Solo Survival Vancouver Island: No Food, No Water, No Shelter

BC Bushcraft & Survival
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Survival. Everyone has watched those shows on TV and have thought about what it would be like to survive in the woods. I like to take it one step further and decided to embark on a solo survival adventure. Alone on Vancouver Island, I test my survival skills built upon a knowledge base of bushcraft and camping. Bringing only a large knife and a ferro rod, as well as camera gear and a backpack, I set out to see what I can do alone in the wild.
Dave from BC Bushcraft

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Comments 80
D Day ago
A wimpy way of doing a laughable jungle shelter.
Stephane Ferrari
Stephane Ferrari 14 hours ago
As long as you're happy with what you've made, the words of others are pretty insignificant buddy lol. Try being nice geez
Chef Asbury
Chef Asbury 2 days ago
I must be screwed because "the devil"
vox 4 days ago
. ;
Josh Gamer
Josh Gamer 5 days ago
Thank you so much for giving us this video and for sharing your belief in Christ! In this climate you not only have a person doing things some of civilisation goes against, but you also have someone who believes in Our Saviour, you're blessed man - and even when they come to persecute you, whether they try to make you given in to their programs and doctrines, hurl verbal abuse at your love, whether they even plot to kill, remember what you said here and put your faith and trust in God! He also finds a way, whether that's today or the next blue moon. Be blessed!
are you from the southern us? that garbage country music is poisoning the beautiful pnw (country music originate in the southern us)
reniM laoC
reniM laoC 7 days ago
Subscribed because you shared a little about your faith in Christ. Rare thing to hear nowadays.
Nikhil Raj
Nikhil Raj 7 days ago
Nice Video bro thank you
Davis Mas
Davis Mas 8 days ago
Your sword is good 👍
brother cooking
brother cooking 8 days ago
DarBar 23
DarBar 23 9 days ago
Nice video until he had to ruin it with the talk about the Big Fairy Tale. Lost all respect right there.
Josh Gamer
Josh Gamer 5 days ago
He's just sharing his beliefs mate! He's given us tens of minutes of content, a small section sharing his beliefs in Christ shouldn't deter you from the rest of what he does! Be blessed!
François Fiset
François Fiset 9 days ago
Why isn't he naked ?
Ok Eddy
Ok Eddy 9 days ago
Would have been safer and easier to tie a vertical branch to the many trees that are surrounding you for the shelter? As oppose to sticking the support branches into the ground and support them with rocks??
Gion Dayag
Gion Dayag 9 days ago
He's Hungry, he's not in the mood
Jim Bob
Jim Bob 10 days ago
Thought the guy was pretty kewl till he informed us that he believed there was some super-being out there who was protecting him. Just another wacko!
Jim Bob
Jim Bob 10 days ago
Cutting living trees down in British Columbia is against the law.
Deano 10 days ago
That Scream at 2:53 when he threw the rock sounded like a Skyrim NPC Charakter when you hit him
DJ Distinct
DJ Distinct 10 days ago
You: 5 mins of purifying and drinking water Vietnamese guy: Built a gym complete with a pull up bar, and free weights. lol @Dave and Rachel Campbell
jack brickowski
jack brickowski 11 days ago
This videos are boring as all hell
Ermete Trismegiusto
Will it be a coincidence that in recent times we have seen so many videos on how to survive alone in such primitive conditions? Just to coincide with this global pandemic. I am not saying that it is all a conspiracy and that you know that sooner or later it will end badly, but only that it is a strange coincidence ......
Lawrence Scott
Lawrence Scott 12 days ago
Ur ridge pole is about a fourth as big as shud b...jus thnkin
Joseph Cade
Joseph Cade 12 days ago
First you dont make camp where there is no water. 2) all the fern you cut down has hundreds of potatoes. 3) all the pine needles you swept away is bedding and insulation......
rmcdaniel423 13 days ago
Interviewer: "And what do you do for a living, sir?" BC: " I sit in the dirt under a pile of sticks. Oh . . . I film it too."
Virginia Haskins
Virginia Haskins 13 days ago
Maybe some talking, like telling us what your doing & why 🤷‍♀️
Mike Owczarzak
Mike Owczarzak 14 days ago
Will Long
Will Long 14 days ago
Pants crapping time at 10:25 if he hears wood-knocking reply!
Rengchungsing jaichea
He's so struggle he put the 📷 n go back again for his camera 👍
PhotographyBABAK 15 days ago
No talking ? almost as bad as my videos :)
Brian Jacob
Brian Jacob 15 days ago
Trot line will work better with the fish. If you can see them, they can see you.
Kevin Russbach
Kevin Russbach 17 days ago
-- Nice!. 'Appreciate your choice of clothing, tools and demonstration of ability to sustain. Gorgeous and plentiful location. Thank you.
Fit OutPost
Fit OutPost 17 days ago
That makeshift shelter looked rather flimsy to me. Am I wrong?
l cm
l cm 15 days ago
def dont want to use dry or rotting wood for your shelter, if it rains or gets windy this thing will most likely collapse. live cut saplings work best. and for the rocks, be careful introducing rocks from a creek bed to the fire like this, many will explode as the moisture inside gets hot and expands before it can dry or escape.
DANIEL HIGGINS 17 days ago
B ride Up
B ride Up 17 days ago
Looks like if I need to do this I need to bring a best friend. Oh I meant a machete. 🤣✌️
karenza t. Wall
karenza t. Wall 17 days ago
No food, no water, no shelter, no brain. Men! .............Having said that, nice bushcraft BC Bushcraft .Good guitar. Lovely piece. Thanks.
Jim Nichols
Jim Nichols 17 days ago
The best part of the video was you washing in the creek and started playing the only music in the video over the sound of the water, that was great. Bush craft score 10 Picking music over the tranquil sound of water running over rocks score 00. Great video on bush craft man, you got survival skills. Thanks for the vid :)
Nate Anderson
Nate Anderson 18 days ago
hey its sooke
Kamikaze 18 days ago
If I had these skills I would be camping up a tree not on the ground, ide find two trees close enough together and create a shelter at a secure height, a lot of labor but worth the peace of mind something cant just reach me
Will Long
Will Long 14 days ago
Eddie Menes, If you'd worry about predators, there are only two large ones, other than man, on Vancouver Island. Bears and cougars are both excellent climbers. One should cultivate knowledge of any wilderness they intend to enter.
rob isbell
rob isbell 18 days ago
How'd you like them ticks boy
satguy11 15 days ago
No ticks where he's at. You must be a southern boy.
Gary Trainer
Gary Trainer 18 days ago
Huh. Another rookie.😉
Paul Bryce
Paul Bryce 18 days ago
Nice to hear you share about faith. For me, fear is the absence of faith, and without a belief of and trust in a power greater than myself, I would be paralyzed. Wish I had the where with all to get out there and use my self taught bushcraft skills, but maybe one day soon. Thanks.
Taralga Bush Adventure
what music is that, sounds familiar.
Peter Montagnon
Peter Montagnon 19 days ago
Not too hard in BC, try Manitoba in the dead of winter!!! LOL
reef1963 19 days ago
And no Coronavirus
Marcin Kiersnowski
Marcin Kiersnowski 19 days ago
This is some corny loser shit.
eqlzr2 20 days ago
That is one heap big effort.
Dave and Rachel Campbell
veitamiese guy woulda been adding a second story and digging a swimming pool by now...
Hatch 10 days ago
That’s hilarious 😂
DJ Distinct
DJ Distinct 10 days ago
Kevin Russbach
Kevin Russbach 17 days ago
@Scarlet Joe Handsome -- Me feels that you missed the point, yet got stuck with it.
Kevin Russbach
Kevin Russbach 17 days ago
@ Dave and Rachel Campbell -- You would have been dining at McDonald's by now.
Scarlet Joe Handsome
I would have taken a small knife and a pot with me..
Jesus Garcia
Jesus Garcia 22 days ago
You're doing a great job enjoy watching you God bless
Liam Bradner
Liam Bradner 26 days ago
BC Bushcraft…..Brainwashed Christian Bushcraft
Liam Bradner
Liam Bradner 26 days ago
I go out in the woods all the time with no fear. I see no need to have an imaginary friend. I have the brains to bring a hook and line with me instead of stupidly destroying my boot lace for no good reason except lack of foresight and planning. Go and see if your faith in Gods who cant write a book without contradicting themselves over and over again, will stop you from getting Covid 19. The 3 Gods of the Abrahamic cults all bow down to disease and fade away into the past with every scientific advancement. You have not been intellectually honest enough with yourself to overcome your childhood indoctrination and brainwashing. I figured it out when I was 12 years old. Grow up
Ismail Syida
Ismail Syida 28 days ago
No skill.. same kids
63yank 28 days ago
ferns laid wrong direction no waterproofing .
63yank 28 days ago
the easiest place in the world to survive . if no there no where . besides walk down stream one day and there is the ocean . hardly a survival priority area. no poisonous snakes or insects really . just a boy scout city boy survival challenge
Wayne Wood
Wayne Wood 29 days ago
Faith and belief is paramount both are in your head and heart. You must talk to your supreme person mine was God. A year ago I set off on a journey with $50 AUD in the bank and $20 in my pocket and walked from the Queensland Gold Coast to Ballina N.S.W. Pulling behind me a suit case and the strongest belief I would be OK and I was and had some amazing experiences along the way. I NEVER felt in danger.... and felt the support along the way.
Andecap Month ago
what? there was food water and shelter....lol
Tomaz Lyrek
Tomaz Lyrek Month ago
Wow that’s epic
vic banks
vic banks Month ago
To be in those woods with little audible evidence of others...is more than peaceful its a rare cathedral. The adage of god helps those who help themselves seems apt here. Your confidence brims from knowledge gained previously and that you can survey the resources available and marshal your wit to make a go of it. And you get great satisfaction at creating a shelter, finding water, and almost something to eat. Nice.
RobertJames728 Month ago
Just get a fucking hotel room
Ruth Welch
Ruth Welch Month ago
"I recommend this guide: *emac.best/lostways/IMj* So grateful it exists in 2020."
David W
David W Month ago
insta sub. shouts out from vancouver main land brotha!
Metal Heart
Metal Heart Month ago
The music is much too loud!!
supermenk video
supermenk video Month ago
solo bushcraft
Zacky Lageuday Channel
Hi..all pleas suppor me #ZackyLageudayChannel
Richard Tremblay
Thanks for the video i was worried about the safety of your shelter, unsafe cutting wood (glad you did not cut your leg) very nice area to camp.
Stet Tan
Stet Tan Month ago
I read many viewers praising this guy, but why? Everything that he's done, has been done over and over again. He's kind of stupid for going out into the woods without food and water just to show us (AGAIN) that it's possible. He's tough, I get it...whoop di doo!!! So are all the survivalists on the other channels.
Stet Tan
Stet Tan Month ago
Jowie Del Prado No survival expert will tell you to purposely go outdoors without food and water. If you do, then you're an idiot.
Jowie Del Prado
Jowie Del Prado Month ago
I feel bad about you. So much insecurity :/
agent smith
agent smith Month ago
runway heading
runway heading Month ago
I thought “ Bigfoot “ was all over that Island? Surely you would have seen one! 😂🤣😂🤣
Will Long
Will Long 14 days ago
None answered his wood knocking; maybe just not in the mood for a conversation. Then again, I did see him packing any Jack Link's Jerky either.
Connie Puckett
Connie Puckett Month ago
Viky Blues
Viky Blues Month ago
i need that song in the bgining...its not available nowhere?
GP YURO Month ago
I like camping solo
Noid Christian Melendez
I am curious how he cut the wood as we cut in our area different, and I want to know what he heard and calling.
Will Long
Will Long 14 days ago
He was calling: "Hey Bear!"
Crosswalker Month ago
For the tasks you've done an axe or a tomahawk would be much better in my opinion, but great work 🙂👍
jp Lewis
jp Lewis Month ago
U couldn't squeeze a cup in ur bag kuz lol.......anyway its the thought that counts 10/10 awesome
ms Month ago
did the trousers change colours? lol
Karl Childers
Karl Childers Month ago
that's gonna leak like a sieve.
Ryanguyt N/A
Ryanguyt N/A Month ago
I don’t like the silence tho
Salty Waters
Salty Waters Month ago
Salamanders are mildly poisonous. Newts are HIGHLY poisonous and should never be touched. They have been known to kill within a matter of hours from someone just licking one on a dare. Good job using a stick and not your hands to touch it.
what ever
what ever Month ago
What creek? Cray fish?
Andrew PA
Andrew PA Month ago
A nice machette you got there friend... Can serve the purpose of a knife and an axe too..
Don Denman
Don Denman Month ago
God is the way, the truth, and the light. Take care man and keep on believing. GOD BLESS
Derf Woo
Derf Woo 2 months ago
Awesome finish at the end of the video. Too bad no fish.
John Osborn
John Osborn 2 months ago
Please, carry a can of "Animal Spray"on your belt, when you do this. It will make GOD, Jesus, and your local Search and Rescue outfit happy. Thank You.
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