Solo sailing Los Angeles to Hawaii on 23ft boat

Sam Holmes Sailing
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This video documents the 27 days alone at sea aboard my small 23ft sailing yacht. I sailed 2100 nautical miles from Los Angeles California to Hilo Hawai’i. This was my first big ocean crossing. The boat was a Ranger 23.
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Jul 17, 2019




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Comments 80
twinsmm1 17 hours ago
Hey, I live in Henrietta. Henrietta, NY.
JakeOhT 19 hours ago
You know your board when you start noticing the flight patterns of birds.
zykeveyin malone
zykeveyin malone 20 hours ago
You are so Awesome for doing this you’re living the life.
An amazing experience to share. Loved every moment of it.
T Bone
T Bone Day ago
I'm surprised you can walk. You must have bawls the size of cannon balls.
PI385 Day ago
He has a very punchable face.
hf bruto
hf bruto 2 days ago
almost all out of candy!!! You're hilarious, love your vids.
John Doe
John Doe 2 days ago
i have a son about your age. watching this video, my heart went out to your parents. but hey, clearly, you were up to the task. well done.
zocphra 2 days ago
I wish you showed the boat a bit more but besides that pretty cool!
Corbin Stapley
Corbin Stapley 3 days ago
Is this Andy Bernard?
Linda Rouse
Linda Rouse 3 days ago
So is Hilo a pit stop for sailing on to Australia?
Dwayne 4 days ago
Amazing accomplishment, crossing alone, Los Angeles to Hawaii, 2100 NM in 27 days, on a 23 foot sailboat. Impressive, Sam, very impressive.
M Cormanes
M Cormanes 4 days ago
how did you sleep?
Sparky 58
Sparky 58 4 days ago
Dude....... Amazing.... especially in a 23 footer.... Great sailing..... Thanks for sharing.....
James Wise
James Wise 4 days ago
Flying Fish are greatly appreciated in Barbados. And delicious.
Brandon Fig
Brandon Fig 5 days ago
Why even wear clothes?
Sam Holmes Sailing
RUvid policies
Chris Saenz
Chris Saenz 5 days ago
I've done this before, except it was on an airplane.
James Rich
James Rich 6 days ago
How do you know if you're about to run into something if you're sleeping?
Michael Hudspeth
Michael Hudspeth 6 days ago
His voice: there’s a leak in the boat... the weather conditions are frustrating... the wind keeps changing course His face: 😀
Not George Washington
I loved the part with the little bird it made me really happy
Beazle Teats
Beazle Teats 6 days ago
I love that you cared for that bird and even built her a house and gave her a name...you are a kind and compassionate man...oh, I forgot, and a bloody courageous one too.
FBX Workshop
FBX Workshop 7 days ago
I'm already tired of being on the ocean after watching this. You are a stronger person than I am. Congratulations on your successful journey. That was a fantastic video.
Johnlmeck 7 days ago
The first beer/meal/real bed shower after arrival are all fresh experiences again and quite special. In my experience, trips have an emotional arch to them. Commitment, preparation and departure then a slow glide to, I'm ready to be there, followed by excitement and pride of accomplishment. A short while later you're ready to go again. "There's no place I'd rather be even though it's a terrible place a lot of the time." - off shore sailor
Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen 8 days ago
Your boat is as long as the biggest elephemt
Skillz514 8 days ago
A collection of 400 vines
姚钧 8 days ago
How do you take poop?
Johnny Tsunami
Johnny Tsunami 8 days ago
How typical is it to see another boat when you cross an entire body of water like that?
Michael V
Michael V 8 days ago
On a boat that small I think I'd rather go alone. 2 insane ppl on a boat is one too many.
Pavix1976 8 days ago
For those curious, these boats can be had used for between $5000-$10,000 USD.
E F 9 days ago
Did you see any sharks on your voyage
Crowtein 9 days ago
I’m setting sail from L.A-Marina del ray slip to Hawaii in June.
Patrick O'Connell
Fascinating to see how stable u were throughout this. I would have been on a emotional roller coaster.
Shaun McInnis
Shaun McInnis 9 days ago
You don’t worry about sharks come shower time?
olivia guy-mccarvill
what was the massive boat around 5min?
Pepe 9 days ago
so thats why sodapoppin takes long brakes.....
The Mariner
The Mariner 10 days ago
Great Job! Every passage successfully and safely completed is something to be proud of your first is always a special memory. If you would like to come sailing on the Open 60 one day hit me up with a reply and we can work out a collaboration!
Jerome Goodwin
Jerome Goodwin 10 days ago
You went out without a fishing pole?
Jerome Goodwin
Jerome Goodwin 10 days ago
I like the arch.
Jerome Goodwin
Jerome Goodwin 10 days ago
Sounds like fatigue is getting to you.
alan smith
alan smith 10 days ago
Sam, i have a 30 foot trimaran that i keep in San Carlos. I have so much respect for taking that little tea cup across the expanse. This is the best ocean crossing video i have seen to date. You are a super likeable fella. Kind heart to take care of Henrietta. She was either sick or injured. You might have saved her life with your kindness. May the winds be fair to you and always at your back. Excellent video of small boat voyaging. Your problem skills are quite good. You had a crappy stern pulpit that broke and it turned out to be even a more flexible solar panel array after the redo....first rate skills there. BTW, how much electricity are you making with your solar? What kind of batteries you packing...and how many amp/hrs are they. I have 2 260amp/hr 6 volts that i wire in series for 12 volts and 260 amp/hr. Plenty to run my engle, autopilot, lights, and cabin.
rip 10 days ago
Ill never understand people who have sea sickness and yet still go out on the water. Also the way you tied your boat off in Hawaii gave me a migraine
The Floating Foodie SV Ohana
Great video dude. I have a Snapdragon 24 and can’t wait to get out again. Stay safe.
Mark Brown
Mark Brown 10 days ago
This man looks like Mr Beast and Ned from the Try Guys had an Unholy child that wanted to sail the high seas.
Adel Al
Adel Al 10 days ago
You look Jewish.
Councilman Les Wynan
5:10 Jawa Sand-crawler
Nelson Diaz
Nelson Diaz 10 days ago
No way that little sailboat can handle the size of your balls. - Congrats! Nice going there true sailor.
Wes Gore
Wes Gore 11 days ago
Nice video but this is dangerous in a 23ft boat if you don't have an epirb.
Sim Deck
Sim Deck 11 days ago
Superb video. What a trip. I wish I had the balls and skill to do that.
Robert Santos
Robert Santos 11 days ago
Thanks for sharing your journey...
Krantz .Publishing
Krantz .Publishing 11 days ago
Where did you get that great little stove and mounting hardware?
Reeko BzaR
Reeko BzaR 11 days ago
Your teeth make you sound like yyou have a lisp😂 absolutely hilarious
James Roberts
James Roberts 11 days ago
Young man it was a blast to sail with you to Hawaii I felt like I was with you from time to time. You seem to be pretty happy with sailing always smiling. Thanks a million I enjoyed it very much. You get a 10 on this one.😎👍
ww07ff 11 days ago
@ 4:36 Great gear setup!!!
Roy King
Roy King 11 days ago
Great Video! Loved the tight face shots. Felt a bit intimate. Glad you made it. It really felt like I was along for the ride. Loved it!
Marvin Brando
Marvin Brando 11 days ago
He ate the bird. That's the truth
Marvin Brando
Marvin Brando 11 days ago
Horrible food
hidel308 11 days ago
Sailing is the slowest and most expensive way to travel 3rd class. 😂😂😂⛵️
K M 12 days ago
Well done!
Han Vroman
Han Vroman 12 days ago
Some advise... find out how to look in the camera, cos you try to look at your viewers but your miles out of focus... your not looking at me, but to something above my left shoulder... I like your honest video's...good luck to you...
Timothy Giles
Timothy Giles 12 days ago
Anyone else notice that weird looking huge creature under water? Interesting....
Wallace 12 days ago
12:50 washed away at sea, listening to Khruangbin. Very nice...
aj donjuan
aj donjuan 12 days ago
Henrietta? Not Wilson 🏐
Anura Yapabandara
Anura Yapabandara 12 days ago
LA to Hawaii ..solo .. grate man.. you did good..like your girds friends visiting you..i think it is good for you to carry some birds food next time you sail..so your visiting friends will be happy..
aj donjuan
aj donjuan 12 days ago
You are brave. 23' isn't seaworthy. But you did it so...
Ordinary things in extraordinary places
What did you film this with?
Neil Pavao
Neil Pavao 13 days ago
how did your balls fit on the boat?
Travis Maxwell
Travis Maxwell 13 days ago
If people SMILED, as much as you the world would be a better place.
Quentin B
Quentin B 13 days ago
I'm nowhere near built like this to sail to Hawaii, let alone BY MYSELF!
B 13 days ago
Really you can do that distance on a 23 footer?
Mike MacDonald
Mike MacDonald 13 days ago
I haven’t seen sailing videos in 5 years
Charles Reinhart
Charles Reinhart 14 days ago
Outstanding,what a feat ,on a tiny boat
jieff lerenard
jieff lerenard 14 days ago
bird at sea, give them water(fresh water)
Van Treu
Van Treu 14 days ago
Pabooklas 14 days ago
Get a fishing rod dude
Sergey Pupko
Sergey Pupko 14 days ago
1:47 The green flash.
Paddy Pravda
Paddy Pravda 15 days ago
Balls of steel going alone
Fred Servicerifle
Fred Servicerifle 15 days ago
i want a fuckin boat
Mario Stinger
Mario Stinger 15 days ago
Thanks, you just made me decide I don't want to buy a boat.
Joe Billielo
Joe Billielo 15 days ago
Much respect and I commend you my friend, this is something that takes huge balls to do!!!! I've thought about it and have actually been looking at large sailboats for sale on-line. I'd probably want something over 30-feet with a 4-cylinder diesel engine to do something like this and I definitely wouldn't go it alone. I'm on The East Coast and would love to try and make it to Puerto Rico. I'm not only MGTOW, but a prepper as well and I've become totally disillusioned with the sad state of my country, if I had the means I'd leave and never look back, America no longer exists in my eyes😁👍
kaylashalaylaaaaa 15 days ago
what if you get swept off current and end up accidentally en route to australia or alaska ?!?! that would be one of my biggest fears
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