Somebody That I Used To Know (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)

Frog Leap Studios
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Original by Gotye
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4333 Oltedal, Rogaland
Hi there, my name is Leo and I run a studio on the westside of Norway where I record and produce bands, do video work and play live shows.
On my youtube channel there is lots of videos with covers, gear reviews , studio updates and other shenaningans.
For my covers I play everything myself as well as record, mix, master, shoot and edit the music & videos.
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Leo uses:
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Jul 15, 2016




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Comments 100
Dylon Whisler
Dylon Whisler 16 hours ago
Why do you look like postal dude?
Abby Alli Lambertus
You REALLY should go on tour you could leave a mark in the music world dude
Jessie Solo
Jessie Solo 4 days ago
Sounds perfect for me 🤟 loud yet relaxing . Keep it up!
skeleton G
skeleton G 5 days ago
James Nance
James Nance 6 days ago
Dude you're awesome don't let anything change you brother
findingout 11 days ago
dam!! how does he do it??? this guy is a frigging genius!! I even like the end songs?? wtf
Ove U
Ove U 19 days ago
Takk! Vi må komme sammen en dag, har lyst til å spille med deg!
OmgThatsSpooky• 20 days ago
This guys awesome!
Hector Lewis
Hector Lewis 21 day ago
Laurie Stone
Laurie Stone 25 days ago
This cover speaks to me, very deeply...
Miss Roxy
Miss Roxy 28 days ago
I love everything you do Leo !!!
Born Free
Born Free 29 days ago
Epic, Classic 😂
Nastassja Riemermann
I wish you had brought someone else on this.... It's a more powerful song when it's clearly two sides of the story. Still quite enjoyable, though.
Kenny G
Kenny G Month ago
Hahaha me ...myself and Irene!! Minty cover!!
Daniel Aguilar Aparicio
Madre del amor hermoso!! pq no te he conocido antes!!
Hiate Higurasi
Hiate Higurasi Month ago
Awesome cover man
Allen Gingras
Allen Gingras Month ago
Monkey D Luffy
Monkey D Luffy Month ago
even the barbie thingy be headbanging
Lee Hoffman
Lee Hoffman Month ago
the whole song its self is really good. can you do the song no one knows by queens of the stone age.
SiLeNt OpErAtIoN
Come rock out in Dallas tx
Kosta K.
Kosta K. Month ago
Love it! Great cover!! Maybe add some Kimbra or Mary Spender tho? :-)
joe amigo
joe amigo Month ago
joe amigo
joe amigo Month ago
Pinnacle Productions
What can't this guy do?!!! Freaking awesome!!!
Matthijs Wessels
Again a better versions that the original if you ask me ;-)
Naughty Monkey
Naughty Monkey Month ago
Fuck, nicely done man. I'd love to see Gotye and/ or Kimbra react to this!!!!
Vagrants onTour
Vagrants onTour Month ago
Mega Song. Mega cover. Well done. Thank you man.👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Doan 87
Doan 87 Month ago
I like this song from your cover for metal, and tiesto for dj version But Awesome your song
Tamás Aradi
Tamás Aradi Month ago
Doomguy after a breakup
Elisha LeBaron
Elisha LeBaron Month ago
Please do a.covernof Black Velvet!!!!!
SawedOff Shotty
SawedOff Shotty Month ago
I would love to see this guy live.
Gary Mitchell
Gary Mitchell 2 months ago
No. Doesn't work.
Iron Cross666
Iron Cross666 2 months ago
System of a Down - Deer Dance Please!!!
Sara DeCavit
Sara DeCavit 2 months ago
This is better than the original! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Ivan Novytskyi
Ivan Novytskyi 2 months ago
No way
Bridget Marden
Bridget Marden 2 months ago
One of my best guy friends Richard hooked me with your version of Hello.... now I'm a fan for life. Thank you Leo for all that you do and continue to do. You, your videos, and your music is absofuckingly amazing!!!!!
Dave Duncan
Dave Duncan 2 months ago
This is "twinkle twinkle little star that I used to know."
Johnshin casulla
Johnshin casulla 2 months ago
aug 15 2020 I still listen
Shortstop 2 months ago
You've given this song some life, bravo 👌
carl shipers
carl shipers 2 months ago
Tht breakdown... Fuck yea
GoRaL9119 2 months ago
Absolutely perfect \../
Arcaleon 2019
Arcaleon 2019 2 months ago
Now this is a version of the song I can always enjoy. Keep thrashing away man.
Shrill Fungus
Shrill Fungus 2 months ago
1000000 times better than the original version. At one time I told people that I wasn't sure whether or not I liked this song because I had almost no opinion on it.
Александр Исаченко
шик! блеск! красотаааа!!! супер короче!))))))
JaB 2 months ago
love that music box with the dancer headbanging xD
Amey Pande
Amey Pande 2 months ago
Anybody after TDG's cover?
shytownmofo 2 months ago
Needs to be a duet, otherwise, pretty awesome.
Ancient Of Days
Ancient Of Days 2 months ago
Mesagerul [MSG]
Mesagerul [MSG] 2 months ago
you sang well but the beat is so so simple and its freaking my head , just the same drums and guitar all the way, but good
Rafaele Nazar
Rafaele Nazar 2 months ago
I knew that Leo would not fail
Mage Master Ozero
Mage Master Ozero 2 months ago
As much as I like TDG’s new revamp of this song, you did it so so much better 👍😎
Tailow1234 3 months ago
Came here to see which cover is better. Him or TDG. We have a clear winner.
BryanRitter 3 months ago
Three Days Grace.
Gabe tha babe
Gabe tha babe 3 months ago
better than the three days grace cover.
Frog Green
Frog Green 3 months ago
Make a good song even better, thanks!
Chris Brown
Chris Brown 3 months ago
Dislikes are those who wanted a hot woman in the video...
mmnmm oaoaoa
mmnmm oaoaoa 3 months ago
TDG соснули еще 2 года назад, лол На самом деле все офигенные)
Grenadiel 3 months ago
Came here to cleanse my ears after TDG's autotune
LEGO 2000 McBricks
Did you listen to them at the drive thru?
Amey Pande
Amey Pande 2 months ago
john C
john C 2 months ago
Agreed, TDG didn't hit right
Geoff Swedelson
Geoff Swedelson 3 months ago
Would have been better with a women on the other singing side
Eliasfaces 3 months ago
Amazing, simply amazing...
Antonia Mae Talley
Antonia Mae Talley 3 months ago
Please come to Seattle or Portland???
Lee Pritchard
Lee Pritchard 3 months ago
God Leo makes the most cheesy song and metals it up. Billy Joel Piano Man.
Trash Man
Trash Man 3 months ago
OMFG i love these vids
Roberto leguía
Roberto leguía 3 months ago
demasiado bueno......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tina Mccoy
Tina Mccoy 3 months ago
I like this version better! Leo is a bad ass!
ray duncan
ray duncan 3 months ago
Dudes a genius
Leah Marie
Leah Marie 3 months ago
omg Yes!!
Mike Ferrara
Mike Ferrara 3 months ago
I need MORE METAL whats the most metal songs?
Mike Ferrara
Mike Ferrara 3 months ago
A song that should have always been metal to start.
Isaac White
Isaac White 3 months ago
Band name : tonight at rockville we present to you THE LEO'S
Isaac White
Isaac White 3 months ago
This man is a whole band by himself
Anonymushadow 4 months ago
es muy bueno este tipo
Leyton Nuku
Leyton Nuku 4 months ago
Pierre Music
Pierre Music 4 months ago
Disappointed there was no female to sing the other part.
D.L. Starling
D.L. Starling 4 months ago
and then, just like that, having a band became obsolete. all hail guys alone in their basements.
Chester Bawang
Chester Bawang 4 months ago
Olivier Cote
Olivier Cote 4 months ago
I want a music box that plays metal.....
Faathir Alfath
Faathir Alfath 4 months ago
is anyone here noticed the headbang barbie?
Stereotype 4 months ago
Bit disappointed lately.. his sound never changes. It is getting boring. Sorry to say that though.
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odin covarrubias Garcia
Ufffffff 100/100 🤘
Domokos Balázs
Domokos Balázs 4 months ago
Marcos Vasquez
Marcos Vasquez 4 months ago
Paul C Lalchungnunga
This is lovely tbh
Кикимара Бабаежкина
andenmatten diego
andenmatten diego 5 months ago
Dawn Mega
Dawn Mega 5 months ago
I always hear Broccoli Studios
Stoke Parker
Stoke Parker 5 months ago
Love this like all your work ......but this one would have been even more awesome with Hannah.
wishnu murti
wishnu murti 5 months ago
Well Doneeeeeee 🤟🏻😳
KennethT 5 months ago
Best wersion ewer
metvelle 5 months ago
Fitting now that Leo's divorced
Melchizedeck Ceasar Sausa
Agree please do a cover of Bohemian Rhapsody please....
Civilknight 5 months ago
only way i can listen to these lyrics now. original hurts to much, i can rock to this
Christine Valentine
Christine Valentine 3 months ago
The original one hits way to hard for me. This one I can do
Manshika Dong
Manshika Dong 5 months ago
My fav leo
TheOnComingStorm 5 months ago
Would love to hear this with Hannah on vocals as well. Epic cover anyway.
Hugh Moore
Hugh Moore 5 months ago
Yeah, I was hoping it was going to be a duet, too. And Hannah would be great for this. Still rocks, tho.
Te Ure Ma
Te Ure Ma 5 months ago
Can you guys do a cover on I wanna know what love is. I reckon you can do that song some justice
Mattia Fratangelo
Mattia Fratangelo 5 months ago
ruvid.net/show-UCF_jRuwsHN7DaO7DJX4XQCw Follow me!
Shawn Miller
Shawn Miller 5 months ago
Leo, I love your covers and how you make pop songs ROCK😝🤘🤘. However when it comes to country songs that's a hands off situation. I live in Texas and my first love is country music, my second is Rock. In my neck of the woods it's a sin to mess with country music. Stick with the Rocking out the pop songs. But there is one song that I think you can get away with and that's Ghost riders in the sky by Johnny Cash. I think you can rock that song very nicely. Anyway bro, ROCK ON!!😝🤘🤘
tony whyte
tony whyte 6 months ago
Luke Dunn
Luke Dunn 6 months ago
I feel like this could have been a lot better if he'd actually tried to make it an emotional song rather than something comical, just cos it's metal doesn't mean it can't have depth.
-Duedel Bangaire-
-Duedel Bangaire- 6 months ago
How tf is this comical? This seems more like a reeally angry breakup song
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