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Feb 15, 2020




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Comments 80
H2ODelirious 3 months ago
If you want to see more of this game, Work together and Deliver the likes to it! Thank you for supporting my channel.
tweets421 Month ago
maya ramirez
maya ramirez 2 months ago
No problem delirious anything for you❤❤❤
TTY_Crow Fate
TTY_Crow Fate 3 months ago
@Aidan Manley ya
TTY_Crow Fate
TTY_Crow Fate 3 months ago
@Taylor Weston hi
TTY_Crow Fate
TTY_Crow Fate 3 months ago
@Taylor Weston thanks
Rayed Abdullah
Rayed Abdullah 4 days ago
The most cutest moment in the video: Cartoonz: Yaaahhhaayyaaaahhyaahhhyaaaah. Ohm: Ohh ohhh yeah yeaaaa. Delirious: Oh Did you found something Cartoonz? Yeaaah yeahah you can fly yeaaaaaaa. Me Awww😄😶😄
super mobile gAMERZ
when is black ops granpa gonna come back?
Natasha Tapia
Natasha Tapia 14 days ago
I think it's cute that cartoonz is in Delirious arms.
jay sutton
jay sutton 26 days ago
You guys made me laugh so much. You made my day
Nick Burns
Nick Burns 29 days ago
Delirious that's Sonic from the stone age he didn't find speed until the Tech age (when machines/robots/etc. and ipads/phones/ipods/computers/etc. And companies like amazon/*amajohn*/ebay/JB high Fi/etc. We're made)
kathy golden
kathy golden 29 days ago
the little car minigame is like rocket lead
MrWhatdafuBOOM Month ago
0:29 The guy on the right looks like CaRtOoNz's dad. xD
general banana
general banana Month ago
Who notice the tree they got in was a star wars Ewok tree
Predator Mercenary king
22:28 Best Friends
Mr.Unknown Month ago
( * _ *)
Grace Wright
Grace Wright Month ago
I got this in my Xbox one and my ipad
Dark wolf demon 90X
Rocket legue
Jacob Whetton
Jacob Whetton Month ago
i like your video your merchandise is so good i like your merchandise it is sooooo good.
Jacob Whetton
Jacob Whetton Month ago
got up now don,t die by youube
Jacob Whetton
Jacob Whetton Month ago
hello h20 subscrlbed and like.
Andy Guerrero
Andy Guerrero Month ago
Andy Guerrero
Andy Guerrero Month ago
Pamela Marmolejos
Jaime Monague
Jaime Monague Month ago
David McElfresh
David McElfresh 2 months ago
1:50 is so funny
Spaceman crazy
Spaceman crazy 2 months ago
15:30 he is a squirrel he falls from trees for a living
darklight real
darklight real 2 months ago
H20 want to be RUvid friend's
Gacha Jamee
Gacha Jamee 2 months ago
Sonic in thumbnail: FLEX TAPE sonic in game: visible confusion.
commander demonno
where did sonic appear in the game?
Dark shadow the hedgehog
More please
Chatwilai Srikhrua
Chatwilai Srikhrua 2 months ago
2:48 nuke was explode and now his fly like a eagle 🦅
Chatwilai Srikhrua
Chatwilai Srikhrua 2 months ago
22:37 there the guy is start dancing like a funny and crazy
Chatwilai Srikhrua
Chatwilai Srikhrua 2 months ago
1:51 the car crush to someone trying to delivery and it’s crush now cartoons was mad 😡
Chatwilai Srikhrua
Chatwilai Srikhrua 2 months ago
22:28 it’s very funny
Chatwilai Srikhrua
Chatwilai Srikhrua 2 months ago
2:48 the nuke was explode and they are fly like a eagle 🦅
Owen Bennett
Owen Bennett 2 months ago
1:51 Cartoonz is chasing the ambulance
2006thescotts 2 months ago
16:40 I think it was toonz,recker delirious and squirrel
Nabil NFBAR 2 months ago
philly the kid
philly the kid 2 months ago
The5thBielski 2 months ago
Uhmm rocket league!?
Girl on Fire
Girl on Fire 2 months ago
I love the janky rocket league
Aaron Revill
Aaron Revill 3 months ago
i love this please keep it up ok
Descrucionviper 3 months ago
Teddy bear crew!!!!!!!!! Azembal *power ranger music
Descrucionviper 3 months ago
I laughed so dame hard a 2:48 XD this game is amazing!!!!!!!
grayson vaughan
grayson vaughan 3 months ago
Sonic, Rocket League, and farts. What a game lol
blue ARMY
blue ARMY 3 months ago
How many games did dead squirrel did not played with delirious?
Cyber Shadow
Cyber Shadow 3 months ago
That's a rocket league reference
Charlie Alvarado
Charlie Alvarado 3 months ago
Squirrel looks like carl whezzer
Killer Kobster
Killer Kobster 3 months ago
Literally rocket league in 2020 17:22
dyingpianist 3 months ago
smooth song
Tristian Knowles
Tristian Knowles 3 months ago
17:48 is rocket league lol
Rapy 3 months ago
Wait, why is ohm not posting videos playing with them anymore
Noah Bly
Noah Bly 3 months ago
You guys should play rocket league
Crazy Mothman
Crazy Mothman 3 months ago
13:44 is that a di$k
Unknown Mysterious
Unknown Mysterious 3 months ago
The end killed me 🤣🤣
Supreme Turtle
Supreme Turtle 3 months ago
15:31 that how squirrel became a dead squirrels
N1ceyp0p Notegaming
N1ceyp0p Notegaming 3 months ago
Finally a new rocket league video from delirious
Black panther gaming
How many of you find the last moment best
Sonic Chan
Sonic Chan 3 months ago
you’re god damn right i did
Lava is A Lava
Lava is A Lava 3 months ago
WHat was that ending xdd it was cute and funny and weirdd
Kenaxe 3 months ago
*ambulance hits his car* Cartoons: hey you sonava bitch, get back here
WarioWeb GX
WarioWeb GX 3 months ago
I have seen the movie of sonic the hedgehog it's a good movie !
Emmi Goes Rawr
Emmi Goes Rawr 3 months ago
I love how floppy everything is😂
Teddy squad where u at??🐻
Kev Hellageekin
Kev Hellageekin 3 months ago
Can you play party panic with dead squirrel
RadiatedSheep 3 months ago
Lol would've been perfect is there was a teddy bear in the throne
Wage 3 months ago
22:28 just look at this
Derek Gomez
Derek Gomez 3 months ago
Wow I never thought they play rocket league again
M1dlyfe _Eklipsik
M1dlyfe _Eklipsik 3 months ago
17:10 Rocket League in a nutshell
Jacob Ward
Jacob Ward 3 months ago
Gotta go FastBTW don't trust Squirrel He EVIL. He stole your mine craft wife and touched teddy bear
Nate Lopez
Nate Lopez 3 months ago
Come on Delirious Army,we can make the like goal
Zeke 3 months ago
The new remake of rocket league dont you agree
Jeremy Bennett
Jeremy Bennett 3 months ago
Galond's Stuff
Galond's Stuff 3 months ago
Hey easy ways H2O delirious you break you buy everything by call Identity v H2O delirious Las Vegas game right now I liked it so much. yes Oh no
callmejohn 3 months ago
:) ((
callmejohn 3 months ago
Fang Wolves
Fang Wolves 3 months ago
Delirious joined on the 24 of May ( my birthday is the 24 of May) since I was three and now I'm 15 and I've been watching Delirious since I was 9. And I'll forever watch his videos too. ( and his friends)
Particle Killer
Particle Killer 3 months ago
offbrand rocket league at the end
H.R Wells
H.R Wells 3 months ago
Can you do tabs please
Fireball 3 months ago
Did anyone realize they’re playing rocket league
Cuboidal Pear
Cuboidal Pear 3 months ago
So good, love you guys all together. The end though I couldn't see for tears of laughter
Jason Greene
Jason Greene 3 months ago
Can we have more delirious toonz lullabies?
Snowball րհilօძεղძɾօղ
Lozio Shutzberg
Lozio Shutzberg 3 months ago
Please delirios make more is so funny xD
Gabriel George
Gabriel George 3 months ago
That was some fast food🤣
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