Solo Survival: How to Survive Alone in the Wilderness for 1 week --Eastern Woodlands

Tom McElroy-Wild Survival
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In this video (part one and two) I go into the wilderness of North Eastern North America with only a knife and live off the land for a week. I document many of the crucial steps and tips and tricks that I do to survive in the forest. Skills shown are shelter, primitive fire, bark containers, water purification, fishing, weaving natural rope, bark shelters, trapping, edible plants, primitive cooking, fish traps....and tons more.
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After a few decades of being obsessed with collecting survival and primitive skills techniques, I am putting out these videos to demonstrate the skills and excursions found at my school, Wild Survival (wildsurvivalskills.com). Videos are focused on primitive skills, rewilding, tracking and nature awareness, living off the land, off grid living, indigenous skills, shelter building, primitive fire, water purification, trapping, hunting, bow making, flint knapping, primitive pottery, basketry, edible and medicinal plant preparation and numerous indigenous skills.
I began studying wilderness survival when I was 17 in order to have the ability to spend extensive periods of time in nature, seeking out empowerment without the need for external sources. I began studying in 1993 under Tom Brown Jr eventually teaching for Tracker Inc. I sought-out every old Native American teacher I could and eventually traveled the world living in very remote indigenous villages in the Amazon, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and Peru. My school teaches survival and primitive skills, nature awareness, how to live off the land, re-wilding and how to prepare for disasters. I strongly believe that experiencing survival living changes the way people approach their entire lives.




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Comments 80
C W Day ago
Corona virus brought me here
Vervito United
i felt soo good when he actually caught fishes, and started a fire.
HamSandvich Day ago
Thats gotta be the most luxurious lean-to ive ever seen
Ryan Than
Ryan Than Day ago
March 2020
Quincy Jones
Quincy Jones Day ago
Imagine living out there and not even knowing there is a global pandemic going on at all
dragon in winter
dragon in winter 5 days ago
This guy's sharp. All these survival gurus want to bring down a buffalo with their homemade bow and so forth. You can survive on plants a long time if needed. Number one rule of fishing man: Don't let them see you.
Virgle DeBord
Virgle DeBord 5 days ago
Without any training, and a wool sweater, I survived a snowy night on a Kodiak mountain inside of a bush juxtaposed of the airport, the very same mountain that has killed people and ground zero for crashed airplanes lost in the deep fog, anyway, I survived on slugs and those curly cew Fiddleheads the whole time. Yummy curly cews. Slugs? Sticky to the mouth. Not suggested dietary supplement.
Baptiste Mollicone
This doesn't even cover how to build a television, lost precious time watching this...
northern_lights 5 days ago
Now ditch all the clothes and tools and try again butt naked with nothing. Ed Safford style.
WhiteDay Devi
WhiteDay Devi 5 days ago
i know its boring for us to watch but its really niccee to see that even someone as skilled as you can have failures during fishing ;D mistakes will happen but giving up is not an option
Beau Bruderlin
Beau Bruderlin 5 days ago
Zen and the art of survival
Diverce 6 days ago
Nice fishing man! 😎💪
J. R.
J. R. 6 days ago
I thought it was Gordon Ramsay in the thumbnail
K Comm
K Comm 6 days ago
Micheal Scott would approve.
ke17h 6 days ago
sunfish are pretty aggressive eaters - easy to catch
Monkeyboss1567 6 days ago
Wow this minecraft update looks great.
Haywood Jablowne
Haywood Jablowne 6 days ago
No smoking in bed
spot lobac
spot lobac 6 days ago
great vid ace, now we need to survive humanity & his nasty flue bugs, just stay away from em right.
rick smith
rick smith 7 days ago
Are ramps aka leaks?
Sean Thornton
Sean Thornton 7 days ago
I remember years ago, learning how to create a rope like that from thax. A weed, an old craftsman showed me that at hunting camp. Good times, p.s. my friend put together a survival library - working on it like 11or 12 years. He sent it to me before doing his homestead full time off the grid. Happy to get it to anyone who wants access.
ForSattan 9 months ago
but reverse wrapping is stronger
The Leonards
The Leonards 9 months ago
Am I the only one who couldn't even make the den? Rip
Berndt Felmerer
Berndt Felmerer 9 months ago
Very good very clear, thanks for sharing..... Mesukiel Aketeriel Mahakala Bala Bala..........
Docprepper 9 months ago
100x better than the majority of survival shows on television. Not to mention your video editing skills are on point.
Carly Miller
Carly Miller 9 months ago
Im only watching this because grayson dolan is obsessed with survival videos and i wanted fo see why i still dont know smh...
Autumn kennedy
Autumn kennedy 9 months ago
I am a show my girl
Collin Smith
Collin Smith 9 months ago
How about the two minutes of black
Lawrence 9 months ago
Well done!
Michael Gregorich
Michael Gregorich 9 months ago
Hands down the best how to video
Jishy Biswas
Jishy Biswas 9 months ago
thx m8 now im shook that im going to camp in the middle of the woods
Achim Roth
Achim Roth 9 months ago
best Video I have seen far! love your joy as you experience success! Very sympathetic and humble. Good man. Thank you.
James Benedict
James Benedict 9 months ago
With out toilet paper? One tuff dude!
Roy Paul Carter
Roy Paul Carter 10 months ago
Mad skills brother. Thanks for sharing
Alex UK Bushcraft
Alex UK Bushcraft 10 months ago
Great work!
Phoenixspin 10 months ago
I didn't know fish had butts.
Moldering One
Moldering One 10 months ago
Most of this chit is a piece of cake but it's the fire making that separates the men from the boys or women
bob thebuilder
bob thebuilder 10 months ago
Step 1 is have shoes
Ernesto 10 months ago
I just saw this guy in naked and afraid. Not that he’s not good but that show did not paint him in a good light. He’s pretty awesome tho I see now
Gary Templemain
Gary Templemain 10 months ago
An amazing survival video. Makes all those 'back yard' survival experts look like kindergarten experts. But I note that the real truth to survival is to know your area like the back of your hand. Here in OZ the true blood Aborigines know this and have survived, lived well and thrived for 60,000 years until white settlers came along. Settlers begged the local Aborigines for help so they might survive and gain a foot hold on the OZ continent. Once they were settled they killed the local Aborigines, like vermin. Just for historical record, there are NO Aborigines in Tasmania, not any more. Why? the whites killed or imprisoned every single one of them till death. Enough said about simple unarmed survival from nature's bounty. You will eventually need state of the art weapons to survive!
James Mueller
James Mueller 10 months ago
Cool video I love it
Nawaz Ayube
Nawaz Ayube 10 months ago
13:09 u mean outside
Mike Barn
Mike Barn 10 months ago
You didn’t get any poison ivy or ticks??
You Don't Need To Know Sh!t
it looks like Lithuanian woods :)
Brianna Russo
Brianna Russo 10 months ago
I decided to be like Grayson Dolan
• Øĉēäñ Playz •
My question is: how are you not worried about what bugs are in the leaves in your hut?
Moggridge 10 months ago
Very interesting indeed, thank you. 👍
Re: Azawrath Archaos
Re: Azawrath Archaos 10 months ago
I watch this in case i'll end up in an isolated island..
van hill
van hill 10 months ago
Impressive..I subscribed..
Noah Yerges
Noah Yerges 10 months ago
👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 nice job
javier gimenez
javier gimenez 10 months ago
Why don't u use a fixed Blade knife????
Schwi Shiro
Schwi Shiro 10 months ago
You know you skrubb the skin scal
Schwi Shiro
Schwi Shiro 10 months ago
I know thTa thing...Uhh that you can eat
Schwi Shiro
Schwi Shiro 10 months ago
This is USEfull if something happened to me
sunday funnies
sunday funnies 10 months ago
I know that look when he was drinking.... Thats the face I made when I drank from a grape vine..... Its weird
gamer 2.0
gamer 2.0 10 months ago
this guy is good thanks
The Spirit World
The Spirit World 10 months ago
and barefoot!
m connor
m connor 10 months ago
Zika, west Nile, several tick diseases. A week is not that hard. It’s the aftermath of diseases. Ive have friends with all of these
Konig 10 months ago
Silly Gily
Silly Gily 10 months ago
Well in the mid west USA there’s too many damn chiggers and mosquitoes, and gnats you’d be covered in bites on the first day.
startinguptoday 10 months ago
so can you advance to the next level? survival *without* knife
Unhumanized 10 months ago
*gunna eat great tonight*
Tucker And Prince
Tucker And Prince 10 months ago
Hey! Absolutely amazing video! Only question. Have you ever worried about ticks and disease from the forest and leaves?
Ytanythinggoes 10 months ago
Awesome video , love the fish hook from the bone and the got some really great tips , keep the videos coming. 👍
Ima kill You
Ima kill You 10 months ago
I'd worry about becoming the fire
Itz Kold
Itz Kold 10 months ago
"I smashed his head in so he should'nt be able to feel more pain." What a god.
Predatory Pug
Predatory Pug 10 months ago
I’m allergic to Fish and Tree nuts
faridjabba 10 months ago
demn, though u were vegetearian! tough!
calmeblondy 10 months ago
very good, yummy fish besides, would fur skin make good shoes?
Sashy Sushi
Sashy Sushi 10 months ago
I just got to the part where he makes the fishing line with the grub I would just like to note that you can also eat grubs if you cook them well
Stephen Barry
Stephen Barry 10 months ago
What happened with water
Jason 10 months ago
Do you have any other details or another video that shows how you Notch the flat board where the spindle goes?
daniel revesz
daniel revesz 10 months ago
wait...i didn't even realise you were making a bow...bro you made a bow wtf
Chris Carson
Chris Carson 10 months ago
You know a knife is helpful but a couple of Bics weigh nothing. I know, I know, but that and a cup would cut your work in half. ;)
Imaan Ghani
Imaan Ghani 10 months ago
I'm trying to find Grayson's comment! Lol! 😁
Phoebe Webster
Phoebe Webster 10 months ago
Jay Freedman
Jay Freedman 10 months ago
Great video
Linda Lee
Linda Lee 10 months ago
Very poor audio.
Evergreen 10 months ago
why no fire at base?
MrDjambronk 10 months ago
Why primitive people doesn't have cancer? Now you know the answer
simon miranda
simon miranda 10 months ago
Like si vienes de un poco de todo
Joe Pugliano
Joe Pugliano 10 months ago
Why are you always bare foot?
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