Sony Xperia 1 vs iPhone XS Max Camera | With a Difference 😵

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Ever wondered how good the Sony Xperia 1 camera is? Well this is the perfect video to watch. It's the #WhatGear Sony Xperia 1 Vs Iphone Xs Camera shootout. Also in this video I test out the #Xperia1 manual settings with HDR... the results were pretty interesting.
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Comments 80
nobody here
nobody here 10 days ago
The processing of the Sony camera is very good, but the same result can be achieved on iPhone with little editing. Unfortunately the opposite is not true: you might not be able to get back a neutral look from the processed Sony pictures. So in my opinion the iPhone is better because you can chose what “look” to use whereas with Sony you are stuck with the default one
Jonathan Vermeul
Jonathan Vermeul 29 days ago
Hell yeah! Most comparisons bash the Xperia, but that's only in auto mode. If Sony improves on the auto, they'll crush the competition. At least in my opinion.
Apple Tips TV
Apple Tips TV Month ago
iPhone just over brighter,there is no reality.
Gino Guillermo
Gino Guillermo Month ago
Hiya. NEED HELP! Can I ask you something: After the updates Would you swap a normal Galaxy S10 with an Xperia 1 in terms of just cameras and battery life? And why? Cheers.
Ida Liyyan
Ida Liyyan Month ago
sony just a need good software , and sony on the top winner
Abayomi Shobowale
Hey yeah!!!
rick the walking dead
Xperia 1 has real!!!! HDR
josef nunes
josef nunes Month ago
Sony the best, sorry!!!!!!
Malik Nielsen
Malik Nielsen 2 months ago
Hey my Sony Xperia 1 is now mappy 15days test speed and foto im love it 😍✌️and im had buy sony xperia 5 to my son 11 years old he love it to👍
Long Cao
Long Cao 2 months ago
Please stop using those shutter noise transitions. They sound increadible loud and annoying
junefourth bolor
junefourth bolor 2 months ago
Great vid man. Most reviewers just point and shoot.
Lizbeth zuzuki
Lizbeth zuzuki 3 months ago
Does anyone know what manual mode settings you prefere for selfie mode?
RushNReady 3 months ago
Think you over warmth your photos. The trick is the whites Your whites are not white
Billy Jones
Billy Jones 3 months ago
Sony amazing!
amish singh
amish singh 3 months ago
Before take a pic ... Please ... Remove the sun light ... Else u don't know what is SONY (u must underestimate sony) dear remove the sun light ... Else I hate iPhone .. u don't know SONY is LEGEND HOLLYWOOD USE SONY CAMERA DO U UNDERSTAND?
Malek Npj
Malek Npj 3 months ago
xperia 1 the best Phone
Yuki A.
Yuki A. 3 months ago
I use manual mode all the way back since i first used Sony phones
Yuki A.
Yuki A. 3 months ago
Andreas Dunvald
Andreas Dunvald 4 months ago
Hell yeah!!! but I do admit, my first trip to Japan, I did forget about Manual mode, until after 5 days of my visit in Tokyo. And it is so easy to see the superior Manual mode. All hail the Manual mode. it is the best.
Anes Carrera
Anes Carrera 4 months ago
Iphone is a bad brand not a new features every year with high price
Richárd Molnár
Richárd Molnár 4 months ago
Sony is better!
Yogesh Barai
Yogesh Barai 4 months ago
I wanted to buy Xperia 1 but sony has exit Indian market, fuck :( Bloody Chinese phone fucking up the smartphone market here with bs quality and confusion.
Vikram vij
Vikram vij 4 months ago
Xperia 1
Sabian Pamungkas
Sabian Pamungkas 4 months ago
Man... you know really well how to handle your stuff. Amazing shots!
محمد المالكي
Love sony
Ganesh Saud
Ganesh Saud 4 months ago
Sony coloring clear camera 😍👍
Arthawiguna putra
Arthawiguna putra 5 months ago
Me love sony xperia1 natural 👍😘
Jaipal Reddy
Jaipal Reddy 5 months ago
Sony allways true to life
Robert Kelly
Robert Kelly 5 months ago
Sony Apple overpriced and behind and the times the same with Samsung.
WhatGear 5 months ago
What phone do you think is the best at the moment?
William Read
William Read 5 months ago
just wondering, with the Xperia 1 can you see the image you will capture in real time as you make adjustments in manual mode, or is it after you press the shutter you see the outcome like with the HTC 10 and then adjust settings as needed. Thanks
Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin
6:00 That comparison is like day and night, completely different from one another. That Sony with Manual mode and HDR turned on do look neat, but that still isn't enough for me to replace the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL that I happen to use it right now as my daily driver. Haven't seen any comparison between the Xperia 1 and the Lumia 950 XL around. Hmmm... P.S Don't ask me why I use Windows Phone / Windows 10 Mobile, I am a former Android user for three years and counting.
jzilla1234 5 months ago
"Strong and stable" Just like teresa.
Shafeek Shafeek
Shafeek Shafeek 5 months ago
Vigneshwaran A
Vigneshwaran A 5 months ago
I think Xperia is better images looks like natural..
Adis R
Adis R 5 months ago
Xperia one has a very powerful optics and in terms of camera it can compete with the best maybe the huawei p30 is a little better
Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin
If I'm going to pick between the Sony or that Huawei, definitely the Sony all the way. Huawei's waterpainting-like oversharpening when zoomed at full res is a total joke, it was laughably bad! 😑
Ng Ho Fai
Ng Ho Fai 5 months ago
@WhatGear May I ask if taking selfie video, which one is better ? p30pro or xperia 1
WhatGear 5 months ago
Yes I agree with what you are saying & yes the P30 is insane. Check this video out that I made recently ruvid.net/video/video-5bQt5mLiKsI.html
erdemsel1975 5 months ago
I am a sony shooter since 2002 and now with a7r3. Painter by education. I was very excited about your video reviewing the hdr features of sony. But honestly almost all pictures by iPhone XS are better than the sony images in the comparison. Almost all your edits in the manual hdr mode are under exposed. I can’t judge the sony phone and it’s skills as long as I hear you edit them to your own taste. Therefore I can say either Expedia is worse than iPhone at the moment or this video is not doing its part as long as your edits are the ones used for comparison. Good day.
Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin
There are lots of factor to take into account. The most obvious one is the camera's software algortihm. Different OEM will do different adjustment, so don't expect similar quality. And then there's the people. Some prefer natural colour over the vibrant one, some prefer more accurate details over big MP.
Abhinav Tiwari
Abhinav Tiwari 5 months ago
Wow Xperia
kasun oldies
kasun oldies 5 months ago
Xperia 1
chengcharles 5 months ago
Brilliant video! Would love to see more! I use Sony mobile since K800i (SonyEricsson) and owned 11 Sony phones since then. I can tell you, I use Manual HDR mode all the time except I need to capture some very fast objects (like a plane flyby). I posted some night pics to Instagram and people just don't believe that it's taken by a mobile phone. I'm currently using XZ1 Compact and XZ Premium, ordering the a Xperia 5 as replacement.
마스크 6 months ago
Naeem Khan
Naeem Khan 6 months ago
No one beat sony in sony camera comparison. I am stand with sony extremely Amazing... If you r agree please like my comment...
Paul Jones
Paul Jones 6 months ago
The Sony looks more realistic. The fake colours the iPhone software creates are miles out .
mtm CEPAT 6 months ago
I think you SAF
WhatGear 6 months ago
Wilson Orellana
Wilson Orellana 6 months ago
Me quedo con el Sony es más natural
zermomia 6 months ago
Wtf...last I am watching your trick.
ugur akbulut
ugur akbulut 6 months ago
Sony 💪 💪
Houssam M
Houssam M 6 months ago
Most iphone pictures look washedout.
Angel R.A.
Angel R.A. 6 months ago
Xperia is not for idiots, pimps or stupid girls! It's for experienced people in action!
hanif khan
hanif khan 6 months ago
Very nice attempt
Chart 6 months ago
Hello.. it's 2019 and soon will be 2020 but sony still don't have HDR in auto mode... Lol... no wonder that they are sinking in mobile industry!
Manjula Chaturvedi
Manjula Chaturvedi 6 months ago
Sony Xperia boss in camera iPhone , Samsung any other companies phones dosn't have equality like sony
Christian Carlo de Jesus
Sony camera sucks. The people who say that Sony is good are brainwashed people. They prejudge it with knowledge that Sony provides camera for Samsung and iPhone, but if you look at these reviews without prejudice and bias and with full honesty, Sony sucks. Imagine having to manually edit the photos afterwards to brighten the darkness all the time so that it isn't embarrassing to post on social media.
Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin
You go to any professional photographer and ask them why they prefer to edit the photo instead of just leaving it there. Sometimes, the camera's software algorithm didn't detect what kind of output that the photographer want. That is why RAW is still a relevant thing.
IrksomeQuail Gaming
IrksomeQuail Gaming 6 months ago
Lol a photographer will always have his options, I own a Sony Xperia XZ and I love how much freedom I get.
sina RaziZadeh
sina RaziZadeh 6 months ago
Sony is the best camera maker in the world
Antonio Benitez
Antonio Benitez 6 months ago
idiot dont shoot into the light
AJoe 56
AJoe 56 6 months ago
Sony 🤗🤗👍👍😍
Rickey Roopchan
Rickey Roopchan 6 months ago
I have to get me the Xperia 1 I need an upgrade I have the Xperia xz.
Rickey Roopchan
Rickey Roopchan 6 months ago
Bro I love the Sony.
theprince08853 6 months ago
Don't really have time to fuck around with the settings in manual. Is it enough just to use Manual with HDR on than tweak all the different settings?
WhatGear 6 months ago
You could switch HDR on & leave everything else on auto. That seems to work ok
Ygor Cortes
Ygor Cortes 6 months ago
I wish you hadn't stopped showing the Superior Auto shots by the end of the video. Sony REALLY needs to improve their dynamic range, even with HDR it blows out highlights where the iPhone doesn't.
Astronomia 6 months ago
Definitely switching from iPhone to Xperia 😌
Give Away
Give Away 6 months ago
iphone but manual mode of xperia 1 is better
Ej aa
Ej aa 6 months ago
i just love sony phone :D
Jordan95 HD
Jordan95 HD 7 months ago
I think the Xperia 1's Intelligent-auto mode takes really good pictures in most conditions, but you can obviously get the most out of the camera when using Manual mode. *I currently own an Xperia XZ Premium, and I often use Intelligent-auto mode when taking pictures mainly when it's light, and the pictures turn out great. But where the shadowy areas are, I usually brighten the dark areas up a little bit using Photo editor, it's easy to me. But if I'm taking a picture at nighttime, in the back garden or something, which I very, very rarely do, I'd use Manual mode.* In this video, I honestly think the Xperia 1 has a much better camera. The Xperia 1 will probably be my next phone. ❤
white rabbit
white rabbit 7 months ago
All that work to get a photo that is sometimes not even as good as one you would get with a iPhone
杰克逊Jackson 7 months ago
Awesome manual settings, definitely should let SONY know this. A pro photography in manual mode. The pictures results are so great. The Xperia 1 had a super camera.
Tigerex966 7 months ago
Excellent just missing lg Samsung. Google p30 but still great
Dr23rippa 7 months ago
But can either do 960fps? Ahaha watching from my xz1
Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin
I don't recall iPhone can do 960fps. I do know the Sony can do one.
Michael Kooh
Michael Kooh 7 months ago
The Sony has all the edgy character and potential but they have to incorporate a bit more of the Apple style reliability to tempt me to make it a daily driver. Samsung splits the diff and I go with that.
Wihanga Sathsara
Wihanga Sathsara 7 months ago
iPhone XS Max 💯🤘
Roland Hamid
Roland Hamid 7 months ago
Sony Xperia 1 Rock
isora orisa
isora orisa 7 months ago
ممكن تسوي فيديو مقارنه مع ال جي معاك حسن الاسمر
K C 7 months ago
Hell yeah! (salute)
Stefan Duellmann
Stefan Duellmann 7 months ago
Xperia please bring HDR in Automatic Mode 👍
P. A. Sudhir
P. A. Sudhir 7 months ago
I guess iPhone XS photos are much clearer except in the low light condition. I would say the iPhone wins 6 out of 7 times.
C8_ 7 months ago
Damn i wasnt using the manual mode barely at all, but i might star using it more the results look awesome. Great video!
Torque Chop
Torque Chop 7 months ago
I've never owned a sony xperia but imma fan HELL YEAH!!!
Yabai Desu
Yabai Desu 7 months ago
hell yeah
Kristoffer Varas
Kristoffer Varas 7 months ago
Feedback: could you chill a bit with the editing? Its really hard to see the differences between the Xperias when you're shifting between them with fancy editing
Stéphane S.
Stéphane S. 7 months ago
Is there an anamorphic mode for anamorphic adapters like moment or moondog ?
Stéphane S.
Stéphane S. 5 months ago
@Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin anamorphic is not just a ratio. It is oval bokeh, and flares like in JJ Abrams's movies
Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin
Isn't that those lens can go straight to anamorphic mode when strapped on to the phone's standard wide camera? P.S Bonus point for the Xperia 1 for having native anamorphic screen ratio.
marlowe marzan
marlowe marzan 7 months ago
Sony is for photographers who knows how to control the camera. Don't blame the phone if you get bad pictures.
Peter Dang
Peter Dang 7 months ago
maan i thought this was supersaf video since this guy looks jut like him in the thumpnail
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