Sombra takes over Ponyville

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From S09E02, "The Beginning of the End - Part 2"
FiM belongs to Hasbro, DHX Media and the Discovery Family channel.

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wolfyboy11 Hitler
Pinkie cry baby over cake 😅
Варвара Пашкевич
ха ха ха
random youtube user
*Sombra takes over ponyville* *pinkie pie cries over a cake*
Leah Rowden
Leah Rowden 9 days ago
Where are the Elements of Harmony?! We need to find them immediately!!
Aysel Djavadova
Aysel Djavadova 10 days ago
Addie Enyeart
Addie Enyeart 15 days ago
Владимир Гурьев
А мне понравилось. Так лучше! Жители Эквестрии всё равно бесполезные, кроме Большого Маки. Лучше бы Сомбра реально захватил трон. Хотя, его наивность не позволит ему этого добиться, да и сценаристы тоже :).
Ethan Schmid
Ethan Schmid 16 days ago
This is a terrible scene. Poor Applejack and Rarity's sisters are under a spell and they're heartbroken! I would be too if my any of my younger siblings were under a spell too.
Raven - Gamer
Raven - Gamer 17 days ago
This is kinda copywrite of teen titans go to the movies
Katelyn Bodiford
Katelyn Bodiford 15 days ago
Raven But better because they all have green eyes kinda wish Sombra had brainwashed Twilight to attack her friends like Slade did with Robin. I would've loved that.
TheMarvelFan Avengers Assemble
Poor Rarity and Applejack so desperate to save their younger sisters.Not cool Sombra
Lily Grigg
Lily Grigg 18 days ago
??.....😱😲😣 ?😇? TO😈 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱
Capricornyy 23 days ago
Yeah. For kids.
Sylvia The dragon lord
Wow that child abuse
xXDragonGirlXx 26 days ago
as in sombra from overwatch?
nining meutia
nining meutia 27 days ago
0:56 it's the what cake? Edit: oh, is it Akward?
นอย พึ่งเมืองปัก
Camila Torres
Camila Torres 28 days ago
V. V v. Vv Vv v. V. V. V. V.
Viviana Sandi
Viviana Sandi 29 days ago
Appleblom que loca y muy loca
Viviana Sandi
Viviana Sandi 29 days ago
Twit Bell ella camina rapido
jagsd05 29 days ago
I'm to first
DragonBoy 32
DragonBoy 32 29 days ago
Well ship......let me at em, this Fluff can take em out *Dies 30 secs later *
Elaine Ye
Elaine Ye 29 days ago
Should I feel uh worried or laugh at this scene where pinkie pie worries about the ugly cake?!?!
Ani Ceits
Ani Ceits 29 days ago
Что за сезон и серия??
Mlp Diamond Drizzle
Mlplover2011 Month ago
So Sombra can even control kids
Lyra Avatar
Lyra Avatar Month ago
Great scheme. Although Sombra's new voice and attitude really gets on my nerves.
Bruce Ramsay
Bruce Ramsay Month ago
Even though I like black licorice I wouldn't eat that cake, it is ugly
OddOneOut665 Month ago
I find it hard to believe somebody like Starlight got caught in this. She's just as powerful as Twilight...
Dawn DePietro
Dawn DePietro Month ago
Wishbone the dog:help me flurry!! 0:28
Mini Nyasha
Mini Nyasha Month ago
The Missing Myth Need Help
Thunderlime Gamer
0:44 Nooooo, not the babies! Also poor Pinkie :(
ᴅᴇʀᴘʏ ʟɪɢʜᴛ ғᴜʀʏ
*ITS THE UGLIEST CAKE IVE EVER SEEN!* Seriously Pinkie? No words about other Controlled Ponies?
J C Month ago
z ppppWepoooo
Эппл джек
У твай не было кьют имарки
Алина про
Что эта за серия?
•Mya Animates•
Eduardo López
Eduardo López Month ago
Español Español
Marco H. Carmona
Sombra, son of bitch 😠
Toby Harris
Toby Harris Month ago
silver the unicorn
Ok I thought it ment sombra from overwatch 😆😆😆
Amy Fan
Amy Fan Month ago
Twilight hugging Rarity was so cute.
Hania Pułkownik
999 995 views
Cassandro Nova
Cassandro Nova Month ago
I thought sombra from overwatch
Jenny songlist
Jenny songlist Month ago
My little pony is the best.
jayson gaming
jayson gaming Month ago
sombra MLP VS sombra overwatch, who will win?
kata Galvez
kata Galvez Month ago
Ashar draws
Ashar draws Month ago
Sombra online
Cotton cloud 101
Omg noooooo! This was awesome
Waffles Waffles
Waffles Waffles Month ago
I almost cried watching this episode. Because of Pinkie Pie! DID YOU HEAR THOSE SAD SOUNDS SHE MADE?
Elizabeth Rivera
At 00:02 Apple Jack what happened to your poor baby sister?
Matt Bartels
Matt Bartels Month ago
King Sombra even got to her.
gaurin willy jamesly
Araceli Delgado
Araceli Delgado Month ago
The only way is to get the ponies free is to defeat King Sombra but without the elements of harmony they can't his powers are stronger than the mane 6 but they cannot give up stay strong mane 6 don't loose hope and break the spell of King Sombra.
It's Mystery On fire
Apple bloom??? Spike???? Snap out of it Starlight!! Please! 😫😭😭😭💔💔💔
Sui Tom
Sui Tom Month ago
Ljds rtyyuiop
Sandra Hubbard
Sandra Hubbard Month ago
Pinkie, why did you kind of.. _Foreshadow!?_
Ellis army
Ellis army Month ago
That is the ugly cake I seen at end
•Itzz Ashley•
Donnetello Month ago
Poor rarity ;-;
Gisselle Lara
Gisselle Lara Month ago
The meme Queen
The meme Queen Month ago
So sad this episode was dark but still amazing
Montesama314 Month ago
The writers have never shown this side of the girls before. Then again, Sombra never hit this close to home, having snatched up the people closest to the Mane 6.
Wyatt Southey-harrison
Arhontoula koz
Arhontoula koz Month ago
My little pony is the best!!!!
K H Month ago
I love my little pony I don’t want it to end
Lloyd Garmadon
Lloyd Garmadon Month ago
I kinda liked the cake.....
azlan azlan
azlan azlan Month ago
The brainwashed dudes looks like zombies
tito جودي
tito جودي Month ago
Poison-Cookie Month ago
Hmm....the episode name is "The Beginning of the End" does this mean that this is the last season of mlp?
Luna Vulpix
Luna Vulpix Month ago
Francesco Di Pasquale
Pony zombie
Steve King
Steve King Month ago
I hate that Rainbow Dash didn't try to stop Scootaloo
Reftan362 15 days ago
+Matt Bartels I have the feeling that they forgot about Scootaloo at all. Rainbow Dash didn't think about Scoots at all during those two episodes, as if Dash didn't care about Scooty. In the scene when Mane 6 was locked up in the crystal prison, Rarity was worried about Sweetie Belle, Pinkie about Cakes (not literally). And only Dash was worried about those who were not dear to her: Spike and Starlight. And I was thinking, maybe Scootaloo cares no one. No one cares about Scootaloo, at least not in these two episodes.
Matt Bartels
Matt Bartels Month ago
Scootaloo wasn't shown until Sombra lead his mind controlled slaves to Canterlot. Rainbow Dash must've tried to off screen.
Todos están Manipulados Hay que Recuperarlos YAAAA
Starward Chung
Starward Chung Month ago
My channel is horrible
Is this real
Little_ IrisYT
Little_ IrisYT Month ago
0:56 wow
kaytlyn burke
kaytlyn burke Month ago
Please tell me what season is this in and when it is going to be on Netflix and please make the full episode of this in English dub and post it on RUvid please
Pastel Skull
Pastel Skull Month ago
Season 9 and I don't think it will be on Netflix but I could be wrong
Sami Month ago
Bryan McLendon Jr
Making the Cakes bake a cake like that? That’s just torture.
FS Sideline
FS Sideline Month ago
Полина Клёпова
Ип**уться Твайлайт дернуло
Darren Schivo
Darren Schivo Month ago
This is just so sad, poor Applebloom.
Mistrockfavi 1
Mistrockfavi 1 Month ago
Sad stuff Starlight it will be fine. We just gotta fix everyone's minds. Apple Bloom lay down she said.
Mistrockfavi 1
Mistrockfavi 1 Month ago
He saved me from those dark people but I still feel empty That I lost a real group
Mistrockfavi 1
Mistrockfavi 1 Month ago
I understand But still feel sad
Mistrockfavi 1
Mistrockfavi 1 Month ago
I once was welcomed to a real story, now am lonley with making one again
Mistrockfavi 1
Mistrockfavi 1 Month ago
As a matter a,fact. Back to my old job of making simlar things, what is life people
Mistrockfavi 1
Mistrockfavi 1 Month ago
Am sad
Matt Bartels
Matt Bartels Month ago
Imagine if Trixie were there to see her best and first friend under King Sombra's control.
smarty lemonade
smarty lemonade Month ago
I think Trixie brainwashed along with starlight
Alma Watson
Alma Watson Month ago
It's the ugliest cake I've ever seen
Joy Gray
Joy Gray Month ago
*falls like pinky pie* me:ANIME haters! Mah friends:._.
Kaytlin Justis
Kaytlin Justis Month ago
"IT'S THE UGLIEST CAKE I'VE EVER SEEN!!!" Me: (Looks at cake) Wooo-whee! You're right about THAT, Pinkie!
CJCroen1393 Month ago
BLACK LICORICE FRUIT CAKE!? Oh that's it. Sombra's goin' DOWN.
Sau Seiuli Wells
Pinkie is hilarious......
Demon hunter Rose
Who is sombra? Like overwatch 😂
Christian Hernandez
In time you will all know what it's like to lose, to fell so desperately right, yet to fail all the same. Dread it, run from it, Destiny still arrives.
Thessa Gallardo
Thessa Gallardo 5 days ago
That some thing like thanos would say
The Maurders
The Maurders Month ago
Only Pinkie will worry about the cake.
day D
day D Month ago
Those poor cute cuddly ponies into slaves
Ruchi Kurru
Ruchi Kurru Month ago
Mane 5: Worried about their relatives and stuff Pinkie pie : worried about a cake and calls it ugly- Edit: yay 3 likes its the most likes i've gotten, i think idk
Lilcrazybunny Gamer
She's worried about the cake twins too..
silver smoke
silver smoke 23 days ago
+Katelyn Bodiford I think it would more interesting if Tirek and Sombra worked together to take down the mane 6.
Katelyn Bodiford
Katelyn Bodiford 23 days ago
+Ruth Gray Man if only Sombra did The Crystal Empire War like in The Cutie Remark in his alternate timeline for real that would've been so enjoyable to see for real.
Ruth Gray
Ruth Gray 23 days ago
silver smoke
silver smoke 24 days ago
What if Sombra didn't bother brainwashing Zephyr Breeze Zephry Breeze: what about me Sombra: what about you?
Bro. Pretz
Bro. Pretz Month ago
Meme Shorti
Meme Shorti Month ago
Milly Animates
Milly Animates Month ago
Starlight is the only one can talk
Da3nyT_01 Month ago
Pinkies scream and cry is hysterical!! 0:41- 😂
Lila starz singh
What episode is this and what season
marfel calimlim
marfel calimlim Month ago
I am just getting you something for you and pick it up tomorrow night and you could just let me know if you’re up for it
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