Sony Xperia 1 vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus | Side-by-side comparison

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Sony Xperia 1 versus Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus side-by-side comparison, to see which has the best camera tech, performance, battery life, specs and design.
The fresh new Xperia 1 flagship phone is hot competition for the Samsung S10+, one of the best premium mobiles of 2019 so far. Both blowers boast a triple-lens camera setup, which can shoot 4K HDR video and capture good looking everyday photos. They also pack the best displays of any smartphones out there, although Sony's 4K screen offers cinematic style visuals with the Creator Mode smarts and 21:9 aspect ratio.
As far as the specs go, you cant go wrong: premium performance is guaranteed (although the S10 Plus uses a different platform depending on the region) and I'm impressed by the Xperia's excellent battery life despite its smaller capacity cell.
As for the software, you get plenty of bonus features packed on top of Android Pie, especially on Samsung's phone courtesy of One UI.
So which is your favourite phone in this Xperia 1 vs S10 Plus comparison? Let us know your verdict below and check back for my camera vs for a closer look at photo and video quality.




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Comments 80
Amerul Ridhwan
Amerul Ridhwan 5 days ago
looks like you very love anime
Samuel Valencia
Samuel Valencia 7 days ago
Look its impractical jokers Murr
Clonazepam2.0 9 days ago
Xperia 1 Beast🔥
Muhammad Rafay
Muhammad Rafay 21 day ago
6.5 v.s 6.4 but that tall aspect ratio of screen makes Xperia 1 look like 7 inch phone one thing is that Sony is still going with 4k screen no other company ever decides to put this panel on their screens that's a main advantage of Sony
Mohammadhikman1991 Mohammadhikman
I like Sony xperiA
Sony is accurate...
Allen lorenzo
Allen lorenzo Month ago
hi can you do a comparison of galaxy s9 and xperia 10 mk II please
Kennith Rosales
Kennith Rosales Month ago
Samsung screen maybe brighter but SONY'S DISPLAY IS UNMATCHED...
Inosuke Hashibara
Can i have the link for that wallpaper i also want it for my xperia 1
Sonia Menghes
Sonia Menghes Month ago
I want to be a dictator...and ....hahahahahah
3X0SK3L3TON Month ago
now if only sony would have 2 front facing speakers for a cinema experience
Praveen Bee
Praveen Bee Month ago
2k vs 4k display
Izn Mokal
Izn Mokal Month ago
I cant find this wallpaper anywhere. Can anyone help?
aiman haqqi
aiman haqqi Month ago
i dont like samsung corner
Torbjørn Anderson
I wonder which of this to have the brightest screen. I use my mobile with my drone and need to see the screen in sunshine.
Arthawiguna putra
Me love sony product
Erik Torbjørn Bjørnsson
Eew look at the pwm flashing on the Samsung. I thought Samsung makes the best screens? That's what everyone says but I've never noticed
Raden Valdez
Raden Valdez Month ago
nice wallpaper
El Dela Cruz
El Dela Cruz Month ago
i click for Makise Kurisu
Nelson II Salazar
Love your wallpapers
Gabriel Daniel Macias
Watching on my note 10+ , I honestly love my xz2 more for movies and anime, the colors are just so much better. My note is good for work s-pen comes in handy for signing.
Muhammad Ibnu Hajar
i see low refresh rate at galaxy,, on camera? is that true..?
AB live
AB live Month ago
m.ruvid.net/show-UCnr6bm_qhDdCqSrUBp6DUUg hey guy subscribe my channel pls
Adrian Eades
Adrian Eades 2 months ago
Always had Sony.... Was seriously considering upgrade of my XZ Premium to Samsung S10+ in a couple of months....until I checked out the camera reviews..Samsung edges it especially on stabilisation on video ..... Guy could do with talking slower and cut the constant use of "shenagans".... 😉
MD R. Ramos
MD R. Ramos 2 months ago
sony 🙌
ram jainesh
ram jainesh 2 months ago
Sony is father of all mobile company. I love sony.
Matthew Swanson
Matthew Swanson 2 months ago
Sony rock's. 👍👍👍👍
Mark Varney
Mark Varney 2 months ago
I managed to bend my xperia 1 in the car door. Bought an s10plus to replace it. Soooooo much better
Sham Nayak
Sham Nayak 2 months ago
If I had more money then I would buy Sony rather than any other brands in the market... including iPhone...Sony is the best always...n forever
A B 2 months ago
Min 7:02 s10 screen blinking or is it just me the Xperia 1 is firm
Karo 2 months ago
Where can I get that Wallpaper?
Braillynn Rodriguez
Braillynn Rodriguez 2 months ago
I always look forward to what anime wallpaper Tech Spurt is going to have on his reviews.
Mr.Himanshu Kantale
Mr.Himanshu Kantale 2 months ago
Sony is back
khurram41 2 months ago
Sony Xperia 1 is a disastrous design which is way too big. I wish Sony makes small size flagship phones.
Martina James
Martina James 2 months ago
Me: 1. Watches video 2. Finds them both impressive 3. Goes to the store 4. Buys a P30 pro 5. Comes home happy
xbr123 2 months ago
That Samsung flickering screen though sucks. So much strain on the eyes. Good Job to Sony. Back to top.
Chad Stelk
Chad Stelk 3 months ago
I am still on a s9+ because I hate the notch. Sony phone looks great next to Samsung in this video. I gota say right now, I wish I would have gotten the xperia. If you already have a playstation loyalty, this decision is a no brainer
Tuan Nguyen
Tuan Nguyen 3 months ago
Sony is making a comeback, with the price and what it offer. All that top tech from Samsung and iPhone is too much extra. How many people really use all that
Ovidiu Moc.
Ovidiu Moc. 3 months ago
With only a few tweaks to the Sony, it would have been the beter option, like; Power button/Fingerprint sensor, maybe ditch the phisycal camera button, slim down the lower and upper bezels, a bigger battery (like 4000mAh), wireless charging....i think this mods would make some better sales for Sony.
Albert Weedstein The Thug Genius
Funny how 90% of the comments are about how good sony is and yet the sales suck
K MK 3 months ago
He should be having a million subscribers or more.
Zane Thind
Zane Thind 3 months ago
Wait I thought the galaxy s10+ is a 6.5inch display
Kevin Scalzo
Kevin Scalzo 3 months ago
I'm really a big fan of this guy's videos... I think he is very accurate and honest.. however I swear it looks like he has the blue light filter on the Galaxy. I wouldn't even bring it up but he was saying how much more colorful the sony phone is.. but I hav seen both in person and the Samsung has a brighter more vibrant display.
A. Smith
A. Smith 3 months ago
Prefer the slim size of the Xperia 1. One UI is better overall UI experience though.
꧁꧂ 4 months ago
s10 win
i_am Lakki
i_am Lakki 4 months ago
Sony looks more classy
fakeneim 4 months ago
came here to see a 2019-2020 worthy phone display, sony has that
Jabbypants 4 months ago
Big ass bezels on the Xperia
Takuya Genji
Takuya Genji 4 months ago
Nice wallpaper.. Give me link to download.. 😁
real cartoon girl
real cartoon girl 4 months ago
haha he like rope anime girl too
Jameel mh
Jameel mh 4 months ago
Samsung is way more developed and has better design and experience
Paul JJ
Paul JJ 4 months ago
Sony can follow the EYE when on the move - this feature is very expensive and was taken from Sony DLSR camera. Nobody else has that. Wireless charging is a miss, as of the rest I see it as a clear winner.
Anjelica king
Anjelica king 4 months ago
Sony Xperia 1 seams better :) . I think it's best option for our anniversary gift for my husband .
Harry Drake
Harry Drake 4 months ago
Lucky husband! 😊
ErixPloit 4 months ago
is it me or samsung screen has refresh rate issue?
Paul JJ
Paul JJ 4 months ago
Seems not fast enough like Sony -)
Most Wanted
Most Wanted 4 months ago
ooooh an anime wallpaper picture
ابو فيصل فهد
Xperia.. Japan 🇯🇵 👌❤️
ابو فيصل فهد
Xperia ❤️ 😘 👌
Malik Nielsen
Malik Nielsen 4 months ago
My sony's befor sony xperia x compart and sony xperia xz1 and xperia xz Premium and xperia zx2 and now xperia xz3 goodt mobil and fast fotos Nice , 👍😊next xperia 5 😉👍
Joel Beckford
Joel Beckford 4 months ago
i will never buy a sony phone again worst phone experience for me
Paul JJ
Paul JJ 4 months ago
There are millions of people who can say EXACTLY the same about Samsung or iphone, we all get lucky and get the bad luck sometimes. I like Sony and I've been using them since 2005 when it was a Sony Ericsson back then.
Hussain Aqeel 《Tech Savvy》
I'm a Samsung fan but these phone looks so beautiful 🤩
Leonhart 5 months ago
Grab my ass a Xperia 5~
Nihal Pandu
Nihal Pandu 5 months ago
Sony super I love sony
Daimio 5 months ago
sony best
Je553 Zael
Je553 Zael 5 months ago
JoeMilano9 5 months ago
All hail Sony
Nsubuga Patrick
Nsubuga Patrick 5 months ago
So how do you shoot in 4K with a phone that has no 4K screen
Nsubuga Patrick
Nsubuga Patrick 5 months ago
I think some you tubers are paid to pay attention to certain phone brands and for the likes of Sony that don’t pay them, they consider their phones to be bad. I would consider this Sony over that Samsung anytime and yet it’s the first time I’m seeing someone review it and I had to search for exactly that.
Linux tech tips
Linux tech tips 5 months ago
Has the Xperia 1 got a flat screen?
W S 5 months ago
a bunch of dorks in the comment section talkin bout cartoon wallpapers.. smmfh
Robert Kelly
Robert Kelly 5 months ago
Sony please market your phones give mobile division more money.
H L 5 months ago
I'm so glad i discovered you now i only watch your reviews thanks for great reviews
samoael yacoup
samoael yacoup 5 months ago
Thanks for your honest comparison. It helps us a lot to reach the proper choice. Wish you best luck
Darren Evans
Darren Evans 5 months ago
This phone is not great. I got it as a replacement for my lost s10 plus and it won't do. I got it cheap, luckily. The issues are that it still relies on buttons on screen. Android 9 has gesture navigation but sony hasn't let us have it. There are little to no settings to customise anything. It feels very basic to be honest. Ui isn't great at all and I notice in all reviews they miss this out. Really frustrating. I was hoping I had missed something to be honest. Wouldn't recommend. It certainly isn't up there with the best of phones. My brother has the oneplus 7 and that is far better.
JjAllDay 5 months ago
Darren Evans on screen navigation is introduced in android 10 not pie, there is a launcher that can be used for customization as well. Any real problems?
Goenie 5 months ago
Very nice video. Thank you. Samsung still oversaturated. Compared right next to the Sony, or looks a bit meh
Vinay Kumar
Vinay Kumar 5 months ago
Sony is the best
hamid reza sadeghi
hamid reza sadeghi 5 months ago
sony like no other
Depressed Guy
Depressed Guy 5 months ago
Neither meh
Kay Hud
Kay Hud 5 months ago
Sony should’ve put a 4000 or 5000 mah battery in the device. Anything under 4000mah on this phablet sized devices is a fail! And yeah I hear all the time that the new chip allows for the devices to run more efficiently but based off real usage your getting only 3-4 battery time when using these premium phablet devices that don’t have the bigger battery
Kaser Alkaser
Kaser Alkaser 5 months ago
Sony screens is better
Cris More
Cris More 5 months ago
Xperia 1 , now !!
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