Sony Xperia 1 vs iPhone 11 Pro Max Speed Test, Speakers, Battery & Cameras!

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Sony Xperia 1 vs iPhone 11 Pro Max Speed Test, Speakers, Battery Life & Camera Test!
Sony Xperia 1 Amazon USA price (affiliate): amzn.to/2Xkj6Xn
iPhone 11 Pro Max USA price: www.apple.com/
Instagram: instagram.com/phone_battles/
Twitter: twitter.com/phone_battles
Test covers boot up, specs, games (Fortnite, PUBG) and apps opening, Chrome, benchmarks (Geekbench), fingerprint vs face ID, multitasking, front selfie camera, rear camera (zoom and OIS), camera speed, and more!
Music: Aakash Gandhi - Eyes of Glory




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Comments 80
中二病Vic 16 hours ago
Sony yes
oran stanisic
Iphone vs Something is past time,u should compare Sony vs OnePlus
Eiríkr InRauda
Eiríkr InRauda 3 days ago
I wanna get the sony xperia, but I dont know if I should get the rog phone II, which 1's better
Kuldeep Singh
Kuldeep Singh 3 days ago
Sony is always better 👌
Sk Nadir pakhi
Sk Nadir pakhi 5 days ago
I love Sony brand
Ayub Chohan
Ayub Chohan 6 days ago
me watching in my iphone11 pro.but after watch it i want by Sony xperia 1
Deepak sarkar
Deepak sarkar 6 days ago
iPhone is the real winner
Pride Aria
Pride Aria 6 days ago
Sony killed Apple
Mali Dan
Mali Dan 6 days ago
I'm pretty surprised, the Sony spanked the iPhone good and proper.
Ilhom Tuychiyev
Ilhom Tuychiyev 6 days ago
Sony супер и японцы делают вещи fan is UZBEKISTAN
ritu rana
ritu rana 7 days ago
Sony is the best i have also sony Xperia 1
Kelson José
Kelson José 9 days ago
Fabrizio Ciccocelli
you got the 4000mAh u asked for now
Omkar Kumbhar
Omkar Kumbhar 12 days ago
sony @
Mac GrayMcDonald
Mac GrayMcDonald 12 days ago
But who cares about fortnite lol that doesn’t matter for me honestly
Viraj Rocker
Viraj Rocker 12 days ago
Sony is a masterpiece of technology. I hope sony phones will be famous in near future. "Make.Belive"
lee monter
lee monter 12 days ago
Phone Battles
Phone Battles 12 days ago
Ahmad Syahroni Titik dua bintang
I like the speaker on iphone
海賊 13 days ago
l YouTube
l YouTube 14 days ago
Androi dùng một thời gian đầu thôi
Minh Hau Le
Minh Hau Le 15 days ago
Love sony 1 II
Mustafa Koç
Mustafa Koç 16 days ago
Andrea Nastro
Andrea Nastro 18 days ago
Apple fan here... Looking it from my iPhone 11 Pro max with AirPods but hey, Sony is a speed beast! Love it, awesome brand :)
K Rajesh
K Rajesh 18 days ago
Not like this China products iphone waste 👎 cheapest price low price iphone waste 👎
Nord Cap
Nord Cap 20 days ago
отличный обзор.
SAAB Guy 20 days ago
Sony, the king of Electronic 👑
??? 20 days ago
On the internet: SoNY iS thE BeST!! Reality:Don't use sony. (50% joke)
shazan taqreem
shazan taqreem 20 days ago
the thing is sony is a really nice brand i personally love it and am a fun of its xperia mobiles but SONY is now days lagging behind me i even have a feeling apple paid off all its competitors apart from samsung cause sincerely sony nolonger sounds any more any where for example in uganda they have no outlet and SONY XPERIAS are now having the worst resell price i really dont know what the SONY management is think about
Danik Astanin
Danik Astanin 20 days ago
What an idiot test? I had my first sony Xperia sp in 2013, then it was Xperia z, Xperia z1, Xperia xa, Xperia xa1 plus and the last Xperia XZ1. What i want to say is that Sony became unbelievable useless and uncomfortable for using last time. It has the worst quality of video, even in 4k. It doesn't have optimized software, doesn't have normal support of security and updates! That's why Sony doesn't have normal sales. This year i got an XS and it's perfect
Nikimi Masta
Nikimi Masta 21 day ago
Ask fortnite developer bros not iphone issue
All Rivers LLC
All Rivers LLC 21 day ago
Phorn Kakada
Phorn Kakada 22 days ago
How much
It’s Just Lemon Juice
Fortnite is just really badly optimized.
Joseph Macharia
Joseph Macharia 23 days ago
You waste so much time with one app........fortnite....this is not a fortnite review is it?
Faisal Sabih
Faisal Sabih 28 days ago
I would go for iPhone still it was was good even with only 4gig ram.. I still like Sony though
Marius Catalin Chera
Title should be: Sony Xperia 1 smocking a garbage from the market!
The battery test is not representative. You should have waited 'till one of the both phones died. The iPhone's battery level is indicated differently than I actually is...
Michael Stadnuk
Michael Stadnuk 29 days ago
Unpopular opinion: I like iphone more
Muhammad Rafay
Muhammad Rafay 29 days ago
One of the first phones ever to come with a 4k panel really no phone company ever tried to put more than 600+ PPI on a mobile screen this is Sony's innovation main problem is their marketing that's all
Muhammad Rafay
Muhammad Rafay 18 days ago
@Phone Battles I searched on Google and didn't found any phone company with 4k panels only Sony dominates the 4k panel market
Phone Battles
Phone Battles 18 days ago
amazing that Sony is still the only one making 4K phones.
Abhinav Tiwari
Abhinav Tiwari Month ago
Why I think your voice is offensive towards Sony like others who are sold to Apple like bullshit Celebrities and Commercials
Atila Ertekin
Atila Ertekin Month ago
Sony 💪👑⭐King⭐👑💪
Furious Ashura
Furious Ashura Month ago
I'm a big fan of SONY and a solid non-fan of iPhone but we must accept the fact that iPhone won the battle especially in gaming performance. If I'm goin to choose between them, hmm I choose Sony because it is built for multitasking. We know multitasking is very important.
MOHD Halimi
MOHD Halimi Month ago
Sony is the best ever n ever..
Wilson Herbito
Wilson Herbito Month ago
I love Sony
Iseeyou Youseeme
I funny for apple.
Big Dawg
Big Dawg Month ago
1 vs 11
Alaa Alsakka
Alaa Alsakka Month ago
They did listen to you and release a smartphone with a 4000 mAh battery.
Phone Battles
Phone Battles 18 days ago
yep! :)
Robert Kelly
Robert Kelly Month ago
Apple not the new Sony far from it.
Degou RJ
Degou RJ Month ago
Sunil Shrestha
Sunil Shrestha Month ago
What about sony Xperia 2? Yes this gone be my phone finally
Eric Ko
Eric Ko Month ago
Sony won! ;)
Marius Catalin Chera
You compare a diamond with apples rubbish..?!
Kuldeep Lal
Kuldeep Lal Month ago
Sony the Best
MrGoldM Month ago
Sony always wins baby
شادي عباس
Watching this on my s10+
Jack Teames
Jack Teames Month ago
Watching this on my I phone 11 pro max!!
D S Month ago
Sony👌 ke aage acche acche phone fail hai
HeX Gamez
HeX Gamez Month ago
Sony supply camera for iphone) Who supply battery that rules the mobile world!
Aidan Dooley
Aidan Dooley Month ago
This man’s voice
#Tony Stark#
#Tony Stark# Month ago
Xperia 1 is best...
Siraj Iqbal
Siraj Iqbal Month ago
The screen of every sony is not durable
POWER Month ago
Wow speaker sounded like shit on iPhone dude
teresita camacho
I prefer the sony xperia 5 than the xperia 1
BBT Biker Boy Tonmoy
Orion Royce
Orion Royce Month ago
Why Does Sony Always Have To Make Oversized Phones??
Paritosh Das
Paritosh Das Month ago
Best phone sony
Paritosh Das
Paritosh Das Month ago
My favourite brand sony
My life My Rules
I wouldn't carry an iPhone even if they gave to me for free.... it's the worst phone in the market .... Anybody wants to buy my iPad....I tried to sell it but as always they won't let me .... Apple makes nothing but headaches...
muqaddim Karim
muqaddim Karim Month ago
The screen is so different. Sony's display accuration more better
Maman Surahman
Maman Surahman Month ago
Sony always give their phone with small battery.
Aamir Ansari
Aamir Ansari Month ago
Sony xperia 1 best phone
karthikeya polipalli
Sony is the best,because iPhone is using Sony camera sensors
Farid Hossan
Farid Hossan Month ago
Hey bro give me one smart phone please I am from- (bangladesh )
DammitCarl108 Month ago
The only 2 smartphone companies I will ever support are Sony and Apple. I have never had a mobile phone that wasn’t either an iPhone or an Xperia. Sony phones absolutely dominate. Sony mobile just doesn’t know how to market.
Willy Lyngdoh
Willy Lyngdoh Month ago
Naoya Mizui
Naoya Mizui Month ago
Watching this on l2
Dsr Tmn
Dsr Tmn Month ago
Sony Xperia 1👌👌👌
Jonny Le
Jonny Le Month ago
Expensive iPhone but is a piece of crap
St. Boanerges
St. Boanerges Month ago
Should buy both?
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