Something Was LIVING INSIDE OF ME!! (True Story Animation w/ @Gloom)

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Another "True" Animated Story reaction but this time with Kassie (Gloom). Today's story to share is called My Family Didn't Believe That Something Had Been Living Inside Of ME! But Then My Mom Saw My Belly!
WATCH KASSIE'S VIDEO HERE: ruvid.net/video/video-TAYTvU5nyrw.html
Dory Story
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Jan 17, 2020




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Comments 2 046
Ben Farr
Ben Farr 35 minutes ago
Ben Farr
Ben Farr 35 minutes ago
ALEXSSG the sucky account that sucks
Gigantic scars suck? Dammit, i dropped a grey assault rifle for one
ALEXSSG the sucky account that sucks
How do you remove a button you say? Make RUvid remove the thumbs down button coz i just clicked it. no, im just kidding 🤣
Bun Bun
Bun Bun 2 hours ago
“A giant terrible monster was living inside me!” *Mom is that you?!*
Comet Chloe
Comet Chloe 22 hours ago
please make the video louder, like the story art? I had to have my volume all the way up and then you started talking and it blasted.
Nicholas Camphouse
lauren YOU just gave me belly button afobia
Lucy V
Lucy V Day ago
Cutie Gaming
Cutie Gaming Day ago
wait.... they said stella and NOW she is called Judy?!
Lovely Sophia Kc
Hahahahahha Judie is buy one take one Hahahahahha
Emily Mosier
Emily Mosier 2 days ago
y dad doesn't have a belly button either
Lexlann Jovel
Lexlann Jovel 2 days ago
Are there baby gloom and baby side
Charlotte Walker
Charlotte Walker 2 days ago
"Something has been living inside of me" Me- Oh god, he ate the hampster, didn't he?
Adrianna Hermey
Adrianna Hermey 2 days ago
the worst thing is that watched that and remember it
Cat Collie
Cat Collie 3 days ago
Judy: In the Orphanage I loved you. Andy: your just saying that so your child haunts my belly-button. Judy: Nooooooo totally didn’t make you pregnant. Andy: Wait.... are you saying I’m a girl?!? Judy: Hell yeah,
T.O.P.K YTR Studio
The film was alien
ελλεν V.
ελλεν V. 3 days ago
what a story what a journey
Princess Cute
Princess Cute 3 days ago
Lauren it is a real movie ive watched it with my maid before IT WAS DISGUSTING!! Plus the monsters were.. Donuts..freaking mutated donuts..that if you eat them you start farting (this is about to get really tmi so be warned) Then your stomach would hurt and then your farts becomes poop thats the color of blood and then for a minute or two your poo become your intestines and then your kidney and the donut would rip open your stomach part of the body.. It was the most traumatizing movie i have ever watched and to top it off i was only 7..freaking 7 years old..I specifically remember it..VIVIDLY god it was disgusting..plus if you didn't eat them they were going to eat you instead..oh and for more gore they would pop your eyes off and sometimes would come out from your nose...SO GO AHEAD AND RUIN YOUR CHILDHOOD TODAY :D AND SEARCH IT ON YT GOOD LUCK!! Plus the movie is called "attack of the killer donuts.." Also me: ahh the good old days i watched that....i could never forget my face watching that...😪😌
Amy Edwards
Amy Edwards 3 days ago
Judy... More like duty Ik I’m cringey
Slime Warrior And Kelskelsland
14:59 angelic pickles🤣🤣🤣
Tisha 3 days ago
I want to buy the Z side senpia sooooo much...but I'm on my mom's account and she would NEVER agree to this cri:C
Blas Varela
Blas Varela 4 days ago
I no longer have a belly button. Me: HE’S STEPHEN UNIVERSE CONFIRMED!!!1!!!! Lauren:👁👄👁
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda 4 days ago
Lauren-uhhh. 5 secs later uhhh another 5 secs later uhhh and another uhhhh. ANOTHER 5 SECS LATER UHHHHH
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda 4 days ago
Lauren- TOCOS 🌮 in your belly button 🤮
gamer X equestrian
stfuuuu :
Natasha Ward-powell
Natasha Ward-powell
sugar cube diamond
Image if at the end the moster came out this stumic and killed july
Sonya parsons
Sonya parsons 4 days ago
Judy Judy butt booty banana nana dododee
denis 2
denis 2 4 days ago
denis 2
denis 2 4 days ago
@john roblox
denis 2
denis 2 4 days ago
@john ronlox
denis 2
denis 2 4 days ago
Shaun Bates
Shaun Bates 4 days ago
Just put some ice on it.
Harmoniusgurl 13
Harmoniusgurl 13 5 days ago
When the sister told him he was adopted all he had to say At least my parents wanted me!
lily aurora
lily aurora 5 days ago
Abbyzweridside e gaming
Well a boy in my school had no belly button
Xx RoyaleLove xX
Xx RoyaleLove xX 6 days ago
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Tatiana Pettinato
My dad had a hernia when he was 19 and he got Removed and now he doesn’t have a belly button
Red AngelGamer
Red AngelGamer 7 days ago
what are you adopted
Qeeen Victoria Mcm
I’m a big fan
Yeizy Alejandro
Yeizy Alejandro 8 days ago
Wait i think that movie is called ailien
Rainbow Sheep Channel
The only bad thang about this Chanel is when it ends
Elizabeth Lewis
Elizabeth Lewis 8 days ago
OMG when I was watching this with the belly button one I looked at my belly button (and I had pink pjs on) and the wool had fell onto my belly button was the wool I nearly died but then I noticed it was my pjs lol
Galaxy Defenders
Galaxy Defenders 8 days ago
Didnt the boy have a brother
Kadence Reagan
Kadence Reagan 9 days ago
My little sister had the same disease Uh, oh.
sean mceachin
sean mceachin 9 days ago
Haha You stupid🏴‍☠️
Will D
Will D 9 days ago
I think the moive was Alien because they burst out of you
Cliff Christofferson
Did u guys see the knockoff apple brand "pear"
Judy jusiy
Judy jusiy 9 days ago
Sooooooo. My name is judy but i have the werst luck
TeeTylerr26 9 days ago
15? That’s the guy from 7 second riddles right 😂
amber swafford
amber swafford 9 days ago
Lina Hasdo
Lina Hasdo 9 days ago
Me hearing about Judy being second option:PFF HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA BUY ONE GET ONE FREE I GET IT!BUT MORE LIKE the dude's sister:Ha your adopted The dude:at least they wanted me The dude's sister:yeah but did your first parents The dude:THEY BOTH DIED YOUR ADOPTED AS WELL(I know this looks stupid)
Grace Shaw
Grace Shaw 9 days ago
*opens video* “I nO lOnGeR HaVe A bElLy BoTtOn”
citizen hernandez
14:01 the laptop was a pear instead of an apple 😂😂
Sarah McCabe
Sarah McCabe 9 days ago
judy is a buy one get one free
Sarah McCabe
Sarah McCabe 9 days ago
me. i am adopted judy was wright wait she is adopted to yay
Madeline Forgie
Madeline Forgie 9 days ago
Alexa Blair
Alexa Blair 9 days ago
why is no one talking about how lauren’s eyeshadow looks so good
dandroidtoro 10 days ago
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