many years ago, a few years later my younger daughter, she was only 24 years old. Never got to finish her University and never married. It seems that I have never stop loosing, but there is one thing I will never loose is my faith. Keep up, Just trust in the Lord!
Adap Inc
Adap Inc 25 days ago
Supernatural special strength it's coming today in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth
Jordan Vas
Jordan Vas 25 days ago
Pray vaccine to come soon as God Jesus loved,healed n died 4 all to take ur punishment of ur sins upon Himself n arose frm the grave on the 3rd day.....C 'miracles of Jesus' in Google!....
Melese Loha
Melese Loha 25 days ago
There is power in the name of Jesus over every sickness,every disease,discouragement and every weakness. Amen
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