Huawei P30 Pro vs Sony Xperia 1 vs LG G8s ThinQ Camera Comparison Review

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Full 4K Camera Test comparison between Sony Xperia 1 / Huawei P30 Pro and the LG G8s ThinQ. Full indepth camera review soon. Get your Ticket here: szigetfestival.com
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The Xperia 1 is a brave flagship that does something different in a world of notches and punch-holes. Its 4K HDR 21:9 screen is a statement piece that draws you in, while its Alpha-inspired triple-camera setup and CineAlta-powered video recording tool checks our ‘imaging enthusiast’ box nicely. Its battery life could be better, and the lack of wireless charging feels like a step back when compared to the XZ3, but everything else about it, from the design to the screen to the camera, leaves us nothing short of smitten. Read more here: www.digitalcameraworld.com/reviews/sony-xperia-1-review
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Comments 80
Carmen Minichberger
Carmen Minichberger 9 months ago
lol my ass is better than at 11:00
Asif Safn
Asif Safn 5 months ago
Wow .. suprbb😍
DORESAL22 7 months ago
No ass lol
C0SM0S 8 months ago
@TechMagnet Oh wonderful !! Have you already contacted Aurélien (he knows to speak English) for your idea of collab ? Don't forget he loves travelling and could come in Austria in Salzburg or Vienna to meet you this summer for a smartphones review and camera battles ! 👍😉
TechMagnet 8 months ago
@C0SM0S Good idea, but won't be in paris before next year. But maybe next huawei launch or honor we can do something :)
C0SM0S 8 months ago
@TechMagnet Steven i've written to you through Messenger on your FB Home Page to propose you an idea which could be very cool for the TechMagnet community ! 🙏
Кирил Янков
Night > P30 Pro ZOOM > P30 Pro Portrait > LG G8s Normal > LG G8s Auto focus > P30Pro
Giovana Samara
Giovana Samara 11 days ago
I was extremely surprised by the LG, especially compared to the Huawei (which was the king of 2019 as far as I knew). IMPO, LG was better 80% of the time. Xperia would be 100% out of the race for me.
明日 24 days ago
Vote lg.
M Furqan Haqqy
M Furqan Haqqy 26 days ago
Does Sony use manual mode? Because if Sony use manual mode, there are hdr option. When it turns to auto, there is no hdr
Mohammed Moumene
Invest in the sound
Kids world
Kids world Month ago
Lg g8s
Nam Ngyen
Nam Ngyen Month ago
Sony Xperia: fools always fail
SouthGhost 51
SouthGhost 51 Month ago
Great comparison. :')
Maniek Cys
Maniek Cys Month ago
Lg g8s
junley pick
junley pick 2 months ago
I still pick sony..
Alexei Murxrd3rue
Alexei Murxrd3rue 2 months ago
Lg g8s For wide angle .
Peter Harwood
Peter Harwood 2 months ago
Sony is the more professional camera,by that i mean use manual mode,if you are clueless at how a camera works and you want a camera that does it all on auto and like blown out colours chose the Huawei .
Malek Npj
Malek Npj 2 months ago
sony xperia the best phone in the world
Gamer Idoit
Gamer Idoit 2 months ago
I would like to go with lg g8thinq.
Janitra Falvierna
Janitra Falvierna 2 months ago
1. Sony Xperia 2. LG 3. Huawei
Edwin Ortega
Edwin Ortega 3 months ago
Ashiq Ahmed
Ashiq Ahmed 3 months ago
Sony and lg 🖤
Ruben Farkas
Ruben Farkas 3 months ago
I think the best video phone its the LG, photo i think huawei rules and sony have a good details but. 1 huawei 2 lg 3 Sony
Josh Wood
Josh Wood 3 months ago
Huawei p30 Pro is the winner. Even Steve McCurry uses it.
Gabriel Suarez
Gabriel Suarez 3 months ago
Lg g8💋❤❤❤❤❤❤😈😈👿😉
Saimon Serrano jesus
Astro Lab
Astro Lab 3 months ago
LG G8 is the best
1mezion 3 months ago
dude what a way to end your video with those two girls❤
IVAN IVAN 4 months ago
Sony win!
Ullash Giri
Ullash Giri 4 months ago
Sony is better
Say Hello
Say Hello 4 months ago
Best wise sony , economic wise Lg
Logman Bayramov
Logman Bayramov 5 months ago
Super danke für die Details!👍✌️
Mr Comer
Mr Comer 5 months ago
LG didn't send the 3 camera G8 to the U.S so I only got the 2 camera.. LG tighten up!
Sorrow Vibes
Sorrow Vibes 5 months ago
Hey man ! What would you suggest for someone who's planning to shoot 4k videos with a tripad (I don't use stabilization) in lowlight environment ? Main criteria is clarity. I want to be able to crop in post-prod up to 400% and still have details and minimal noise. Thinking about the P30 Pro, do you think there's a better android choice ? Can you do a video where you use tripod and crop, so we can actually compare the quality of the image without the stabilizer ? Cheers !
sonic ultra
sonic ultra 5 months ago
Sony!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Krishna Singh
Krishna Singh 5 months ago
Sony is the world best company smartphone and other tech also
djmbex 5 months ago
Color is a very easy thing to edit in post, but dynamic range isn't. Which is why I think Huawei has the best dynamic range and with the zoom capability makes it the best IMO
ravi k ravitej
ravi k ravitej 5 months ago
Sony is 👍💯 Only 12mp outstanding 😍😍😍
harsh gaur
harsh gaur 5 months ago
I think LG has the best back camera video recording but overall it's not as good as Sony or Huawei's.
Hereco Sumiguin
Hereco Sumiguin 5 months ago
For color reproduction I like sony and lg. For telephoto Huawei..
Leonhart 5 months ago
Xperia Wow
jimmy soemanov
jimmy soemanov 5 months ago
sony warna nya natural 😁
imam S
imam S 5 months ago
Huawei Wins
Ilana Jooste
Ilana Jooste 5 months ago
P30 pro takes the Crown 👑
Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin
Never been a fan of Huawei's post-image processing. That eye-soring waterpainting- like oversharpening when zoomed at full res on a proper legit big screen monitor is a total joke, it was laughably bad! It's a big NO-NO for me. So my choice is definitely between the LG and the Sony. But looking from 2:15 to 2:32 and also 2:44 , I find that the LG produces better photo than the Sony mainly because the white highlights in the Sony is tad a bit too much. However, the Sony's cinematic 21:9 aspect ratio is something very hard to ignore.
Pai Mon
Pai Mon 5 months ago
Huwei is King
Abdul rasheed
Abdul rasheed 5 months ago
P30 pro is best
Paul Jones
Paul Jones 5 months ago
Sony looks natural . The colours look to fake in the others
Follow with me
Follow with me 5 months ago
Sony xperia always best 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪❤️👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍Sony xperia Xperia Xperia Xperia.............
DemiGod 21-0
DemiGod 21-0 5 months ago
Lg is the better video camera
MasterF HD
MasterF HD 5 months ago
sourabh 5 months ago
I vote for LG......
PAC VILL 5 months ago
G8's all the way...✌🏻✌🏻
sashdown22 5 months ago
good video thanks. I have huawei p30 pro. 2 questions if you get a chance. What camera did you use to make this video? Also I'm starting to think that a gopro 8 is overall a better option for video. I might keep my p30 for photos and take my gopro or osmo action for video, what do you think?
Pritesh Joshi
Pritesh Joshi 5 months ago
sony mobil ka koi mukabla nahi kr sakta sony is mobil king
VIN SOKUN 5 months ago
Sony the bast camera for me I love you sony😘😘😘😘
Asad Chishti
Asad Chishti 5 months ago
Videography of g8s is miles ahead of others.
teresita camacho
teresita camacho 5 months ago
Shafeek Shafeek
Shafeek Shafeek 5 months ago
Mahipal Singh Rathore
Sony is love you
Mahesh Hegde
Mahesh Hegde 5 months ago
My vote for lg
Muhammad Rizkie
Muhammad Rizkie 5 months ago
Sony Xperia 1 best phone
CKDesigns 5 months ago
Your Vloging camera is the winner imho.:D
Yasantha Priyal
Yasantha Priyal 5 months ago
Lg is the best
Afsal AM
Afsal AM 5 months ago
LG G8S Thinq 💪💪💪💪💪
Wilson Orellana
Wilson Orellana 5 months ago
Me gustó mucho más la cámara del Sony es la más pareja aquí la Sony gano
Charlles Costa
Charlles Costa 5 months ago
Hallo Steve. I have the Xperia 1 and the camera sucks in my opinion. Also the camera UI isn't that intuitive as the Pixel or Oneplus. Anyway I loved the video, thank you for that!
巴大偉David Elbaz
Overall, the P30 pro is the beast I dream about 😁😅😂
Abdul Hakeem
Abdul Hakeem 5 months ago
Sony is king
Mr Tag
Mr Tag 6 months ago
Perfect job lg
viraj chathuranga
viraj chathuranga 6 months ago
Saaad Waw
Saaad Waw 6 months ago
Sony 1 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Dr. donna Walter
Dr. donna Walter 6 months ago
Wonder how the Xpeeia 5 compares to this bunch? I have heard it uses the same camera set-up that the Experia 1 uses. Personal opinion I like the Sony and LG about the same, with the Sony having just a slight edge. I was not as impressed with the Huawei as I thought I would be, realizing these are from personal taste. Thank you for the comparison.
Mr Falcon
Mr Falcon 6 months ago
Name of the girl with the Xperia 1 😍
Kabelwa Salim
Kabelwa Salim 6 months ago
Pankaj Jadhav
Pankaj Jadhav 6 months ago
La Flama Blanca
La Flama Blanca 6 months ago
Sony is the best photo and video! I have is Sony Xperia1, i can say that true!
WhatsApp status
WhatsApp status 6 months ago
Sony Xperia 1 👌👌👌👌👌👌
Александр Ярошенко
Sony best only manually, all smartphones good.
Sylux Fait
Sylux Fait 6 months ago
Sony xperia 1
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