Sooubway 4: The Final Sandwich

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Song used: Eneide - In The Chains Of Sorrow (Epidemic sounds)


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Oct 19, 2019




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Comments 80
TheOdd1sOut 8 months ago
Our hearts may be broken, but at least we have something to cover those hearts, a sale on Sooubway merch: theodd1sout.com/collections/sooubway-merch
Mara Pedro
Mara Pedro 15 hours ago
Gimme a longfoot I mean footlong
Rene Amarillas
Rene Amarillas Month ago
Your awsome
FLBCW the mighty ;3
Sanariya Dilman
Sanariya Dilman 2 months ago
I miss sooubway
Epic Epic
Epic Epic 2 months ago
I'm the final reply.
Flame G
Flame G 2 hours ago
Its subway isn’t it
Jonathan Moreno
Jonathan Moreno 2 hours ago
Whyed u Call sub way soubway i think
Alan Uresti
Alan Uresti 2 hours ago
EVERYONE SILENCE A moment for a fallen suubway
Meh 2 hours ago
I dare everyone to reply ‘teehee on this then I’ll edit it make people absolute confused
Manling Animations
Manling Animations 4 hours ago
That sandwich is probably rotten by now...
Tigermemincat 4 hours ago
His language: Mother, I would be most grateful if you let me consume a pastry with high levels of sugar and simple carbohydrates? Me language: Mom can i go to the soubway next door and a cookie, er...
Matthew DeChiapas
Matthew DeChiapas 4 hours ago
James this is Subway not sooubway
Thomas Coursey
Thomas Coursey 4 hours ago
"You may make the sandwich, but the sandwich you eat makes who you are." ~ Albert Einstein
Lɪʟʟʏ’s sᴛᴏʀɪᴇs
U worked at subway?
LordProNSP 5 hours ago
The small rat eating cheze looks so cure
Mr Mintl
Mr Mintl 6 hours ago
This is a gosh darn sooub way - James
Lightning Playz
Lightning Playz 7 hours ago
Did you take out the wrapper and non food items when you buried it?
Weird Stuff Animation
R.I.P Sooubway
SnipinJP 7 hours ago
I like how he draws his character (who is the guy you should be focusing on) as a background character and the *background* characters have more detail.
Samantha Harmon
Samantha Harmon 8 hours ago
the last SANWICH jAmEs
Conjo Flash
Conjo Flash 8 hours ago
My goal is to gain a few million dollars to up front the costs of buying that location and turning it back into a sooubway
Breckin Anderson
Breckin Anderson 9 hours ago
Me, seeing James posted Sooubway 4: I love this show! James: It’s the last episode. “Life is Fun” fans will understand. 😂
•Jenny Begum•
•Jenny Begum• 9 hours ago
Can u do a nother fable video ;-;
Magellanic 10 hours ago
You should buy your old Sooubway building and open your own sandwich shop called Sooubway xD
•Jenny Begum•
•Jenny Begum• 9 hours ago
Izzy Sharp
Izzy Sharp 10 hours ago
At 8:19 you looked like a Blogger vlogger
Kurt Flor
Kurt Flor 11 hours ago
Logan Payne
Logan Payne 11 hours ago
1 like = 1 prayer in these emotional times
Gaming Charlie
Gaming Charlie 11 hours ago
Did Floof really destroy the worker
Rip soooubway. year something - year something
Jeffrey Watkis
Jeffrey Watkis 12 hours ago
I lost my soobway to James 😭
Xander Johnson
Xander Johnson 12 hours ago
Just called SubwayBecause subway your work sub I saw this girl is at work at Walmart I was asking subway Walmart has subway
TheTrollGamer Epic
TheTrollGamer Epic 13 hours ago
2:48 hmm where did that kid get his hand to get the money
Wyatt Reiff
Wyatt Reiff 13 hours ago
Was peeing on da olives and blah blah real?
SuperSlaiyanGod 13 hours ago
Subway 5*
c l o v i e
c l o v i e 14 hours ago
“dad...is that a subway sandwich in the wood chips?”
Ashley Charles
Ashley Charles 14 hours ago
Elsa Welch
Elsa Welch 14 hours ago
The end made me cringe
K Wise
K Wise 14 hours ago
chancellor palpatine .
When Rey my grand child rey saw this she cried I asked her she said a great disturbance if the food chain james Lost his soubway
Kaedan Bell
Kaedan Bell 16 hours ago
I am so excited 😆 is e I was going home 🏡 is your time for your birthday 🎂 is the season to get some stuff done ✅ was the day you want to go get to get 👩🏻‍🎤🌦💦☔️🌈🥘🌱
Kaedan Bell
Kaedan Bell 16 hours ago
Hello 👋🏻 I was a day I had some people in my house 🏡 is a season of game season for some time but they are going home 🏠 I do have to get to know people and I know they know how to make it do some stuff to do with you some people who do not know how to make you do it and I do
Kaedan Bell
Kaedan Bell 16 hours ago
I do have some stuff in the game so we have in the day we know we play for each Do and all else on oV we make you feel like a lot more than your
Nguyễn Nam Khánh channel
whenever I see a branch sticking on the ground ME: IS THAT JAME'S SANDWICH?!!!!!????!!!
Mr Luigi
Mr Luigi 18 hours ago
I bet james ate the sandwich out of the ground
Franco Mantilla
Franco Mantilla 18 hours ago
soobway subway
Totally_Not_Skyler 18 hours ago
Today is my first day of work at sooubway! Just had to watch all the eps to get ready.😆😝
Sophie Rae
Sophie Rae 16 hours ago
Totally_Not_Skyler haha yes!
Harold 18 hours ago
shelan mohamad
shelan mohamad 19 hours ago
Did floof actually pee on the olives and bite the guy in the jugilar
The Error
The Error 19 hours ago
Are you crying or laughing?
Weird Stuff Animation
M o T h E r
Sombo Kaweza
Sombo Kaweza 20 hours ago
Did the guy just bury his sooubway?
Zombiekiller371 [][][]
10/10 acting
Moon Dance
Moon Dance 22 hours ago
The real question is: is the sandwich still there??
Eleanor Sav
Eleanor Sav 23 hours ago
Who else is watching this and thinking I want free food every day so I'm going to work at swoobway
Red the Fox Studios
Red the Fox Studios 23 hours ago
This make me cry not lying ok *cry's*
nur zuraidah mahamod
Do a soobway 5!!! The dog at the soobway.
r o b i n
r o b i n Day ago
this is so sad ;-;
KazeRyu Day ago
Kid: No shoes No shirt But I still get service
QMEGA Gaming
QMEGA Gaming Day ago
Sooubway part 5
Gacha Anna
Gacha Anna Day ago
aww this is so sad
Andrew Li
Andrew Li Day ago
Let's start a GoFundMe for James to buy a Subway and rename it Sooubway.
Goku black
Goku black Day ago
Who else saw James just bit the bread out of the sandwich just the bread
Redstone Tech
Where boys cried: (spongebob drying up scene) Where men cried: 7:53
Eduardo Gallegos- Villeda
No subway
MDOTV Day ago
I don’t like You
Merly Bacea
Merly Bacea Day ago
P6 plsssssss
Reynaldo Abarca
Hey maybe I can help you
random stuff boi
can we get an f in chat for sooubway
The Plush Gang
DragonStar 373
Nobody: James doing face reaveal for video:
Amir Bettach
Amir Bettach Day ago
Cool guy
Cool guy Day ago
What is that swimming lessons kid’s belly button!?
Space ranger
Space ranger Day ago
8:26 now we can consider James a grave digger
Space ranger
Space ranger Day ago
8:41 and apparently a rock star
Ni He
Ni He Day ago
A channel Cool channel
Also there is now a free sandwich there lol
A channel Cool channel
Even though he buried it the trend will still be popular
Dalia Alfaqeeh
How da fuk did this get 1.2m likes
Delia Sparks
Delia Sparks Day ago
"It's time to give Sooubway a proper burial" Grabs plastic shovel
Delia Sparks
Delia Sparks Day ago
Nooooo!!!!!!! I am insane enough to bury a sandwich.
Iglesia Messiana
Rest in peace sooubway...you lasted long...
The Bacon
The Bacon Day ago
is this a joke 4:44
fortnite x
fortnite x Day ago
🤧🤧😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 rip james subway i wish I could meet you
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