Sony Xperia XZ2 in 2020 (Android 10)

Alex Hong
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A quick look at the Xperia XZ2 with Android 10.
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Camera samples from the Xperia XZ2:
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Feb 23, 2020




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Comments 25
Gino Guillermo
Gino Guillermo 23 days ago
Is there a full dark mode and this gesture navigation of the Android 10? Is there any more bugs? Or is the phone still generally better especially in the cameras, battery life and performance?
Nars Macabuhay
Nars Macabuhay 26 days ago
Still love 2 yrs old xz2 compact . And no plan replacing it for 3yrs more unless its broken. I hope there still compact size in future phone. Unfortunately im not big fan of big phones.
savvasr10 29 days ago
Make for xz3 please the same video
Rachel Anne
Rachel Anne Month ago
Yes, the fingerprint sensor sucks after the update and it can't catch wifi signal at farther areas that it could do before the update. You have to be near the modem. Saving camera shots became slower. Camera settings are also confusing. Better not to upgrade to Android 10.
nazirul hanis
nazirul hanis Month ago
Bought for $156 used so no complaint at all
Roman Shocker
Roman Shocker Month ago
How about swipe gesture?
Anh Dũng Nguyễn
Can you share Wallpaper (themen) in video?
KHF Vlog
KHF Vlog 2 months ago
Does NFC on Android Ten function properly?
RUI TEIXEIRA 2 months ago
Still waiting on the android 10 update for my Bell mobility Canadian Xz2 .
Myer Werl
Myer Werl 2 months ago
Your pronounciations, man it would be better if it is improved
Singh Deep
Singh Deep 2 months ago
Sony sure knows how to design a phone. Their devices are pricey because they manufacture premium devices. Yeah, the marketing isn't helping at all.
Adya L. Kristanto
Adya L. Kristanto 2 months ago
let's play mlbb lla
Adya L. Kristanto
Adya L. Kristanto 2 months ago
@Alex Hong add my ID lla, I also play MC..but mostly ranked, 160039064 😂
Alex Hong
Alex Hong 2 months ago
😂 nowadays don't play that much anymore. mostly just play magic chess.
4 KL
4 KL 2 months ago
That's Sony ! www.phonearena.com/news/sony-halts-android-10-update-for-certain-models_id122136 When we get your bugfix ?
PcGamerSA 3 months ago
this or xperia 10 plus?
Alex Hong
Alex Hong 3 months ago
hmm. at this point maybe neither? The Xperia 10ii looks to be a better option in almost every way if you can wait for it.
Max Ma
Max Ma 3 months ago
I am actually using a XZ2 with Android 10 presently, and seriously the problem of fingerprint sensor disappoints me a lot. Plus, battery life on Anroid 10 is, in fact, not as long as that of Android 9 - I can have around 8 hours of on-screen time on 9, while it is only around 6 - 6.5 on 10. Anw, still love it and hope Sony will fix these issues soon.
Hubayb Media
Hubayb Media 3 months ago
I have this problem
Dang Nghiem
Dang Nghiem 3 months ago
Have problem with fingerprint. Not sensitive than Android 9.
shfqrsln 3 months ago
Can you review the meizu pop 2 and compare it to the haylou gt1 plus
Jin Trip 锦之旅
Jin Trip 锦之旅 3 months ago
You have changed alot after BMT. Good video done! 👍
Alex Hong
Alex Hong 3 months ago
Thanks!!! :)
anthony williams
anthony williams 3 months ago
How does that have Android 10 and I have an "Android One" device (Nokia 7.2), and still don't have it 😒
Aleks Zuid
Aleks Zuid 3 months ago
Hey Alex. Nice review. I've got the XZ3. Try to use the fingerprint scanner combination with the ambient display. My experience is that the device unlocks much faster. Cheers, hope you review the Xperia 1 || !
ANKUR BHD 3 months ago
Sony is totally competitive with any company if they improve their pricing and Marketing
ironman tooltime
Makes a great used buy then
Alex Hong
Alex Hong 3 months ago
@Rodolpho's Tech channel yeah, but that's based on sony's pricing though. for the WF1000XM3, there are other audio shops selling it, and they can be had for around £150 over here. but well, Xperia 1ii will be announced in like 10 hours or so. So probably not a good idea anyway. I've always been a fan of the more compact lineup.
Rodolpho's Tech channel
Alex Hong yeah here in the uk loads of carriers have it. Sony is still a bit popular here. I have no idea why. But I think they have like a 1-2% market share while in other countries they are gone. They still strong in uk, Japan and Germany
Rodolpho's Tech channel
Alex Hong that’s not bad, the headphones are worth £250 so the phone comes out at £350
Alex Hong
Alex Hong 3 months ago
@Rodolpho's Tech channel that's a good pricing man. over here only Sony themselves are selling it, and no other retailers or carrier are carrying their devices at all. The current price for Xperia 5 here is 1099 SGD which is around 785 USD or 606 GBP. It comes with WF-1000XM3 based on current promo, but still, it's kinda steep. 😅
Romeo Diyong
Romeo Diyong 3 months ago
Hi Alex how is the stereo speaker?good?
Romeo Diyong
Romeo Diyong 3 months ago
@Alex Hong well noted bro
Alex Hong
Alex Hong 3 months ago
It's usable, but it's not good by today's standard, like comparing it to the Pixel 4, iPhone 11, or S10. there are single firing speakers that sounds nicer since the top speaker isn't as loud. it also sounds a bit tinny at times.
Siongwai Wong
Siongwai Wong 3 months ago
What are some other mid range options that u will recommend? Haha
Siongwai Wong
Siongwai Wong 3 months ago
@Alex Hong haha ok Hard to find one white XZ2 now also. Maybe will go for Pixel 3a/3 or OnePlus. Thanks!
Alex Hong
Alex Hong 3 months ago
if you're okay with Chinese brands, realme XT or Mi 9T are actually pretty good in terms of hardware and performance. Their camera performance is better than the XZ2 too. maybe a bit higher price would be options like Pixel 3a, OnePlus 7/7T, or even older flagship devices like the Pixel 3 or S10e which saw price cuts over the year. but for used phones, XZ2 is not a bad deal actually for the hardware. camera isn't that competitive, but because it's quite unpopular, if you do come across one, sometimes they can go for pretty low prices. haha. Just have to know its limits.
Lionel B
Lionel B 3 months ago
That's crazy when you realize that a year after the Xperia 1 was released
good night moon
good night moon 3 months ago
xperia's are amazing but overpriced and sony just terrible at updating their phones
good night moon
good night moon 2 months ago
@Houssam M says who???? if you need a smartphone why not spend for it? smartphones are necessary for most people, just don't buy a new one every year lmao
Houssam M
Houssam M 2 months ago
@good night moonkeep your Phone, and save your money.Buying phones is a waste of money
Najmie Effendy
Najmie Effendy 3 months ago
Sony xperia xz2 2018 still have android 10,u should take back what u comment
Alex Hong
Alex Hong 3 months ago
@good night moon haha. yeah. watched the launch earlier. Will still be curious to see if the cameras are any better, and whether the sound quality from the 3.5mm jack will be good. let's just hope the pricing isn't too insane. haha
good night moon
good night moon 3 months ago
@Alex Hong yooo! the xperia 1 mark 2 just announced and the specs are amazing, SD865, no notch, no curve screen, no pop up camera, zeiss optics, expandable storage, 4000mAh battery, 50W fast charging, dolby atmos and the headphone jack is back! i might get this and replace my good old nokia 6 🤩
Alex Hong
Alex Hong 3 months ago
Regarding software, there are probably ways to downgrade to Android 9 via the Flashtool, but kinda lazy to do it. For me after doing this video, it's just going to be my spare phone anyway, so I'll just wait and see if future OTA updates will fix the bugs.
rastaxp Month ago
Had plenty of bugs on my XZ3 after the update. However, what worked for me was to do a factory reset and updating it through the Xperia companion on the PC. I haven't had any major bugs since then except for the microphone sensitivity, which seems a bit muffled after the update.
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez 3 months ago
@Alex Hong thanks teamate!!
Alex Hong
Alex Hong 3 months ago
@Jose Hernandez I would wait a while. there is another update that is rolling out now, but not sure if it will actually fix those issues. So better to stay on android 9 for now
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez 3 months ago
Im still not upgrade to Android 10. Do i wait on 9 or im update the phone to android 10?
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