Sony Xperia XZ3 - Unboxing And First Impressions

Flossy Carter
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Sony Xperia XZ3 - Unboxing And First Impressions
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Nov 26, 2018




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Comments 80
Flossy Carter
Flossy Carter Year ago
#Squad Roll Call
rosie butcher
rosie butcher 25 days ago
I got it
*Noomsey says buy a Repro of the "Iyanti" Ijanti Dagger for "Lil Unboxing Knife".*
Frank Arevalo
Frank Arevalo Year ago
The price is too got dam high!!! Lol fav quote not from this vid lol
SparkFpv Year ago
Hey floss what is Android VIP?
yadersitos Zamora
@Gogeta101savage Naruto 😀😀😀😀😀😀
Djamadri Jojo
Djamadri Jojo 26 days ago
البطاريه ضعيفة او قوية
mr mountain
mr mountain Month ago
Do ittt,sony phone pliz flow it's the best camera phone of all time
Kaser Alkaser
Kaser Alkaser 3 months ago
Can you give me this phone ? 😅❤️ If you did't love it
Kaser Alkaser
Kaser Alkaser 3 months ago
Think this is the best phone Sony made it .
Anthony Luis
Anthony Luis 5 months ago
Cute white shoes~
S4h4r4 6 months ago
Always been a Sony fan boy with smartphone etc. They made the wave for 4k display and waterproof. Owned the Sony Xperia Z Ultra, Z5 Premium, XZ, XZ Premium, now I'm here to cop this in 2019 or maybe the Xperia 1, 5.. Keep the reviews coming!
Warren Anderson
Warren Anderson 6 months ago
What wireless charger is that
reza m
reza m 7 months ago
i like all ur reviews.
Warren Anderson
Warren Anderson 7 months ago
Thabiso Ndlovu
Thabiso Ndlovu 8 months ago
“Now this is the forest green color... whuuuu... I’m trying not to hate” 😂😂
Yank Chef
Yank Chef 8 months ago
Good thing about Sony phones too is they drop a new one every 6 months so 1 or 2 gen old always on discount and still a newer phone. I got the xz2 9 months after launch for 400
Senator Jelly Beans
Senator Jelly Beans 9 months ago
Sony? *RAHHh*
Talina Winston
Talina Winston 10 months ago
Good looking phone!
jb macabenta
jb macabenta 10 months ago
you're a typical funny blackman💪, im a fan from philippines🇵🇭, keep up the goodwork man!!
Kaan 11 months ago
Feels good in the hands *Ladies you know the procedure😂😭😭*
Kaan 11 months ago
2:56 *Im done 😂*
Deswal 11 months ago
Sony xz3 or Lg g7?
Karvega1179 11 months ago
Yo Floss! Still got that beautiful forest green Sony XZ3? I was totally diggin that phone man. Sucks to be broke though. Love how you keep it real and come up with crazy vocab. like E-40. Much love from me and tha STL!
Szabina Póth
Szabina Póth 11 months ago
I see Whiteshoes is keeping the phone, she feels quality there :D
EA EA Year ago
4gb of ram for 700$ man this shit is a scam
Flossy Carter
Flossy Carter Year ago
That's the old price
Brandon Trejo
Brandon Trejo Year ago
It almost like an air jordan 6 all star kind of green in my opinion 🙂
Darthwho2 Year ago
I got this phone after seeing this review, same color, I love it. 👍
Louie Cafarella
No real review???
denormzone Year ago
13:10 the speakers on my XZ Premium are xlnt too. loud and stereo. bass vibrates. and vibrant 4K display.
denormzone Year ago
6:15 Flossy you are the best . most info and best entertainment/humor . walk in my house and I'll point out all the Flossy stuff i bought. thank you . but .. i like the square phone with chin look and feel of previous Sony. I recommend based on my Sony phone research and reviews that you stick to the Premium line ( XZ Premium and XZ2 Premium ) they have Sony's best tech . and midrange XA1 Ultra . based on reviews for XZ Premium and XA1 Ultra which i own . you're a heavy hitter and at least the XZ Premium has top notch stuff . I'm a 2D 3D artist animator so features on XZ P are for me . i never look into thought protecton fingerprint face unlock . but it has great display camera sound recording speakers build and fast (XZ Premium) you could do a 3D scan of a loved ones head (plus objects) truly amazing results. i got my XZP a year after intro for $550 new unlocked and XA1U (23m r 16m f) (6in 1080x1920) for $250 new unlocked . XZ Premium (19m r 13m f) and XZ2 Premium (19m r 13 m f) both with 4K HDR displays 2160x3840 i like the feel of them they are like slim metal bars with good weight. Sorry for Sony shpeal but i want you to experience Sony's best which is the Premium line for flagship and Ultra line for midrange.
DelRey Tamayo
DelRey Tamayo Year ago
Sony Xperia is coming out with a XZ3 INFINITY OLED, can you do a review on it when it comes out please?
Mike _
Mike _ Year ago
I understand sony wanting their phone to be different and all but what in the hell were they thinking with that fingerprint placement
The75775 Year ago
What do you do for a living? Man u buy so many xpensive phones
Byron Year ago
I missed the giveaway 😐
David Roberts
David Roberts Year ago
Hi from the UK, will you be doing a review on the Xperia 1.
jhc6608 Year ago
We need more Xperia reviews 😊
Flossy Carter
Flossy Carter Year ago
Tonight Bro
Иван Калашников
4 gb of ram? Your seller says in the link it is 6 gb of ram ! What's with that?
Manuel Corpuz
Manuel Corpuz 4 months ago
They add another version which has 6gb ram you can chose from either to go 4gb or 6gb ram.. But sony ram management is good because of its software optimization that even 4gb ram still runs smooth comparable to other flagships that contains 6-8gb ram
Johannes Ruf
Johannes Ruf Year ago
Unboxing videos arent unboxing videos without big, shiny knives
Иван Калашников
Never seen you so excited about a phone before 😂
Amasloth Year ago
I hope you get the Xperia 1 when it comes out!!
Elle Odoba
Elle Odoba Year ago
Split screen?!!!! Bro, you lie?!!!! And no other reviewer mentioned that.
Alberto Da Silva
floss dont forget to review the xperia 1 when comes out!
Elle Odoba
Elle Odoba Year ago
YESSSSSSS! Please do a review on the Xperia 1.
Indira Arnold
Indira Arnold Year ago
I like Sony phones 💯💜
RoushV Year ago
Where the full review?
Sony started giving you reasons early 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sindre Laupstad
Aggressive review. I like it 😆
Andrewfication Gaming
a layk dat a layk dat ... SUBBED coz u reviewed a SONY phone hahaha hope for XPERIA 1 soon lol
Flossy keep me geared up woooop 😎
Paulie S
Paulie S Year ago
If it wasn't for the presence of white shoes, this wouldn't of been worth watching.
now its 550€ in Sweden
Enrica S
Enrica S Year ago
Lol. At least the fingerprint sensor is in a better spot than the S8.
Patsy Alleyne-Wake
White Shoes don't want a day off 😻 need to get a White Shoes photo for my always on display
Dengdeng Yang
Dengdeng Yang Year ago
How are.the speakers compared to those on Mate 20 X
Guillermo Medina
Review the asus rog
Jason Tay
Jason Tay Year ago
Whats your xz3 model?
I subscribed right away! RAAHHH😂 Plan to buy but still waiting for sony xperia xz4👀
Robin Mhel Nelson
Hahahaha :) Nice review
milhan mass
milhan mass Year ago
King of sony i like your review
Sabian Pamungkas
Maybe this is why people said "Sony is practical", cuz they don't just follow the trend like crazy. The bezels aren't that thin cuz they put stereo speakers to please your ears there. And I like how they implement the camera auto launch when you hold your phone in landscape position. Interesting. Tho there's still a lot of room for improvements.
James Belkin
James Belkin Year ago
I guess Floss didn't like it.
Anthony Wise
Anthony Wise Year ago
Nice review! Good job.
c j
c j Year ago
Can't wait to get mine in a few week!! 👌🏾 😎 Green looks sick!
juan carlos dias dias
Is beautifull 😍😍😍
Paul Varinder
Paul Varinder Year ago
Looks like Samsung galaxy s9plus
Javier Prado
Javier Prado Year ago
Sony has a ton of 1st party accessories btw
Javier Prado
Javier Prado Year ago
Sony really stepped their game up with this phone and their track record with software updates is one of the best. This might be my first Sony phone since the Xperia play from back in the day in the near future 🧐 rip LG. Also I'm tryna know if Floss got that Jamal vs Tyrone video🤨😂😂😂
Bugumir Year ago
Oh look, a fancy S8. Too bad Samsung's got the S10 coming up.
Petre Mazilu
Petre Mazilu Year ago
Still waiting for the review on this
James Belkin
James Belkin Year ago
Guess he didn't like it
Bdbcbdjd Bdhcbxindnd
Oiiiiii u fucking dragon why did u say rah for
Flossy Carter
Flossy Carter Year ago
Because I say what I want cocksucker
Matei Vlad
Matei Vlad Year ago
When will do the full review?
Zyo Year ago
Sony has very fast updates compare to Samsung and they also dont customize Android to hell like Samsung.
Product_Six Year ago
k... i miss my waterproof sony xperia z3. It had a really hot battery ....lol, but it shot in 4k video underwater! Great Video. The resolution of the apps look amazing! If only it was waterproof like its predecessor. Damn I want this...
Jp Dìaz Rosso
Roze Ramona Širina
I'm here for the cat
Daniël Year ago
the black color is infinite since it's an oled panel...
Solid Snape
Solid Snape Year ago
Last Sony phone I had was a Sony Ericsson, ha. Incredible to see how they've changed.
tony guillen
tony guillen Year ago
White shoes ❤
Comfy Bricks
Comfy Bricks Year ago
Which colour should i get black or green
morison morison
Nothing sony work great
Samuel Tan
Samuel Tan Year ago
Really appreciate you for giving a Sony a chance! Most reviewers just ignore them completely or just review them with biasness
Alam Bebar
Alam Bebar Year ago
Your cat makes me love your video more 😂
Frank Arevalo
Frank Arevalo Year ago
Can i have it flossy!???!!!!!!! I love your show!!?
StarLordZ Year ago
I came for the cat lol.
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