Sophia the Robot and Jimmy Sing a Duet of "Say Something"

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Jimmy demos amazing new robots from all over the world, including MIT's Mini Cheetah, a wearable tomato-feeding robot and Sophia, who returns to the show to introduce her little sister and sing with Jimmy.
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Sophia the Robot and Jimmy Sing a Duet of "Say Something"




22 ноя 2018

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Комментарии 10 555
Happy 35 минут назад
The tomaton guy has an otamatone
Daniela Garcia
Daniela Garcia Час назад
When the robot sings better than u
I'm wierd memes
I'm wierd memes 2 часа назад
I want to eat tomatoes when i jog Classic comedy
ER MEDIA 4 часа назад
i think iam in love to sophia hahhahahhahahahahaha
tippy toed
tippy toed 8 часов назад
Little Sophia melted my heart.
Norha K
Norha K 10 часов назад
I'm afraid what if human fall in love with Robot 🤔😌😂
Alan Kaithavana
Alan Kaithavana 10 часов назад
BP GIRL ASH 10 часов назад
Queen Bee
Queen Bee 11 часов назад
Hold on just a little while longer.
Haley L.
Haley L. 11 часов назад
Is it bad that I am now emotionally attached to the mini cheetah and I think it is so cut when it spins
Emiliano Rosario
Emiliano Rosario 13 часов назад
carley knowlton
carley knowlton 14 часов назад
The second one looks like markiplier
Ultimate Gamer
Ultimate Gamer 14 часов назад
Is the cheetah doing the Macarena?
agreetsukofan100 15 часов назад
wow shes pretty cool and seems so nice i bet i could get along with her
Mason Briones
Mason Briones 15 часов назад
Is she really a robot
Sophia Rodriguez
Sophia Rodriguez 18 часов назад
Robot me!!!
Random Gyal
Random Gyal 19 часов назад
8:38 when you got an emotional moment with your crush (Sophia’s reaction)
Exotic Plants
Exotic Plants 19 часов назад
Mark And Matt
Mark And Matt 19 часов назад
I would never trust that thing
Stick nmation
Stick nmation 19 часов назад
6:21 I'm sorry is that Snoop Dogg in the bottom right corner?
Ashlyn White
Ashlyn White 19 часов назад
That duet though *It's beautiful*
ITS SOPHIA BOII 20 часов назад
My name is sophia too
Sofi 20 часов назад
*Lil sophia actually looks like chucky...*
Jolien VDS
Jolien VDS 23 часа назад
idk but i love it
Brenna Verheyen
Brenna Verheyen День назад
anyone else think of the black mirror episode 'metalhead' when the robot cheetah came out???
lovely bird
lovely bird День назад
When the world is celebrating the greatest achievement of nothing important 🤔.
QueasySkate 4869
QueasySkate 4869 День назад
8:54 lol it's wagging its tail, if it had one 🤗🤗🤗
Thomas Bowden
Thomas Bowden День назад
Gacha Heavy
Gacha Heavy День назад
Who ever created that human robot was genius!
Althea Velasco
Althea Velasco День назад
Sophia have twitter. How did she pass the "im not a robot test"
This is Cutie Ringo Joy
This is Cutie Ringo Joy День назад
I was literally gonna say they are going to take over the world then he says it
ariana tanner
ariana tanner День назад
when you see a comment and wished you commented that 😖😖
Gil Poznanski
Gil Poznanski День назад
When Jimmy Fallon does parkour with Boston Dynamics robot, then I'll be impressed. Till then, rehearsed adverts with robots are lame.
Seho Park
Seho Park День назад
Alita:*Be my friend*
Safiullah Ahmadi
Safiullah Ahmadi День назад
I dont know how much ability Sophia has but it's really sacred me
Modern Wolf
Modern Wolf День назад
I want the cheetah😂 Its so cute.
Dee Dee
Dee Dee День назад
Check out Janet latest collections instagram.com/jplusmark/
The Murdered Angel
The Murdered Angel День назад
I ship Jimmy and Sofia
Adrivette95 День назад
Sure, it’s all fun & games now... duets and tax commercials and what not... but when they begin to take over the world we’re gunna wish we had not built robots.... And it will be too late🤖
Shaaa День назад
“Hmm, I want to eat tomatoes while jogging, I think I will make a robot to do this!!” -Never
فارس الجهني
فارس الجهني День назад
there is a different between a robot and AI the second one is the serious shit and that's Sophia
Subscribe For no reason
Subscribe For no reason День назад
The robot is creepy
Hatiti201 YT
Hatiti201 YT 2 дня назад
Please give Sophia hair. Someone *PLEASE!*
LittleOrangeA 2 дня назад
this is scary
Taif Aljalani
Taif Aljalani 2 дня назад
Wow I want a robot like Sofia
OneWolf 2 дня назад
6:25 XD look the at dude.
Just Jane
Just Jane 2 дня назад
1:28 _"gently"_
Dagoberto Trevino
Dagoberto Trevino 2 дня назад
Its scary how advanced we've gotten
Aroob Khan
Aroob Khan 2 дня назад
Sophia is creepy but beautiful..
Broccoli Fan
Broccoli Fan 2 дня назад
Artificial Intelligence = Artificial soul if we continue to let it grown. I'm not against robots. They have been here for a long time and everywhere. If artificial soul, as Elon Musk warned, takes over human souls, human beings and civilization are game over. I hope I am so wrong about it. Nuclear bombs would destroy the whole world outside. AI would destroy the whole world inside.
StablizdBlodd 2 дня назад
Scary af
KermoSuurus 2 дня назад
Jimmys voice is so good
Luis Janeiro
Luis Janeiro 2 дня назад
It's fake, this robot cant improsive like this, she was programmed or controlled by someone while the show
Victor Suarez
Victor Suarez 2 дня назад
I need a robot that I can send to work and bring me the paycheck
Kerrie Lou
Kerrie Lou 3 дня назад
Sorry the singing is freaking terrifying ,!
Kerrie Lou
Kerrie Lou 3 дня назад
Robot olympics!
Buster46 Bear lover
Buster46 Bear lover 3 дня назад
Jimmy is actually a really good singer
T R 3 дня назад
shit, the dog robot looks like the killer robots from black mirror.
Katherine Daya
Katherine Daya 3 дня назад
What alita really looks like...
Jean Malolos
Jean Malolos 3 дня назад
Metal Head 😱
Nancy Culpepper
Nancy Culpepper 3 дня назад
Sophia is fine, but little Sophia is creepy af like we’ve all seen chucky right?
Soham Mukherjee
Soham Mukherjee 3 дня назад
Jarvis / Friday, where you at?
Aly Gacha
Aly Gacha 3 дня назад
*When a robot dog thingy knows how to do a backflip better than you.*
Kaleb Crocker
Kaleb Crocker 3 дня назад
Dang Sophia can sing better than me
Kaleb Crocker
Kaleb Crocker 3 дня назад
If Sophia has a twitter ... how did she get through the I’m not a robot test?
La Toya Lewis
La Toya Lewis 3 дня назад
I came here to watch the duet and I actually am seeing the killer robot dogs from Black Mirror
1000 Subs Without Video CHALLENGE
Robots are officially something I’m creeped but I’m amazed of
Rauh - Straben
Rauh - Straben 3 дня назад
A.I will be out of control in the near future
mung alam
mung alam 3 дня назад
Is it just me or the robot looks like it is shaking it’s but hahahah
Brady Gans
Brady Gans 3 дня назад
Seila Garcia
Seila Garcia 3 дня назад
kinda of gave me the creeps but still cool I think
RadioPusheenCat 3 дня назад
And then there’s poppy
Seung Lim
Seung Lim 3 дня назад
The first one is going to be one of the world’s most expansive pet/toy/assistant/technology soon lol
Kageizumi O
Kageizumi O 3 дня назад
Vocaloid is better than her singing voice
Fakhrul Artz
Fakhrul Artz 3 дня назад
shes creeping me out..got a goosebumps here..haha
Yasmani Marcos
Yasmani Marcos 3 дня назад
Jimmy is a pervert
Dragonplayz YT 2
Dragonplayz YT 2 3 дня назад
8:81 i was about to say ''' JIMMY U ABOUT TO KISS DAT ROBOT O-O''
cupcakeLOVE1 gachaverse
cupcakeLOVE1 gachaverse 3 дня назад
say somthing if not then bye bye
Silent Sof101
Silent Sof101 3 дня назад
But I'm Sophia
Tom Mitchell
Tom Mitchell 3 дня назад
Goodbye Jimmy
Mike Lincoln
Mike Lincoln 4 дня назад
It's embarrassing how dumb people are, this is not AI, this is just a robotic machine. Preprogrammed to respond in a specific way. Your tv responds in specific ways when it receives a signal from the remote, this robotic device responds when it receives specific input. It can not, does not at any level think for its self. It is no more capable of thought than your tv. Millennials are not only narcissistic snokeflakes, but dumb as shit as well
flamenco64 4 дня назад
They’re friendly at first then they become “Terminators”.
ester bun and mr dodo
ester bun and mr dodo 4 дня назад
World record
Estelle,Crystal and me! Patori
Estelle,Crystal and me! Patori 4 дня назад
Sophia is gonna take over the world 😂
T-Series 4 дня назад
I think Sophia is Eleven.
Ahmad Kher Alzoubi
Ahmad Kher Alzoubi 4 дня назад
هاظ الي مثل بفيلم تكسي كأنو
Lillyuzi Vert
Lillyuzi Vert 4 дня назад
The first guy looked tried to like Steve Jobs
zeba ahmed
zeba ahmed 4 дня назад
did anyone else feel like jimmy should let the robot do a solo performance coz she sounded so good!!
Missy smith
Missy smith 4 дня назад
I fell sorry for jimmy's wife
Callum Welch
Callum Welch 4 дня назад
Someones gotta Del Spooner this shit
ligaya estrella
ligaya estrella 4 дня назад
I cringed when he said he likes to take home the little one. What would Sophia do? I anticipated a negative reaction from Sophia!
Mr. LOL 4 дня назад
This is the dawn of Detroit become human
mrbear1302 4 дня назад
Cyberdyne Systems.......
The life Of enzo
The life Of enzo 4 дня назад
I think Sophia is using auto tune but it’s pretty crazy
john herson arcega
john herson arcega 4 дня назад
Humanity's demise😪
E SW 4 дня назад
DesuChan 4 дня назад
Did any other weeaboos get hardcore vocaloid vibes from her voice?
Emily Brooks
Emily Brooks 4 дня назад
0:12 creepy
Soni Rai
Soni Rai 4 дня назад
I think the robot wished she was human too
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