Sony Xperia 5 unboxing

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The Sony Xperia 5 is a (slightly) slimmed down version of its flagship Xperia 1. Toddy unboxes the new phone to see how it shapes up.
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Oct 4, 2019




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Comments 80
Mauro Schirone
Mauro Schirone 8 days ago
hes easy
erickadenic poncemrianda
hola per
Leon Anthony
Leon Anthony 24 days ago
Worst phone. I ever bought
Otávio Silva
Otávio Silva 25 days ago
Sony come back to Brasil
wsuptrick 29 days ago
desperately waiting for this phone to go on sale, 799$ almost a year later is still too high
Dangerfield Month ago
About that wireless charging part, you said "since apple introduced it into its devices and kind of really popularized the technology." That is soooo apple fanboyish of you. Wireless charging was already popular with the Samsung Galaxy S5 (2014) as an option back then and even before that if I remember also with an Android. You're an iSheep and that's just so annoying. I came here for praises for Sony but instead I heard an apple fanboy.
Dangerfield Month ago
@Tech Advisor Thanks for replying. But still, wireless charging only started with iphones 8 and X around 2017 when Android phones with wireless charging capabilities as well as several wireless chargers were already popular. It's better to stay away from comments like "apple popularized this and that" when apple was revolutionary only in 2007. Comments like that overrates apple. That's my honest opinion.
Tech Advisor
Tech Advisor Month ago
Hah, don't worry, I can promise Toddy isn't an Apple fanboy! He just means it was Apple that made wireless charging mainstream. Obviously it was around before that, and plenty of Android flagships had it, but it wasn't until an iPhone did that there was that pressure for everyone to adopt it, and more widespread availability of the chargers - Dom
Ruhaan Mahroof
Ruhaan Mahroof Month ago
Could you provide us with a charger model? I’ve lost mine.
shoya Jennii
shoya Jennii Month ago
SONY is The Best,I like 6.1inchdisplay,Xperia5 use 100%
Jessica Heal
Jessica Heal Month ago
Should I buy second hand like new for 275?
josh sundar
josh sundar 2 months ago
does this have an edge display screen
IS Vardanyan
IS Vardanyan 3 months ago
Henry Stock
Henry Stock 3 months ago
Why oh why the curved frame corners. The 90 degrees is what this a stand out design. One day Sony will appoint real distributors in the US. Existing agents have no clue.
kuttus pillai
kuttus pillai 3 months ago
I have a ambition to buy this but so much expensive this phone
Øy 3 months ago
You talking too fast! Please slow down! Thank you!
seydaömerfrk 3 months ago
Sony Xperia 5🔥👏😎❤
martin naylor
martin naylor 3 months ago
Still love my XZ3,is this worth the upgrade??
TheCulturalBomb 4 months ago
Don't trust Sony phones. Had one of their Ultra phones a few years back and one day the screen just went funny on me for no reason. Sent it for me and they had the guile to blame me for the damage.
Ncc 24656
Ncc 24656 4 months ago
5 = 5G version instead of Experia 1 Plus for example
非課金信者 4 months ago
I love XPERIA。
Asian Mansplainer
Asian Mansplainer 4 months ago
i am considering buying this i am sick of samsung they burn me more than once already. i just wish sony would have made this a bit smaller tho
Lyla C
Lyla C 4 months ago
Looks like Sony has made a comeback. Watching this fr my Z3. Love my Z3 very very much
maya Potoniec
maya Potoniec 4 months ago
I have a Sony xperia 5 right now I am using it on this RUvid video I love my phone 📱
Venkadesh Venkat
Venkadesh Venkat 4 months ago
Wat pirse
Amos Fossen
Amos Fossen 4 months ago
I think that the fingerprint scanner is now faster than you can klik the button. So you whould unlock and lock it at the same time
InexplicableBill 4 months ago
Another glass backed phone... argh.. only THIS one doesn't offer wireless charging. WTF? Many modern cars now have flat wireless phone charging stations built into them. So much for buying that car and having a phone that doesn't wirelessly charge. Bizarre. Speaking of glass backed, my Xperia ZX3 from 4 years ago lasted one week after getting it before I dropped it and the battery inside the phone tried catapulting itself out of the phone through the rear glass. A little clear packing tape held it together until I replaced it 2 years later. That was a long 2 years with a phone that always overheated. And I wonder if these newer Xperia phones also overheat famously like their predecessors did/do. My current XZs certainly does, especially on low battery and charging it while using navigation and/or other location based apps.
Nantha Kumar
Nantha Kumar 5 months ago
Sony still the best and always
SuperChiko4000 5 months ago
This is a beautiful video 🔥🔥⭐🌟
KlaUDiO Yoshi
KlaUDiO Yoshi 5 months ago
this phone is very good but the battery could be way better
Richard McClure
Richard McClure 5 months ago
What is the sot?
Nandankumar Mundre
Nandankumar Mundre 5 months ago
Sony phones - Design is worst if compare with Samsung. They have still lot of bulk bezels up and down. and prices are too high sony higher flagship phones are not even equals to Samsungs budget smartphones A50 and A51 and A71. It's a shame for sony
Biggie Z
Biggie Z 5 months ago
Actually I need music 🎶 Sony's Audio! None can compare it! Tbh, I'm still on my E5823, Z5 Compact, amazing and fascinating song quality.
Richard McClure
Richard McClure 3 months ago
@zosu will have to find another brand
zosu 3 months ago
@Richard McClure yea, sadly
Richard McClure
Richard McClure 3 months ago
@zosu that's awesome! Yeah I know but being realistic, HTC are the next BlackBerry
zosu 3 months ago
@Richard McClure cool. I'm using Lg V30 with quad dac. The sound is superb. Hope HTC makes a good comeback.
Richard McClure
Richard McClure 3 months ago
@zosu very true. I have a U11. Still the sound quality is great.
Red Kebaya
Red Kebaya 5 months ago
Me still using xperia z5 untill now...
Aneesh Cr7
Aneesh Cr7 5 months ago
💕sony 💕
Akshay Chaturvedi
Akshay Chaturvedi 5 months ago
after xz premium, xz3 & xperia 1 this phone is the best. But can you tell me when xperia 1 & xperia 5 launched in India I am indian.🇮🇳 watching on my XZ Premium
Pankaj Singh
Pankaj Singh 5 months ago
Really sad and disappointed ☹️ because Sony Mobiles are no more in INDIA 🇮🇳 Really miss the Sony Xperia series, i am a big fan of Sony Mobiles since it was Sony Ericsson, now only Xperia Z3 is left with me, i wish if Sony Mobiles can comes back to Indian Market!!! 😇
JAMIE LESTER 5 months ago
Be a sheeple and buy a Samsung or Apple.. Or be cool and unique and buy a Sony.. I choose Sony.
Erwin Luceños
Erwin Luceños 5 months ago
Can i have 1 please on this Christmas season.😊
Mayu Mahesh
Mayu Mahesh 5 months ago
Is it wireless charging available with this new Sony Xperia flagship product?
Lex Buren
Lex Buren Month ago
no wireless charging with this phone, xperia 1 neither
illogical 6 months ago
Wait a second, Xperia 1 has a 4k display? I'm confused here...
Richard McClure
Richard McClure 3 months ago
@เรวัฒน์ ปานประชาติ very true
เรวัฒน์ ปานประชาติ
Xperia 1 is more expensive than also.
Richard McClure
Richard McClure 5 months ago
Yes. But this phone in the video is different, the Sony Xperia 5
Smith 6 months ago
Bore bore bore bore bore
Hajar Rajab
Hajar Rajab 6 months ago
Did you just say Apple popularized wireless charging?
Tech Advisor
Tech Advisor 6 months ago
Popularised, but not created. Remember how everyone thought Apple had invented it after that iPhone launch? Apple made it mainstream - Dom
R.M .PRABU 6 months ago
iam tamil
Frank Aly
Frank Aly 6 months ago
18 charger is a joke cracked by Sony.
Boris Chan
Boris Chan 6 months ago
I left Xperia and went to K20 pro. regret nothing
Leonardo Bacigalupe
Leonardo Bacigalupe 6 months ago
well, good for you, but it's undeniable that Sony has done it well with this generation of xperia, at least with the high end ones
Marlons London. Love Life
Sony is kicking ass, people sleep on Sony..from the Z series came out, it was a wrap..think about it..
Johann Peña
Johann Peña 6 months ago
Thought it was a Note 9😅
Henry Lee
Henry Lee 6 months ago
Smartphones look all the same nowadays. I thought I was looking at Galaxy Note10+
AMLAN 5 months ago
@Leonardo Bacigalupe xperias have always been square type,boxy type...Samsung just started following Sony's design..
russell perez
russell perez 6 months ago
Yeah but this one's 300.00 cheaper
Leonardo Bacigalupe
Leonardo Bacigalupe 6 months ago
well, I'll give it to you, the new xperia generation looks similar to the latest notes cause they're more square, but c'mon, this one is like half the size btw,sorry for my shitty english,
lol lol
lol lol 6 months ago
what? xperia don't have notch
IME Media
IME Media 6 months ago
Sony is why not population
shojib khan
shojib khan 6 months ago
Give me your phone. I went use this mobile.but I have no money.01915079929
dennis wright
dennis wright 6 months ago
shojib khan stfu
kevin ben
kevin ben 7 months ago
Adrian Palmer Edwards
Just to correct one minor thing the screen is 2k oled panel
Adrian Palmer Edwards
@kenzukicool gamer Nope, it's not a 4k like the xperia 1, it's a 2k screen still just as stunning as the 4k on the xperia 1
kenzukicool gamer
kenzukicool gamer 6 months ago
It's 4K 4K = 1080 × 4
NK XD 7 months ago
Does it have a front wide angle camera? It's a shame I haven't heard it anywhere. Anyone know any good phones that have a wife angle selfie camera? I'm running with the Sony Xperia XA2 atm and I'm in love with my wife angle selfie camera, shoots the best selfies compared to everyone else who don't have the feature. Any recommendations?
msMaeLyn85 7 months ago
The best thing to do with Xperia 5...... Give it to me 🥰🥰🥰
Joker MNE
Joker MNE 7 months ago
6mins of video is for skip
jj vlogs simply joslin jacob
But Sonyproduct presntation is very bad but ( look samsung one pulse apple ect...... ) so plese go dear sony and study how to present a products in front of a costumer or how can improve unboxing satisfaction
Abdelrahman Mohamed
Abdelrahman Mohamed 7 months ago
Sony is the most premium
Richard McClure
Richard McClure 5 months ago
Looks good
KumaravruK 7 months ago
Hi I'm in India I want to buy Sony Xperia 5. Tell me how to buy
Welsh Simon
Welsh Simon 7 days ago
Go To Da Shop 👍
I hear Voices
I hear Voices 6 months ago
@UnKnOwN _ 😂😂😂
Mustafa Alam
Mustafa Alam 6 months ago
UnKnOwN _
UnKnOwN _ 6 months ago
To buy the phone you need to buy the phone.
Shahan 7 months ago
Thats how Sony advertised its XA1 Plus, it was all over the place. I bought it on Black Friday, it is the most slowest and buggy phone i have ever used. I got it from Carphonewarehouse (collected from in the shop) and they sold me refurbished phone i think. No seal on the box, buggy software and hardware. No signal or low signal, camera is always slow at saving images to internal storage. Never buy from Carphone warehouse or Sony Phones.
TheBestDamnGirl99 5 months ago
I'm currently watching this vid on my Sony Xperia XA1 plus 😁 Sony phones are amazing. Just make sure to buy on legit sellers, next time.
Shahan 6 months ago
@kenzukicool gamer I agree with you. Next time i wont buy from there. I bought it on Black Friday, they were probably flogging away all their refurbished/faulty phones.
kenzukicool gamer
kenzukicool gamer 6 months ago
Buy Sony phones is Great But buying on Carphone warehouse is bad. Sony Phones are great, I think You should have not bought it on that store. XA1 plus is actually good.
Smolla Saifullah
Smolla Saifullah 7 months ago
Sony xperia 5 Sony xperia 1
Mohd Norsyahid
Mohd Norsyahid 7 months ago
Watching this on my Xperia Z
kenzukicool gamer
kenzukicool gamer 6 months ago
It's old mine was ZR... I missed it. But in December I will return to Sony with a better bigger phone
Aiz Creator
Aiz Creator 7 months ago
why you didnt put BGM, overall review is good but need BGM to more feel good video..
Be Honestification
Be Honestification 7 months ago
Big fan of Sony device still have Sony Xpedia U, if someone Didi remember it Be Honestification Like and subscribe
Porkeeh Pig
Porkeeh Pig 7 months ago
Xperia phones are good looking.
I Gumus
I Gumus 7 months ago
Ik got this phone he s very good
SAMMY JUNG 7 months ago
Which xperia should I get for photos? Mostly SELFIES.
Husain A
Husain A 7 months ago
Still difficult to say that people would buy this phone Not because Sony is out of sight But because of other challenging brands With less price and much specs Sony really have to work hard To get into peoples mind
JD 7 months ago
Sony's phone used to be rectangular and angular, I hate the round corners...
Leonardo Bacigalupe
Leonardo Bacigalupe 6 months ago
for me this design is really good, like a real evolution of the omnibalance, can't say the same from the xz2 and 3, we have the beautiful Sony's phones back!
Fakrul Musa
Fakrul Musa 7 months ago
well, they're following the trend, to get customers' attention... if they don't do that then would be hard to sell any of their smartphones... though I don't mind the rectangular cause it's like their signature...
Kongkiat Tapromma
Kongkiat Tapromma 7 months ago
not for a left handed .
Leonardo Bacigalupe
Leonardo Bacigalupe 6 months ago
boi, you have 5 fingers, use your middle one :)
Dr. Mustafa
Dr. Mustafa 7 months ago
Watching by Huawei p30 pro
ahmed karam
ahmed karam 3 months ago
Virus Corona
Fourz Ell
Fourz Ell 7 months ago
Anyone know why the red Xperia 5 is unavailable in the UK?
Alvin Bano
Alvin Bano 7 months ago
Watching this on my xperia xa1 ultra 😁
Ruefen Cornelius
Ruefen Cornelius 7 months ago
Same 😂😂😂
عمار الخطيب
Yobill Lin
Yobill Lin 7 months ago
Beautiful design, display and camera.... Nice Sony
Yvette Bobis
Yvette Bobis 7 months ago
Watching this on my xperia xz premium and i still love it 😍
UZS DC Month ago
My xz premium crapped out on me when I updated to 9.0 so now I'm gonna have to pick up the 5. It had a boot issue and would only boot up sometimes.
spicymeatball07 6 months ago
Snap 👍
robert slaughter
robert slaughter 7 months ago
Watching on my XZ1! Great phone!
naveen kumar
naveen kumar 7 months ago
xz premium is DIAMOND PHONE BRO
Udenso Ugwu
Udenso Ugwu 7 months ago
@Dpoet jones I really wish
Debrup Chakraborty
Debrup Chakraborty 7 months ago
Android 10 was officially launched at the end of August and this phone was launched in first week of September, so you can't say outrightly having Android Pie is little bit long in the tooth; Sony has been one of the OEMs who bring the latest version to their flagships earlier than competition!!
Lalremtluanga Ralte
Lalremtluanga Ralte 7 months ago
Watching on my Sony Xperia xz1
Marc Davis
Marc Davis 7 months ago
Watching on my XZ2 Premium and still loving it!!!! 😎
Leonardo Bacigalupe
Leonardo Bacigalupe 6 months ago
@Marc Davis actually, never understood why they say 4k drains more battery if it's the same area than a 1080p
Marc Davis
Marc Davis 7 months ago
@Dutch Glory Iv managed to run a mod via XDA Forums on the phone that runs it in 4K all the time. Yep I know each to their own on this mod.. But it only seems to use a tiny bit of extra power and I love it. Iv got my previous XZ Premium as a back up phone now not going to sell it as its to go of a phone to sell. Yes I'm definitely enjoying having tbis handset its 6 months old now and it's rock solid barely crashes and its definitely very powerful. I'm resly looking farward to receiving Andriod 10 soon. Peace out ✌️from London, UK 😎
Dutch Glory
Dutch Glory 7 months ago
Thats the best Sony still! I had one, and man those specs. Still the dpi King of All phones to this day.
Mister Morningstar
Mister Morningstar 7 months ago
Engineer: how many buttons do you want. Sony: yes
Lucius Inspiration
Lucius Inspiration 7 months ago
For the motor sensor , try to push the side rather that tapping , it will work nicely =)
RIDVAN 7 months ago
Thx bro.
joao jose matter
joao jose matter 7 months ago
Watching this on my xperia m5
GeorgeBoyy 7 months ago
New fresh adroind and upssy crash straight away 😂 If sony will make they own os!and better camera like they dslr
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