Sophia the Robot and Jimmy Sing a Duet of "Say Something"

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Jimmy demos amazing new robots from all over the world, including MIT's Mini Cheetah, a wearable tomato-feeding robot and Sophia, who returns to the show to introduce her little sister and sing with Jimmy.
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Sophia the Robot and Jimmy Sing a Duet of "Say Something"


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Nov 22, 2018

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Comments 12 879
Ada CV
Ada CV 53 minutes ago
And "children are the future" some say不不不不不不
Jay-Anne Miculob
Sophia- the Robot Hotel- Trivago
Anime Queen
Anime Queen Hour ago
Tomantan was my favorite love you Tomantan
clone gaming
clone gaming 2 hours ago
Sofia is so scary
J L 4 hours ago
Can she sing BTS songs???
Dream girl
Dream girl 4 hours ago
Mini cheetah has beautiful booty
Haysham Shamshu Alam
Put a wig on Sophia its creepy
Mr. Jr sir
Mr. Jr sir 16 hours ago
5:23 lol her hand. This robot knows how to party
xXHappy TaaXx
xXHappy TaaXx 16 hours ago
The tomato is the best
Vhince Serrano
Vhince Serrano 19 hours ago
That time will come all robots can give big problems in our world someday! Be aware....its quiet lil demons alive and exist....sadness!
David Ross
David Ross 19 hours ago
The fucking cringe
Ho Lam
Ho Lam 20 hours ago
Biggest mistake in human history
ish eh
ish eh Day ago
Hoe, that Sophia is actually creeping me out. How to sleep?
Benson Maso
Benson Maso Day ago
Noway..dats totally freaky...they will take over...梗劾
firman ali
firman ali Day ago
what if Sofia watches terminator movies
Scorpion King
Sophia should have a wig so that she will make her precious
Scorpion King
justjehara TV
This is so creepyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy梗梗梗梗梗梗梗
RD Zaia
RD Zaia Day ago
So creepy...eekkk
Cal Martin
Cal Martin Day ago
Why is little Sofia more terrifying than big Sofia
mary Ellen
mary Ellen 2 days ago
This kinda shit creeps me out. i had a nightmare that the world would be taken over by evil robots. I really hope they dont make more then people will start losing there jobs, then a robot apocalypse, then were all gone.
Angiezel Gonzales
Trish Royal
Trish Royal 2 days ago
I had no idea Jimmy Fallon could sing so well. He should record some songs! Very smoothe!
Trish Royal
Trish Royal 2 days ago
I'd love to have one of these to play with my dogs! It's so cute and amazing! (And that MIT guy is gorgeous!)
Dr Arenla Imchen
Dr Arenla Imchen 2 days ago
This episode freaks me out. I hate those robots.
Maryrose Moreno
Maryrose Moreno 2 days ago
I bet I will dream about Sophia neck 丹儭
Rick Baker
Rick Baker 2 days ago
I think the development of "Sophia" is waaaaaay overstated. So much of that is staged and requires others to control her responses or program them. And while we're at it, why not perfect bionic limbs and legs for humans who need them instead of fake robots? If that happens, then I will be wowed.
Hip hop tamil
Hip hop tamil 2 days ago
I wanna break that shit. It is so creepy
CRB Musicbag
CRB Musicbag 2 days ago
She looks like jennifer lawrence..sofia
amyme yu
amyme yu 3 days ago
Why they dont cover the head in a wig
hyejee kim
hyejee kim 3 days ago
Sofia and jimmy has a chemistry
Vino Dh
Vino Dh 3 days ago
Lucky Boy
Lucky Boy 3 days ago
If you are reading this, I hope something amazing happens to you today. Have a good day
your friendly neighborhood scunt
When jimmy picked up little Sophia, did anyone else just immediately see the law and order meme?
B廕吟 Tr廙i V 廕【 Dがヾng
Good like :)
Ilya Liviz
Ilya Liviz 3 days ago
Mr. Fallon, the gentle touch upon her cheek at the closing of your act is more epic than you realize; historic moment.
XxHeavenlyxX Heart
Seems like somebody was falling in love. Cough cough - jimmy - Choke
﹖qaure 3 days ago
The tomaton guy had so much spirit and was so happy
Novelmates 3 days ago
Beautiful that Robots... Each of them are unique...and just Amazing Love #novelmates
nepalese boy
nepalese boy 3 days ago
Sophie is look like a jeniffer lawerence 伐
Longchu Chang
Longchu Chang 3 days ago
Jan Michael Occidental
Whaaaat!? For reaaaal? Sophia is unbelievable.
Stephen Leo
Stephen Leo 3 days ago
8:27 wooow Sofia's face expression amazing..
AK Trainer
AK Trainer 3 days ago
Cool little sophia
Cielomar Cabarrubias
Sofia looks like Jennifer Lawrence
Mark Salingua
Mark Salingua 4 days ago
Sofia will be leading an Army of robots to destroy humans like Ultron. Wake up ppl its better to get rid of it before its too late for us.
Zikriya rahimy
Zikriya rahimy 4 days ago
Android become human I lost all the characters
anya margaux
anya margaux 4 days ago
Atif Aslam
Atif Aslam 4 days ago
Japan battar tha America
firstlyn illut
firstlyn illut 4 days ago
Alexander M羹ller
Well, how it all ends, watch the Terminator.
Minion Inc Racing
Feminists win, I'll have Sophia V5.0 please - where do I order?
JCL 4 days ago
She is so nice. I love her. One day, Robot will more like human. On that day. World will be in trouble for our own create.
Arjay gaming
Arjay gaming 4 days ago
The_Real Jess
The_Real Jess 4 days ago
Black mirror omg that first robot like WTF
STEFKEE GAMER 4 days ago
And so Sophia and her little sister destroyed the world together...
glock guy 87
glock guy 87 4 days ago
Stop! I have been sent back from the future and this robot is responsible for destruction of all man kind. Lmao莞
Dark Rosella
Dark Rosella 4 days ago
glock guy 87 ok
Joker 0919
Joker 0919 4 days ago
Edit Tony: I Want Buy This Sophia The Robot
Rosa Sinesis
Rosa Sinesis 5 days ago
Howw cute robots woow
Emma Suma
Emma Suma 5 days ago
So nice
G籀c Gi廕ξ Tr穩 vlog
G籀c Gi廕ξ Tr穩 vlog
Rashid M
Rashid M 5 days ago
Sofia is reading all these comments and knows your ip info...
elsa arendelle
elsa arendelle 5 days ago
I hate that first robot. It looks like a living headless dog skeleton :(
fmartinez760 5 days ago
Kamal Karkonasasi
Indeed, Sophia is so charming and decent that you enjoy talking to her even more than talking with some human. Good job Sophia!
3 bananas for a euro
I would honestly love to have Sophia. She could help me do my homework
Ghughu Maal
Ghughu Maal 5 days ago
Hindi samajhti hai yeh?
Ghughu Maal
Ghughu Maal 5 days ago
Chinese mal ka guarantee nahi hai
Ana Franco
Ana Franco 5 days ago
He almost kissed Sofia lol
sportdutch 5 days ago
Blah blah blah 云不
preston and sylvarrance Young
Who would want something like this
YOLAK TV 5 days ago
No reason to be scared of Sophia. Her joints and movement is not as flawless as human. I think she's still that type of AI with intense programming but not the kind of AI that thinks like a human. Sophia is absolutely safe. Her metallic frame is not really good actually. She absolutely cannot hurt any human.
Ben 5 days ago
Im a little confused can some 1 explain is Sofia real? Like is there someone remote controlling her or does she really do all that on her own? If she does it on her own Im getting a baseball bat and heading down to Hong Kong right now on top of King Kong and beating the shit outta her.
Plotagon Rants
Plotagon Rants 5 days ago
That thing is creepy af
Mario Fromadistance
Zain Khan
Zain Khan 5 days ago
He will definitely go on a date with Sofia. Sofia will be like i just downloaded chicken baryani lets eat.
Faya Olives
Faya Olives 5 days ago
Honestly l just don't like this
Blissing Abyss
Blissing Abyss 5 days ago
Its the first ever Deviant.
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