Song Lyric Prank on "Boyfriend" (GONE WRONG)

Alexa Rivera
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Aug 17, 2019




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Comments 5 047
raissa amanda
raissa amanda 20 minutes ago
4:15 Brent: wha-
M Chapman
M Chapman 36 minutes ago
who else thinks lexi and andrew would be a cuter couple
Victoria Høyland
Victoria Høyland 45 minutes ago
4:34 look at his face!,
Ruby & Fleur
Ruby & Fleur Hour ago
Andrew looks so exited when they were going to take a picture
Rheanna Chandru
Rheanna Chandru 2 hours ago
Omg now I ship Andrew and Lexi
Isa Veldman
Isa Veldman 2 hours ago
Lexi: Ben is your BF he
Cyclone Anderson
Cyclone Anderson 4 hours ago
Cycone juon Appy Anderson Love you and poiuytrecbnmk good to hear from you Bay piytrcnmh the first one boyfriend
Dylan Haro
Dylan Haro 5 hours ago
Kaelyn Bruce
Kaelyn Bruce 6 hours ago
Anyone else just sitting there saying ti themselves “Damnnnn Andrew is fineee”🥵🤭🔥
Leona Knezovic
Leona Knezovic 6 hours ago
Ok nvm i found out
Leona Knezovic
Leona Knezovic 6 hours ago
Aren't you and Andrew brother and sister?
Jose Romero
Jose Romero 7 hours ago
I have a crush on Andrew but I'm only 7 years
Miss Catty
Miss Catty 8 hours ago
You and him are a good couple I don’t know how to spell his name it’s not Ben it’s Andrew
Are you and Ben dating????
Monica 9 hours ago
Who ships Lexi and Andrew
ELTE Clan 13 hours ago
Put the music on at least
Nikki Young
Nikki Young 17 hours ago
How is life so unfair! Andrew was body slammed with puberty and kissed by the gods before he came to this earth
Hallie Morrison
Hallie Morrison 19 hours ago
Am I the only person who thinks...sofie dossi looks like Lexi,.😂
Daniel Hatake
Daniel Hatake 23 hours ago
andrew is cute like lixe mmmmmmm
Daniel Hatake
Daniel Hatake 23 hours ago
no hate but you always put youe arm up if you read this
that was funny ha ha .
Aurea Wood
Aurea Wood Day ago
I love you guys ur the best😍😗😙😘😚❤💙💚💛💜💓💕💖💗💝💞💟👍
Sadie Finnerty
literally her and Andrew r so much cuter than her and ben
Natalie Whitchurch
When Andrew was on ft with Ben and Ben said all that’s stuff before Andrew told him awwwww💗💗💗💗💗
Lilly Soska
Lilly Soska Day ago
Your name I Alexa I thot it was Lexsy
Gottwins 2
Gottwins 2 Day ago
Ava Armstrong
this was funny
Tory Jasper
Tory Jasper Day ago
Lexi's laugh makes me laugh 😂
Ernie Dermowidjojo
Lexi and Ben or 💔💔💔💔
Sophie Thielman
You and Ben should have a joint RUvid channel
Gaming Tube
Gaming Tube Day ago
Who is andrew
Khairul Fauzi
Hi guys welcome "clap" to my youtube chanel
Juss Que
Juss Que Day ago
JussQue 💖
asia abbott
asia abbott Day ago
Why is Andrew and Lexi cuter as a couple
Desire phillips
Desire phillips 2 days ago
Cherita Chavers
Cherita Chavers 2 days ago
Lexi and Andrew siting in a tree k-I-s-s-I-n-g
Hailey Jensen
Hailey Jensen 2 days ago
Ben and lexi need to get back together
Talon Cunningham
Talon Cunningham 2 days ago
That laugh at 51 seconds in
Jenito Davila
Jenito Davila 2 days ago
Hey cool vid
Lily Talmadge
Lily Talmadge 2 days ago
Shanyce's fun activities
I wish that you can come to my country to help my prank my sister!!!!
Shanyce's fun activities
so amazing!!!!!!
Luke Gonzales
Luke Gonzales 3 days ago
What do you mean of “Boyfriend” so is she your boyfriend or “Boyfriend”?
Alya Azeez
Alya Azeez 3 days ago
I love that song they used by the weekend.😝😝😝
Ana Cespedes
Ana Cespedes 3 days ago
Your so beautiful and funnny😅❤️
Addie Blake
Addie Blake 3 days ago
Are Lexi and Ben a couple or not?
Anthony king 17
Anthony king 17 3 days ago
why does brent always end up in a veido
Star Light
Star Light 3 days ago
So can anybody tell are they dating (ben and lexi) or not... im so CONFUSED PLEASE EXPLAIN
Jasmine Duckworth
Is they super tall is she just really small....or am i just seeing things😂😂😂😁😁😶😶😶💀💀💀💀
Billy Famous
Billy Famous 3 days ago
Ωραία τα αγοράκια, αλλά μην κάνουν κάνα λάθος κ κατέβουν Μέθανα
Malina Noemi 2.0
Malina Noemi 2.0 4 days ago
So are they together ore not?😂
winnersforever 4 days ago
Andrew is literally Alex Aiono’s twin
srilal ratnayake
srilal ratnayake 4 days ago
But I recommend love yourself by Justin Bieber it is more like sad
Gina Hilworth
Gina Hilworth 4 days ago
Well the cute boy next to brent i like him
Pumpkin spice
Pumpkin spice 4 days ago
Omg umm andrew you are BUTIFULL
Wolfgirl508 4 days ago
Andrew is just fixing his hair while the prank
kyla2840 kyla2840
l love that you see brent just walking up the stairs like he just don't care at 4:12
Deyala Radwan
Deyala Radwan 4 days ago
Andrew is cute
yolanda fraire
yolanda fraire 4 days ago
4:11 Brent casually just walking up the stairs 😂😂😂
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