Sophie Turner’s Vegas Wedding With Joe Jonas | The Graham Norton Show

The Graham Norton Show
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Kvamus Day ago
We get to see the train-wreck that Sophie Turner's life will become from its beginning.
Dr Thuganomics
Dr Thuganomics 12 days ago
yeah i'm seen this ending real quick
Aditya Shukla
Aditya Shukla 14 days ago
Am I the only one who likes the bangs on her? I think she looks great.
Liv Casper
Liv Casper 16 days ago
She is 23 :o ... I mean she is beautiful but I thought she is older
Zx 1oo
Zx 1oo 16 days ago
Don't need to use birth control, just rip it out! Got a classy chick there.... 🤡
Buenomars 17 days ago
Did they have lemon cakes at the wedding?
Watermelon 16 days ago
I hope so
CAM 17 days ago
It’s so awkward that Taylor is there knowing that she’s joes ex
myran78 17 days ago
God I love this show!! Always funny!
Sebastien Navarro
Sebastien Navarro 17 days ago
Just read in the local newspaper that their wedding is going to take place in a little town right next to the little town I live in 😭 like literally a couple kilometers away 😭😭
waalex11 18 days ago
She's 22? She looks kinda old.
Taffy Ducks
Taffy Ducks 18 days ago
Weird how these game of thrones actors are so Popular. They are yet to be decent in anything else. Atleast the younger ones anyway.....With the exception of Iwan Rheon, who was fantastic in Misfits and The Dirt.
Danielle Andrade
Danielle Andrade 18 days ago
I’m not trying to hate but who is her stylist? That hair looks so fake
anonymous writer
anonymous writer 18 days ago
Thank God Taylor wasn't there
Killer Queen
Killer Queen 18 days ago
I didn't notice it was her at all 😅 hair really can change a person.
Becca Tees
Becca Tees 18 days ago
Those bangs...why?!
Camilla Madsen
Camilla Madsen 19 days ago
"its in france 15 of july" grahem "thats was a pritty good guess" thats was so funny
japanese heartbeats
oh honey what is that wig?
ivy Strauss
ivy Strauss 19 days ago
She looks like a 49 year old woman 😂yet she's one year older than me wtf
Boondock 19 days ago
Divorced by 2023. There has never existed a young celebrity couple who got married and stayed married. Ever.
Sinequanon J
Sinequanon J 19 days ago
Not sure she feels comfortable with that fringe.
floppy dorritos XD
floppy dorritos XD 19 days ago
When tho
sn12 19 days ago
I really don't know what she she's in him he's so insipid n she's anything but.....I guess opposites attract
Deloirs Mcdowell
Deloirs Mcdowell 19 days ago
Hitopopamus 19 days ago
The bangs really age her
London Aesthetics
London Aesthetics 20 days ago
lovvvvvve the bangs!
K 20 days ago
Love her
Tim Donoghue
Tim Donoghue 20 days ago
Wait that’s her!!! She’s soo ugly
BIGxBOSSxx1 20 days ago
Sophie looks 40
MiChAeLym0 20 days ago
Why are bangs back? Omg the horror!
Alazouf Alharbi
Alazouf Alharbi 20 days ago
Sophie does NOT know how to lie
Dominic Strawberry
Dominic Strawberry 20 days ago
she looks like she's in her mid 40s wtf
MrDigit420 20 days ago
And then aunty Priyanka shows up
Cherrymoongurl 20 days ago
Sophie looks like Kate Hudson with the bangs!
Haljordan4life 20 days ago
She is such a cringe lord
jessica rose
jessica rose 20 days ago
she looks a bit like paris hilton here
Tanu Bhattacharya
Tanu Bhattacharya 20 days ago
Oh my god. For a second I thought that was Kate Hudson in the thumbnail 😶😶
Vicky 12
Vicky 12 21 day ago
Seriously I gotta watch that episode! 😆
Vendrix 21 day ago
Did he guess montpelier because that's a common spot or because it has some significance to sophie?
Sudhanshu Rasal
Sudhanshu Rasal 21 day ago
Oh my God!! graham Norton is Mutant 😂😂😂
*nervously* "pretty good guess"
Juveriya Rockzz
Juveriya Rockzz 21 day ago
Taylor is not there in this video
DiiGiiTAL. exe
DiiGiiTAL. exe 21 day ago
I bet Sophie Turner has an absolutely magnificent vagina.
Bolton 21 day ago
Sophie Turner seems annoying.
Sal.W 21 day ago
Oh my goodness Sophie needs to get a new make-up artist. Her eye make up and hair age her terribly.
Goutham Reddy
Goutham Reddy 21 day ago
She looks older than graham
mohan bt
mohan bt 21 day ago
Why does Sophie look like Taylor?..
ninjarevv 21 day ago
It was never a secret they were having a wedding this summer. They said it months ago
Terence Music
Terence Music 21 day ago
bak one
bak one 21 day ago
Wait what, she's not naturally red?! WHACK
Fir Hoo
Fir Hoo 21 day ago
She's so gorgeous but this new haircut isn't doing her any justice
Valeria Marelli
Valeria Marelli 19 days ago
It's just a wig, don't worry.
Hitopopamus 19 days ago
She looks 10 years older
Thomas Nicholson
Thomas Nicholson 21 day ago
I’ll be amazed if they last
Bradley Tomkins
Bradley Tomkins 21 day ago
Wow they split up
Gaston Mamy
Gaston Mamy 21 day ago
What she has done to her face??
N a m e
N a m e 21 day ago
Woah she looks like that one girl from 2 Broke Girls here
nadda 21 day ago
Lmao this is the best interview ever, later on taylor swift joins!
Marty 21 day ago
346 000 views as of right now, with only 6400 likes... yep no one cares.
Conor Murphy
Conor Murphy 21 day ago
A 23 year old marrying a 30 year old and they’re both celebrities... I’m sure it will turn out fine.
Sskxies Sskxies
Sskxies Sskxies 21 day ago
Who's 23?
bengalifob2 21 day ago
She probs got sick of weddings bc of PC and decided to just get hitched in Vegas
Trev 21 day ago
0:54 it's okay Frank, almost over
supersonickeen 21 day ago
It looks like a wig tho. Shaved her head for a new thing? Gaaah 😍😍
Ak Go
Ak Go 21 day ago
She looks like a middle aged lady
SetAnExample 21 day ago
I love Graham, I been watching the same show since channel 4 days
Juzz Ztop
Juzz Ztop 21 day ago
Why the f is she blonde?
Mirror Domains
Mirror Domains 21 day ago
OMG, That thumbnail does not do her justice.... hahaaaa
Chet Desmond
Chet Desmond 22 days ago
Jeanine from Spinal Tap.
gladsley xxx
gladsley xxx 22 days ago
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uabir 22 days ago
She looks like a dude. Imagine no makeup and fake hair on her. I mean him.
Lawrence C
Lawrence C 22 days ago
I like his show but I wish he'd mix up the guests a little more. three of these people are on a lot
Annly P
Annly P 22 days ago
Graham is too funny 😂😂
Matanya Holmes
Matanya Holmes 22 days ago
Graham's powers stronger than Proffesor X and Jean 😂
Cine Tog
Cine Tog 22 days ago
Trashy, no taste at all. Pathetic and pitiful.
OneTwoMark 22 days ago
Sophie trying to disguise herself with that wig after GoT ending failure. Which wasn’t her fault, she killed it as an actor :)
Marty 21 day ago
Her narcissistic attitude towards the fans is definitely her fault. Granted I also think the petition is stupid, but she would still be riding high on the morals and ethics if she did not do that... what a waste.
Candy Yesenia Muñoz León
I thought it was someone else cuz She looked so aged, being a young beautiful girl ... In my opinion She should have another hairstyle but She still looking good ...
Red Sonja
Red Sonja 22 days ago
I really genuinely she was Goldie Hawn in the thumbnail!
Umar Samsa
Umar Samsa 22 days ago
Diplo became a photographer?? 😂 didn't know that.
LilianO 22 days ago
We got a picture Oh, No.🤣🤣🤣
Mystery Fan
Mystery Fan 22 days ago
Everyone keeps on saying Bryce Dallas Howard and Jessica Chastain look the same, though that's a bit of reach IMO. But just take look at this video and tell me who is looking more like Bryce Dallas Howard now?
octopu5ie 22 days ago
Hahahahah this was a riot!
She’s such an interesting person... her stunning natural beauty actual does her a disservice, because it distracts from how interesting she is on the inside
Sima Nahli
Sima Nahli 22 days ago
When she smiles, it took me a minute to think of who she looks like here: Paris Hilton! Am I the only person that sees this?
Zyanya Barragán
Zyanya Barragán 22 days ago
Is it me or Sophie Turner looks just like Jodie Foster in here?
Jaana Syme
Jaana Syme 22 days ago
Is Sophie wearing a wig?
Megan M
Megan M 22 days ago
All hail Queen of the North!
YouTube Channel
YouTube Channel 22 days ago
God that Graham is a god
Job 22 days ago
too bad she married some gay dude. that will be awkward.she actually basically married Geoffrey
alina campeanu
alina campeanu 22 days ago
Graham you should have a full Game of Thrones couch: Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington, Sophie Turner, Peter Dinklage, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Gwendoline Christie, Maisie Williams, Lena Headey everybody! I know it s a lot but it will be a great show!
Flav 22 days ago
isnt diplo the guy katy perry said was...ykw
SushiRoll Speaks
SushiRoll Speaks 22 days ago
I’m glad Taylor wasn’t there when they were talking about Joe!
Gracey Baker
Gracey Baker 22 days ago
I don't really like Sophie's hairstyle but it really looks great with her!
jenntacles 22 days ago
They do their guests so dirty with these thumbnails 😂
Daysiling GN
Daysiling GN 22 days ago
Why the wig?
Chris Loe
Chris Loe 22 days ago
HELPPPP, I'm stuck in a never-ending rabbithole of Graham Norton Show Highlights!!
camion poubelle
camion poubelle 22 days ago
So they ´re getting married in south of france
Thisisnotmyrealname Niemi
Broke up today. Thank God for Graham Norton
Steven Granati
Steven Granati 22 days ago
This marriage lasts a year tops.
Martyn Notman
Martyn Notman 22 days ago
She looks 45 with that fringe
John Texas
John Texas 22 days ago
Absolutely no one is better on television than Graham Norton. His show is as seamless as Johnny Carson had decades ago--and for the same reason: pure professionalism.
Michelle Foucault
Michelle Foucault 22 days ago
Those clip in fake bangs are not the most flattering and are way too shiny. Some dry shampoo would have fixed that.
Gemini Writer
Gemini Writer 22 days ago
I hate this feeling I have now like ‘damnit, I missed out’... as if I had a chance in hell to begin with...
Yoshioka 22 days ago
Jesus, that hairstyle ages her so much. Questioning whether it’s a wig, tbh.
Yoshioka 18 days ago
Angela Chu The whole thing looks fake to me, look at the parting.
Angela Chu
Angela Chu 22 days ago
Yoshioka its a fake fringe
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