Sooubway 4: The Final Sandwich

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Song used: Eneide - In The Chains Of Sorrow (Epidemic sounds)


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Oct 19, 2019




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TheOdd1sOut Day ago
Our hearts may be broken, but at least we have something to cover those hearts, a sale on Sooubway merch: theodd1sout.com/collections/sooubway-merch
DailyVideos 9 hours ago
I said sooubway 100 times on my channel!
Ruby Love
Ruby Love Day ago
TheOdd1sOut rules
James Plays
James Plays Day ago
Never forget
Jessica Sempai
I got your card game and book I LOVE THEM
Hélène Giraud
Great job
21Greatest Minute ago
fernando Aguillón
Anthony Ambrasas
Anthony Ambrasas Minute ago
He should work at sooubway again so he can make knew stories. Like so he can see.
Madison Dewees
Madison Dewees Minute ago
Eating a subway sandwich while watching this lmao
Tomato Yoshi
Tomato Yoshi Minute ago
We need to find that samich in the woods
Sky PlayZ
Sky PlayZ 2 minutes ago
Hay james i bought your book recently and the lady that sold it to me (target) also watches your videos WHAT ARE THE CHANCES OF THAT. also it was in australia
Tommy G
Tommy G 2 minutes ago
ThatAsianKid 2 minutes ago
11 million views in 1 Day *Thats legal*
Drawing w/ Games
Drawing w/ Games 2 minutes ago
Lol this video is so late
Jose Mendez
Jose Mendez 2 minutes ago
#1 on trending. Good job man
Danetl 2 minutes ago
Oh shat 0:12
React Kid and Gaming Kid
#1trending congrats James
-Cutmylip- 3 minutes ago
Asmr James eating soubway for 5 hours straight
Malisa Tep
Malisa Tep 3 minutes ago
I saw your game it’s was my birthday it was last month
Sundrysun90 3 minutes ago
#1 trending!!! Congrats James!!
my name is jeff
my name is jeff 4 minutes ago
8:58 I have one question..... Was it toasted??
Sienna Ritten
Sienna Ritten 4 minutes ago
congrats on 1 on trending
Expressway 3041
Expressway 3041 4 minutes ago
Buy your old subway and and call it sooubway
Beanmachine91 4 minutes ago
you say sooubway, i say bepis!
Sorry Angel
Sorry Angel 4 minutes ago
I never knew I needed to see you eating a sandwich while crying, until now. Thank you.
Anthony Higashi
Anthony Higashi 4 minutes ago
everyone plz go like my new vid
Mr. Mediocre
Mr. Mediocre 5 minutes ago
James: *Misspells/mispronounces Subway to prevent getting sued* Also James: *Says Jimmy Johns Normally.*
Robyn Ern
Robyn Ern 5 minutes ago
Goodbye Jame’s sooubway 😞
Jake Geurden
Jake Geurden 5 minutes ago
Ru Wack
Ru Wack 5 minutes ago
Love this
Pro Justice
Pro Justice 5 minutes ago
It's funny you said it'd turn into a Nail Salon because that is what happened to mine
Angel Mendoza Chaparro
It must be sad to lose your one and last carrying job you had theodds1sout 00 _
Brody Phillips
Brody Phillips 5 minutes ago
James: *Buries sandwich* Karen: Kids in Africa could’ve eaten that!!!
Michael Reyes
Michael Reyes 5 minutes ago
#1 on trending
Dez Smith
Dez Smith 5 minutes ago
Was anyone else legitimately emotionally impacted by him burying the sandwich?
Ridger Edge
Ridger Edge 6 minutes ago
I KNEW that it was #1 on trending, I knew it..
stella uwu
stella uwu 6 minutes ago
cha cha cha
Infinite Gaming
Infinite Gaming 6 minutes ago
Im an astrologist and this is in your recommendation after 5 or more than 5 years
Maddi Fisher
Maddi Fisher 6 minutes ago
I got my first job because of your videos actually. I was applying to different places with no luck and I saw your video and was like “oh yeah that place is a thing” and I got the job! Literally made so many good friends from there and had a lot of fun for a while. It was an amazing first job so thanks haha! I worked there for a year and a year after I quit our subway closed also. So I know what you’re going through😭
Gerry Fred
Gerry Fred 7 minutes ago
tylerbillie Joseph
tylerbillie Joseph 7 minutes ago
I cried a little
REACT CLAN 7 minutes ago
Rip sooubway
Erika Santos
Erika Santos 7 minutes ago
😭.. oh well it was a fun run ima just unsub right now
Kaile Vlogs
Kaile Vlogs 7 minutes ago
RIP you will be missed😕😭
Max 7 minutes ago
9:08 He pressed F to pay respects 👌🏻
CloudNova 7 minutes ago
R.I.P BUT HEY #1 ON TRENDING Oh yeah you should check what happen to the sandwhich in a year
Max 7 minutes ago
"Do you think I told this shirtless delinquent to get lost? No! He had money, so I did business with him" That's a solid line for a porn actress
Jodi Howell
Jodi Howell 7 minutes ago
#1 on trending. Good job James!
Dark Knight
Dark Knight 8 minutes ago
Pffft that ending Soooo...dramatic ~(ō_ ō~).... I love it 🤣
shaloom land
shaloom land 8 minutes ago
I just came from target 😶😑😥
Lenora 9 minutes ago
Imagine being a fan of this series and you end up in it only he draws your acne too😂
William Singleton
William Singleton 9 minutes ago
sooubway: remember me james you buried me in the dirt i made a new sooubway for you:) james:NOOOOOO I HAVE TO WORK AGAIN
Marian Hammond
Marian Hammond 9 minutes ago
beautiful work of art masterpiece finally.
DJ LYNA 9 minutes ago
rip soobway ☹️😪 enjoyed the 6-inch turkey, american cheese, with spinach and jalapeños sandwiches 😭
Leóno Lobo
Leóno Lobo 9 minutes ago
Every other RUvidr :the video has to be ten minutes long James :hold my floof 9:44 1 TRENDING
Juicer_Jonny 9 minutes ago
I like how when he looked back on his first video, James changed back to his original animation style.
Mia Solima
Mia Solima 9 minutes ago
T^T I feel so bad for Sooubway!
Navy Seal Gaming53
Navy Seal Gaming53 9 minutes ago
number 1 on trending atta boyyy 11 millllll veiws
Cat Jay
Cat Jay 10 minutes ago
The final Subway...
VLIXDY 10 minutes ago
When he posts the 4th one 4 years later....*happiness noise*
King A.J.
King A.J. 10 minutes ago
2:30 that “child’s voice” sUpRiSeD tHe FuCk OuTtA mE 🤣🤣
Sanahyat Grubbs
Sanahyat Grubbs 10 minutes ago
Is calls subway
keegan_ moloney
keegan_ moloney 11 minutes ago
Kids on Africa could of ate that
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