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How many planets are in the solar system? How did it form in the Milky Way galaxy? Learn facts about the solar system’s genesis, plus its planets, moons, and asteroids.
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Solar System 101 | National Geographic
National Geographic


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Aug 30, 2017




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Comments 2 337
kotd009 5 hours ago
4.5 billion years ago "the theory"...and the earth is about 5 to 6 thousand years ago....
Amit Costa
Amit Costa Day ago
Blout 2 days ago
I don’t care about the moon I like the earth 🌍 I was gonna to nuke the moon
Mannyy Lee
Mannyy Lee 3 days ago
Lara sabrina
Lara sabrina 3 days ago
Isn't our sun named Sol and our moon is luna?
Eduardo Guillen Blackmore
esto es aburrido
Alonso Mancera Guerrero
No está Pluto eso es descriminacion
Princess Valdez
Princess Valdez 4 days ago
Videos like this remind me of how insignificant we actually are in the universe. We’re just little ants
Ed !
Ed ! 4 days ago
No we ate the son of the only god and the only true JESUS
Follower of Jakob Lorber
Long time ago there was another planet in our solar system between Mars and Jupiter. The name of that planet was Phaeton or Mallona, Mallona means broken planet. Mallona was destroyed in a nuclear war, only the four moons of Mallona survived. You will know everything about Mallona (and more) if you read the books of Jakob Lorber (1800 - 1864) and Leopold Engel (1858 - 1931).
_rxinyclxuds_ 4 days ago
She talked about earth, and ended up sounding like an alien.
Israr khanpk
Israr khanpk 6 days ago
Patricia Solano Mendez
H Eamo
H Eamo 6 days ago
New things about albert einstien
drawing and games
Did you know that neptune is hiding a planet ahh.. Planet 9 Disclaimer:this is not pluto ok
drawing and games
Planet 9 does not have a name ok
Gardo Saun
Gardo Saun 9 days ago
I'm just happy to live in this period of time and learn these things!
G JYOTISH 11 days ago
Anyone here watching it in 2020 , hit a Like !!!!!!!!!
Edith Tuguinay
Edith Tuguinay 3 days ago
Satish Gajini
Satish Gajini 12 days ago
How to know different asteroids or planets daily position (latitude longitude) in mass website
mike jduk
mike jduk 12 days ago
What really annoys me is when so called experts talk about developments in our solar system happening Billions of years ago. Do they not realise how ludicrous they sound with such a statement. There is no accurate method by which any thing can be measured by such a vast amount of time. They speak of Hypotheses, as they do of Darwen's THEORY of evolution, as if it is fact! Our children have been fed these lies now for decades and society rolls over and lets them get on with their misleading information.
Drew Menck
Drew Menck 12 days ago
EARTH IS NOT THE ONLY PLANET THAT CAN CONTAIN LIFE! There are plenty of planets in the universe that have 100% the same conditions as earth! National Geography didn’t even bother fact checking this!
Ed !
Ed ! 4 days ago
No we spacil we are the son.
Meme Wave
Meme Wave 13 days ago
Lmao we had a test on this at school and we watched this video, and the dude next to me asks, “Mars is the closest to the sun right?” 😂 I fricking died😂
dipi ti
dipi ti 14 days ago
Hi NG, you chose to forget pluto
Azhar Almubarak
Azhar Almubarak 14 days ago
Why people not date Venus its the hottest planet
Indresh Rawat
Indresh Rawat 15 days ago
Wonderful milky way
Aes Toon
Aes Toon 16 days ago
Who’s here studying for a science test because this is one of the videos your teacher showed to the whole class
INSTINCT 16 days ago
The oort cloud isnt myth?
karim Ragab
karim Ragab 17 days ago
glory be to Allah .Allah who created this atnoshing space .he is the sustainer and he is the only deserves to be worshiped .all praise be to Allah .iam muslem .if you want to know more about Islam and our real creator join me at Watts 966542586424
karim Ragab
karim Ragab 3 days ago
@Ed ! have you ever seen any thing false in this universe ? No the sun ,the moon and the earth move and rotate in a mazing way .you don't wrong except yourself .try to be muslim only for one day then tell me about your new fellings .
Ed !
Ed ! 4 days ago
Your Allah doing a bad job Its look like he doesn't even there
Luisa Gameplay
Luisa Gameplay 18 days ago
Im right the pluto is gone hehehe im not good in planets
Sharae Ernst
Sharae Ernst 19 days ago
Ceres: hey mars, can i eat you Mars: NO! why did you say that Ceres: sorry, i thought you were a mars bar XD Mars: why is that funny! Ceres: IDK
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EpicFace8558 19 days ago
My friend once told me he had an idea of building a house on the moon
TheTallMan35 20 days ago
As inhospitable as these planets are there has to be a reason why they are there. Why is the moon there? It regulates Earth's climate and oceanic tides by moderating its axis. Why is the Sun there? It provides Earth with life giving heat and light so that photosynthesis can occur. So why are Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Nibiru there? There's way too much systematic order in our galaxy and everything in it for all of this to be the end result of a freak collision. 🤔 Just my theory.
Debtanu Sen
Debtanu Sen 20 days ago
Pluto: Am I a joke to you??
Papanini_Fugo 18 days ago
*F U N N Y N O T L O C A T E D*
Shazia Raza
Shazia Raza 21 day ago
amesplumbing 21 day ago
why is it I can see the same stars in the night sky in December that I see in June? Seeing that I'm on the apposite side of the sun looking out from the dark side of the planet.
p p
p p 21 day ago
I love earth it is a water planet all should love it and save it
Kayla Lortie
Kayla Lortie 22 days ago
Why Uranus have rings?
Satria Jannatan
Satria Jannatan 21 day ago
Because uranus was small and tight
ddoddy76 23 days ago
Uranus: I swear I can be a gas planet !!
Holly Lamovsky
Holly Lamovsky 24 days ago
Lee Duncan
Lee Duncan 26 days ago
Uranus: why are you laughing at me??? me: *pulls out gun* me: don't laugh at your Uranus or you're going to be shot
Blueman 1800
Blueman 1800 23 days ago
Reem Hussaen
Reem Hussaen 26 days ago
Miss Yasmeen told us to see this Pasa 😛
Ian Tarrayo
Ian Tarrayo 27 days ago
Uranus: Why are you guys always laughing at me?
Macks tree
Macks tree 27 days ago
You forgot pluto
Macks tree
Macks tree 25 days ago
Then how dose it have a solid ground
Macks tree
Macks tree 27 days ago
But pluto is a planet so theres 9 planets
Avi Chetri
Avi Chetri 27 days ago
3:20 - Here ya go.
Jaggi Ram
Jaggi Ram 28 days ago
Dinosaur ke story
Rhianna C
Rhianna C 28 days ago
We will die if the sun died😭😭 it after the 2000 years the sun will die and us😭😭💔
Lhianne Playz Roblox
I have question of yall did earty end 2020?
Alfonso Angulo
Alfonso Angulo 29 days ago
Avi Chetri
Avi Chetri 27 days ago
cj man
cj man 29 days ago
Avi Chetri
Avi Chetri 27 days ago
It's a dwarf-planet. Jupiter has moons that bring Pluto into question.
Sony Rajput
Sony Rajput 29 days ago
Brian Noreen
Brian Noreen 29 days ago
Hi jupiter had 72 moons not 100 dummy
C.S. Lewis
C.S. Lewis Month ago
Each world is frozen outside....but earth is only world I know of that's hollow. Space is a galaxy freezer.... Humans are liars not allowed upstairs from inside earth.. see ..earth's surface is solid...says so right here...
Jeon Jungkook
Jeon Jungkook Month ago
I want to study Astronomy but my family wants me to study Biology. I don't know what to pick.
Deepak Nepali
Deepak Nepali Month ago
Dami cha😵🎂🇳🇵🏁🚩🎌🇦🇷
Amando Gatdula
Amando Gatdula Month ago
I like it
Zodiack- Month ago
There will be 7 planets if I destroy uranus...
Her: our 8 planets are... Pluto: what about me! Ugh >:( One like one person loves Pluto ↓
Cherry Zhang
Cherry Zhang Month ago
You forgot Venus 😂
?? Month ago
The 46K dislikes are everyone who learned in the 3rd grade that Pluto is indeed a planet. Or was he a philosopher? Or was that Plato? Or Ploto? Or Pleto? Now you're all lost. You're welcome.
Planet Pluto
Planet Pluto Month ago
Where am I
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