Sony WH1000x M3 Noise Cancelling Headphone - REVIEW

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Sony WH1000xm3 Headphone REVIEW




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Comments 80
The SkyglideR
11:40 audio test 😊🎧
michael anthony
michael anthony 2 days ago
I have found the sensitivity between the volume and advancing the track really irritating. Most times I tried to increase the volume it advanced the track instead. I am not a fan of the swiping.
Przemek ck
Przemek ck 6 days ago
Awesome review, even couple years after I have decided to buy one 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
SmokeyOwOs 6 days ago
And now the m4's might be announced later in the year. Still not sure if to still go fo these or save for the m4s
John O'Connor
John O'Connor 7 days ago
On a scale of 1 to 10 how is the sound quality
Google User
Google User 10 days ago
willy baime
willy baime 12 days ago
Would you rather recommend these headphones or the bose ones?
Artem Yargon
Artem Yargon 13 days ago
Tbh, I own the sonys and I feel the midrange is a little muddy. BUT when you change the equalizer on the app. My god, the sound quality is so much brighter with that punchy bass. It's awesome how the eq settings will be the same when you connect other devices only on bluetooth.
Julio Andre Villasante Garcia
0:37 that Apple Watch ding made me watch my Apple watch dou
desmond loh
desmond loh 15 days ago
I see MRT I upvote
ashton hahahaha
ashton hahahaha 18 days ago
Are these better than Skullcandy crusher ? I've had two pairs of the crushers I like the sound and bass feel. But the build quality is garbage and have broke two sets. I'm tired of them breaking and I want a headphone that is built better with same or better sound quality than the crushers.
Flying_dog365 s
Flying_dog365 s 19 days ago
Arsenal Forever !
Arsenal Forever ! 20 days ago
Nothing about lag or latency when watching videos/Netflix etc
Old Guy Gamer
Old Guy Gamer 20 days ago
Jim, Just wanted to really say thanks man. I have now purchased the Bose SSF and this Sony 1000X M3 with confidence and without regret because of your reviews. I purchased the Bose SSF last year and watched a ton of videos and reviews about them and its competing sport headphones. And today, I made the Sony purchase after just watching your reviews on them and their competitors. Thank you for the very in-depth but very consumer friendly information about each headphone. I can say that your channel is probably the best and most helpful I’ve ever come across when it comes to this. As a viewer, I appreciate the insight you have in comparing the PROPER competing headphones and explaining their differences. Again, thank you very much and keep up the amazing work! -Paolo B.
DogMan Lolface
DogMan Lolface 21 day ago
I’m getting a bit of hissing and reduced ANC performance after the recent firmware update.
CLERE007 22 days ago
I already have the Sony xm3, I have read reviews and seen your videos about the vmoda cross-fade 2 wireless and the sennheiser pxc 550. Can anyone tell me which one is better for sound quality. I don't mind losing out on noise cancelling for sound quality or is there any other good quality audio wireless headphones?
To The Floor!
To The Floor! 24 days ago
The inside of the M3’s touch my ears. It hurts over time. :(
To The Floor!
To The Floor! 23 days ago
Vunnie I took the ear pad foam out. We will see how it goes.
Vunnie 24 days ago
Same, returned mine bacause of that. They also get too warm
Amin Kazemi
Amin Kazemi 25 days ago
i just purchased one, can't w8 to see it.
Ryan Kingston
Ryan Kingston 27 days ago
I have a question. If I stream all of my music from Spotify and I have the EQ adjusted in the Spotify app, then should I leave the EQ on the Sony Headphones app flat or can it be adjusted too without causing interference with the EQ settings in Spotify?
Meshanth Dhas
Meshanth Dhas 24 days ago
Ryan Kingston leave it flat on the headphones. If you EQ in Sony Headphones app, keep it flat in Spotify
Sean Su
Sean Su Month ago
u remind me of ryan from buzzfeed unsolved
Freddy perez
Freddy perez Month ago
Hey guys please answer! Hows the bass quality on these? Are you able to customize it? Thank you
Vunnie 24 days ago
Bass is good, and yes you can customise it in the eq
JSW Month ago
watching on my wh1000xm3 i almost went with bose but the sony win there!
Travis Holtkamp
Travis Holtkamp Month ago
Going to buy after this review. Does anyone know what the international version is? Its $100 cheaper than the regular version on amazon.
Sean No
Sean No Month ago
dOob Tom
dOob Tom Month ago
If you wish to DISABLE the touch control like me, here is the how to link. I did it under 5 minutes. ruvid.net/video/video-1JoKqDqtEa4.html
Jimbojet Month ago
A great vid, so informative without needless waffle. Thank you.
joshua tolliver
joshua tolliver Month ago
Just watched back, so pimp buying at the airport btw 😆👌🏼🔥🔥🔥😁✌🏼
Robert s
Robert s Month ago
should I betraded my skullcandy crush wireless for this?
Viciously Fast
Viciously Fast Month ago
I think of Plague Inc. immediately with that intro 😂
Scott B
Scott B Month ago
Sony WH1000XM3 15% off www.amazon.com/Sony-Noise-Cancelling-Headphones-WH1000XM3/dp/B07G4MNFS1/ref=as_sl_pc_tf_til?tag=primeoffers06-20&linkCode=w00&linkId=30c1412f6bf66ce50e65bc5ee5fe489b&creativeASIN=B07G4MNFS1
JAY Tay Month ago
Pls create a video to have an extended review of the Sennheiser UC 660 MS. Thanks.
Tak Yin Shek
Tak Yin Shek Month ago
If I do not have the app can I still use my headphone
Vunnie 24 days ago
Probably too late but yes
Blaze9900 Month ago
Mine are coming in today I'm so fuckin hyped
Derick Medina
Derick Medina Month ago
You can compared beats studio 3 vs this one please
Vunnie 24 days ago
Believe me, Sony wins in every category
JCG Month ago
Awesome review! Sony WH1000x M3's on the way to my house.
Dipankar Kumar Singh
Best review ...
Sean Ronquillo
Sean Ronquillo Month ago
after couple of months. the band on the side will cracked.
Steven Johnson
Steven Johnson Month ago
Found a pair for $239.....Oh.yeah! eBay Thanks, Jim!
Mr Heru
Mr Heru Month ago
WH-1000XM3 Still The best Headphone ... still My Daily driver until today...
Timur Rybakov
Timur Rybakov Month ago
Hey, man, I want your track list!) BTW, great job, thx for your videos!)
Lakshmana Smart
Lakshmana Smart Month ago
Thank u so much for the review Jim, and moreover very easy as I live in Singapore and using AirPods pro, want to experience something in over ear and planning on buying this, must be good for my commute in train and bus, as I travel from east to west often and also when I use to travel in plane outside.
Master Debater
Master Debater Month ago
3:27 made me cringe so hard. thanks for willing to risk the headphones to demonstrate its durability to the rest of us!
Lester Ng
Lester Ng 2 months ago
Just got myself a pair of these and my ears get hot after an hour of use and can be quite uncomfortable. I have worn my qc35 for hours and hours without having to take them out. Anyone else experiencing this and is it something you get used to over time?
Vunnie 24 days ago
Samee, returned them because of that
2SlowMusic 2 months ago
Just got my pair in yesterday, breaking them in. They feel a bit tight so I'm gonna try to wear them more to see if it helps break it some. Also, it IS able to pair to multiple devices and it's awesome! I've got it paired to my computer, TV and phone and just select when I want to use it whenever.
Alex C
Alex C 2 months ago
how do they work with a mac? is there any lag?
Nathan Weingart
Nathan Weingart 2 months ago
Calvin M.
Calvin M. 2 months ago
Idk... Tried them in the shop and sound was very weak... Like I used jabra a lot, and my earphones (65t) are WAY louder. Couldn't even feel those sony, it feels like a cheap thing.
Mattew Wolves
Mattew Wolves 2 months ago
Can I use them with my iphone SE and my ps4?
2SlowMusic 2 months ago
does the app need to be connected to the internet to be able to be used?
Platoface 2 months ago
Call quality is trash compared to Bose
Rezy Ramos
Rezy Ramos 2 months ago
What was song #3? Sounded like maroon 5?
Mark D
Mark D 2 months ago
...Feels a bit humid back there..uugh..lol. I'm wearing them now (my dads). No humidity here. Its a Jim thang I think.
Rob 2 months ago
Guys I need ur advise. Should I buy these or the in ear WF1000MX3?
Vunnie 24 days ago
These are much better, but if you don't like over ear the wf is a good choice
Khairul Imam
Khairul Imam 2 months ago
when connecting to mac via bluetooth I cant make nc/ambient button to works. its always set to google assistant
Valentin #
Valentin # 2 months ago
I have crackling noise in the left hearcup...
Light Strikes
Light Strikes 2 months ago
@jimsreviewroom Hey jim, you told about every type of Bluetooth audio codec but aac which is in apple so can u please tell me something about that?
Perdeu Playboy
Perdeu Playboy 2 months ago
Faiyaz Hasan
Faiyaz Hasan 2 months ago
As this headphone has usb C port, can I use it with my usb C to C cable for audio,?
Mark Edward Tan
Mark Edward Tan 2 months ago
BEWARE. I bought this Dec 2019. There was an issue moderate crackling/static/hissing noise in the right ear cup when ANC is turned On. Search it in google, many people are experiencing it. I was hyped and did not do enough research before buying this. This was my first ANC headphones. Not 100% happy because of the "moderate crackling/static/hissing noise" issue.
Haris Saqib
Haris Saqib 2 months ago
at least he toned his stress test down a bit. gives me a heart attack every time
Quincy Quimosing
Quincy Quimosing 2 months ago
amazing reviews! I felt like im using one right now with your video.
serious beaner
serious beaner 2 months ago
Damn how many headphones do you own he’s addictive to headphones 🎧
UselessHanzo 2 months ago
Please review the tribit quietplus. The anc of the sonys is probably a bit better but i think tribit has way better sound quality.
Jim Ciutto
Jim Ciutto 2 months ago
I see many people put these on in the city
Get To The Point Already
Your review convinced me to go ahead and buy one for myself. Can't wait!
Jamie Evans
Jamie Evans 2 months ago
Do you think Xm4 will be introduced at CES 2020?
Nick 3 months ago
Playing m3s through m3s 😎
Kyle Contino
Kyle Contino 3 months ago
Waiting for XM4 patiently
Muhammad sohaib
Muhammad sohaib 3 months ago
This guy is amazing and doing much better job reviewing specifically headphones then any other tech reviewers.It seems like its his passion and he is right on it.
Yoka Yokoko
Yoka Yokoko 3 months ago
do you have spotify we can follow? i love your playlist.
Jason Plummer
Jason Plummer 3 months ago
Killer reviews man, great work, sold me on these (Bose customer)
Carlos Vazquez
Carlos Vazquez 3 months ago
When is the M4 model going to be available? Excellent review and video, as always 👌 Greetings from México 🇲🇽 😊
purple boy
purple boy 3 months ago
for some reason, when i connect my sony wh1000xm3 to my tv it sounded 10 times better than when its connected thru my phone. the audio just becomes 3D and everything just comes to live
Meshanth Dhas
Meshanth Dhas 24 days ago
purple boy Phone’s default EQ might be poor. Try playing with the EQ on the headphones app
John Trageser
John Trageser 3 months ago
24 he flight?? I would lose my mind. Great review
Kim Mungkim
Kim Mungkim 3 months ago
How securely should it sits on the head? I feel like mine tend to fall of easily
MrThehammer171 3 months ago
Still the best headphones on the market.......waiting patiently for xm4
Samuel Mingo
Samuel Mingo 3 months ago
Scott Jaso
Scott Jaso 3 months ago
AK8WH1000XM4 just passed the FCC. XM4s will be introduced soon
Audric Ma
Audric Ma 3 months ago
Might be a little late, but just purchased these a week or so ago on sale for $280, and they're coming in this week! Couldn't be more excited!
Ken Fregien
Ken Fregien 3 months ago
Jim , just bought these Sony's but my phone (6yrs old) can't download the app as my phone is so old. What 2019 phone would be best to work with Sony's DAC ?
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