Sony Xperia 1 - Unboxing And First Impressions

Flossy Carter
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Sony Xperia 1 - Unboxing And First Impressions
Buy it here,
amzn.to/2lde9OK - US Model
amzn.to/2lcH05J - International Model
*** This video is showing the UNLOCKED VERSION, if you have Sprint or Verizon, you can buy the US UNLOCKED VERSION ***
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Comments 80
Flossy Carter
Flossy Carter 8 months ago
#Squad Roll Call
Ant Biggs
Ant Biggs 2 months ago
Can u review the Xperia 5 please?
Prateek Panwar
Prateek Panwar 2 months ago
It has round but not too much roucd corners Has full 21:9 screen with no notch Has best camera and display compared to iPhone, Samsung, OnePlus Has best processor in Android Has nearly stock Android That's what they should make. But, it's expensive. They should consider making budget phones like Mi, Realme. Again, It's sony. So, It's name comes for quality not affordability
Seba92000 3 months ago
Nice tattoos bro. Respect from Poland. Man, does any version comes with a gel-skin case?
4 gauge
4 gauge 6 months ago
Impressive phone Flossy,kinda disappointed about this newest flagship from Sony not having a 3.5 mm.speaker Jack though,but I'll get over it...kinda.(HAHA!!) There is a feature that needs to be covered that this phone does not have,that my LG V-20 DOES have,that's a built in FM-Stereo radio. This can be a VERY IMPORTANT feature when the net goes down or WI-FI isn't available.
Hector gomez
Hector gomez 6 months ago
Flossy Carter still waiting on that full review
Papa Bear Mutai
Papa Bear Mutai 3 days ago
You are the only reason why I just ordered this phone. Great video, thank you!
Jason Alan The Cigardner
Maxim Atanasov
Maxim Atanasov 4 days ago
Lightsaber Lord P373
Hey Floss how's your holiday in Paris in France was it nice? My one was horrible and trash!!!
Harpreet Reyat
Harpreet Reyat 27 days ago
Daud Prambudi
Daud Prambudi 28 days ago
those hands cant be my reference, i need to find floss carter girl hand version.. lets wait untill you gave your real review on this baby, and we can talk about 2020 xperia lineup.. sometimes i forgot to subs, sorry, subbed..!!
Kozamo Month ago
I swear after he smelled it. 😂
sg more
sg more Month ago
itna phone kya karoge
Armando Aguilar Jr.
What do you do with so many phones ?
Ant Biggs
Ant Biggs 2 months ago
🗣️ Please do a review of the Xperia 5
Aventuras Rrlz
Aventuras Rrlz 2 months ago
frankly im tired of my iphones made in china turning into expensive weightpapers rather quickly, I will give japanese phones a try this time, thank god for ebay and amazon!
charles celino
charles celino 2 months ago
Japanese phones are tough like a tank. You'll be pleased
joydeep chakraborty
joydeep chakraborty 2 months ago
Damn! 💥
tyler lee
tyler lee 2 months ago
What ever happened to the real review for this bad boy Floss?
MrRoss618 2 months ago
please give away some earphones boss
Dazza 2 months ago
Hey flossy do still have phone to review?
FilmGamer 3 months ago
I can't take this review seriously.
Michael Woods
Michael Woods 3 months ago
Excellent review. Thanks from the UK.
Patrick Primero
Patrick Primero 4 months ago
No real review?
Markus Rayna
Markus Rayna 4 months ago
Send ot to me .. if u can 😁
M SRI Lalith
M SRI Lalith 4 months ago
Specify Audio Quality in detail
Michael Idowu
Michael Idowu 4 months ago
Hi Flossy Carter, I'm still waiting for your full review of the Xperia 1 as you've promised when you did this. Hope it will come soon as the end of year 2019 is just few weeks away. Meanwhile as usual, I so much enjoy and trust your honest review always........ ✌️
LEON NGOREDJO 4 months ago
Its not the same without white shoes and the other table
Paul Graves
Paul Graves 4 months ago
Sounds like you in a cave floss....
Veature_iTech Guy
Veature_iTech Guy 4 months ago
Send me the Trash phone i'll take it lol
Justin 4 months ago
April from Ninja Turtles. Am I behind on my Sony payments again?
Taylor Johnson
Taylor Johnson 4 months ago
It looks to be outside, but echo's, spooky lol So similar to his home indeed was expecting shoes to be in the house😁
John Smith
John Smith 4 months ago
White shoes be like “you did me dirty bro, you did me dirty”.
CZ GP 4 months ago
Can i get the Trash one XD 5:51
fightnight14 4 months ago
4:48 he's recording on an iPhone 2
airhead077 4 months ago
Do some pics and videos pls
Asad Ali
Asad Ali 4 months ago
Where r the white shoes
Alex Mihai
Alex Mihai 5 months ago
Sup' Floss, no follow up on this video? Still got the phone? I'm thinking about getting it but why u no review yet? :( Either way, keep it up homie, coolest, rawest reviews! Peace!
Joseph .Garcia
Joseph .Garcia 5 months ago
Real review?
Hassan Ashiq
Hassan Ashiq 5 months ago
Your hands are so big that tall phone looks so small in your hands😂
Sean Nusserr
Sean Nusserr 5 months ago
I love the fact, you always mention the price!
lilmoris1 5 months ago
This a phone for gentlemen
Angel508 5 months ago
We need the oscar winning full review on this champ
Isaac Graves
Isaac Graves 5 months ago
Can you review the Xperia 5
Christopher Ford
Christopher Ford 5 months ago
🗣He's a real stand up dude💯 one of my favorite tech reviewers
Angel508 5 months ago
Dude, where is the indepth Oscar winning review??
chris torres
chris torres 5 months ago
Real review?
Joe Kokolakis
Joe Kokolakis 5 months ago
A bit confused now.. Amazon Sony and best buy websites say this phone unlocked is available for VZW....I'm looking for a new phone, either this or the Xpedia 5 for vzw
Hi does the camera overheats when recording 4k?
Denero Rahming
Denero Rahming 5 months ago
After watching Floss for 3 years Tony Soprano made me subscribed today October 6th 2019...I don't want any problems.
Mr. A-Z
Mr. A-Z 5 months ago
Is the smell test really is necessary tho? 😂
Alberto Da Silva
Alberto Da Silva 6 months ago
we need that full review! floss dont calm down! kkkkk
impete r
impete r 6 months ago
The Golf Life
The Golf Life 6 months ago
Flossy Carter What do you do with all the phones you aren’t using anymore? Can I buy the Xperia 1 from you?
Rakul Venkat
Rakul Venkat 6 months ago
Do the real review of the Xperia 1.
Joe Kokolakis
Joe Kokolakis 6 months ago
Will u review the xperia 5 when it comes out?? I'd like to know if it will be compatible with vzw
Redhood 6 months ago
We're waiting on the real review FLOSS! C'mon my dude you're the only reliable source up in here.
Candy Candy Girl
Candy Candy Girl 6 months ago
Love Sony Xperia! 😍 Btw, awesome video, as usual :)
Ze Zahid
Ze Zahid 6 months ago
Hey Tony Soprano I subscribed 🤣🤣🤣🤣lol
STAM5RN 6 months ago
Floss my man! What happened to the full review on this phone? :/
OddEyes 5 months ago
STAM5RN still waiting :(
D. E. Bodiford
D. E. Bodiford 6 months ago
So, I'm not alone.
Tremaine Johnson
Tremaine Johnson 6 months ago
I really enjoy watching these videos. I found this channel two years ago and have enjoyed it every since.
Eyad RD
Eyad RD 6 months ago
Where is the full review!?
Abe C
Abe C 6 months ago
Floss, are you still going to do a full review on this one?
Justin Noredjo
Justin Noredjo 6 months ago
His GUCCI watch tho😋😋
Mohammad Javed
Mohammad Javed 6 months ago
I love u Sar Sony mobile
Satoshi nakamotoR
Satoshi nakamotoR 6 months ago
Dont throw the x10,instead give it to me, u will make a boy happy. 😁
B. Barajas
B. Barajas 7 months ago
Gota cop this bruh
Swat Kats
Swat Kats 7 months ago
Why not like wait a day or figure out the audio.
Roger Jones
Roger Jones 7 months ago
Yo Floss. I know you on that Note 10+ right now but When we going to get the real review for this on this one
TEch SoLvEr
TEch SoLvEr 7 months ago
do the oppo reno video
G C 7 months ago
Real review? 👀
Mahesh Maharjan
Mahesh Maharjan 7 months ago
where is review of it
Simon Riley
Simon Riley 7 months ago
My favorite phone
Qazi Wajahat
Qazi Wajahat 7 months ago
I love xperia 1... but i have not enough money to buy
krishnakanta Mandal
krishnakanta Mandal 7 months ago
Do you gift me your old phone?
Tec em dia
Tec em dia 7 months ago
The Best on the Word
Pes Gamerz
Pes Gamerz 7 months ago
I need like my comment from admin.. fross and all people watching this vdeo
manikanta janga
manikanta janga 7 months ago
Isit available in hyderabad
AxisOG 7 months ago
"Whiteshoes wherever you at.... calm down" 😂
rameshwar sadhani
rameshwar sadhani 7 months ago
I am use . Xperia xa1 Last 1 year working not best
Adrian Stroe
Adrian Stroe 7 months ago
Hey, Floss! Were you able to shoot a "real review" video for this phone? Peace!
Suhail Suhailhamee
Suhail Suhailhamee 7 months ago
My us sony xperia
timg2727 7 months ago
Did you shoot this in a sauna or something?
Osama Ahmed
Osama Ahmed 7 months ago
white shoes, wherever you at, CALM DOWN (with the palm down) 😂😂😂😭
S. Ferres
S. Ferres 7 months ago
Oppo Reno 10xz and Xperia1.. Best 2019 phones...
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