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Review of Sony's Xperia 1 triple-lens camera, including photo and video test samples and a closer look at some of the best features.
I've been testing out the Xperia 1's upgraded optics to see if Sony has really improved on previous cameraphones, and produced a rival that can take on the mighty Huawei P30 Pro. It's certainly a dense user experience, offering impressive control over your video recording - especially when you dive into that Cinema Pro mode, which captures Cine Alta style home movies.
Here I explore some of those features and review the photo and video quality from the Xperia 1's triple lens camera. This updated hardware offers ultra-wide and telephoto views now, a first for a Sony Mobile smartphone. However, you also get improved focal smarts thanks to the Alpha division, with expert eye tracking and noise reduction for night shots.
This handset doesn't impress as much as some of the competition for HDR and low light photography, but the camera's auto mode does produce some slick looking shots. And the Xperia 1 offers fan favourite features such as the Super Slow Motion and Best Shot tools.
Check back for my big S10+ and P30 Pro comparison to see it stack up against some of the best photo and video rivals!

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May 30, 2019




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Comments 80
Loviie Sweet
Loviie Sweet 2 months ago
Please review Xperia 1 II
Abel Israel Cruz Ayuso
I'm trying to update my daily driver since Apple effed up the battery life of my SE, and this channel is becoming my reference source of info! Cheers!
inactive 5 months ago
*”Which is particularly useful when shooting kids.”*
Muhammed Sabeeh
Muhammed Sabeeh 5 months ago
Display and camera are great. Want to buy 1
Tournel Henry
Tournel Henry 6 months ago
*You didn't even visit the Pro Mode* 🤦‍♂️
kris 6 months ago
Sony Xperia review? Subscribed.
umai 7 months ago
ive been shooting in manual mode, and all my friends thought i used a pro camera :)) samsung and iphone always produce really warm yellowy pics, personally i like how sony screen and camera produces color :D
Rob Jones
Rob Jones 7 months ago
Why does it not have a 48 pixel sensor and night mode... Next year it will have af, raw, and better sensory, software from their camera division for the first time... Software patches usually enhances existing phones unlike their competitors... Still expensive...
bastian aku
bastian aku 7 months ago
Fans boy sony like
Vladimír Petija
Vladimír Petija 8 months ago
I noticed the app is damn slow when launching, it takes 2-3 sec! But this phone is so good looking that I WOULD take it and hoping for a sw update
vprmn 8 months ago
main camera is 12 mpx 4:3 , what resolution is at 16:9 ? it is crop to 9mpx? or like older series....because older XZ series had 19 mpx 4:3 but 17 mpx in 16:9 mode natively (no "crop")
Sub - Zero 93
Sub - Zero 93 9 months ago
Why can't sony update the camera software/app ? They update the ps4 all the time with software improvements..
Rich Corso
Rich Corso 10 months ago
Hi, great review! I’ve read themes are no less get available. Can you confirm if any type of dark mode can be turned on? Thanks!!
Noble Price
Noble Price 10 months ago
You said..."when your shooting kids"....watch out kids!!!!
Francesco Garabello
Francesco Garabello 10 months ago
Does it allow RAW images?
Bessie Hillum
Bessie Hillum 10 months ago
Is there an option to shoot still photos in 21:9 from the dedicated photo app, or are the rumours accurate that only stills from the video mode can be shot in that very specific aspect ratio please?
alcylon 11 months ago
The picture with the girl and the umbrella: the background is totally burned out or what?
fido dido
fido dido 11 months ago
What happen to its stabilization?😅 Btw i love sony so far .
eichioba 11 months ago
Joshuva Antonio
Joshuva Antonio 11 months ago
Hey owner of the channel or anyone who bought this phone..does this phone have heating issues?
Beyond Human Vision
Beyond Human Vision 11 months ago
Can the color profiles and all three lenses be used when shooting 960 FPS superslow mo?
Leonhart 11 months ago
Umer Khayyam Khan
Umer Khayyam Khan 11 months ago
Hello, nice review as always. I have seen a few reviews that complain about frame skipping during video recording on all sensors and in all resolutions. Could you please shed some light on it, Have you experienced such a thing? How consistent is it? Also if you could try third party camera apps specially Google camera since some of the reviewers have confirmed that the camera 2api is now unlocked on Xperia 1. Cheers
Cute panot
Cute panot 11 months ago
The all brand of cp they use SONY CAMERA! APPLE, SAMSUNG EVEN HUAWEI this is true..kill me if not!
Michael Lui
Michael Lui 11 months ago
Great video watching in san Francisco USA. Which one will you buy??? Thank you:-):-):-)
Rares Muresan
Rares Muresan 11 months ago
I want to switch to a sony mobile phone, from my understanding they will release a new xperia called xz4 in autumn ! If thats so would it be better to wait for it to launch or it wont be much different from xperia 1 ? I wanna know which of them would be the best phone from their product range . Thanks
Sam DIN 6 months ago
xz series is dead...they do the new naming scheme, xperia 5 is recent launch, and not a lot different than xperia 1
adam c
adam c 11 months ago
Favourite reviewer on RUvid
martin pangggeng
martin pangggeng 11 months ago
The front camera should have been a dual set up with 12MP (f/1.6) + 12MP (f/2.4) and dedicated flash.
omar zahr
omar zahr 11 months ago
I really wish that they have done a bit better job with the camera and the software features... I love Sony but they are destroying themselfs each year... 😔
Ilestun 11 months ago
That phone got destroyed by GSM arena in their review.
pgong Year ago
Hmm. Video stabilization seems to be a step back from previous Xperias. Can any of you confirm this? The Intelligent Active Steady Shot on my XZ Premium seems much smoother compared to the samples on this video. The 4K is also noticeably more steady on mine.
Kenryu Wiley
Kenryu Wiley Year ago
There is no wide angle lens in the front camera for groupie selfies???? Very disappointing.....
Penguinable Year ago
Lol i was waiting for the phone so long... now today, comes to the shops... but i already bought Huawei P30 pro, much better camera, much better video... Sony sorry, i was loyal to Sony always.. but i think i made better decision now... I dont cry about it when i see its worse... Sony will never catch up...its a pity, because they sell the cameras to the whole world, but they cant make good phone :(
The Iron Maiden
After watching your review videos I think I will buy this phone after I sell the one I am using now
Sebastian Juskowiak
🤩🤩🤩 Xperia 1 🔥🔥🔥💪💪💪
Dylan Harding
Dylan Harding Year ago
Got an update for my xa2 today, I'm happy with it so far! Better camera, etc.
Mich Sky
Mich Sky Year ago
great review...
the Skilled noob
Camera app is boring.....
James Benet
James Benet Year ago
Is the slow motion at 960fps still limited to 0.1 or 0.2 seconds? Those video samples look very short. Also it doesn't look like real 1080p. Thank you.
David Bulpin
David Bulpin Year ago
Is it possible to shoot photo's in monochrome on the Xperia 1 ?
Nandha Gopal
Nandha Gopal Year ago
Yes I am happy
Falkyn Luouxmont
can the camera work with split screen multi tasking?
MICH Year ago
That manual mode looks difficult to use. I just stay at Huawei. Easy camera modes.
John Couchman
John Couchman Year ago
This phone looks really good, but that camera is kinda jank. I guess they can fix it. Was looking to give Sony a shot but not with that price tag. Note 10 will hopefully be around the same price, and with my Note 9 exceeding expectations, I think I can rely on that more.
Nurettin Aydin
Sony 1 👑 king
D D Year ago
very disappointing....
ej santos
ej santos Year ago
I don't recommend Sony phones to anyone. Here's why : - Their mobile phones have a ghost touch problem at the upper right of the screen after days of usage. (Even replacing the screen) - They didn't even provide an update regarding with that problem or bugs raised by the consumers. (they didn't listen to their consumers, unlike ASUS providing updates frequently to fix the performance of their phones. ) - Their support is lazy af as they provide the a temporary solution which they only copy and paste all over again is not quite helpful and annoying at the same time. (for example the ghost touch problem encountered, one of the fixes is that we need to restart the phone. like dude are you f*cking with me right now! seriously! It always happened so frequently you need to restart the phone over and over again when it occured, I might ended up destroying it. why don't you provide a permanent solution to this problem) - I think their mobile division is falling apart. -The camera hardware is good but the camera software is mediocre. the images always ended up soft, lacks sharpness and always had a hard-time focusing on objects. I regret buying any phones from Sony. Never again.
ej santos
ej santos 11 months ago
@Tango Sucka! I'm not trolling dumbass, Why don't you buy one then.
Tango Sucka!
Tango Sucka! 11 months ago
stop trolling fool.
CoviD P. NA
CoviD P. NA Year ago
How to get grey color for this phone? All I see in US and UK are selling black and purple only
Irfan Rais
Irfan Rais Year ago
Watch on my xperia z5 premium
Ikha Izam
Ikha Izam Month ago
Me too. Thinking about using xperia one
crandf Year ago
Urrrgh portrait selfie mode was a disaster. Unless that was chakra/En/Chi emitting from you
Dancing in the dark
I'll take Xperia XZ for a better camera steadicam
Khor Mun Huai
Khor Mun Huai Year ago
the camera still feel a step behind from some rivals... disappointed... still wonder why sony could not put their 40 mega pixel sensor on their phone in time...
Insomniac Year ago
xz3 was good now with ois xperia 1looks so much better!good job sony
seydaömerfrk Year ago
Raphael Acilo
Raphael Acilo Year ago
António Azevedo
I'm a Sony fan, but after reading/watching a lot about this phone, it looks like it's not going to be as good as the competition (P30 Pro, S10+ and so on), and that's the problem with Sony. First they announce this smartphone in February and only release it in June... WTF? Why? They should release the phone immediately after the announcement, not 4 months after it. Now the hype is gone, the competition already released their models and so on. Second, although this smartphone appears to be good, it looks like it's not going to beat the competition in any area (the P30 Pro and Galaxy S10+ have better cameras, the OnePlus 7 Pro has a 90Hz screen, and so on)... And that's the problem with Sony. Every smartphone they release, they do it late and it's always worse than the competition... Even if it's only a little bit, it's enough for most people to not consider it... It looks like they want their mobile division to fail.
big bob
big bob Year ago
Phones are a lot like cars. while a Ferrari and a Chevy get the job done, one is just high quality period, the other is not bad, just not a Ferrari. Sony is Ferrari, the others-well some are Chevy, some are Porsche, some are BMW. I have always found their build quality the best of the best. That 21:9 is a world's first AND it is 4k oled. Stunning phone and my next phone.
Arunabha Datta
Release date in India ????
Dali Garwinder Lama
It's a shame they can't add a mini HDMI input so you can input into it and use it as a reference Monitor and I repeat use it as a reference monitor meaning connected to like some high-end camera gear 4 second screen since they are comparing it to the Master Series O LED monitors that Sony has which are like 30,000 of $40,000
ASA ASA Year ago
I am a Long time RUvid reviewer , and I should say ... Snapdragon 855 and android and storage speed is bit behind for all these camera hardware ...can't compare with apple
alcylon 11 months ago
@ASA ASA so the picture was not taken with sony xperia 1?
ASA ASA 11 months ago
@alcylon iam using pixel 3 right now , some camera features are better and some not
alcylon 11 months ago
Why compare with Apple? The camera in Iphones are no better than other phones! They are wrongly made as reference..in most cases are beaten by other phones..
Chris Redfield
Nice to see Sony catching up in camera. Still not great, but good.
عمرو Year ago
As I'm Sony's fan, get my like👍
amit jain
amit jain Year ago
In mobile phones sony is worst
Samjai Sam
Samjai Sam Year ago
Who needs Huawei when we have Sony?!
Protozoa Year ago
Pls make a xperia 1 compact
Anees-Ahmad Jaffer
Edit: actually, now that I look at it, it's because it's not typical smartphone quality. It's compact /mirrorless quality. Which is good. No over sharpening Mm... To be honest, I'm disappointed in the camera. I thought colab with alpha team would really push it way above the rest, but it looks just normal. Or maybe that's a good thing, that it looks normal
Sony Toyota Camry
I have Sony Xperia XZ Premium wow nice felling really amazing Phone Thanks Sony Team
Dj Sin Guille
Dj Sin Guille Year ago
I'm a XZ Premium Owner myself and still 1 of the best phones I ever own but Xperia 1 is changing the game
what is love? baby dont hurt me, no more
Manikanta Rapolu
Install Google camera APK and upload few photos of possible At least short video because the Portrait is not clear Nonetheless give it a try
Manikanta Rapolu
Manikanta Rapolu 11 months ago
@Laurent S Rooting hmm then it's out of security, I just thought Gapp might work in Sony too just like it works in OnePlus nonetheless it would be great if it works, if not now then in near future at least
Laurent S
Laurent S 11 months ago
@Manikanta Rapolu from what i heard you need to root your device even with that it isn't guarantee gcam will work tjats whay i heard
Manikanta Rapolu
Manikanta Rapolu 11 months ago
@Laurent S I don't know that but have you tried once
Laurent S
Laurent S 11 months ago
You cant do this with sony i heard they lock the camera API
Tegar Alaju
Tegar Alaju Year ago
Still huawei p30 pro
big bob
big bob Year ago
Tired of Chinese junk! Sony FTW!
s̸a̸m̸ b̸o̸o̸k̸e̸r̸
1:32 ooo hello
Ruslan K
Ruslan K Year ago
3000 mAh battery on this thing is just ridiculous
Taran Bali
Taran Bali Year ago
Oh man this camera is still 3 years behind 🤦‍♂️
Feodor Kalmykov
you have a real good video! I wondered if I should buy this phone. Now I am sure I will buy it.
Dhanabol Pradipdham
Very disappointing camera.
dr.santosh kumar
OFW life Vlog
OFW life Vlog Year ago
I used xperia for about 5 years now my only problem is the battery its not good enough easy to drain and its getting hot every time i use..
Uriel Disdier
Uriel Disdier Year ago
Xperia 1 vs Pixel 3 XL camera
Jeffin Thomas
Jeffin Thomas Year ago
Hi, other mobile brands HDR funtion in automode, But xperia brands Manuel mode only HDR, If you turn on hdr Manuel setting more powerful xperia...
Crow Migration
We're those night shots in auto mode? If so, that's amazing
224wwefan Year ago
Am I the only one who's slightly underwhelmed, I thought this will a video recording beast, unlike we've seen :/
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