Sonny With a Chance/So RaNDoM Reunion!

matthew scott montgomery
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me & tiffany & allisyn & doug & demi & shayne & sterling & audrey & damien and a brandon cameo! watch Sonny With a Chance and So Random (Sonny With a Chance season 3) on Disney Plus! xxxxx


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Apr 25, 2020




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Jared Barton
Jared Barton 23 hours ago
I grew up watching Sony with a chance and so random seeing everyone in a zoom chat was just amazing and to see where everyone is now I watch smosh I followed Shane and Damien over to the channel as I lost connection with it for a little while. It good to see everyone doing well also I would love to see everyone in a new show.
daniela santana
Al Candido
Al Candido 2 days ago
to be honest im just here for Shayne
Bey masters all stars
CHAD HAS THE SAME FACE EXPRESIONS AND TAWNI JUST LOOKS THE SAME ITS LIKE SHES STILL 18!Will I was looking at Chad I remembered 🎶 Chad Chad Chady Chad Chad 🎶
Taliyah Mari Trueheart
“ rehab several times “ LMAOOO
Adi Greenberg
Adi Greenberg 2 days ago
Do u know where Nico went?
I love seeing Shayne and Damien with the others lol
Катя. Хроники
I remember how Sterling Knight was my crush at the age of 11-14
andres bonilla
andres bonilla 4 days ago
Even Bridgit Mendler's good luck charlie reunion get more views than this lol
Its Fossa
Its Fossa 4 days ago
This is a lot more vocal than the Victorious reunion was. XD
Keila Gutierrez
Keila Gutierrez 4 days ago
I feel like Tiffany was carrying the conversation😂
empatía antiopresiones
Where was Brandon? 😣
Wolf Gamer
Wolf Gamer 5 days ago
Who knew two of them made it to smosh
Itssunnii 5 days ago
Shayne “ my first conversation with Demi Also shayne” *didnt talk* I hate that they just talked after she left
Itssunnii 5 days ago
What’s everyone been doing ? Demi “ REHAB!” *laughs* Like what 😂
Sakura D3
Sakura D3 6 days ago
Zora, Sonny, Chad & Tonny
Jericho Izack Gutierrez
Wow everyone had a glow up
Jeziel Laureles
Jeziel Laureles 7 days ago
i miss sonny and chad ☹
Marlya Devonne
Marlya Devonne 8 days ago
demi demi demi 😍
Jorge Jaime
Jorge Jaime 9 days ago
RUvid channel
Jorge Jaime
Jorge Jaime 9 days ago
wat3rg0ddess 9 days ago
Why I'm watching this at 1am is beyond me. Me: I'm tired, I need sleep. My brain: "The cast of So Random and Sonny with a Chance did a zoom call....let's watch that!"
CostelLavrente 10 days ago
who are the 3 at the bottom I don't recognize them
SIMONE SIMMONS 10 days ago
what about coco?
Jorge Jaime
Jorge Jaime 10 days ago
Ken C Channel
Ken C Channel 11 days ago
Nicky Gibson
Nicky Gibson 12 days ago
😂 I love sonny with chance haha
Yasmin Nasr
Yasmin Nasr 13 days ago
Where is brandon
DaVianna Brown
DaVianna Brown 13 days ago
Tin Patrimonio
Tin Patrimonio 14 days ago
#Channy's future at 23:00
noe llactahuamanilima
and nico ?
Kelli Gatschet
Kelli Gatschet 15 days ago
It looked like Sterling just didn’t want to be there
Shola Bolaji
Shola Bolaji 17 days ago
Ya know Alison Ashley arm is married to Dylan Riley Snyder from kickin it
•dark Mel•
•dark Mel• 18 days ago
Where is nico??
Andrew Knickerbocker
Demi is very VERY similar to my sister
Gabi Velardez
Gabi Velardez 22 days ago
0:20 "In rehab" JAJAHAJAJA i love Demi Omg she don't give a fuck
Pink ice cream
Pink ice cream 22 days ago
Good thing I still dream about Sterling and Demi being together.
LieuLieu Bear
LieuLieu Bear 23 days ago
Omg sonny with the chance!!! I just finished watching g the show I still love it. Come back for new reboot! “Oh my god, check it out” Lmaoo I remember everything. But I got sad when Demi left. But love you guys!!
William Waller
William Waller 23 days ago
Damn Demi blew my mind my by teaching me 2 minutes in that there are rainbow trees and FUCK I want one now
LG gaming
LG gaming 24 days ago
im chad dylan cooper
Eduardo Cabredo Nora
Who else thinks Demi is a great painter ?
mya field
mya field 25 days ago
Tiffany is a lot like me it’s so funny 😂
G 26 days ago
This is what a real friendship looks like. You don’t talk all the time but as soon as you do its like no time has passed. They all genuinely get along and theirs no awkwardness between them. I wish we had gotten to see the full two hours of this! Hopefully they can reunite in person eventually!
Peyton Phipps
Peyton Phipps 27 days ago
Now we need a camp rock reunion
Mikey O'keefe
Mikey O'keefe Month ago
rehab...several times that got dark really really soon
ShiverMeTingles Month ago
"He probably got eaten by a hawk while he was on his run" I. Cackled.
Sincere Mimi
Sincere Mimi Month ago
Where’s Niko, Mrs bitterman, and Marshall ?
amaura Month ago
amaura Month ago
This was great
Ειρηνη Τσαλα
But where is nico 😥
Ervin Deguzman
Ervin Deguzman Month ago
Please comeback on disney after pandemic #SWAC 2021 please with #STEMI moments
Kennedy La’Shea
Alison is literally still the same 😭😭
Ana Clara
Ana Clara Month ago
Where is Nico
Pink ice cream
Pink ice cream Month ago
I screamed when I saw sterling I was like THAT'S CHAD OML SO FAR SO GREATT *does his finger pointing on the theme song* SO FAR SO GREAT
Jhannire Gonzalez
i just love demi, i can't lmao
SpaceBat StuckonEarth
Cheers to sunny with a chance 🍻 now im 21, memories forever in my brain
Alysia Wong
Alysia Wong Month ago
Waiiit! Some of the Smosh people were in Sonny With A Chance?!?!?!
Ashley Goodridge
I love how Demi is still humble about all her success
Shannon Anderson
So random oh please I love you guys I watch a show on repeat every single day tell me the photo OK Sonny Tony Chad Zora where is Niko but I see Grady’s there
sweetaschillipep baby
Where is Nico ?
Sakura D3
Sakura D3 Month ago
I gonna miss #sonnywithachance
Simply Chary
Simply Chary Month ago
I’m pretty sure Demi and Montgomery we’re chatting too
Simply Chary
Simply Chary Month ago
I’m sorry but I stopped watching after Demi left
Simply Chary
Simply Chary Month ago
I love Demi sm lmao omg she so bolddd
Elaina Denise
Elaina Denise Month ago
I love how shayne was just sitting there like 😊
If Demi can make an effort to come to the reunion then so can Brandon aka nico
Georgia productions fan edits
Rip coco mocha coco
Nicole Plainte
Nicole Plainte Month ago
Molly Keelean Good night 😴 💤
Nicole Plainte
Nicole Plainte Month ago
Molly Keelean Justin Mousseau Hades som Mal s Brother
Ginho Soares
Ginho Soares Month ago
airana grande ginho te amor
Belen Corrujedo
Belen Corrujedo Month ago
Me just started watching the show season two and then dating makes me happy but then I find them they gonna break up I’m gonna be sleeping and crying crying crying
Jessica Joerndt
Jessica Joerndt Month ago
Just out of curiosity, I wonder if this was bad for Demi’s mental health? I’ve heard from lots of people that being around people and environments and just energy from a time when you were really down in your life, can bring back those feelings and emotions. I don’t think it’s detrimental to her, but I can imagine after that she might feel a certain way thinking about the person that she used to be with this group of people.
Charlotte TheBrunette
Who is the one dude in the plaid shirt at the bottom? Also who’s the wavy haired brunette girl? And who’s the dude in the red cap? And also the dude who had the so random backdrop? I can’t remember them?!!
Abegail Gonzaga
Abegail Gonzaga Month ago
I missed the whole cast
Pwet sicles
Pwet sicles Month ago
why the hell are the smosh guys here
Karine Domythila
1:35 por que ela mencionou o Brasil gente?
Barbie Nagar
Barbie Nagar Month ago
I need camp rock reunion but...
Naraya Starks
Naraya Starks Month ago
sonny looks so different
Dayne Uyehara
Dayne Uyehara Month ago
Don’t run from your past, face it, be like Demi
anjie o
anjie o Month ago
where’s the black dude
SammyJoe Loux
SammyJoe Loux 2 months ago
Wait those dudes in smosh were in sunny with a chance?
grace t
grace t 2 months ago
I needed this
Tati Zahajko
Tati Zahajko 2 months ago
24:57 Demi’s laugh is iconic
Tati Zahajko
Tati Zahajko 2 months ago
I wish on so random they had a musical performance then had Demi Lovato
Bob Bob
Bob Bob 2 months ago
This is so great!
Elizabeth Nguyen
Elizabeth Nguyen 2 months ago
Am I the only one who didn't know who was the guy with the red hat,the black haired guy, the guy with the stripped shirt and the long haired brunette. I feel so stupid 😂😂😂
Grace T
Grace T 2 months ago
So Demi can come back like a queen to this reunion after all she went through but zac efron cant come to any of the high school musical reunions for no reason whatsoever
omnitrix1992 2 months ago
The girl in the checkered shirt is on that show A.P. Bio. She's so funny.
Grace Lilly
Grace Lilly 2 months ago
I love sterling night
gabby s
gabby s 2 months ago
How did i not know about this😭
Co Pr
Co Pr 2 months ago
I say everyone from so random and sunny with a chance should make one final episode with all the original cast
EJ Next
EJ Next 2 months ago
Tiffany look the exact same
Mad 2 months ago
Sterling looked depressed the whole time😣
Julia Grace Studios
Julia Grace Studios 2 months ago
This is great but... Where's Nico?
P Stands for Pupunator
Who's the mammal!
Trevor Lee
Trevor Lee 2 months ago
The last time I’ve seen Sterling Knight was on Melissa & Joey as Lennox’s on and off boyfriend.
SDJ SDJ Dabuco
SDJ SDJ Dabuco 2 months ago
I didn't know that 2 of the cast of Smosh Shayne Topp and Damien Haas
Goldencash SH
Goldencash SH 2 months ago
Is it just be or has Allisyn not changed
Ninon Rt
Ninon Rt 2 months ago
Rehab several times ! DEMI ily 😂
Drew Kujacich
Drew Kujacich 2 months ago
Glad to see a reunion of this show I loved this show so much I got to say it is probably the funniest Disney show I have ever seen, I am glad to see the cast is doing well, especially Demi, I know she has gone through so much over the years, so I find it so cool that she has stayed strong and gotten through all the drama that happened in her life! Also if this cast makes a whole new show together I will totally watch it, so I hope they do that!
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