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Shanmukh Jaswanth
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This video is just for fun. We are humbly dedicating this to all the Software employees. We feel you bro.
Written & Directed by : Subbu K
DOP : Vinay Shanmukh & Vamsi Srinivas
Editing: Sai Baba
Cast : Shanmukh jaswanth, Mehaboob Dilse, Mukka Prudhvi, Mahishmathi, Satvik Roy,
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Sep 12, 2018




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Comments 80
kamesh yuvraj
kamesh yuvraj 2 days ago
jaswanth anna you have to get chance as a hero in movies bro
Princess Queens
Princess Queens 11 days ago
Super......awesome......raaa ......... I lov u raaa
Vamshi Krishna
Vamshi Krishna 12 days ago
Are entra idi..... Plz add these
Pavan Pooja
Pavan Pooja 21 day ago
Your action is so nice annayya
Sudheer Inturi
Sudheer Inturi 26 days ago
Nice shannu
Mamatha K
Mamatha K 29 days ago
same viva style interview
Naseera bm
Naseera bm Month ago
First please add subtitle
bellary noor mahammad
1crore likes....100crores likes...THAT'S IT sir !!!!!
Sampathirao Srinidhi
4:45 shannu expression 🤣🤣🤣
John Mark
John Mark Month ago
Anna Back Ground Dappu Sound VEsharu chudandi abbo superb
John Mark
John Mark Month ago
Shanmukh Anna e software companys lo meeru 1st lo cheppinattu gane Emi rani HR le intervies chestharu,poni vadi adigina dhnaiki answer chesthe vadikemo manam cheppedhi ardhama kaka vadikemi rani manaku teliyani question adigi reject chesthadu,,I hate This type of BAFOONS HR'S
Gonugunta Mahesh
Acting super Anna
sasikiran Jakkula
You have bright future in future😆😆😆
Nice video
Harsh Jain
Harsh Jain Month ago
Are all youtube silver buttons original ? So many of them 🤯
Venu Sagar
Venu Sagar Month ago
Hilarious comedy 😂😂
Sam 2 months ago
If anyone knows the song which starts @ 3.08 minute, then please help me in finding it out. . .
pranay pranu
pranay pranu 2 months ago
bro i really loves ur masthan IT solutions 😉
india is my heart
india is my heart 2 months ago
10 K 😂
shiva ram
shiva ram 2 months ago
suresh kumar
suresh kumar 2 months ago
You have a bright future. Kothaga undi ur film
chinnavscherry 2525
chinnavscherry 2525 2 months ago
Shanmukh anna okasari nee short film lo act cheyalani undi
shiva 2 months ago
Masthan IT solutions.....😂😂
sheshabhattar sundaracharya
This idiots,stupids are insulting our mantras dirty donkey s what they know about mantras with out mantras the whole universe is not there idiots blidy bastard's
karthik c
karthik c 3 months ago
3.37 could anybody explain what is the meaning of "kakuruthi padakan" i m tamil want to learn telugu..thanks in advance :)
"arey entra idhi" venakala enni RUvid silver logolu bayya
sidhardha varma psv
sidhardha varma psv 3 months ago
Bro Anni silver play button akkadavi
First Film Channel
First Film Channel 4 months ago
పత్తి వ్యాపారం Telugu short film ruvid.net/video/video-GrkFWBlcaLs.html
karthik c
karthik c 4 months ago
From 3.9 repeat mode 🤣🤣
karthik c
karthik c 4 months ago
Bg tamil music ..telugu shortfilm osm combination..
K S MADHAV 4 months ago
7:22 srm college aaahh
FI SpearheadYT
FI SpearheadYT 4 months ago
I love suhaani 😍😍
FI SpearheadYT
FI SpearheadYT 4 months ago
Suhani kekaaa
Duffer P
Duffer P 4 months ago
Metro...adheppudosthadho nak kooda teleedhu🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Syed Salam
Syed Salam 4 months ago
😂😂😝Super Bhaiya Comedy
Koushik Kalyan
Koushik Kalyan 4 months ago
E ammai chala bauntadi
saila bhanu shaik
saila bhanu shaik 4 months ago
Shanmuk Anna mari darunam ga 10th vallani aite teskoru le broo..
P.ramana reddy P.ramana reddy
Anna super nv
P.ramana reddy P.ramana reddy
1.50,Mt s super excited
Ganesh Kumar
Ganesh Kumar 5 months ago
Super ga undi Anna
SHEEDI SAI BABA 5 months ago
sravani reddy
sravani reddy 5 months ago
Shanmukh garu Chala bavundi....
jayasimha naidu
jayasimha naidu 5 months ago
Where is suhani
Bujji Nalukurthi
Bujji Nalukurthi 5 months ago
Good shannu😍😘
akhilanandh gandhi
akhilanandh gandhi 5 months ago
Santhosh Reddy
Santhosh Reddy 6 months ago
10:00 dagara mari enthasepu dash dash dash raaaa😆😆😆😆😆😆
Boya Ajay Varma
Boya Ajay Varma 6 months ago
Boya Ajay Varma
Boya Ajay Varma 6 months ago
Bro make gully premier league videos
Vasudev Yedla
Vasudev Yedla 6 months ago
Anna videos chey Anna shanmukkk...am Mari cheyatleduuu
Yedukondalu Malladi
Yedukondalu Malladi 7 months ago
9:59 entha sepu 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂
Sravani Banoth
Sravani Banoth 7 months ago
Shan love u
Srikanth Noone
Srikanth Noone 7 months ago
Hai I am very much interested in acting, film making pl let me know if any chance bro.
ramRam Ramesh
ramRam Ramesh 7 months ago
So much funny yaar
srikanth goud
srikanth goud 7 months ago
7:38 SUPER
Hari priya
Hari priya 7 months ago
What is java nd that back ground music🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂
BOYAPATI sireesha
BOYAPATI sireesha 7 months ago
Your vedios are nice jaswanth and having something knowledge. Due to your vedios we are knowing unknown things. Carry on
Pagilla Pavansai
Pagilla Pavansai 8 months ago
U r all videos superrrrr bro
Watch from 6:40 to 8:25 in (play speed) 0.25x and 1.75x
BETHEL CHURCH 8 months ago
Reddy S
Reddy S 8 months ago
This is nice but I like this much better - ruvid.net/video/video-w2Tnx272HDM.html most watch
Ranabothu Appi Reddy
kinnera veerababu
kinnera veerababu 8 months ago
For making fun by criticising one of the professional job doesn't seems good.. merely doing videos without knowing job description not acceptable.. pls visit IBM, Infy, Accenture etc.. you will get to know.. nice vidoe
mani kanta
mani kanta 8 months ago
Mahesh Rajyam
Mahesh Rajyam 8 months ago
Have you known meaning? Paden
atkuri ajay kumar
atkuri ajay kumar 8 months ago
nice bgm songs
k Shirisha
k Shirisha 8 months ago
Shanuu garu I'm big fan of you ur acting is superb
siva sankar sangineedi
New pen a a 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Thavva Venue gopal reddy
Shannu annaya btech life meda kuda we want some vedios😊
jammula phaneendra
jammula phaneendra 8 months ago
The way u making add inside the story that was great
ravuri kalyan
ravuri kalyan 8 months ago
crazy brother ni videos anni
gayathri m
gayathri m 8 months ago
Super bro
Prasanth kumar Dummu
You have bright future in future 😝😝😝
shiva kumar
shiva kumar 8 months ago
Mahaboob and shanmuk multi star film
Blessy Budde
Blessy Budde 8 months ago
U have bright future in future 😄🤣🤣
vamshi krishna
vamshi krishna 9 months ago
G shasha
G shasha 9 months ago
Shanu super
Bhavana Vasthu
Bhavana Vasthu 9 months ago
Coming soon 1million subscribers all the best for your hard work 🕊️🕊️🕊️
Lakshith g Lucky
Lakshith g Lucky 9 months ago
Soft ware lo kashtalu Ella untai yo Oka video cheyandi sir please 😊😊
shyam batthula
shyam batthula 9 months ago
Just fun is good
Srinu Nagavarapu
Srinu Nagavarapu 9 months ago
Love you shanmukh
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