Sony Xperia 1 II vs iPhone 11 Pro Max

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Sony Xperia 1 II vs iPhone 11 Pro Max | Animated Comparision |
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#GalaxyS20Ultra #SonyXperia #SonyXperia1Mark2

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Feb 24, 2020




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Comments 80
TheAgusCTS 3 months ago
Thanks for Watching :)
Roberto A. Ferreira
For brazilians in general very expensive. Sony smartphone. Because $900 in Brazil. One dólar now our coin 5,00 reais. But l like Sony Smartphones
Chengyao Zheng
Chengyao Zheng 3 months ago
TheAgusCTS so biased on the length....
Masivo V457
Masivo V457 3 months ago
Now with mi 10
Thanh Tùng Lê
Thanh Tùng Lê 3 months ago
I don't think it is 900$ for sony
Iñigo Bading
Iñigo Bading 3 months ago
fix the xperia camera specs. The camera includes a 12MP f/1.7 main sensor, a 12MP f/2.4 telephoto one (with 3x optical zoom), and a 12MP f/2.2 ultra-wide one.
TALENT INDIA 2 hours ago
India m kb milega sony itna accha fon h chutiya fon market m bhara hua h
I'm buying SONY.
Juan Riptide Camacho
Sony brings the goods!
Niko F
Niko F Day ago
Sony is Sony!!!! The Best for resolution fotography!!!!👍
Ayushman Gupta
Ayushman Gupta 3 days ago
Kis kis ko sony passand hai
sho hor
sho hor 4 days ago
KID FURY 5 days ago
Good night Iphone
KID FURY 5 days ago
This Sony is monster other sony's are good but they make Iphone's cameras with sony's chips sony make the best flagship in the world this is the first phone with 4k display I will no wonder if Iphone make 4k display they copy sony but Iphone is such a better phone but Sony make MONSTER. GG IPHONE!!!
Izuan Zain
Izuan Zain 5 days ago
Князь Дракула
Sony Xperia 1II is the God of all smartphones ;)
Kamal Deep Singh
Kamal Deep Singh 9 days ago
Xperia 1 Mark 2 Clear Winner
giogio 10 days ago
島田こうせい 11 days ago
トラアリ 11 days ago
Gurjinder Singh
Gurjinder Singh 12 days ago
Nice Music 👌
Idayu Immaculata Sugianto
Thank you Sony for keep trying preserve your existence. I am a Sony fangirl. My Last Sony is XZ. Now I use Huawei. I wish one Day I can back to Sony again without thinking the price. For now, I only your secret admire.. LOL. I really love xperia 1 Mark II. 🤤
Nithin CR
Nithin CR 15 days ago
A13 = Thailand SD 865 = USA 🔥
Pride Aria
Pride Aria 16 days ago
Sony always king
Jas Lee-lo Smith
Jas Lee-lo Smith 16 days ago
This video was awesome, I have the Xperia 1 - Can't wait for this phone.
KK Swami
KK Swami 17 days ago
Where to buy sony mobile india.....
Donz 17 days ago
No SONY No Party
sasheetaran arunasalam
Galaxy a51
Abhiseak RaO Soni
Abhiseak RaO Soni 19 days ago
Sony Cool
Safrian Andromeda
Safrian Andromeda 20 days ago
Main feature gps?
Emin Mehdiyev
Emin Mehdiyev 21 day ago
Manpreet Singh Hunjan
Passion Dedication
Passion Dedication 24 days ago
I love sony.......
Hammam Elouadi
Hammam Elouadi 27 days ago
Sony is back in competition again 🥳🤤
C4 Sterilize
C4 Sterilize 28 days ago
Sony 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
satish Gerrard
satish Gerrard 28 days ago
Sony is King
Jun Jun
Jun Jun Month ago
SONY XPERIA. The best.
Mohamed Ali Hebboul
Sony for ever
N. K Nitin kumar
Sony is the best smart phone company ...Sony का प्रोडक्ट best ही होता हैं फ़िर चाहें बह कुछ भी kyon न हो like it sony smart phone ...क्योंकि दुनिया का पहला waterproof phone sony ही लेकर आये थे ...Sony made by japan
さすが世界のSONY ‼
Darjan Janjic
Darjan Janjic Month ago
Sony xperia! 👍💪
João Paulo Amandi Sousa
Sony is Great, good job💪
nagarjuna kudipudi
Sony always better than apple..
Hayk Avetisyan
Hayk Avetisyan Month ago
If it were Sony xperia pro, the results would be more interesting. Because it is a real beast.
Sony is the best..
CH4NGED Month ago
Oh damn what is the name of the outro song?
Andi Muslim Pradana
Love Sony, good job 👍👍
Gage Clinton
Gage Clinton Month ago
I'm watching on an Xperia XZ2, how about yall?
Balu Kattam
Balu Kattam Month ago
At 5:13 I Didn't Except Such A Money Madness Is That Phone 😂
Kicks Month ago
I made a purchase reservation Sony Xperia1 mk2!
John Likio
John Likio Month ago
Jonathan Lopez
Jonathan Lopez Month ago
Sony gang 😈😈🇯🇵
aman varma
aman varma Month ago
Sony winner
Ibrahim Naal
Ibrahim Naal Month ago
Sony is the Killer of mobiles
Kerem Esmer
Kerem Esmer Month ago
Sony Xperia=8 iPhone. =4
Asim Khan Ak
Asim Khan Ak Month ago
sony is best configuration but always i like iphones only😍
Sandip Bhattacharjee
0mar Jhungoor
0mar Jhungoor Month ago
Sony experia 1 kills the Apple I phone 11 pro max.
Cihan Karaçay
Cihan Karaçay Month ago
I always prefer Sony.
Carlo Cuevas
Carlo Cuevas Month ago
shout out to my xperia Z2, xperia XZ, xperia XA 1ULTRA still alive sony is the best,! 😊😊😊
Carlo Cuevas
Carlo Cuevas Month ago
sounds and and camera always sony is the best for me
H S.
H S. Month ago
俺の周りはiPhoneユーザー多い 俺もiPhoneにしたいけど、 未だGALAXYの呪縛から解けないw
shanid pk
shanid pk Month ago
Every one will say sony is the best one. Then why not buying...?
Gareth Battersby
Wait, size dimensions gave the iPhone a plus for being smaller then a draw every time the Sony phone was smaller.... How's that work?
Ace Month ago
Sony ⛏🗡🍎
Indra diesel
Indra diesel Month ago
Sony is the best
Aylesbury Numpty Drivers
Wouldn't care if the sony ran off of a potato as a CPU it wins hands down for 2 reasons. (1) 3.5mm headphone Jack and (2) no sodding notch or hole punch in the display and the corners of the display are square!
Riko K
Riko K Month ago
Rotary Engine
Rotary Engine Month ago
Nelu Geolgau
Nelu Geolgau Month ago
Conan C
Conan C Month ago
I think apple fans is time to wake up
Dinuka Senevirathne
Thanks sony ....🙏🙏 respect always
Ab MateEn MugHal
Sony is monster.. Typed from xperia z5 premium
Pèter Salamon
Pèter Salamon Month ago
Sony 👍
VikraM Month ago
he forgot one thing...marketing...sony 0..apple 10!!!
Grande Granit
Grande Granit Month ago
Jus shut up and take Iphone
Хасан Хайдаров
SONY xperia 1 💪❤👍
Shubham Mahar
Shubham Mahar Month ago
Sony best
Tuan Anh Ha
Tuan Anh Ha Month ago
Rashid Malayankandy
Rashid Malayankandy 2 months ago
I love sony
Friends central
Friends central 2 months ago
Sony forever until i will die
Friends central
Friends central 2 months ago
Sony Xperia is the best mobile in the world 👊
Friends central
Friends central 2 months ago
Sony xperia is a great product
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