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no one
no one 3 minutes ago
The stylish: how do you want to look like! Somi: show me everything you got
Zuhal Hadid
Zuhal Hadid 10 minutes ago
Everyday is my birthday Duhhh Yeaaaaa💖💖💖💖
Deihan Kakah
Deihan Kakah 19 minutes ago
Mantul!!! 👌😍👍
Eunjin Jung
Eunjin Jung 31 minute ago
Have i ever mentioned that Jeon Somi is my spirit animal?
Jihye Lee
Jihye Lee 32 minutes ago
Somi fans! Make sure to comeback and watch this awesome mv every 30 minute because if you keep watching it over and over, they won't count it. Make sure to search up her name and the specific song too.
Gay. 37 minutes ago
Somi : “Everyday is my Birthday” Me : Damn she old I did unnecessary math but she’s 6,570 year old now..
Army.exoal jimin
Army.exoal jimin 48 minutes ago
katy_sone 52 minutes ago
6M left till 40M ! Keep watching fam ~
no one
no one Hour ago
I'm so in love with this girl she so different she looks happy actively funny and pretty
Soso san الوضاحي
WoW 😅😘😘😘😘lm girl😂😂
*-Army Blinkue-*
My birthday is on july 20
Yeah Right
Yeah Right Hour ago
KEEP ON STR3AMING EVERYONE LETS GIVE THIS BOP SOMI SONG 40 MILLION VI3WS BEFORE END OF JULY :D let's get itttt log out your youtube and watch on browser.
Hosana Silva
Hosana Silva Hour ago
Ela parece a Miley Cyrus asiática
Jisoo Blackpink
Yeah Right
Yeah Right Hour ago
Go get a life instead being trash here eww
Jisoo Blackpink
Ewwwww Trash
Yeah Right
Yeah Right Hour ago
Are u talking about yourself? Lmao loser! Hahaha go get a life pfftttt ewwwwww
Eurovision Cyan
Eurovision Cyan 2 hours ago
That would be a great diss track
Nora mohmmad
Nora mohmmad 2 hours ago
سونمي الحببب❤️❤️
maknae som
maknae som 2 hours ago
Who else miss her already?
Yeah Right
Yeah Right Hour ago
Meeee :'(
idsiar santos
idsiar santos 2 hours ago
This is Iggy Azalea's Fancy meeting Kpop. It has the same vibe and overall message. But Somi is so pretty🥰 i can see both Canadian and Korean since she sings both languages. I love people who have mixed nationalities😚❤ This song grew on me and now it's an ear worm🎶🎧
Nur Fitriani
Nur Fitriani 2 hours ago
34 millions🎉
kamarul adzizi
kamarul adzizi 2 hours ago
today is my birthday.so i came hear to hear birthday 😂
Yeah Right
Yeah Right Hour ago
An Intellectual yas Happy Birthday to youuu
ᴀᴇsᴛʜᴇᴛɪᴄ ɴᴀᴛᴀʟɪᴇ
This came out on my birthday :)
Renata Drljo
Renata Drljo 2 hours ago
Somi love you
Tae. Got.Tea.
Tae. Got.Tea. 3 hours ago
Someone tell me do you learn Korean with captions and the music of kpop PLEASE ANSWER ME SOMEONE😭🥺😔😂😊
Tae. Got.Tea.
Tae. Got.Tea. Hour ago
THANK YOU!!! I been watching kpop for 2 years or even 3
maknae som
maknae som 2 hours ago
I first knew "erami boyeyo" From 4min song. And ther are many more that I learned
trang nguyen
trang nguyen 3 hours ago
So good I love you somi
R 3 hours ago
I’m obsessed
wells mood
wells mood 3 hours ago
Okay I'm not invited bu we still STAN THE QUEEN 👑👑❤️
BTS Army
BTS Army 3 hours ago
ادماااان 😭😂😂😂😭😭😭😍😍😍👍👍💓💓💓💕💕💝💞💞💋💞💋💞💙✋
Julia Jey
Julia Jey 3 hours ago
shahi noor
shahi noor 3 hours ago
This song is addicting!
SaharaxBts 4 hours ago
Idk why but i think of Jungkook when i see her and hear this😭 but i really like this song😊💘
Officer. Steal Comments
Imma listen to this song now every times its my birthday
Fatiha Bihi
Fatiha Bihi 4 hours ago
I d'ont like this song
자이크Jake Hour ago
Yeah Right That’s their opinion and not everyone is going to like the same type of music 🙄
Yeah Right
Yeah Right Hour ago
Maybe you should rise your standard instead being tasteless :)
girl group stan
girl group stan 4 hours ago
I love this bop,I love Somi
Sica Chu
Sica Chu 4 hours ago
addictive song! and somi really good with this song
miko lebak
miko lebak 4 hours ago
Amrina Rose yy
Amrina Rose yy 4 hours ago
YOONMIN Fan_101 4 hours ago
I think I just turned lesbian...
مناار هههههه
@Manar ** نعامه
Manar **
Manar ** 5 hours ago
ڼـعمًـْ 😌
Manuella Cavalcante
só de pensar q a Jennie visualizou essa música e curtiu 💗
Scott Mcall Mcall
Scott Mcall Mcall 5 hours ago
Perfeitaaaaaaa merece o mundo
Natalie Cohen
Natalie Cohen 5 hours ago
Oops! I'm not invited? Why??!!
*Pandora* 4915
*Pandora* 4915 5 hours ago
Today is my birthday 🎂 I didn't got a single wish 😭
Yeah Right
Yeah Right 4 hours ago
Nahee Hi
Nahee Hi 5 hours ago
KIWI 5 hours ago
Hiiii somiiii!!! I hope u have a Nice day Don't be sad for those haters ! We are here for support u How Many people love our girl?!!!
Eyerus Joseph
Eyerus Joseph 5 hours ago
It sounds a bit too childish? I don’t know the exact word for it. She’s got a unique voice, I hope she makes better songs in the future.
Eyerus Joseph
Eyerus Joseph 4 hours ago
Yeah Right, remember that’s your opinion. I will definitely listen to the song you recommended though.
Yeah Right
Yeah Right 4 hours ago
She's still 18 years old lol chill,this song is perfect and fit her age and it's good . Maybe u can listen to her 2nd track song titled as Outta My Head. It's amazinggggg
nene napas
nene napas 5 hours ago
I'm a shake it shake it shake it like it was my BIRTHDAY
쩡이* 6 hours ago
Ka Yu
Ka Yu 6 hours ago
Imagine somi with blackpink
Marry Ann Medina
Marry Ann Medina 6 hours ago
and why did she leave JYP? she was part of itzy and they will release their mv on 2018 but cuz she leave JYP itzy will continue their mv on 2019 and they replace somi with yuna (my bias)
i m yo mom stan NCT, ateez for clear skin
Yeah Right it's not rumor spread by fans but a jyp staff who was supposed to worked for itzy said that
Yeah Right
Yeah Right 4 hours ago
Somi was never apart of itzy that just a false rumours spread by fans. Jype never stated any statement about that.
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