Sony WH-1000XM3 6 Months Later | One reason NOT to buy them!

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you might have saw my original Sony WH-1000XM3 review. Well I'm going to tell you one reason why you shouldn't buy them right now. This is my 6 months later long term review of the #Sony #WH1000XM3 headphones.
SONY-WH1000X-M3 [EU] price : amzn.to/2WQVwNW
SONY-WH1000X-M3 [US] price : amzn.to/2UHeFV2
FREE PRIME VIDEO [EU] : amzn.to/2POwyzI
FREE PRIME VIDEO [US] : amzn.to/2MmiqsG
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Apr 7, 2019




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Comments 80
Rockama 12 days ago
To the point man!!!
27furion 13 days ago
*Absolutely magnificent•••>**JustU.Faith/SonyHphone?起** I’m amazed with the quality of these headphones. Seriously a good purchase, my friends love these headphones too.*
Foosy Dusey
Foosy Dusey 20 days ago
Ive worn mine for 12-18 hours per day since November 2018. Been using them through literally everything. They're great. It's never been a problem for me. I wear glasses too and am legally blind without them. I experience 0 bad pressure from this headset. The charge still works great but the charge reporting on the headset's battery is a bit screwed. Which always happens overtime with batteries. I've had 40% charge reported as 60% after 15-20 mins of charging from a dead battery. I've had a few rare audio cracks. Theres now some very slight peeping occasionally. But this could be wear and tear on my bluetooth transmitter since I haven't had that on USB DACs. Literally all of the complaints people have had on these headphones in reviews when it comes to duration and comfort were entirely false in my experience. I've had 0 issues in comfort ever since finding the optimal band adjustment for my head at the start. And I've sometimes had to wear these bad boys for one completely full charge. 30-35 hours. Due to all nighters for school work. Or a bender. And I'll repeat. I most often wear these things from 8 in the morning until I sleep 22-23. They suit me for literally everything. Im either very lucky or this headset was designed with West Euro skulls in mind.
TheGomezIndustries 29 days ago
It actually has a three mic array and you'll see it has three holes on the left cup. Update 4.2.2 improved mic performance.
Luca Collalti
Luca Collalti Month ago
I have a stupid question: can I just activate the noise cancelling even if I'm not listening to music or anything else? The main reason I'm interested in these is because I need to isolate myself from ANY sound (so including my own music) to focus better. Thanks :)
WhatGear 28 days ago
Yes you can. I often do that on flights. The only issue is that after a certain amount of time the headphones sleep and ANC turns off. I believe you can adjust the auto off timing in the Sony headphones app.
Bo_Hazem Month ago
Best Sony content channel so far, I hope you keep it up.
Nguyen Trung Hieu
Firmware 4.2.2 has been sucked that make NC and battery so much weaker. So dissapointed.
Lil' M
Lil' M 2 months ago
Lmao my old MDRZX770BMs broke after 6 months and Sony would not replace them, shit brand imo
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat 2 months ago
Im an animator in a games studio.....I couldn't live without them...best money I have ever spent...!!!!!
serdar ertürk
serdar ertürk 2 months ago
This product is a succeess , dunno what to face in xm4. So i will just go on
2Coop 4U
2Coop 4U 2 months ago
Or maybe go on sale
red crimson102
red crimson102 2 months ago
This video is dumb n pointless
naveh bar hama
naveh bar hama 2 months ago
after almost year and a half are they still work good?
Michael Petersen
Be nice if he responded hey
MrAZ 2 months ago
I've been waiting for the XM4 and still have not heard any confirmed news about it and end up getting the XM3 myself. So basically there's nothing negative on the XM3 that would made me consider getting one of these.
Minecraft Home
Minecraft Home 3 months ago
Its 2020 and still nothing
Cyber Attack
Cyber Attack 3 months ago
I recently bought it and its a really amazing headphone. I wont trade it with any headphone out there.I bought this primarily for music listening and the ANC. The sound was just too good and the ANC is second to none. So it is really a great purchase.
David Caballero
David Caballero 3 months ago
They are not comfortable like the Bose that is a big lie
Jack C
Jack C 3 months ago
What’s the bass like as I listen to mostly hiphop/rap
TARQUIN222 3 months ago
erm ……………….. year later ………….. still waiting ……………..
Mash brown
Mash brown 2 months ago
@WhatGear we've all seen the leaks so maybe this year...fingers crossed .
WhatGear 3 months ago
I know...I was wrong. I'll be putting out an update video soon
Denis Nash
Denis Nash 3 months ago
Don't start with "So".
Anas Nih
Anas Nih 3 months ago
Man you wasted my time
LadyAlysanne 4 months ago
it's a month into 2020, still no wind of M4s...
SuperZombiepimp 4 months ago
People saying the headphones fall off when they lay down must have tiny heads also live in chicago and never had the phantom touch issue my only issue is the phone app changing up my personal settings when I'm not moving
Grumpy Cat
Grumpy Cat 5 months ago
For me it's fit. And I don't know if it's my connection or quality of audio but I get distortion sometimes.
Jocman 733
Jocman 733 5 months ago
Honest review dude (xm3 user)
shao 5 months ago
I GOT IT! I will just wait til headphones are obsolete so I can pick these up for 5 bucks when everyone is using brain chips
Gilbert Velarde
Gilbert Velarde 5 months ago
The video aged well
EpicLOLProductions 5 months ago
So no replacement this year. Probably next year.
Paul Costache
Paul Costache 5 months ago
There is a little bit of sense in the reason not to buy them but on that logic you'd never buy anything. We'll always get a new phone, new car, new headphones or TV. Most times you only get incremental improvements for double the price, especially for electronics at launch anyway. Keep an eye on the market and if you only see small improvements over the past 3 years the likeliness is it's about time you went for it if that's what you still want.
Frederick Martin
Frederick Martin 5 months ago
The one reason that I won't buy them is the headband cracking issue. us.community.sony.com/s/question/0D54O0000610NHWSA2/cracked-headband-on-wh1000xm3-headphones?language=en_US Otherwise they would be my next purchase.
Pascal MARTINIE 5 months ago
So only one reason : a new model will be produce in future... Are u serious ? Is it the reason u don't buy a product ? Ridiculous !
E D 6 months ago
Most stupid reason ever unsubbed disliked cya
Nay Goncalves
Nay Goncalves 6 months ago
7:47 minutes of my life i Will never get back, waste of fucking time
Ka Chun Ho
Ka Chun Ho 6 months ago
Its now Nov 2019 and I will definitely wait for xm4 for bluetooth 5.0 and better microphone Bose700 is released but it cant even beat xm3 lol
Ka Chun Ho
Ka Chun Ho 6 months ago
@نب ب oops sorry bro, just got fucked up with those bose 700 and qc35ii lmao yeah sony do support aptx, but that connection is a problem for ldac coz the quality jumps back and forth when the connection got weaker. ldac got outperformed by aptx in most cases coz our phone autopick stability over quallity, maybe it would be fixed with bluetooth 5.0?
نب ب
نب ب 6 months ago
@Ka Chun Ho did'nt know that.thanks! but I read the manual of xm3, and it says xm3 supports apt X. does it?
Ka Chun Ho
Ka Chun Ho 6 months ago
@نب ب coz xm3 was launched Aug 2018, the time when bluetooth 5.0 clearly wasnt popular. Would be expecting xm4 to support 5.0 also would be expecting xm4 to support multiple devices connection and better microphone. NC is already good enough so I would rather sony spent those money on improving these stuffs
نب ب
نب ب 6 months ago
I always wonder why xm3 is for bluetooth 4.2 released in 2019.how
Leo 6 months ago
The ONE reason everyone who ever buys a new piece of tech should know: something new/ better will always come out. I saved ya’ll 7+ min.
Do 6 months ago
The M4 are probably not coming before Q3 2020, maybe even 2021. The M3 are still really good and sell well so they can take more time to refine the M4. If I get a good deal for Black friday I'm definitely buying the M3.
fabian puello
fabian puello 6 months ago
Most overrated headphones on the whole internet.
Noah Ranker
Noah Ranker 6 months ago
fabian puello far from it
Erdem ARPAT 6 months ago
How about clicking sound even when you turn your head to any direction. And if you are on the go by car or bus it becomes routine. my best guess is that it happens because of the strecht or tension of the platic joint parts.
Richard Wallace
Richard Wallace 6 months ago
No new ones coming in 2019. Sony already said it. Sorry bud
Age of Doom
Age of Doom 15 days ago
And corona also
isaksays 3 months ago
Prof Toast Gaming Apparently still not out. 🤦🏼
Prof Toast Gaming
Prof Toast Gaming 6 months ago
Actually there not 💁‍♂️
NutNbutSpeed 6 months ago
Just bought these coming from the Bose QC35II, they sound about the same but these sound a bit better. O e thing I don't like already is that they don't switch seamlessly between devices. The Bose I had them connected to my iPad and my Galaxy S10+ and they would detect and connect automatically to both if they were both on. Then when I watched something on the iPad they would play them but if I paused and then used my phone and began listening to music per se, they would begin playing with a hitch. The Sony's don't and I've had to actually turn off the bluetooth on one device to switch to the other. One thing I love about the Sony's is the USB-C but overall, I think the Bose are a better buy. They just seem better and software wise. The Sony's have too much garbage in their app and don't sync seamlessly like the Bose do. One thing that drive me nuts about the Bose is that the wired cord one is thinner than the standard 35mm normal connector. Why couldn't they make them both the same and the same standard as the phone connector.
Nadow3391 6 months ago
Boy were you wrong
Amir Msr
Amir Msr 6 months ago
So should i wait or buy them now?
Sat0sfv 6 months ago
November 4th
M. 6 months ago
Listening through my XM3 wired through my LG V40. Got mine for 250 almost a year ago :). They sound fantastic with the LG built in Dac.
Alex Smith
Alex Smith 3 months ago
How does the LG V40 compare to the other phones sound quality. I have the galaxy but I wanted to know how it compares to the competition. Does it make a difference? I heard another phone great for sound quality but not for recording is one from Huawei according to audiophiles reviewers.
Rponsh14 6 months ago
Currently these headphones are on sale at 279 euros. Should I wait for Black Friday or it’s already a very good price?
Rponsh14 6 months ago
​@Noah Ranker Thanks! That's what I thought. :)
Noah Ranker
Noah Ranker 6 months ago
Rponsh14 that’s the on sale price so get them
EagerSnake 7 months ago
I'd like to ask you about the Sony CH700N. They sound ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, but I'm a bit afraid about the NC compared to the NC of the 1000XM3, particularly during flights. "Sadly", I used the 1000XM3 a couple of times at different expos and boy, they're top-notch. Anyway, going back to the 700N, are they still going to cancel noise good enough? These are going to be my first pair of NC headphones, and I'm sticking with Sony. I've tried a lot of other brands and for me, they sound better. I also tried some other Sony headphones without NC and they managed to sound incredible fine as well, so, I'm really confused. Any tips?
salami124 4 days ago
700n seems to have poor NC ! www.rtings.com/headphones/reviews/sony/wh-ch700n-wireless
Sagar 7 months ago
its Oct 2019 and no M4's....
xKimxDaisyx Month ago
Its almost may 2020 and still no M4's 😂 I'm gonna buy the M3's xD, it's still a very good headphone so 😂
willi4m 7 months ago
So, in October 2019, there is no reason ^^
jariol 7 months ago
I was initially concerned about the heat but that ended up being a non issue. Especially since I forgot the airplane is fricking freezing cold. BTW obviously M4 didn't come out in August
SD 7 months ago
Its October 2019 still no M4's ...
Moonwaterz 7 months ago
Get your nails done honey :)
zombieimpact1865 1
zombieimpact1865 1 7 months ago
I don't like them lol. They sound mediocre even after tuning them. That's why I hate noise cancelling headphones in general. They don't sound nearly as good as the non noise cancelling headphones in the same price range. The Vmoda Crossfade 2 Wireless codex edition sound so much better than the Sony's
100PercentATP 6 months ago
ANC is a godsend if you need to be in places where there is ambient noise. The thing is you don'thave to turn up the volume of headphones to drown out the ambient noise for Sony's excellent ANC is superior to even the BOSE! I have kids and in the house to myself to enjoy my music I must have some sort of ANC in order to enjoy my own downtime.
Mihajil 0009
Mihajil 0009 7 months ago
M4 2020. And i got the mx3 on Drop with sennheiser 6xx for 400
Andrew Tomlin
Andrew Tomlin 7 months ago
I’ve been contemplating buying a set of these, do you know how they compare with Beats Studio 3? TIA
Connor20201 5 months ago
beat's are terrible, they cost $9 to make reportedly, i have the sony's they are great
Hyp3rSoni X
Hyp3rSoni X 7 months ago
August 2019 came and went... no xm4 released or even announced.
Fabian Wagner
Fabian Wagner 7 months ago
Sony had no anc bluetooth headphone registrations til yet, so there is nothing to come for at least a few months.
zl1_ronin 7 months ago
No reason for them to do hardware updates so frequently.
Rohini Sivapalan
Rohini Sivapalan 7 months ago
I was told by my son that he will buy me XM4 for my birthday . My birthday is on the 6 th of Oct . It’s still not out yet . When is going to be out pl . I can’t wait for my present !
xKimxDaisyx Month ago
Still no XM4 xD
Rohini Sivapalan
Rohini Sivapalan 7 months ago
Thank you 😊
nffin 7 months ago
Happy late b day
quatro27 7 months ago
Wow what a click bait!
simpolang 7 months ago
Sony werent expecting Bose to come out with a new one. Sony going to wait til next yr. Since their 3s are doing so good so far so why even release 4s now
Andy Van nort
Andy Van nort 6 months ago
Bose released their new noose cancellong pair at $50 more and people STILL choose this pair over that one. Sony doesnt need to release yet when its last model is beating bose new model
Hannah Lunt
Hannah Lunt 8 months ago
I had an opportunity to listen to a pair of headphones last weekend that blew my mind. Maryjane Diamond out of Spokane, WA has put so much hard work into her headphones and it really shows. Her company name is 'db Omega'. They come in many different colors and as far as sound goes, it's the best I've heard. would blow these away.
The Romanian Fox
The Romanian Fox 8 months ago
Spoiler : the M4's will come next year.
M R 8 months ago
Gone through all Sony MDR-100x, XM2, M3, all headband lower sliders cracked. No more Sony for me thank not very much.
Anthony Dunzelmann
Anthony Dunzelmann 8 months ago
It's September 2019 and no m4.... Lol
WhatGear 8 months ago
Yep... I was wrong...but I was right about the price drop. They did launch the H.ear on 3 though. I tested them. They're really awesome
Rohan Chatterjee
Rohan Chatterjee 8 months ago
What to do now? Still wait?
Chirag Ojha
Chirag Ojha 8 months ago
No m4s didn't get launched so your reason got wasted !
Breyzipp 8 months ago
This video didn’t age well.... :( But I absolutely agree with your video point of view at the time you posted it. Sadly, I just ordered my XM3’s for 275 EUR (Amazon.de). Fuck you Sony for not revealing the XM4’s, out of rage I should have maybe bought the Bose QC 35 II’s instead...
Peter Young
Peter Young 8 months ago
One reason not to buy them. Nuraphone.
nilsfr69 8 months ago
and XM4 not released at IFA :(
Noah Ranker
Noah Ranker 6 months ago
WhatGear not happening
Marc Muller
Marc Muller 8 months ago
@WhatGearchecked them both, xm3 100% superior to hear on 3. i was there before the crowds came in and had a little chat with Mr. HF: "...xm3 selling like hot cakes..." so make of it what you want, but I don't see the xm4 this year.
WhatGear 8 months ago
I know...I was so sure they would. My guess is they wanna sell off the Xm3 stock & drop the new ones before Xmas. They launched the H.ear on 3 though. Going to check them out tomorrow.
Gus McCrae
Gus McCrae 8 months ago
No new headphone... this video is now useless.
Gro hiik
Gro hiik 8 months ago
"You might wanna take your glasses of"... Sure why not, I mean it's not like I need them to see... (no offense)
Zain Uddin
Zain Uddin 8 months ago
Fake leather and plastic mostly terrible I'll pass
Lumify | Gil
Lumify | Gil 9 months ago
If the M4 does come out this year, Trade-in. It's that simple.
Pantera 9 months ago
I wish i could dislike your video more than once
Ash Underwood
Ash Underwood 8 months ago
Name reminds me of a book I'm reading.
Dark Lie
Dark Lie 9 months ago
What a stupid guy
MK 9 months ago
I feel like I’ve been click baited with this video. Not cool.
Ander Petri-Hidalgo
Ander Petri-Hidalgo 7 months ago
WhatGear lmao rip that prediction
WhatGear 9 months ago
Next month you will see. My point is a valid one 🧐
Yin Bunhay
Yin Bunhay 9 months ago
I use 100xm3 1 week ago, so much love it
0mar Jhungoor
0mar Jhungoor 9 months ago
Bose make the best NC headphone not sony sorry to say that.
Attila B.
Attila B. 5 months ago
Ian Quality is still miles ahead
Ian 8 months ago
Not anymore.
Komrad Ivan
Komrad Ivan 9 months ago
That's your opinion
Alegro Gamerboi
Alegro Gamerboi 9 months ago
I gout couple questions of them do they muffled in a trap music 1) do they have same feature as a apple iPhones thank you I'll wait for answers.
Sergi Colomé
Sergi Colomé 9 months ago
Thanks for the clickbait
WhatGear 9 months ago
Trust me it's a valid reason...and I was right about the price drop too
Super Charged
Super Charged 9 months ago
One reason they are shit
O'BEN 9 months ago
So just wait for the M4 ? That’s the reason 🤦🏿‍♂️
brandon ellis
Why bother theyll prob be like 400 dollars...can get the m3s for 250 on ebay
Clamb_J 2 months ago
Noah Ranker
Noah Ranker 4 months ago
G Man why do that when you can wait for the m6
Sukreet Subba
Sukreet Subba 4 months ago
I'm prrsonally super pumped up for the m10's
G Man
G Man 4 months ago
Why do that when you could wait for the m5's?
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