Sooubway 4: The Final Sandwich

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Song used: Eneide - In The Chains Of Sorrow (Epidemic sounds)


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Oct 19, 2019




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Comments 119 488
TheOdd1sOut Month ago
Our hearts may be broken, but at least we have something to cover those hearts, a sale on Sooubway merch: theodd1sout.com/collections/sooubway-merch
Raven the Rooster
th lim
th lim 21 day ago
Im 500!
Suzie Burns
Suzie Burns 27 days ago
I love your videos, please upload a lot more👌😎🥳
DailyVideos Month ago
I said sooubway 100 times on my channel!
Ruby Love
Ruby Love Month ago
TheOdd1sOut rules
BCL_Gaming ty
BCL_Gaming ty 5 hours ago
I tried the turkey italiano yesterday
Ambitious Elevated
Ambitious Elevated 5 hours ago
Dorta Febrist
Dorta Febrist 5 hours ago
Please watch and share this: ruvid.net/video/video-0veLrwd9CK4.html
vincent whyte
vincent whyte 5 hours ago
Sobway do you think it sounds like that 😂😂
Logan Huntley
Logan Huntley 5 hours ago
Omg I just watched my babysitter is a vampire and James was in the background season 2 episode 4
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher 5 hours ago
R u james rallison?
Dorky Cat
Dorky Cat 6 hours ago
James? Have you heard about COPPA. It sucks.. Here is a link about it ruvid.net/video/video-0veLrwd9CK4.html
George Simmons
George Simmons 6 hours ago
Mom: Want a snack? Me: 2:32
George Simmons
George Simmons 6 hours ago
galaxy_gamer 44
galaxy_gamer 44 6 hours ago
leo gamer
leo gamer 6 hours ago
Nose inglés pero me da igual
ItsMeDoge Gaming
ItsMeDoge Gaming 6 hours ago
who watches this while eating sub sooubway
Nevaeh Sargent
Nevaeh Sargent 6 hours ago
i read your book it was awsome
Thomas Toons
Thomas Toons 6 hours ago
Aww, we will miss the Soobway videos! I remember watching the first one a long time ago and it was actually what INSPIRED me to make my own First Job Story! It’s not as good as yours, but I hope they will be some day!
China Nich
China Nich 6 hours ago
It touched my soul
Cory Keeling
Cory Keeling 6 hours ago
Upload more! I love your channel and have watched for years, but im loosing interest because of upload dates.
Turtle one
Turtle one 6 hours ago
go back in 3 years and say I FOUND A DED SAMIK IN DU PACE I BURID IT 3 YERS AGOO
TurtleToons 6 hours ago
My mom saw this and said What is this fat marshmallow doing?
Boring Paint
Boring Paint 6 hours ago
I'm here after before the COPPA effect. Good luck with your channel and I wish you the best of luck. Hopefully your channel won't die.
SimplySavy 7 hours ago
EVERYONE go watch WALL-E-Nator’s recreation of life is fun at their school!!!! Help it get noticed by Odd1sout!!!!!
Krispy Boy
Krispy Boy 7 hours ago
You know you have problems when you start crying at the end
Aaron Forbes
Aaron Forbes 7 hours ago
7:24 The funny thing is my swoobway is beside a nail salon 💅
Aidan Pace
Aidan Pace 7 hours ago
Please tell me if you play pokemon go and if tell me your code
XxTHE LONEWOLFxX 7 hours ago
James, what are you thinking of doing about the new rule regarding COPPA?
Jillian Cassleman
Jillian Cassleman 7 hours ago
We have gathered here today for the unfortunate death of Sooubway... RIP... 😢😢😭
Jillian Cassleman
Jillian Cassleman 7 hours ago
Yus James! Its all about teh free food! :3 Also sorry about Sooubway....
Trenty Boi
Trenty Boi 7 hours ago
Theodds should make a video with 100% Animd style
CoolCat Garcia
CoolCat Garcia 7 hours ago
So uh FTC might be here
FinndaFish68 7 hours ago
Rip James channel because of stupid COPPA
tandirtyzen Eden
tandirtyzen Eden 7 hours ago
the next video is "24 hours at closed down sooubway" lol
Documenter without any original content
"this video may be sued." Well it came out a month ago, and it's not demonitized yet. *COMING SOON:* SOOUBWAY 4: THE RESTAURANT RETURNS
yeet yeet
yeet yeet 7 hours ago
now I want Subway that's toxic
Freddy summer!
Freddy summer! 7 hours ago
Hey!! Más videos pliss te amamos.. Eres una forma de vida.... Y también mi mentor.. Eres lo máximo ;3
Geraldo Munroe
Geraldo Munroe 7 hours ago
James OMG I love you so much. . . & if my "sooubway" ever closed down I would be just as devastated because I eat there all the time. It's called Triangle McDonald's . But I love you. & that all that matters
CoolGamerHMS Plays Gacha Life
Poor James he must be so sad
Flamelion 9878
Flamelion 9878 8 hours ago
Have u heard about the new RUvid thing going on
Not Smart
Not Smart 8 hours ago
2:32 me.
Pao Pao
Pao Pao 8 hours ago
Remember when James named everyone he hated Hunter
Jennifer Busshart
Jennifer Busshart 8 hours ago
“...would lick the inside of my nose..” Me: NeAaAA
WetBxilds 123
WetBxilds 123 8 hours ago
Why do you upload every month
Zap 8 hours ago
That one guy L
That one guy L 8 hours ago
Monroe Fleming
Monroe Fleming 8 hours ago
Luna Hernandez
Luna Hernandez 8 hours ago
guys its about time we say goodbye to animation channels the etc is taking them off...go to nerdecrafter's channel to sign the petition
Vequm Gaming
Vequm Gaming 8 hours ago
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy 8 hours ago
the odd one scout sips tea fuck you
Roman Macapugay
Roman Macapugay 8 hours ago
I dunno if u heard yet, but January 2020 will be the day a new rule that will be added to youtube, ya can't make kid friendly content or vids that have kids as the target demographic. I dunno if you'll be effected during that time but I just felt like I needed to tell you just in case
Roman Macapugay
Roman Macapugay 7 hours ago
how does this help?
Roman Macapugay
Roman Macapugay 7 hours ago
@yaliso gioouy lol wut
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy 8 hours ago
So much dogs
Milky way edits
Milky way edits 8 hours ago
Child: momma why is that man burying a sandwich? Mom: *covers child's eyes * hunny just ignore him
Iain Apollo 12
Iain Apollo 12 8 hours ago
Who’s up for part 5
Gabriel Alejandro
Gabriel Alejandro 9 hours ago
Hey dude,I just wanted to tell you we all love you and your videos so please if coppa fines you please continue(also raise awarness for coppa)#wereyourseatbelt
Milky way edits
Milky way edits 9 hours ago
So did I tell the shirtless delinquent to get lost, *NO*
Orlando Lara
Orlando Lara 9 hours ago
*how do you not have 20M subscribers ;-;*
Tendernuggett 360
Tendernuggett 360 9 hours ago
So in my school we have 45 mins classes. We have 9 classes, including lunch and ELT, which is a homework period. Since we had 10 mins until passing period, because our ELA class is 2 periods, we have a break in the middle. So we had 10 mins until break and my amazing teacher played this. I love these videos.
Nancy Ayala
Nancy Ayala 9 hours ago
Didn’t you say you were going to talk about dark crystal age of risistance
Autumn Gargus
Autumn Gargus 9 hours ago
Here is another video I found on RUvid's new video regulations: ruvid.net/video/video-eXHYVWyAGcE.html . The video's link in the description also seems to give several resource links to be able to speak out to lawmakers directly on what you think on the new stricter video rules.
cars jayden
cars jayden 9 hours ago
Ha to1o aka theodd1sout can you do a video of the RUvid changes that are happening next year also I’m a fan of you and even if I’m not 13 yet ‘whisper’ I’m 12’ I challenge you to a chest and boxing match …………………also I’m one of your subscribers to be more positive and also can you subscribe to me thank you okay bye
Gogeta 1000
Gogeta 1000 9 hours ago
I like the smartness that kid had in 2:31 when trying to ask his mother to buy a cookie
Mittenzi 2332
Mittenzi 2332 9 hours ago
Bye sooubway
Mason McCuen
Mason McCuen 9 hours ago
Can u please make a new video I am dying
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