Solo: A Star Wars Story - Hooked on a Feeling Trailer Re-Cut

Mr. Krepshus
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This is a Re-Cut of the "Solo: A Star Wars Story" trailer. This was inspired by the first trailer for "Guardians of the Galaxy".
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Feb 28, 2018




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Comments 80
Mr. Krepshus
Mr. Krepshus 2 years ago
This is short, but used the footage that was available. Hope you enjoy :)
Footed Striker
Footed Striker 2 years ago
You should tell Lucasfilm about this edit!
Silchas Ruin
Silchas Ruin 2 years ago
It was brilliant. I would want this movie so much more if the studio had your creativity in promos
Yasir Aslam
Yasir Aslam 2 years ago
Hello Mr.Krepshus please do Game Of Thrones Trailer - (Avengers Infinity War style). plz
Dr. Freeman
Dr. Freeman 2 years ago
Mr. Krepshus I literally started seeing these trailers after Tyrone Magnus reacted to one of them, and that was the beginning of last year. Anyways keep at it.
Mr. Krepshus
Mr. Krepshus 2 years ago
Viatos Tosla Yes I colorgraded it
Brittany j Taylor
Brittany j Taylor 9 months ago
wow the song actualy is fitting....
Fool Slayer
Fool Slayer Year ago
Now that was just... beautiful. I have no words about how good this was.
Movie Master
Movie Master Year ago
This is great!
Ken Ellis
Ken Ellis Year ago
Hukkah Jabba Hukkah Hukkah! Hukkah Jabba Hukkah Hukkah!
Melior Media
Melior Media Year ago
This trailer feels like the kind of trailer we would have gotten if Lorde and Miller had stayed on to direct
CKD777 Year ago
this trailer would've grabbed my attention more
Chief Winter
Chief Winter Year ago
This is how you do trailer people
KingCal Year ago
This is fire I still go back and watch all your vids man keep them coming
Skelter 2 years ago
Douglas Schultz
Douglas Schultz 2 years ago
Missed out on a golden opportunity.
AZI THE MLG PRO 2 years ago
dem colors tho. btw the freckle girl reveal in the movie was kinda lame
0 2 years ago
Juansicle _
Juansicle _ 2 years ago
Disney needs to hire you already!
ChromeNine 2 years ago
Mateo Cortés Ramírez
Han solo dies
MintyFresh 2 years ago
I think whoever made the official trailer for Solo needs to be fired and replace with Mr. Krepshus. Hell, Mr. Krepshus should make himself a company; Krepshus Incorporated- Making Trailers Great Again.
Atom Plays
Atom Plays 2 years ago
Solo a Star Wars story trailer. Avengers infinity war style
Logan B
Logan B 2 years ago
Oooh that gave me chills I love it!!!
DarthChris96 2 years ago
That worked amazingly well
Reza Armeynaldo
Reza Armeynaldo 2 years ago
Honestly, this is still better than the latest trailer. Good job!
a hidden sock
a hidden sock 2 years ago
this would actually convince me to see the film
Vicen Lorenzo Creador Audiovisual
"Your name?" HaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaan
Jenna Craig
Jenna Craig 2 years ago
This trailer actually made me want to go and see this film. You should seriously be hired to do the actual trailers for these films.
Bougie Joker
Bougie Joker 2 years ago
Damn better than the real trailer. Star wars should use real songs for the anthology
mayonaissse 2 years ago
I think your trailer might have just sold me on this movie. It's way more exciting than the original for sure. Keep up the good work!
gordon sung
gordon sung 2 years ago
Michael Anthony
Michael Anthony 2 years ago
Ahhh much better
Sean Arguello
Sean Arguello 2 years ago
That actually worked really well
Martijn 2 years ago
You're the best at these!
Cal Walker
Cal Walker 2 years ago
0:00-0:08 isn't great but everything after is awesome
Connor Kilmain
Connor Kilmain 2 years ago
This is dope
Ramiro Belmares
Ramiro Belmares 2 years ago
ruvid.net/video/video-vwLv993khfI.html Every one watch this video and tell me that they must've been on hard drugs to not cast Anthony Ingruber as Han Solo
Eder Ojeda
Eder Ojeda 2 years ago
Who else keeps pressing the replay button
Ethan Perkins
Ethan Perkins 2 years ago
Please do another marvel movie Black Panther Style
Echo Loco
Echo Loco 2 years ago
Works so well!
Tavs Josh
Tavs Josh 2 years ago
You’ve done it again and it’s FREAKING BRILLIANT !
Dylan Lewis
Dylan Lewis 2 years ago
I’d actually kind of like to see a Guardians/Han Solo crossover. It’d be stupid, but possibly entertaining.
Ꭲ Ꮋ Ꮎ Ꭱ 2 years ago
You don’t know how perfect this is. Look like an official one
Eder Ojeda
Eder Ojeda 2 years ago
I showed to me friend who loves star wars and actually this was a new trailer for the movie until he read the title of the video?
The Giant Cadastral
How do you do this man?!
mutantx8 2 years ago
Thatwas fun! :D
Thinking? 2 years ago
Dude there's no reason for them to hire a trailer house, this was much better than anything I've seen so far!
Namibia 2 years ago
Disney needs to hire this man Im still boycotting all lucas after after The last SJW but this was a way better trailer
Matthew Fritsche
Matthew Fritsche 2 years ago
How do you separate the voices so clearly? I use Adobe Audition, but it still comes out a little warbly. I'd love to know how you're able to get them so clear.
Jayden Varghese
Jayden Varghese 2 years ago
This is on par, if not better than actual trailers out there! Someone better hire you soon.
jõřğəñ Þøýöđą
hooked on afeeling only works whit gurdians of the galaxy sry
T DD 2 years ago
What do you mean? Have you read the comments? Everyone is saying how better this is than the actual trailer, not to mention the video has about 2,000 likes. So, factually speaking it looks like the majority of the people do, in fact, disagree with you.
jõřğəñ Þøýöđą
T DD lol no
T DD 2 years ago
Jørgen Karlsen everyone else would disagree
AmmoOwl 2 years ago
This trailer actually got me excited for the movie
Xavelrie 2 years ago
If only this was the movie they would be making. Oh well.
yali slonim
yali slonim 2 years ago
Better then the original
Guy4orty 2 years ago
This recut has me wondering. What if movies from the 70s and 80s, if their trailer were recut without the movie voice guy and in the style of today's trailers how would they look? Would they be any more or less exciting?
Watermelon Studios
Watermelon Studios 2 years ago
This got me way more hyped for the movie than the actual trailer did
Bougie Joker
Bougie Joker 2 years ago
Watermelon Studios True, felt more like han solo
Gaburieru Harima
Gaburieru Harima 2 years ago
Could you make a Black Panther/DjangoUnchained style trailer? or either make a Django Unchained/Black Panther style? With your great editing skills it would be both interesting and awesome to see those mashups.
Thomas Daniell
Thomas Daniell 2 years ago
You are awesome!
Camila Fernandes
Camila Fernandes 2 years ago
Do Spider man Homecoming (Into the SpiderVerse) Style
Sir.WolfTreez 2 years ago
It would be cool if the movie was like this...
Grandson 2 years ago
I love it
Mitch Brown
Mitch Brown 2 years ago
The Solo title card feels much more appropriate now with the song.
Ben V
Ben V 2 years ago
SO good!! Loved the color change, pacing, music, I’m STOKED for Han Solo now!!!!!!!
X Factor
X Factor 2 years ago
This could be an official trailer
Lord Psalm
Lord Psalm 2 years ago
I like it!
Aaron Marshall
Aaron Marshall 2 years ago
Disney should pay you for doing this to the solo brand. You are bringing them business doing this stuff.
James Callahan
James Callahan 2 years ago
Better than the oringinal
Legless Lego Legolas
Nice Video man! Lovin all of your vids.
Mr. Panda
Mr. Panda 2 years ago
The song fits
MPLS623 2 years ago
The only time this movie look good is when fans create new trailers that simply steal the flow and music from better trailers of the past. Still better than the original to be sure.
Sam Frais
Sam Frais 2 years ago
Now this actually seems interesting
B S 2 years ago
I just love how all the fan trailers are better than the original..
Erick Alexander Matos Díaz
The Guardians of The Stars
Ben Brown
Ben Brown 2 years ago
is good but it doesn't relay fit with solo
Ben Schwabauer
Ben Schwabauer 2 years ago
Better than the original.
Caleb Iozzio
Caleb Iozzio 2 years ago
Thank you Kristian that is 100× better than the original trailer! ;-D
bbtank3000 2 years ago
You editing is pure talent. You have a strong understanding of tone and especially pacing.
Angel Hair
Angel Hair 2 years ago
Amazing work!!!!
Fanvax 2 years ago
This Should Have been the actual Trailer
zoe ann
zoe ann 2 years ago
this is so cool!!
Lego Migginy
Lego Migginy 2 years ago
Amazing video, awesome editing, love how you got the perfect audio while cutting out original music and keeping voice
Movie Master
Movie Master 2 years ago
You should have called this Solo: A Star Wars Story (Guardians of the Galaxy Style)
cookiebot1254 2 years ago
Ya that was my concern when thinking of editing a fan trailer for solo, there just isn't that much footage that can sink up with faster tracks. Also do you use 5.1 audio to edit your tracks together or edit audio itself. What tutorials do you recommend for someone whos done video editing but not much audio editing and would like to make fan mix trailers?
Daniel S.
Daniel S. 2 years ago
Looks so fluid!!!!
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