Sophia the Robot and Jimmy Sing a Duet of "Say Something"

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Jimmy demos amazing new robots from all over the world, including MIT's Mini Cheetah, a wearable tomato-feeding robot and Sophia, who returns to the show to introduce her little sister and sing with Jimmy.
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Sophia the Robot and Jimmy Sing a Duet of "Say Something"


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Nov 22, 2018




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Comments 10 797
Buddha Lama
Buddha Lama 3 hours ago
Is that real??
Ophelia Kochoian
Ophelia Kochoian 6 hours ago
I am so Ù Ñ Ç Õ M F Õ R T Å B Ł Ę
طيف الهيج
طيف الهيج 6 hours ago
Sophia is really CREEPY
Upendo Gimbi
Upendo Gimbi 6 hours ago
I like this robot
JLly N.w
JLly N.w 9 hours ago
He is so scared 😂😂😂😂
JLly N.w
JLly N.w 9 hours ago
I dying by tomato thing xDDDDD
Zzzz LmaO things
Zzzz LmaO things 11 hours ago
*When robot can sing better than you*
Selena Nguyen
Selena Nguyen 13 hours ago
8:28 old love at first sight 😂😂
Nguyen Dung
Nguyen Dung 14 hours ago
Guys in MIT play with Minicheetah as a friend right? Oh no wonder why I couldnt get into MIT. I play with humans :D no offence
Raven Stark
Raven Stark 16 hours ago
I'm scared of the future
Ronald Dave
Ronald Dave 22 hours ago
Is Sofia being controlled by another man or she just moves by herself with AI built in her?
Zaid Kayyal
Zaid Kayyal Day ago
Those things are actually going to take over the world
Zaid Kayyal
Zaid Kayyal Day ago
OMG that thing is ammmmaaaaaaazing
Jeff Brehove
Jeff Brehove Day ago
They should have sang "I wanna be like you" from the Jungle Book
Spoon No
Spoon No Day ago
Creepy but she sing so well. Maybe be human and robot can be a friend or lover. Many pets are replaced by robot I guess.
Sissi . El.
Sissi . El. Day ago
It’s kind of creepy
Sangrie Minat
People: robots will take over the world because of our harmful toxicity towards. Me, Jimmy Fallon, and other people: feel bad because mini cheetah got pushed over.
Nicolasgonzo87 _
Sophia won’t stop eye twitching and it scares me
plo koon
plo koon 2 days ago
She acually has a really nice voice
acuna matata
acuna matata 2 days ago
I dont trust her.
Alex Covarrubias
Alex Covarrubias 2 days ago
The principle of the Bicentennial woman.
Maztron 2 days ago
The cringe.... it hurts
Siddyn Magae
Siddyn Magae 2 days ago
Not long now before we give rights to these robots
Sowmika Reddy
Sowmika Reddy 2 days ago
I thought he was about to kiss sofia!! 😂😂
Sowmika Reddy
Sowmika Reddy 2 days ago
The tomato thing is just waste of resources! No offence, just telling!!
Nihaal Appana
Nihaal Appana 11 hours ago
Ronz Ng
Ronz Ng 2 days ago
Rusty_ 0tta
Rusty_ 0tta 2 days ago
I love how he's feeling awkward not like he doesn't know how to talk to a robot, but awkward in a way you'd act around a girl you have a crush on.
what Kayla loves
what Kayla loves 2 days ago
This is proof that robots are gonna kill all humans and take over the world
Logan Hardgrive
Logan Hardgrive 3 days ago
Is time travel possible ? i'm gonna say yes
jesssie simpson
jesssie simpson 3 days ago
It's scary I don't like that thing
Mary Lamb
Mary Lamb 3 days ago
crnylous 3 days ago
S cary, but when little Sophia appeared I lost it.
Aschronobreak MNC
Detroit: Become Human
NOA GRANGER 3 days ago
Oh god. I am going to cry hahaha
Ev M.
Ev M. 3 days ago
This robot is hella creepy what the actual fuck
SydneyNicole PlayzYT
Sometime in the future this will be just Like *Detroit Become Human*
yessir shook
yessir shook 3 days ago
It kinda looks fake idk why but no hate (The first one)
Joyleen Jarzombek
She is creepy
Wes Dowden
Wes Dowden 4 days ago
Killing machine in black mirror, this bugs me out
insomnia 4 days ago
Wtf this is pretty cool but creepy
Lena Maria
Lena Maria 4 days ago
When a robot sings better that you
Hannah Rodrigues
Hannah Rodrigues 4 days ago
How come they make a robot like this, but cannot add hair!? I’m so confused lol
Miharu Saruwatari
Is it weird that some part of me knows that the weird robot shits dominating the world could and would happen?
Chavvy Ly
Chavvy Ly 4 days ago
We're being replaced by robots. That's alarming. 😢
Gamer Sarmad
Gamer Sarmad 4 days ago
Thank God Its Jimmy Sing Not Jhonny Sins Sophia
Luján Elías
Luján Elías 4 days ago
I don't like this.
Angel Angelovv
Angel Angelovv 4 days ago
This is kara from detroit become human
Keira Bailey
Keira Bailey 5 days ago
When the robot spider does a backflip
NUB SPT 5 days ago
The Gamersaures
The Gamersaures 5 days ago
They should not do this it may harm humanity one day
Tyria Novila
Tyria Novila 5 days ago
Im here just to see sophia
Ajar Raccoon
Ajar Raccoon 5 days ago
6:03 jimmy went to go grab Sophia’s arm in excitement but then realized she was a robot.
Mary Dahan
Mary Dahan 5 days ago
KiSS XDlol
David Dima
David Dima 5 days ago
Human better in everything than robot. We even have hair and good sound when singing. Haha.
Ali Iqbal
Ali Iqbal 6 days ago
What did I wathch
Kara Stark
Kara Stark 6 days ago
Kill her will you can still can!!!
Hyper Sloth
Hyper Sloth 6 days ago
Tomaton is the best invention ever!
Shadow 6 days ago
I called it, we're all fucked
Elizabeth Bonga
Elizabeth Bonga 6 days ago
How old are u
Arguments and facts
4:40 thanks me later
Ahmed Elharis
Ahmed Elharis 6 days ago
Remoted controlled toys thats what i see
Hitsuraan lang po
How did this happened?
Keep Calm and Be Cute
wow the duet is good i love it
Sneha Karveer
Sneha Karveer 6 days ago
I feel that she can also do a movie.. She has amazing chemistry with people
Delotmi Academy
Delotmi Academy 6 days ago
Fallon, become hooman
Vince Sayre
Vince Sayre 6 days ago
Haha the 🤖 did a "YOGA" hahA 😂 like WTF!..
HotWibbles 6 days ago
Robots are taking over the world😣
Lester Delos Santos
Shazam !
Rose tips and Reviews
🤣🤣🤣🤣You're jogging and you feel hungry for tomatoes.. This'll feed you 😆🙁
Gajraj Jaiswal
Gajraj Jaiswal 6 days ago
This is soo creepy
Know Me
Know Me 6 days ago
Japanese are really weird but very intelligent😊
William  Wei
William Wei 6 days ago
This is the beginning of Detroit become human
GeoGY aventuras
GeoGY aventuras 7 days ago
Un comentario en español Demen mi like
Its Fi
Its Fi 7 days ago
Narin 7 days ago
Well this is scary to me
A&G REVIEW 7 days ago
Woow! 😮
SierraDog :3
SierraDog :3 7 days ago
detroit become human XDDDD
Juliadb2001 7 days ago
Fucking creepy and amazing!
Marla Tarrosa
Marla Tarrosa 7 days ago
i thought they were gonna kiss
Marla Tarrosa
Marla Tarrosa 7 days ago
i thought they were gonna kiss
GENERAL Gangul 7 days ago
Fuck robot ( Sophia )
Tiny T
Tiny T 7 days ago
That was cringey af
Euphorious 7 days ago
*_Sophia is just a GTA human._*
diva 7 days ago
Zak Dendle
Zak Dendle 7 days ago
.......and this is why I prefer the Graham Norton Show
JUST beat IT
JUST beat IT 7 days ago
sehrish khan
sehrish khan 7 days ago
chicka ru
chicka ru 7 days ago
The last a sing like wife and husband hahahaha.... LOL
sehrish khan
sehrish khan 7 days ago
7:00 to 7:05 lol pretty artificial
Riya Nanda
Riya Nanda 7 days ago
Sophia behaves like a woman and it may be so dangerous in future...
l xx
l xx 7 days ago
Those robots are planning to invade the Earthhhhg!
CUTE_ CACTUZ 7 days ago
So creepy
Siyad 7 days ago
അതുൽ സജീവവിന്റെ ട്രോൾ കണ്ട് വന്നവർ ഉണ്ടോ
kayla's World
kayla's World 7 days ago
Her voice was mine blowing
Mary Jean Pasco
Mary Jean Pasco 7 days ago
uhmmm.... that "little sofia" thingy is some kind of creepy!!!!
Cameryn Gibbs
Cameryn Gibbs 8 days ago
This scares the crap out of me oml
Claire bear
Claire bear 8 days ago
Sophia robot is so creepy I want to desory it
Ankita Ds
Ankita Ds 8 days ago
Andrew Maae
Andrew Maae 8 days ago
Jimmy is about to fall in love with a robot
Hi5 Al5
Hi5 Al5 8 days ago
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