Sony Xperia 1 vs Galaxy S10 Plus Camera Test Comparison

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs Sony Xperia 1 Detailed Camera Comparison SuperSaf Style
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Comparing the selfie cameras, the 4K triple rear cameras, auto-focus, Portrait Mode and stereo audio of the Samsung Galaxy S10+ vs Sony Xperia 1 for both video and photos with example shots indoors, outdoors and in low-light.
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Comments 80
SuperSaf 9 months ago
Finally got around to this #SuperSafStyle! What did you think of the results?
Anu Shan
Anu Shan Month ago
@yash Sharma no that is fack video Me use xperia 1 ... it's camera super low light day light everything super ... important that's portrait monster...perfect..that's a fack video
diego sabadini
diego sabadini 7 months ago
The fact you can’t take pictures or make videos doesn’t make the easier one to use better... Xperia1 outclass s10+
Juan Carlos Da Silva
@Brave Heart lel I think there is a hard kappa 😂
Anakni Pilo
Anakni Pilo 9 months ago
Hi supersaf please learn how to shoot on manual lol. You have to watch Btekt review on Xperia 1
Vlad Rares
Vlad Rares 9 months ago
so dissappointing for Sony, they have one of the best lenses in the past, now S10+ kicked his ass in style. GJ for the video
Ιωαννης Γκαραγκούνης
do it today and we will see very different result not the first day of xperia 1
BTS Army
BTS Army 27 days ago
Sony provides that real camera feel, samsung provides over saturated outcomes
SuZuHa 27 days ago
If you're new here, don't waste your time watch this review. He just total biases toward Samsung. This review is more justified ruvid.net/video/video-qyWFxYX3F3w.html
Craig Hunt
Craig Hunt 27 days ago
Cheers Saf, you're super. Was wondering if to go to Sony as I'm due an upgrade. On the S9+, but I'm not keen on the hole punch stuff so I thought Sony might be an option. You've helped me there a bit. Don't know if to go for a sim only deal for 12 months an see what Samsung bring out next. If you have any recommendations it would be much appreciated. I'm not keen on moving parts either like the One+. I've been really happy with the S9+ so it wouldn't really bother me to stick around for another year. Thanks again for your sharing ✌🏻
Red-Hair Shanks
Red-Hair Shanks 29 days ago
6:14 Sony has done real well. Can u c the moon behind trees. That was looking beautiful. I dont understand if u make night a day via processing then what is the meaning of taking photos in night ?
Mike Luzawski
Mike Luzawski Month ago
Xperia 1 is trash along with it's fanboys
SuZuHa 27 days ago
Said on a Samsung paid fanboy channel and biased review. Watch this ruvid.net/video/video-qyWFxYX3F3w.html
Akash Sharma
Akash Sharma Month ago
Hey guys don't watch this bogus bullshit camera comparisons where he's always trying to make Samsung devices look good ruvid.net/video/video-qyWFxYX3F3w.html watch a real review
آرنولد پفکی
You look like a sandwich in the thumbnail.
Tech Support Conn0
i feel like the Xperia is going to go to Google Pixel levels when you use manual/pro mode, and if Sony uses their own cameras on their own phones
Mohammed Zakaria ali
Sony is very disappointing for a SONY Whyyyyy Sonyyyy 😭😭😭😭😭
SuZuHa 27 days ago
This review is biased and he's paid by Samsung. Watch this ruvid.net/video/video-qyWFxYX3F3w.html
Vishwas Sharma
Vishwas Sharma Month ago
Sony will be Sony....
Tessoro Desoto
Tessoro Desoto Month ago
In he auto focus test, it seems that the target it closer on the samsung thus ,making it faster, there is no need to favor one over the other unfairly.
Alan Ton
Alan Ton Month ago
I actually think the Sony shots weren't too bad. Can the s10 shoot at 24p though?
Niveth Kumar
Niveth Kumar 2 months ago
I have been a hardcore sony user, but when it comes to Sony phone camera, it is shit! Shittiest camera of all. Losers can't get the camera to look good. I use so many Sony products, but the phone cameras just suck.
SuZuHa 27 days ago
You called yourself a hardcore Sony user and don't even know how to use their camera? This review is total biased and he got paid by Samsung. Watch this one ruvid.net/video/video-qyWFxYX3F3w.html
SuZuHa 27 days ago
And have you even try using manual and pro mode on their phone once?
Olia D'Arras
Olia D'Arras 2 months ago
Сони передаёт такие цвета, какие есть на самом деле
Pappy 2 months ago
Just bought the Sony Xperia 1 at £199 hope the camera is updated
Roger Moger
Roger Moger 2 months ago
Another biased comparison by SuperSamsung fanboy.
Malek Npj
Malek Npj 2 months ago
sony xperia the best Phone ❣️ ❣️ ❣️ ❣️
N D 2 months ago
He is biased.
misery 3 months ago
angry selfie smile won't do u harm ok lol
OverLord Live
OverLord Live 3 months ago
Rational Atheist
Rational Atheist 3 months ago
Dynamic range is bad on xperia. Although colour reproduction is natural.
Billy Jones
Billy Jones 3 months ago
Sony wins! The Samsung tends to make thinks look fake or added
victor Igwe
victor Igwe 3 months ago
Who requested this video?
Semi Con
Semi Con 4 months ago
Could you make a RAW + post processing test?
Joaquin Alejandro Ochoa Celi
Sony sigue sacando celulares de 250 que vende a 1000 dólares
Rpras Chanel
Rpras Chanel 4 months ago
samsung s10+ high saturatoin sony naturaleted
ねぎしお 4 months ago
Xperia camera :made in Samsung GALAXY camera :made in SONY
Nam Ngyen
Nam Ngyen Month ago
Sony phone : fools always fail= rip Sony Xperia
Suthar Gourav
Suthar Gourav 4 months ago
Fu** dude...i am using x1 and low light photos look incredibly great on xperia..!sony does a really great job..!💪💪💪 fu** samsung its over exposure and saturation as well
Mark T
Mark T 4 months ago
i am an iphone 7plus user who wants to switch to android. i m really between samsung s10+ and this sony phone. how come the low light pics look so blurred in this review then?
Sahil Shah
Sahil Shah 4 months ago
I want to buy mobile but i didn't decide to buy wich one please tell me bro i like s10 plus and note 10 plus but i can't decide!
mark molina
mark molina 4 months ago
Sony makes great cameras and then they put this in its cell phones interesting.
iman farhaniyan
iman farhaniyan 4 months ago
Sony is best
Ataur Rong
Ataur Rong 4 months ago
Xperia is the best camera phone in the world. Saf loves Samsung
q.d.t. q.d.t.
q.d.t. q.d.t. 4 months ago
This guy don't no what is talking about I got my Sony Xperia 1 right now and i did a lot of test camara test i realize Sony is more better then galaxy 10 10+and note 10 best picture and camara i have se iPhone 11 is very impressive but is still with sony 100times best phone this year believe that
CKDesigns 5 months ago
I really like your videos, but you didn't even scratch the surface of Sony camera capabilities. What about the dedicated cinealta turned software. it's the only phone in the world. what about continuous eye tracking with autofocus and 10 frames per second...I am a Samsung Note 8 user. You have to be fair when you reviewing phones...Poor execution.
That0neidiot 5 months ago
The sony Xperia is a more natural look which some may prefer.
Monster_ MonstaX
Monster_ MonstaX 5 months ago
Sony win . Dont be jealous over Sony quality !
D J 5 months ago
Crazy thumbnail😂
dan G
dan G 5 months ago
4:13 the S10 makes pictures.look like the Windows wallpaper 😂
Adrian Edwards
Adrian Edwards 5 months ago
My friend you need stronger glasses, & practice photography more, not a Sony user but fair play come on, it takes fantastic shots whoever says different they need to go with you to specsavers. A mate in work has the Xperia 1 and the photos it takes are better than my Huawei P30 pro, not all the photos but at least 75% Xperia. Sorry for having a moan but some youtubers give it a hard time & it's unfair.
Solovino Juntoseva
Solovino Juntoseva 5 months ago
Noticed a lot of complaints about Bias. Take it from a Sony fanboy and xperia 1 owner. Samsung wins. It still blows my mind with the ownership of some of the best cameras and camera lenses, Sony continues to fail to be the best cell phone camera. Top of the heap are the Pixel and Iphone. And they use Sony sensors for god sake!!!!!!!! Despite that, it's not nearly enough for me to move to a new phone. Sony until they finally stop making phones for me.
DHRUBO ROY 5 months ago
sony sucks at smartphones
samoael yacoup
samoael yacoup 6 months ago
Thanks for your honest work. These videos saves our money & directs us to the right choice. You are honest man giving honest work. Thanks
Elias Alqamar
Elias Alqamar 6 months ago
You're always against Sony! FlashingDroid made better video comparison than yours. You're biased, reason why I unsubscribed
Paul JJ
Paul JJ 4 months ago
Samsung pays well for sales, reviews, etc. It's well marketed as well. Sony, well they don't pay for reviews and for some reason, especially in the USA people just hate them.
Adis R
Adis R 6 months ago
You are blind idiot I can clearly see that the xperia 1 images on the rear camera are better. PEOPLE PLEASE WATCH OTHER REVIEWS no SONY phone had a good camera on SuperSaf. I think you know what I am talking about Sony has 8mp selfie camera of course it is not good so there is half video about front camera but Sony has A BETTER REAR CAMMERA and there is a little part of this video that test a rear camera but big part about front camera. I am really sorry for SuperSaf TV they are obviously on SOMEONE'S PAY....
Brett Cahill
Brett Cahill 6 months ago
love the way you broke everything down - there are so many people where I wonder if they know what they're talking about!
Ceylan Ak
Ceylan Ak 6 months ago
Sony is dead.
Paul JJ
Paul JJ 4 months ago
If that happens I feel sorry for all the smartphone manufacturers, they all use SONY camera sensors... Even Samsung and iPhone.
Yabai Desu
Yabai Desu 6 months ago
i've seen videos from this channel bashing's sony over the years until now it hasn't change this dude is just a hating every sony phone that's out of the market if you won't believe me check out his previous comparisons of sony to other devices...
danish Hassan hassan
If u are taking the photo in the night the best to make the photo more clearer but in Samsung it looks like that we are taking photo in light sunlight or in the evening... Also look at the grass colour it very different green.. Professional and photo lovers doesnot like that.... Saf plz do some realistic comparison
danish Hassan hassan
Dear kindly watch this video on 4k TV.. I found huge difference in colour saturation... For example colour of the grass is green but in Samsung the grass and leaves are little parrot green.. Also with the sky and cloud colours.. Dear xperia 1with alpha camera which gives the most realistic photos with superb realistic colour... Bro u go thru xperia 1full description before making videos..alpha far more professionsl
looseyourzlf 6 months ago
fake review ..
SM 99
SM 99 6 months ago
Since i watch your channel i can realize that you are paid by the provider to bring the samsung in a good light. I don't understand how the hell sony are better than samsung in 80% Of the RUvid channels that do this, but in your channel nobody beats Samsung, but now I understand. Mass handling is easy here.
Sushin Pv
Sushin Pv 6 months ago
This is why I really likes thus guy. If you want to see the real comparison and reviews come to SuperSaf
Freddy Johansen
Freddy Johansen 6 months ago
Thank you for another excellent comparison! In my opinion there is no reason to pick the Xperia over the Samsung. Once again Sony disappoints.
game bosan
game bosan 6 months ago
Xperia fail stabilizer
Paul JJ
Paul JJ 4 months ago
It's a bug, they fixed it now....
nikolas adm
nikolas adm 7 months ago
Sony has been failing since the xperria 2 with the camera overheating after taking more than 4 photos or video more than 30 sec, from what i can see sony has not learned from their mistakes and are continuing to fuck up in all aspects Dated design shit stabilisation cameras with bad hdr no bight mode Only idiots defend a brand that learned nothing from its mistakes And before you brainwashed zombie fanboys start crying about manual mode no one has the time to adjust anything because you lose the moment of taking the photo of your kids pets or anything else that needs a split of a second to capure, no wonder sonys mobile department is failing sooo hard
Mark Cox
Mark Cox 7 months ago
I like sony but if want good camera stay clear my new Samsung 10e blows my.sony xperia zx3 out the water
Paul JJ
Paul JJ 4 months ago
Look for other tests or go to the shop and take a few pictures yourself, Samsung is good, but Sony is more realistic and way more complicated when it comes to camera work.
P G 7 months ago
Bad test you hate sony
Noah Grković
Noah Grković 7 months ago
People ftom the comments I nead help I am going to get a new phone soon and don't know witch one of these two to get
M.M mm
M.M mm 7 months ago
Telephones kings SAMSUNG
Deepak Bisht
Deepak Bisht 7 months ago
Sub - Zero 93
Sub - Zero 93 7 months ago
Why can't sony update the camera software/app ? They update the ps4 all the time with software improvements..
hanif khan
hanif khan 7 months ago
Remember that Sony Xperia1 camera has many camera control options. Why did you not tried
이헌준 7 months ago
Samsung's image sensor vs Sony's image sensor
Only Bappi
Only Bappi 7 months ago
he always stays against the sony phone cz sony doesn't pay him money for review.
HAFIZ 7 months ago
or maybe because he has better eyesight & more reliable than you. Anyone with a functioning brain can easily tell S10+ is the clear winner here.
Jesmar Delica
Jesmar Delica 7 months ago
Did you guys notice that when he used rear cameras for picture, he did not remove his sunglasses. XPERIA 1 has this amazing autofocus and because of that I think X1 was not able to use it.
Tang Sakpa
Tang Sakpa 7 months ago
U mean the auto focus called "Eye tracking" or something
Gnohp Nguyen
Gnohp Nguyen 7 months ago
S10+ took very fake picture It's look like that someone painted the grass Just horrible pics for the S10+
lee miah
lee miah 7 months ago
Whenever you do a Sony device it's like you mess with the settings to make it look so bad
Viraj Khandalkar
Viraj Khandalkar 7 months ago
Will you do a full review for the asus zenbook pro duo?
martin swift
martin swift 7 months ago
Wow sonys stabilization sucked at 4k
MF Kitten
MF Kitten 7 months ago
I believe the reason here is that Samsung's sensors have a much higher megapixel count, so it has more data to work with, where the Sony's sensors are a smaller 12mp, and so it doesn't have a lot to work with.
Jahangir Alam
Jahangir Alam 7 months ago
make a camera comaparison between s10 plus and note 10 plus
Satya Perwira Maulana
Xperia has never been better eventhough they put hundreds megapixel cameras
Genesis Lawan
Genesis Lawan 7 months ago
Sony = Art gallery Samsung = Instagram
Juan Carlos Da Silva
Well samsung looks like they already have filters overlayed.. these colors are to warm.. and the details in sonys kamera is so much better.. you can see each leaf in the Video.. Samsung was just a sea of leafs
Alqaisi Alqaisi
Alqaisi Alqaisi 7 months ago
Ya Allah!! Im so depressed cos samsung till this moment couldnt solve the {Green problem}!! Whats the fuck samsung?! How many decades will it take you to overcome this shame?! Im writing from note5 in the basic display mode and watching your video and I'll never got greens right!! Look at the greens in the sony .. the are way natural than the latest and never greatest!
Dominik Szczepan
Dominik Szczepan 7 months ago
I wait for Xperia 3 :)
A Y 7 months ago
The Galaxy camera can shoot very beautifully, and can shoot brighter and more beautifully than you can see with your eyes.With XPERIA, you can shoot with the feeling that is closest to reality, for better or for worse. the night.I feel the noise is terrible.🤔
jamayrian 7 months ago
This comparison is a joke other comparisons come out differently less bias and some scenarios were fishy btw. Why did you do Sony like this Saf its rediculous 😂
Mustafa Salih Özcan
Sony Xperia
TECH 'N' Tips
TECH 'N' Tips 8 months ago
Sorry but its very hard to believe...being xperia xz user i got to say....the photos you took look so much worse...than xz....i got to admit...its hard to figure xperia devices....but if u put a little time in it...it produces most good looking photos ever....
TECH 'N' Tips
TECH 'N' Tips 8 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-QVlKVpIkYHg.html watch this video
D Abbi
D Abbi 8 months ago
Bloody Sony failed miserably
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