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Mark Spurrell
Mark Spurrell 5 months ago
This'll be the last video I do on these headphones (at least until the XM4's come out and I do a comparison), so if you have any further questions, drop em' in a comment below and I'll do my best to answer them! Happy holidays!
Tuấn Anh Nguyễn
Is sony xm4 worth waiting, I'm itching to buy xm3 ;((
Amirul Syafi
Amirul Syafi 8 days ago
you can swipe up/down to adjust the volume, you can stay your finger and itll gradually change the volume without you needing to swipe multiple times
Christian Wolff
Christian Wolff 15 days ago
Hi Mark - thanks for the great review. I've had these for 5 months and am generally very satisfied, but I find the touch controls extremely unreliable. This only refers to the one-tap gesture to pause and play, everything else works fine. Any advice how to fix it? I couldn't find anything in the app to adjust touch sensitivity. Would installing the firmware update help?
August McLaren
August McLaren Month ago
@ً xm4
August McLaren
August McLaren Month ago
@Grammar Nazi June 12
mark Mac
mark Mac 18 hours ago
these are supposed to ne 360 degree surround sound but in your video you never mentioned how good it works?
Darian Williams
Mine won’t go into pairing mode.
BossBraeden Day ago
Found these for $200 refurbished, should I buy? I'm on the fence.
Tommy Lellan
Tommy Lellan Day ago
I subscribed purely based off your personality
Ita Co
Ita Co 2 days ago
Awesome review
Pigeon 2 days ago
I’ve heard that some of the plastic could crack. Has anyone one that owns these faced this issue?
Out Rageous
Out Rageous 2 days ago
No had them for 5 months no damage at all, they sound beautiful overall worth the 250$ that I paid for them, but wait for the M4's because they will be better than the M3's, I think they coming out this year but it's up to you if u want the M3's
Artwertable 2 days ago
I saw that you were using SBC connection, that's why they sound not perfect. If you use LDAC or a decent audio card they will sound alot better.
DusTT 3 days ago
Just one question that I need an answer to. My old headphones (skullcandy crusher wireless) broke off in the hinges. Will these do that? If you tend to hover with the headphones over your head before putting them on and stretching both the cups. Greetings from Sweden.
Justin Mckay
Justin Mckay 3 days ago
Can you review WH-H910N h.ear on 3? I found them at Costco for $169
Fish 3 days ago
Are they still working a year and 5 months?
Fish 3 days ago
@Mark Spurrell thanks I'm going to buy some tomorrow
Mark Spurrell
Mark Spurrell 3 days ago
Lawlzinator 3 days ago
I'll wait for the 20 year final verdict
Gerar 5 days ago
Man why aren't you using the LDAC codec it's one of their best features, you lose a lot of audio quality with SBC, obviously the cable is even better
Rajesh Devadas
Rajesh Devadas 5 days ago
XM3 has a flat sound profile? Definitely no, the low end boost makes the sound muddy.
Arin Nandy
Arin Nandy 7 days ago
Legend says that this man is still hearting comments
Isha Garg
Isha Garg 3 days ago
ickisistheshitz 7 days ago
Hissing on the right ear when NC is turned on day 1. Pretty shitty.
Fcktherules Orsuckmyjewels
Of course it sounds shit if you stick that aux cord in a normal phone jack. The amp and dac built into phones make anything worse.
Trunksfit 8 days ago
i have these for a year now! still enjoying them everyday!
batt3ryac1d 9 days ago
I've used mine 8 hours(at least) a day for a year and a half I'm happy with em. I'm gonna need to replace the ear cups though but like I said at least 8 hours a day probably closer to 12 I've ridden these babies hard and dirty and even sweated on them like crazy in beatsaber.
james blaser
james blaser 9 days ago
I love it how you did after a year that's perfect
james blaser
james blaser 9 days ago
Great video
Ro Mel
Ro Mel 9 days ago
nought them, didnt like them, returned them. keyless thing bugs me, its hard to change song and volume. sound quality isnt what i expect from sony either.
mellowman1001 9 days ago
I bought these - avoid like the plague. They're built out of cheap brittle plastic that creaks and pops endlessly, even just while walking. It's driving me mad and Sony are just trying to brush it under the carpet until the XM4s come out.
Aryaman Mishra
Aryaman Mishra 9 days ago
Mine has crackling sound after 6 months
Charly Cardeño
Charly Cardeño 10 days ago
Listening with my Bose 700. On my phone and then on my laptop and then on my phone again and then on my laptop, WITHOUT disconnecting them from ANY of the TWO devices. Got a phonecall mid video... and they could hear me on the other side
Tooon79 10 days ago
With ANC on and without playing media (or with very low volume), can you hear a kind of white noise ? (like a more or less far river)
alperos29 9 days ago
That is what the ANC is its giving you a sound that blocks out other sounds
sidharth reaper
sidharth reaper 10 days ago
GREAT VIDEO! This is AWESOME! But I've been hearing a lot about some firmware updates that have caused problems. This is making it hard for me to choose either these headphones or the QC 35ii. What do you think, Mark?
אהרון גואטה
and can i connect surface headphones 2 to macbook pro 2019 and samsung galaxy note 10+ together at the same time??
אהרון גואטה
Hi can i connect surface headphones 2 with macbook pro?????? please answer i need to know if i can buy them or not.
Sondre Thorbjornsen
Are theese headphones sweatproo?
Vihir Sumriya
Vihir Sumriya 11 days ago
How are these for watching stuff on Netflix and RUvid. Is there an Audio lag?
rott 11 days ago
What about scratches? How resistant is it?
Renato Ramos
Renato Ramos 13 days ago
It is confortable to use ir over the time? What about the pressure over the Head?
Rene Licea
Rene Licea 13 days ago
This guy DESERVES more subscribers I’ve watched about 10 videos in 2 days and man you’re amazing!!
Rene Licea
Rene Licea 13 days ago
Mark Spurrell nah THANK YOU haha bless up man
Mark Spurrell
Mark Spurrell 13 days ago
Thanks Rene!
hytrefde Brtfelyfra
If you say these headphones have a "FLAT PROFILE with NO EXAGERATED AREA" means you are deaf. Or that this is a paid review. PERIOD
Erik E
Erik E 14 days ago
F Z 14 days ago
You probably should try the Beyerdynamic Lagoon.
TheDragonaf1 14 days ago
You almost doubled the number of subscribers in less than a year; wow - congrats!
hua ye
hua ye 15 days ago
Apple doesn’t support LDAC
marcenciels 16 days ago
Very good, yes, but... microphone sounds bad, very muddy/muffled. No dual/share connection available. They get warm/hot, you will sweat. Same complaints you talk about.
Pedro Augusto Ferraz de Melo Vieira
Apart from the touch controls, which I hate, I love these headphones. I usually don't like headphones (they make me feel unconfortable) and only use them when I have to (I can't blast speakers at work for example) and I really like these ones. When mine dies I'll have to bite the bullet and get another one because I can't live without them anymore. I wished I could use them for online gaming on my xbox, they are so much more confortable than all my gaming headsets it's ridiculous. It acually is a problem, I keep buying gaming headsets looking for a confortable pair (I have 5 now) but deep down I know i'll never find something as good as this (closest I got was hyperx's cloud stinger; worse audio than my alphas but much lighter and more confortable)
Pedro Augusto Ferraz de Melo Vieira
@sidharth reaper about a year ago. Never had any issues with them.
sidharth reaper
sidharth reaper 10 days ago
Hey, when did you buy your headphones? I'm planning on getting one but I'm hearing about many problems online
Youtube videos 1
Youtube videos 1 17 days ago
7:50 they went on sale for 280 on amazon but i paid the full 350 and i dont feel i got scammed. LOL that makes no sense, you paid an extra 70 for nothing. you got scammed.
Youtube videos 1
Youtube videos 1 16 days ago
@Jimme H wrong! some retailers sell them for $70 cheaper because they can afford to because they buy in bulk.this is common practice for many brand items. this has nothing to do with sales, if its a sale you cud get them cheaper than $70 off. do some research before you speak. he got scammed.
Jimme H
Jimme H 16 days ago
He has had them for a year already. A year ago they werent on sale obviously
tommy 17 days ago
many people had problems with the touch pad, after close to 2 years of use, personally didnt had any problems with the touch pad at all
Joe Joe
Joe Joe 18 days ago
where's the link ot your other video?? you know many people turn OFF annotations to get rid of everyone's obnoxious watermarks...
Momaru N/A
Momaru N/A 18 days ago
Nice choice in wall art! Are you a coordinator?!
Mark Spurrell
Mark Spurrell 18 days ago
100% natural my friend! But thank you!
jub 18 days ago
How can "active" noise canceling work without power? That makes no sense.
Matthieu San
Matthieu San 19 days ago
6:06 are you using SBC bluetooth codec for real ?
Bob Brown
Bob Brown 19 days ago
Paid $300AUD for mine, comes to $192 USD by todays conversion rate :-) Also have the MDR1000s which I payed a lot more for. While the ANC is improved, I feel the sound isolation was superior on the original MDR1000s presumably due to the tighter (and at times uncomfortable) headband clamping force. On the flip side the XM3s dont fall apart as quick as the MDR1000s did (which Sony refused to repair).
Mark Spurrell
Mark Spurrell 19 days ago
That's a pretty darn good deal. I bought mine when they released for nearly $500 CAD. Still worth every penny though.
Henri de Feraudy
Henri de Feraudy 20 days ago
This review was really spot on and answered questions that I did not get from elsewhere. For one, I thought they would make it possible to listen to music while someone else is watching TV in the same room. Now I know that they are not designed for that. The guy in the shop told me otherwise.
Michael Nymann
Michael Nymann 20 days ago
after a +1year of use, have you had to change the earpads (leather/plastics pads) ? or not required as still in good condition?
Mark Spurrell
Mark Spurrell 20 days ago
Nope! A year and a half in and they're still perfect!
Sha Nacino TV
Sha Nacino TV 20 days ago
Thank you, Mark! :)
salem khamis
salem khamis 21 day ago
Hi i got a question do they have an app for pc as well or only for phones and if u set them up on your phone and go to pc do they keep their profile?
Nuwan De Silva
Nuwan De Silva 22 days ago
Came in sounding like a MKBHD video
zenapsgas 24 days ago
Good sound, shitty microphone
Beth Morgan
Beth Morgan 24 days ago
Do these fit small heads? I've searched several times for best headphones fo small heads. ALmost every article lists these as the best for small heads but no one addresses the issue in their review. It always looks like the men reviewing have them on the smallest adjustment so I can't imagine they will adjust any smaller for small women's heads. Yes, women buy headphones, too.
Johannes Karg
Johannes Karg 24 days ago
Great video, before you mentioned it I assumed you had a lot more subscribers just because the quality is so good
Francisco Santiago
Francisco Santiago 25 days ago
I have to disagree on the phone call microphone quality. I have not had a single person complaint about phone voice quality or clarity on the other side of the conversation. I have even asked if they can hear me well and clear or if my voice sounds funny or muffled and not a single person has complained. Ive used them for both phone and video calls with no issues. Maybe I got a good pair..
The_GANg 26 days ago
Dang 333k views and 33.3k subs
Lex Rothengatter
Lex Rothengatter 26 days ago
What is the case you have on your iPhone?
Mohammad Kobari
Mohammad Kobari 26 days ago
Hey Mark, one question! I found this headphone for 170 euros in Amazon and bought it. As I'm usually using both my phone and laptop for media and calls, I have a big problem not having multi device connection. Considering that I am not going to spend more than 200 euros ever for a headphone, should I accept this problem and keep it or there might be a better solution out there for me? (Have to say I tested Soundcore life q20, and that 50 euros headphone support multi device connection and I was happy with the quality it was giving me for 50euros, just never had the chance to test it's budget ANC)
206robert206 27 days ago
Would it work in a gun range??? That's my only reason looking for noise cancellation
Kenneth Lund
Kenneth Lund 28 days ago
Unbelievable that you can talk so much about these headphones without even mentioning how the bass level is. Is the bass heavy or decent or not good at all? You talk about a lot’s of thing’s but what’s really important is how the sound quality is and especially the bass??
Simon Ghantous
Simon Ghantous 28 days ago
I live in Canada and i don't have the app. Dosen't make sense. Can u plz put the link for the app. Plz
Jason F
Jason F 28 days ago
Great review...thorough and informative...listening on my xm3..and agree with you 💯
Dave Cobretti
Dave Cobretti 28 days ago
Great video, thanks for the info! Just ordered myself a pair.
Ali Abbas
Ali Abbas Month ago
I have a question, is it possible to reduce the sound going out from the headphones into surrounding. For example, I don't want anyone to listen to music or calls during commute ?
Chirag Ojha
Chirag Ojha Month ago
Xm4 is coming now. Will wait for your comparison video.. :)
Nathalie Month ago
Have you used these headphones on Zoom calls? I'm looking to buy a new pair of headphones and the in-built microphone with my current headphones (not the XM3's) pick up way too much noise during the call and the people on the other end of my call can hear a lot of the background noise. I wonder if these headphones cancel the background noise for the receiver of the call?
Mark Spurrell
Mark Spurrell Month ago
The XM3's have one of the worst built in mics I've ever seen in a headset...sorry haha.
Ron Albanese
Ron Albanese Month ago
Hi ... do these pair well with iPhones?
bassamkameshki Month ago
Can I use cable mode (Bluetooth off) to make calls ? I noticed the cable doesn’t have a mic ! If so, can I buy a new cable with a mic ?
zamielreza Month ago
hey mark , do you reccomend this xm3 at $250 , or marshall monitor for $225 or marshall major 3 for 150$ , they all already discounted 30-40% from their original price . thanks f
Adel AlMajed
Adel AlMajed Month ago
Well, you gained my respect and have a new subscriber. I loved the fact that this review is after using it for the whole year and I really appreciate the honesty
zQrisp -
zQrisp - Month ago
Can you exercise in these if you’re not doing stuff like running. Like can you lift weights
Th3L0st0ne Month ago
how good they are in watching videos on macbook? is there any lag?
Matt DeLuco
Matt DeLuco Month ago
ANC without battery isn't a drawback. It's a feature that requires power, in every headset, that's what makes it "active". Otherwise, thank you for the informative review, looking forward to getting a pair!
Fa Ba
Fa Ba Month ago
The fact that they heat up the ears is so disappointed... A big turn off for me who lives in the south of France, where it's often very hot and when I exercice. Very disappointed for an item why such good quality.
markierer Month ago
I could sign all he said. But they have a too big delay for action games. Don’t buy them if you want to play games like Fortnite. For gaming I use a cheap pair of cabled Logitech headphones. Edit: Of course you can use them also cabled. That’s about bluetooth above
Salina Sabri
Salina Sabri Month ago
hey mark! :) i absolutely loved the way you reviewed this!
Darryl Carradine Jr.
the swiping features actually work amazingly well for me. Also if you enable bass boost you will be more than satisfied with the punchiness of the bass. In fact you'll be amazed. I've owned Beats and yeah they are good but not this good. Yeah the noisecancelling is pretty great but i'm more into how great the sound quality is.
Akzart Month ago
Using noise cancellation makes one ear louder than the other, but when I switch to ambient it goes away. Help
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