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This week I'm making a Sooubway or Subway Cake as requested by James from TheOdd1sOut. Wherever possible the fillings were not made of fondant, you can find the subway cake recipe here: www.howtocookthat.net/public_html/subway-cake/
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Hi I am Ann Reardon, This week I am making a subway cake with candy salami, candy pepperoni, cheese and tomato made from lollies, chocolate lettuce and chocolate turkey, fondant cucumber, olives and jalapeños, all encased in a yummy vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream. How to Cook That is my youtube channel it is filled with crazy sweet creations made just for you. Join me for creative cakes, chocolate & desserts, new video every Friday.
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Sep 14, 2018




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Comments 80
TheOdd1sOut Year ago
The cake turned out amazing! Thanks for making it
Emilia Clapp
Emilia Clapp Month ago
Wow 500th reply
reuben smith
reuben smith Month ago
The 500th reply yess
pudding duck
pudding duck Month ago
Burrito Master
Burrito Master 10 months ago
Rose Diggory
Rose Diggory 10 months ago
Pika Creep no.. only 508 people commented on this.
Claire Adkins
Claire Adkins 11 hours ago
I always see sandwiches like his order and I'm like omg that looks GOOD but then when I go to a sandwich place I'm like heck an son that's gross
Danny W
Danny W 16 hours ago
This is such a random video...
John carl Decrepito
John carl Decrepito 18 hours ago
Who else subscribe d because of James UWU UwU
Hemanth Kumar
I love how he doesn't make eye contact the whole time but she does lol
Guirlene Francois
He's so cool
God the bedbug with insomnia
Haha I would probably just eat all the ingredients before I started making anything.
• lonely nights •
James he is looks like her brother
1000 Subs By a week Challenge
Me:Is TheOdd1sOut struggling for money? Nahhh. TheOdd1sOut:all my big money goes to videos and travelling, the rest goes to me The rest = $5
Carbide Day ago
You make cake why are you not called how to bake that?
zayed pervez
zayed pervez 2 days ago
Not sooubway subway
mealo the otter
mealo the otter 2 days ago
LuyDanalyn UNG
LuyDanalyn UNG 2 days ago
It looks so good!!!! I want to make it !
¡ imxgion !
¡ imxgion ! 2 days ago
16:08 it sounds like when someone wins "best chief" or something on a show XD
Zibnee Mono
Zibnee Mono 2 days ago
Omg.. James dude u act so insecure. Are you okay ;-; u can have my blankie
LOLS 2 days ago
why that much fondant? noO0oooo0o0o0o0OooOOooOo0o0o0o0oo
OptimusPhillip 2 days ago
Anyone else curious about how it tasted?
Isabella The Artist
I don't wanna say it but he's so dead inside
Nathaniel Garyantes
Cake: 99% fondant 1% cake.
Shammi Akther
Shammi Akther 3 days ago
Rachel Obenschain
4:05 *blood*
Emily Zhen
Emily Zhen 3 days ago
I told my dad to see the cake u made and he thought it a real soopway sandwich
Emily Zhen
Emily Zhen 3 days ago
I mean sooubway
zeba zakit
zeba zakit 3 days ago
I am 12 people
KellyJay Solante
KellyJay Solante 3 days ago
I this cake or chocolate sandwich
Hr1sh1 Gt
Hr1sh1 Gt 3 days ago
Hi James!!
Imperial Lens
Imperial Lens 3 days ago
0:13 you alright there James 😂
MegaBanana 4 days ago
just to clarify, is sooubway subway?
Crazy Pichu
Crazy Pichu 4 days ago
How do you know James
Thee Epic doge
Thee Epic doge 4 days ago
That’s a lot of sugar lol did James get a piece?
thomas durack
thomas durack 4 days ago
can you make my birthday cake
Rebecca 4 days ago
When two polar opposite RUvid's come together it makes RUvid harmony
Amandas Bulgrin
Amandas Bulgrin 4 days ago
Like this if you also like SUUUUUBWAY
lifeinparadisetooter in roblox
I go to sooubway they sandwiches are gud
Vaishali Ramteke
Vaishali Ramteke 4 days ago
I've seen this before and didn't knew who James was and thought he must be some non interesting guy but know i regret it
J Moreno
J Moreno 4 days ago
He made a vid of the San winch he likes
*Fourleaf Clover*
I love how James is talking about how the foot long will get put together, but on his screen, he’s looking at the foot long😭
Reinhardt Schoeman
wow theodd1sout i love theodd1sout
E D 5 days ago
An I the only one who noticed that in the description she said supscripe to the odd1sout but she didn't add his link...
Tom W
Tom W 5 days ago
I love how the channel I called how to cook that. Yeah We can all cook this, EaSy.
Radiant Starlight
James: cheese, pepperoni, all that good stuff! Me: Lettuce, and American cheese. Soobway worker: And what else? Me: ... more cheese.
Kim Bentley
Kim Bentley 5 days ago
Shaina Polazzo
Shaina Polazzo 5 days ago
Marvel: infinity war is the most ambitious crossover.this video : nope
•Plumberry• 5 days ago
Ken Key
Ken Key 5 days ago
Dipali Industries
She say if you wanna make it like someone is going to make it
Luci Animates
Luci Animates 5 days ago
yes sooubway
Mando Delarosa
Mando Delarosa 6 days ago
U should be on hell kitchen
Francis 24
Francis 24 6 days ago
It's almost unbelievable that's even a cake.
Pretzelz ?
Pretzelz ? 6 days ago
As a jokeeeee
Nabeel M
Nabeel M 6 days ago
Can you use modelling chocolate instead of fondant ?
Rawan AD
Rawan AD 7 days ago
WhisperYT 0-0
WhisperYT 0-0 7 days ago
James like dead inside
Botato :D
Botato :D 8 days ago
You know what I would love to watch? I want to see Ann make.... A peanut butter jelly sandwich
Botato :D
Botato :D 8 days ago
You know what I would love to watch? I want to see Ann make.... A peanut butter jelly sandwich
Luise Müller
Luise Müller 8 days ago
You are crazy
f. fork .k
f. fork .k 8 days ago
I feel like crying this is so awkward I’m gonna die 🥺
Lemon Lemons
Lemon Lemons 9 days ago
AC Piggy
AC Piggy 10 days ago
When the cake looks better than the sandwich
Goose boi 97
Goose boi 97 10 days ago
Very cool
A Person
A Person 10 days ago
Ameera Mahmood
Ameera Mahmood 10 days ago
The subway in the UK is a lot better
North Carolinian Mapping
Not hating it, but why am I so disturbed?
Death Lives
Death Lives 10 days ago
I hate how real it looks yet I saw the whole process..... I'm just so confused
Animations With Foxygirl!
I feel bad because the subway near me just adds a mountain of everything-
Nixijo Kenzi
Nixijo Kenzi 11 days ago
Wow!!! This is amazing!!!
WindSong 11 days ago
Wow this is amazing!!! I hope I'm that good at it when I'm older
Black Willow
Black Willow 11 days ago
I almost thought she'd use fondent for a split second and then I remembered that Ann Actually likes to put genuine effort into her work.
Šhådøw Føxx
Šhådøw Føxx 11 days ago
I love how James says Jalapeño. He pronounces it like “Holla-pen-yo” I say the “J” with kind of an accent, so it’s like “sh” mixed with “j”, so “Jolla- pen-oh” I’m weird and British 😑
Zac The builder
Zac The builder 12 days ago
I know James
TheTrashArtist 14 days ago
0:20 pause it
Lorraine Studios
Lorraine Studios 14 days ago
kitty burrito
kitty burrito 14 days ago
I literally just clicked on this video because James is in it
valeria gutierrez figueroa
0:21 *James?*
Grace Mac.
Grace Mac. 15 days ago
nobody how to cook that armins instead of almonds itssss alll munnnnddss
Sarah Naomi
Sarah Naomi 15 days ago
i love how james is so uncomfortable the whole time.
ShalevAZ 15 days ago
eugeniak 16 days ago
is there a position to apply for like I can be a spectator while making those masterpieces and eat the trimmed bits and left stuff? :D cause this is what all of us do when our moms cook :D and if you have a siblings there is a war for those leftovers
Simplyy stary
Simplyy stary 17 days ago
*farts cutely*
Delightful Doodles
Delightful Doodles 17 days ago
Please go watch animation time
*Myth YT*
*Myth YT* 18 days ago
Me : hey wanna go to soobway? My friend who knows: ye My friend who doesn't know: huh? Me: oh uh inside joke
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