COOL GIRLY FASHION HACKS || 8 Brilliant DIY Clothing Ideas by Crafty Panda

Crafty Panda
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It’s time to explore your true style! Take a look at a bunch of beautiful outfit DIY ideas to spice up different looks! Discover how to turn your jeans into a stylish denim jacket, how to turn your old shirt into a dress, or simply redesign your long dress with style! Get your sewing machine going and stay tuned for all of these gorgeous DIY fashion hacks and clothes upcycle ideas from Crafty Panda!
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00:04 Jeans Pocket Paint
01:19 Long Dress Revamp
02:11 Cutout Hoodie
03:10 Shirt Dress
04:03 Jeans Jacket
05:14 T-shirt Hair Band
06:21 Blanket Top
07:36 Scarf Skirt
08:34 Leggings Fix
09:17 Jeans Ornaments
10:22 Jeans Cuff Roll
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Crafty Panda
Crafty Panda Month ago
Hey, Fashion Pandas, 🐼👠 It’s time to improve our wardrobe with some unique clothing items! 😉👗👚 Here are a whole bunch of simple DIY fashion ideas and hacks for you to try! 👖🎨😍 Let me know which of them you’re gonna try using first! 🤩👌🎒 Don't forget to subscribe to my channel! 🌟🌟🌟 Much love from the Crafty Panda 💖💖💖 P.s. If you enjoyed this video, you might also like 😉: ruvid.net/video/video-4fjh73z2iRk.html
Eva Szalka
Eva Szalka Day ago
Craftwy Panda nkioo
Titi Chambret
Titi Chambret Month ago
Ella Lehtonen
Ella Lehtonen Month ago
For finland
Murat Ureyil
Murat Ureyil Month ago
ullema hotak
ullema hotak Month ago
Silvia Rodriguez
Silvia Rodriguez 16 hours ago
And Jacob is my favorite 👍
Silvia Rodriguez
Silvia Rodriguez 16 hours ago
Emily is my favorite
Silvia Rodriguez
Silvia Rodriguez 16 hours ago
killer 22
killer 22 17 hours ago
Rubina Parveen
Rubina Parveen 3 days ago
Fanou22 4 days ago
I wouldn't really call the jeans and hoodies girly. Girly is all pink, skirts and cute stuff.
Stephanie Obella
Stephanie Obella 5 days ago
nice job crafty pandas. love the video
Женя Лукач
Ми ні сяке зробіть
Nesimi Huseynov
Nesimi Huseynov 12 days ago
Nesimi Huseynov
Nesimi Huseynov 12 days ago
Emily 👍👍👍👍😚😍❤💖💋😘😘😘👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Ana Savin
Ana Savin 12 days ago
Marcia Chibim
Marcia Chibim 12 days ago
Emyli seu cabelo era de que cor antes de pintar de rosa
Ladjane Santos
Ladjane Santos 15 days ago
Amo esse canal ♥️
Dj for unicorns Pink puppies
This is how many people thought the after looked better ⬇️
rita vanda pereira
rita vanda pereira 23 days ago
Legal de. Mais
静海 24 days ago
Zaithanmawii Varte
Zaithanmawii Varte 26 days ago
Did you know in 123 go lily
sevda sevda
sevda sevda 27 days ago
دانيه مجيد
دانيه مجيد
دانيه مجيد
sol cataldo
sol cataldo 27 days ago
ORANGE GUY 28 days ago
Who likes crafty panda more than 5 minute craft like here 👇👇
Славянка Терзиева
Who is a tik Tok 🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼😉😉🙃🙂
Yruu Hurelchuluun
Yruu Hurelchuluun 29 days ago
GachaKaine 29 days ago
Bruh just wash your jeans
Diti Ederi
Diti Ederi 29 days ago
Natalia Nuñez Palliero
|● BUGKA..⚘💮💐🏵🌺🌼🌻🌾
Ana Claudia Dubberstein Schneider
O Rafael não naçol
King dice
King dice Month ago
Another 5 minute craft and troom troom clone
MONO Month ago
6:46 it will only work if the hole is there (Also changed places from the original hole)
Stephanie spence
love the fire on the jeans
Stephanie Obella
Stephanie Obella 5 days ago
u really got some fashion flair
Kittysaurus Kit kat
1:03 you really want people staring at your butt? Uncivilised much?
Malak Romano
Malak Romano Month ago
0:45 Yes, paint your pants while you are in your underwear with a shirt on. Reaaal Clever.
Anna Haney
Anna Haney Month ago
Great hacks! Love this channel!
Tatiana Pereira
Tatiana Pereira Month ago
amei a blusa jeans loveeee
Rita As
Rita As Month ago
Rita As
Rita As Month ago
Marcella Rodrigues Bergler
Que namorado bacana emprestou sua camisa predileta pra sua crush
Micatiin13 Madalag
What is your name is not the best for you
Dominik Danailov
Maslo Maslanka
Maslo Maslanka Month ago
Ella Lehtonen
Ella Lehtonen Month ago
Basma Khan
Basma Khan Month ago
I love Emliy♡♡♡
Alia Mir roblox
Alia Mir roblox Month ago
Aaaaaaaayk you paint it with no washing it all!!!!! the ants will go in your pants hahahahahajaj😆🤣
Kalthoum Ali
Kalthoum Ali 20 days ago
Shaphan Shahzad
Shaphan Shahzad Month ago
I also want to be crafety like you
Haanya Shahzad
Haanya Shahzad Month ago
Haanya Shahzad
Haanya Shahzad Month ago
You guys are so funny especially the blooper clowns
اباني اباني ابقال
شباب اكو عرب بل مبايل
اباني اباني ابقال
Life with Moll!e and Caleb
7:49 u just half to be lucky ur wearing a scarf
Bastiaan Stallen
Or just wash it off
KURD GAME Month ago
sofo gafrindashvili
I LOVE you
Shata Qureshi
Shata Qureshi Month ago
Your Jeans painting with Spray idea is so good . (( 9:17 Jeans Ornaments )) Please tell me what should I use instead of using net cloth like you ... Please reply me😊😊
Naseem Alain
Naseem Alain Month ago
Наська Лапапулька
3:58 мне кажется что сарофан короткий
Toxic 9940 E
Toxic 9940 E Month ago
panu nieminen
panu nieminen Month ago
WAELReem Wael
WAELReem Wael Month ago
Namita Arora
Namita Arora Month ago
Emily looks like sara Ali khan
Mohammad Daoud
Mohammad Daoud Month ago
Hi i am yashfeen my this message is for Emily in crafty panda Emily kyou looks like Sara Ali Khan if you want to see you can search it on Google by writing Sara Ali Khan Indian actress and by seeing please give me reply tooo if you all also think tell me by giving likes
elene chaduneli
elene chaduneli Month ago
Emili is very beautiful♥️♥️♥️♥️
MINI IKEA Month ago
So creative, so cute❤️❤️❤️
Vick W
Vick W Month ago
The crop top jumper would of been fine without making holes for the arms🤨
Josip Horvat
Josip Horvat 14 days ago
Vick W
Vick W Month ago
Yeah who the hell would want flames on their butt
Umai Vidz :D
Umai Vidz :D Month ago
satans gf
Айнура Ибрагимова
Огни на жопе? Очень классно
Gayane Ghazaryan
I love Emily and Jessica
Gayane Ghazaryan
Hello crafty panda am Armenia i love the Adam
Алина Акышбекова
Ну кто больше смотрит этот канал русские или они ставьте лайки узнаем
Алина Акышбекова
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Сыймык Ый
klementina Lakatos
Phillip Fryer
Phillip Fryer Month ago
'Mỗi lần đi trong sân trường nhìn thấy mấy cặp tay trong tay, tôi lại nhớ đến bản thân hồi cấp 3, khi ấy, tôi cũng nhìn mấy cặp tay trong tay như thế.
Lê Đạt
Lê Đạt Month ago
Ban xinh nam bai nhieu
Ahmed Taha
Ahmed Taha Month ago
بصراحه الفيديو حلو اوي
Rajlakshmi Yadav
Wanda Wysocki
Wanda Wysocki Month ago
'Cuối cùng cũng đến chủ đề này rồi! T_T Hồi trước, em đang nghịch máy tính trong phòng, còn bố em thì xem TV. Bỗng nhiên, bố gọi em: Xem nhanh, con lên TV này!! Em vội chạy ra thì thấy, trên kênh nông nghiệp đang chiếu phóng sự về một con heo, vâng, con heo ạ!
Zhila Mahammad
Zhila Mahammad Month ago
Charles Inskeep
Charles Inskeep Month ago
You are so sweet and caring and cute
Safia Saida
Safia Saida Month ago
Your so Bad 😠😡😈
lynd 28
lynd 28 Month ago
Farhana Afroz
Farhana Afroz Month ago
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