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The Sonic the Hedgehog movie HAS THE UGLIEST SONIC I EVER SEEN.
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May 22, 2019

Sonic the HedgehogBerleezyExposedSonic MovieiBerleezy




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Comments 5 993
Werido Productions
Werido Productions 2 hours ago
Fun fact super sonic came out before the first saiyan form sooooo
inexcusable arts
inexcusable arts 12 hours ago
"Gerbil mouth Jim Carrey." Me: I can't let that slIde!
WorldGamerGuy 18 hours ago
Do Peppa Pig, Go Diego Go, Teletubbies EXPOSED
dwayne Penn jr
dwayne Penn jr 18 hours ago
I just relized the dude who plays sonic played randy cuninham 9th grade ninja
Ricky Lomeli
Ricky Lomeli 22 hours ago
Berlezzy and molowery the same person ?
Lux Noctis
Lux Noctis Day ago
Nobody: PG: I WANNA SMASH! Blueface: Over.
Jojo Kool
Jojo Kool Day ago
It's four in the morning Daylight: am I a joke to you
Isaiah Jones
Isaiah Jones Day ago
HAAA Saggybooty legs Comedy gold
Izzy is Neon
Izzy is Neon Day ago
Correction: Green HillS is from Sonic 2 Game Gear
Izzy is Neon
Izzy is Neon Day ago
Correction: Green HillS is from Sonic 2 Game Gear
Izzy is Neon
Izzy is Neon Day ago
Correction: Green HillS is from Sonic 2 Game Gear
Knuckles and Tails ain’t in this
Daquan Smith
Daquan Smith Day ago
“Yes, excellent shot. Now lock him up” had me fucking weak🤣
Daquan Smith
Daquan Smith Day ago
“I wanna kill him”💀🤣
Amario Day ago
Berleezy: Can’t let this slide no one should. *later* Berleezy: *I HAVE TO LET THIS SLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDE*
dragonball slayer326
They better make the sonic design right this time around
Pug Saver
Pug Saver Day ago
Is sonic little furry?
Daniel Betancourt
Drake? Lol😂
Sparky 111000
4:19 I saw Dora 🤣
Ibanez Hona-taipari
I love the Sonic movie
Pineapple Jugo
Pineapple Jugo 2 days ago
AMAURI THE GOD 2 days ago
Berleezy need to do the new chucky (childs play)
space.bound_. 2 days ago
Do a Rick and Morty exposed
Kyree Starling
Kyree Starling 2 days ago
Why you yellin its not that deep😂
Mal Mal
Mal Mal 2 days ago
RJ Darrington
RJ Darrington 2 days ago
Expose Good Boys trailer
Mezz Elite
Mezz Elite 2 days ago
Advaita isdead
Advaita isdead 2 days ago
IRONMAN 2187 2 days ago
Bro Your like a Roasting God😂😂😂. But I'm good with that. #Roast Teen Titans go, Amazing world of gumball, and The Emoji Movie
Ecxx 2 days ago
no more homo shit😭
noah minter
noah minter 2 days ago
I thought he was going to talk about how the cop car said sheff
that one LNER engine
Nobody: YOU HUNGRY BABY ? Lmao
Justin Reddick
Justin Reddick 3 days ago
Yo berleezy read the comics tho
Jesus Mode
Jesus Mode 3 days ago
Berleezy should expose Johnny Test😂😂
Cameron Johnson
Cameron Johnson 3 days ago
No eyebrows having ahhh
Cameron Johnson
Cameron Johnson 3 days ago
Beerlezy looks like a honeybun
cleetus Beatus
cleetus Beatus 3 days ago
Sonic doing the deafult dance 1:57
Xotechnozoner *
Xotechnozoner * 3 days ago
0:52 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
mr Lion167
mr Lion167 3 days ago
You're assuming no one ever thought that sonic Is not ripping off dragon ball Z people know just not all of them
Estrella Benavidez
Gooey Money
Gooey Money 3 days ago
Cat TheMisfitGamer
Omfg! He fucking got his ass!! I'm dead 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Night Hawk
Night Hawk 3 days ago
Just found out about S Vs DB like really??
john zhinin
john zhinin 4 days ago
4:05 sonic is way faster than that
Dont restrict me pls
You finally got 1080p 😂😂😂😂
Jaz 4 days ago
No one: Not a single soul: Berleezy: THE FUCK IS THAAAAAT?????
Arianna S.
Arianna S. 4 days ago
we gon ignore the fact that the sheriff car is spelled "sheff"
SWAE_GOD_21 4 days ago
Did he just poot?!😂😂😂😂
Christian Baker davis
Who else saw Dora in the background
itss jesss
itss jesss 5 days ago
5:52 "did he just poot"💀😂😂😂😂
Ae86 ::/
Ae86 ::/ 5 days ago
Za worldo
tammy tyler
tammy tyler 5 days ago
Can you roast Arkam Knight batman and Chucky?
Amunah BatYAH
Amunah BatYAH 5 days ago
Lol at that Tails picture!
Ranasia Miles
Ranasia Miles 5 days ago
Yayyyy we getting another oneeee
JXICY Omega/brydoesgames
Do go Diego go
33DoubleAk 5 days ago
do they really talk like this?
KnxSceptix 5 days ago
4:43 funny asl 😂
Dulpho Dulpho
Dulpho Dulpho 6 days ago
Like ya hungry baby XD
Michael Aco
Michael Aco 6 days ago
Michael Aco
Michael Aco 6 days ago
Michael Aco
Michael Aco 6 days ago
Little bill
Michael Aco
Michael Aco 6 days ago
Do a little bill
Michael Aco
Michael Aco 6 days ago
Do a little bill exposed
SethSliders Supreme
0:52 pause
Makayla Johnson
Makayla Johnson 6 days ago
U look like future without his shades
arsene aesthetic
arsene aesthetic 6 days ago
6:33 now why got this man look like Zach Varmitech from wild kratts 🤣
Laron F
Laron F 6 days ago
Berleezy needs a movie about him
Animexx 6 days ago
The movie will be released on Feb 14,2020 Also I don't think neither Tails nor knuckles will appear. I don't see them In the cast voice actors.
Cori Guzman
Cori Guzman 6 days ago
Can you do lorax
Jasmine Poppy
Jasmine Poppy 6 days ago
Do boondocks next lol
Elizabeth Parra
Elizabeth Parra 6 days ago
Dont come at jim carry like that tho 😭
The Gacha Couple
The Gacha Couple 6 days ago
Good thing they are going to change sonic
Jayce Creep
Jayce Creep 6 days ago
They should have Donald trump as egg men
Na1r_Na1r 25
Na1r_Na1r 25 6 days ago
"I wanna smash!" "I can't smash rn" Mega pause ⏸️⏸️⏸️
Stick Of Gacha
Stick Of Gacha 6 days ago
I believe super Sonic was around before super Saiyan goku.
Nashid Barrett
Nashid Barrett 7 days ago
Big Jawline
Big Jawline 7 days ago
That’s what I was saying for the longest time sonic is so similar too dragon ball z
You got Bill Cosby'd
3:03 damn bright af for 4am
Is 🅱️erleezy 🅱️ack¿
Karen Atkinson
Karen Atkinson 7 days ago
How about the loud house please
ConnerK00 7 days ago
Make adventure time exposed
DeAsia McClain
DeAsia McClain 7 days ago
You should do conspiracy theory videos!
Clout God D.D™
Clout God D.D™ 7 days ago
Clout God D.D™
Clout God D.D™ 7 days ago
Genisis Castillo
Genisis Castillo 7 days ago
He want to be goku so bad!!!😂😂
Diamond Galaxy Games
The sonic and goku argument happened like back in 2011 lmfao
J. Alex
J. Alex 7 days ago
10:59 So this dude don't figure this out till now. Now I'M about to ROAST!! (jk u da man Ber)
UwU.Frost 7 days ago
I realized that back in elementary school lil dog
Mandy Ven
Mandy Ven 7 days ago
‘Nasty ass saggy booty legs’😂😂
Eunice Henry
Eunice Henry 7 days ago
Hetro Sp3ktro
Hetro Sp3ktro 8 days ago
did sonic just hit the default dance
Mr. Smith 222
Mr. Smith 222 8 days ago
8:05 what is that song?
Mr. Smith 222
Mr. Smith 222 8 days ago
Say hello to the new Who from Whoville.
Kay S
Kay S 8 days ago
I wish they casted Danny devito
Arik Hardin
Arik Hardin 8 days ago
This Nigga sound like Mickey Mouse @4:46
The Fresh Prince from Bel Air
Can you do lil Tay
Mikhalaplayz Mclaurin
Why he smack his foot down so hard
Im Precise
Im Precise 8 days ago
When this nigga said “what’s next “A FUCKING SONIC MUSICAL” I started literally crying 😂😂😂😭💀
Giovanni Colofranson
You should definitely do Adventure Time or Simpsons
BrownSuga Baby
BrownSuga Baby 8 days ago
"did he just poot" 😭😭😂😂😂
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