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Feb 24, 2020




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Comments 80
VAMSHI KRISHNA 7 hours ago
Samsung : see my number 108 mp,100x zoom, etc Sony : hold my 3.5 mm jack
Fotima Ahmedov
Fotima Ahmedov 21 hour ago
Sony 👍samsung👎
Alia's Lake Bonney. South Australia.
Sony girl 💜= no IPhone , I pad or I anything else.
Japan defeats Korea !!
Uğur Şenel
Uğur Şenel 8 days ago
Apple wind Samsung show Huawei affectation SONY sorry i'm real here 10 sony 10 10
Ikthiar hussen Bokthiar
samsung is the Best
John Jeffo
John Jeffo 11 days ago
Whoa whoa whoa - you completely ignored the display on the S20, which is the most significant upgrade over the S10, and probably the most significant upgrade since the original iPhones!! 120hz is a HUGE deal for a display.
N. K Nitin kumar
N. K Nitin kumar 14 days ago
Sony is best smartphone company made by....Japan
Aslan Grozny
Aslan Grozny 19 days ago
Sreenath ashok acharya
Sony my favorite.
Minh Tuệ
Minh Tuệ 20 days ago
S20u 6,57inch😅
Mr Baghdadi
Mr Baghdadi 20 days ago
Vinod Jadi
Vinod Jadi 21 day ago
Abbas Husain
Abbas Husain 21 day ago
麒麟きりん 22 days ago
トデワロ 26 days ago
Xperia 1 II
توب سبورت Top Sport
the best it is sony =)
James P
James P 28 days ago
I'll probably buy the Sony because it's cheaper, but imo the Samsung wins. Here's why, the Samsung has a better camera, more ram, more memory potential, 120hz display, and the issue I have with this vid is they're using the international Samsung specs. The US version of the S20 Ultra has the same snapdragon cpu and Adreno gpu
Venaze rogers
Venaze rogers Month ago
jus remember samsung users have a playstation 4 and the sony phone can connect to them losers
ドラえもん Month ago
3.5mm earphone jack Sony wins
Carlo Cuevas
Carlo Cuevas Month ago
sony is the best, the camera is real, not like the other mobile camera from black to white output, sony is the best specially the sounds
TVLON O_O Month ago
Sony ✌🇮🇶
Aakash Sharma
Aakash Sharma Month ago
I am using sony xz... Next target this killer 😘😘😘sony fan.....
Aaron Beast
Aaron Beast Month ago
I've been using Galaxy S since S4, currently have S8+ and have to say that I was hugely dissapointed by S20... Its has many useless features and overprice for it. Sony came up with really nice phone even better price to ratio than OnePlus 8... All features are actually features and Pro model is really made for professionals...
saim shah
saim shah Month ago
Bro u should know that there is bog difference between Samsung and sony camera ... So i think sony is the best in this price range 🔥👌
SU 35
SU 35 Month ago
john rambo
john rambo Month ago
lFlashing Month ago
It's a Sony!
Phong Tài
Phong Tài Month ago
Red sony. Contrasting sony
Freshbat Month ago
Think you will find sony uses a different type of camera sensor so comparison on pixels does not work.
VITOKC 1974 Month ago
Shafeek Shafeek
Shafeek Shafeek Month ago
Sony is best option
xxgunslingerxx Month ago
Galaxy phones dont take good pictures. It doesn't matter how many megapixels the camera has
Ahmed Korayem
Ahmed Korayem Month ago
SONY Xperia 🖤🖤
Kavindu boy
Kavindu boy Month ago
Sony is back 🤙🤙
Muhammad Rizkie
Muhammad Rizkie Month ago
Sony the best👍
Emanuel Oliveira Sobreira
Sony 😎🏆☝️👍❗
Fotima Ahmedov
Fotima Ahmedov Month ago
Sony 👍
aditya chauhan
aditya chauhan Month ago
Great video
Aneesh Cr7
Aneesh Cr7 2 months ago
sony 💕👌
Abdullah Usman
Abdullah Usman 2 months ago
ドラえもん 2 months ago
Dakara Watashi wa Xperia
Thiago Atanazio
Thiago Atanazio 2 months ago
Mas se o s20 tem a mesma qualidade de áudio porcaria do s10 não vale nada, ouço mais música que gravo vídeos
Harvey Quijano
Harvey Quijano 2 months ago
Sony is Mythical Brand period....
hammou ibra
hammou ibra 2 months ago
Sony Xperia is the best
Hauke Witt
Hauke Witt 2 months ago
Fact is: Sony has the better Battery and the better Display. The Display of the 1 / 5 is awesome. Also Sony uses stock Android and has some really nice features. Since the experia 1, the Camera is up to date and really good. The Pictures from the Camera are like you see the Picture and not candylike like Samsung. If I had the Money, I woudl buy the Xperia 1 Mk. II, I mean the Smartphone has eveything you probaly wanna have. My next Smartphone will be probably the Xperia 1, because my XZ Premium getting old and I cant afford the Mk. II (about 1200€ by Launch).
Said Essa
Said Essa 2 months ago
What I need is watching the video because this is just numbers and in reality it is not. Who distinguishes Samsung? Only the screen, Sony and Sony have many features
Ty w
Ty w 2 months ago
In the US Sony can't give away cell phones. I'll pass.
앙망까망 2 months ago
Ghassan Homsi
Ghassan Homsi 2 months ago
Grey Potatoes
Grey Potatoes 2 months ago
I still cant understand why a phone why a phone need 12gbs of ram
Hasan Javaid
Hasan Javaid 2 months ago
People see Sony's lens as Wife IPHONE as Girl Friend SAMSUNG as Whore 😀
林羅山 2 months ago
Sony is god
ɑ͠вύ r̲̅ɑ͠Ķɑ͠и̮
Sony 👀🤳
Karkunt CH
Karkunt CH 2 months ago
3,5mm Jack is a winner in main features. The display was taked into account before. Why the is a Samsung win?
red crimson102
red crimson102 2 months ago
Good I should've gotten the Sony. I have the basic s20 however I do not regret my purchase, I'm a Samsung galaxy fan. The Sony has a leg up screen and resolution wise which I like. I wonder if it trumps the s20 visually in person or is all just number talk? Real world performance always tells a different story.
Akshat Mishra
Akshat Mishra 2 months ago
Adam burkey
Adam burkey 2 months ago
Oooouuuhhhh I can't wait for my sony. Fecking covid gonna delay everything. Stay safe
ソニー愛好家が多いなー ありがたいことではあるが
Renz Olarte
Renz Olarte 2 months ago
No one can beat sony I love sony 😍
Mai Nguyên Tài
Mai Nguyên Tài 2 months ago
1 vote for Sony
Slawa Sergeew
Slawa Sergeew 2 months ago
Xperia ➕➕➕➕➕➕👍👍👍👍❤️
Avishek Gain
Avishek Gain 2 months ago
Sony is best 😙😍
PRAHLAD MEHTA 2 months ago
Popular camera wala selfie phone Sony Xperia waterproof mein kab launch Karega 5G
yeung alan
yeung alan 2 months ago
新力大法。。。 你好! 😶😶😶
Max 2 months ago
why you use s20 ultra ? use normal s20, or s20+ to compare with xperia 1 II !
rafejio mohammad
rafejio mohammad 2 months ago
Waiting ex docomo in Indonesia :')
rafejio mohammad
rafejio mohammad 2 months ago
Sony please come back in Indonesia, Sony is the best
m.n m.n
m.n m.n 2 months ago
すげぇな… 頑張ってほしいわ
Tolga Bey
Tolga Bey 2 months ago
The sony 1 ii price expectation, is a little bit too cheap, it will cost at least 1199 dollars
John Morrison
John Morrison 2 months ago
Watching this on my xperia xz premium 4k...
luis apaza
luis apaza 2 months ago
Sєиgαi нємиαтн
Sony the real brand 🔥
Moto gp Kawasaki ninja
We have samsung s20 ultra the chipset is sd865 16gbram
Ömer Tr
Ömer Tr 2 months ago
Sony Xperia Come to TURKEY millet marka görsün ❤🙋‍♂️👏🇹🇷🇹🇷
Ömer Tr
Ömer Tr 2 months ago
Sony Xperia
Ezequiel San Martin
Ezequiel San Martin 2 months ago
Se saltan muchos detalles.... Que un teléfono tenga cosas con numero mas altos no significa que sea mejor, un ejemplo seria en las camaras, aun que las dos muy buenas poseen tecnologías diferentes y si fueran igual aún así tendrían tengologias diferentes ( lo importante es la calidad no la cantidad)
tung lam cao
tung lam cao 2 months ago
Sao ko thấy bán tại vn nhỉ
sameer choudhary
sameer choudhary 2 months ago
Sony ka 12 mega pixel samsung k 20 k brabr h
KURDISH 4 2 months ago
سۆنی لە ھەموو شتێکدا پێشەنگە👌SONY
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