Sock'em Boppers (90's Flashback)

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Some good ol' 90's nostalgia. One of my favorite "toys" as a kid, Sock'em Boppers.
Hidden Agenda Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Jun 9, 2014




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Thomas Mini Videos!
Idc if I had normal toys i want that
Parker Wade
Parker Wade 6 hours ago
i was not allive then
SuperJerks 16 minutes ago
I was born 20 years after that happened
SuperJerks 16 minutes ago
Sahand fox
Sahand fox 8 hours ago
FN God
FN God 9 hours ago
I wonder if all of the story’s happened
Angelo Gonzales
Angelo Gonzales 14 hours ago
So my uncle once had some friends over and my and my 2 cousins got in a fight and my uncle and his friends watched me and my cousins fight and I won
Men-O-Mayhem18 18 hours ago
Was busy doing what normal 1 year olds do ahaha
Im Stealth
Im Stealth Day ago
I never had them cos I too young so I used fists
DemonRox8 Day ago
I remember seeing a renewed version in 2014
Mr. Beak
Mr. Beak Day ago
2:45 The time that Micheal got revenge
Kade Holeman
Kade Holeman Day ago
I laughed so hard over punching brother off toilet
Angela Day ago
I'm 10 but I only play GTA V
Orgallon Day ago
I was not existing in Christmas 1997
Rain Zero
Rain Zero Day ago
The year I was born
I'm a order thos on ebay
Paige Mick
Paige Mick Day ago
On Christmas Day 1997, I was a year, 5 months, and 2 days old so I was probably crawling around and trying to stick everything in my mouth
Spooky Mrnapkine doge
2:48 when Michael wants revenge on his mean step dad
Jet-set sam
Jet-set sam Day ago
Bippity boppin🤣🤣🤣
Yh Hh
Yh Hh Day ago
they brought sock em boppers back in the early 2000s
Ten Cents
Ten Cents 2 days ago
I use to play with those all the time 😂
ObbiList0 YT
ObbiList0 YT 2 days ago
Very funny
Frank Axe
Frank Axe 2 days ago
I would of deli Hoya smash but it would be half power
Rethinker167 2 days ago
I miss the 90s
L 2 days ago
I was in my dad's sack in 1997
yeet the yeet mann!
In 1997 i was -13 years old
Brady Hearn
Brady Hearn 3 days ago
PrinceHotBod43 3 days ago
I wasn't alive
james newman
james newman 3 days ago
Trevor Kinuthia
Trevor Kinuthia 4 days ago
1:05 Attitude Era at it's best
Ashot Tiftikchyan
sonia mariscal
sonia mariscal 4 days ago
Lol punch your dad in the belly well hes geting a beer I laugh my ass off
Prengelz 4 days ago
In the beginning you can hear the spit opening his lips 🤢🤢🤢🤮
Sarah Blankenship
You smell what the rock is cooking I remember what that’s from
Mr Destroyer
Mr Destroyer 5 days ago
Hehe cool
Barry Scott
Barry Scott 5 days ago
Or I was not born yet
Lando Commando
Lando Commando 5 days ago
『Vøid493』 5 days ago
As a 2000’s kid, I had these and I did everything single thing mentioned in this video
Grenade Fragment
Grenade Fragment 5 days ago
shut up
Ron Matson
Ron Matson 6 days ago
If you didnt start chanting *sockem bopper sockem boppers* I probably wouldn't unleashed on you along w another little shit head
JT Smith
JT Smith 6 days ago
I love this channel reminds me of my childhood. 90's baby
Zer0 Cyber
Zer0 Cyber 6 days ago
0:40 🤣🤣🤣
Peter Suzelied
Peter Suzelied 6 days ago
My son I got him it
Adequate Gamer2
Adequate Gamer2 6 days ago
I wasnt even a sperm cell
DarcRazer 6 days ago
i have tho
Mista GZestify
Mista GZestify 6 days ago
I was still shitting in diapers lol
LuigiFan128 7 days ago
they still sell these, I want them, so I can hit my brother without him getting pissed at me.
SebastianRB - Roblox and More!
I miss 1997... When my ass didn't exist
Luis Funes
Luis Funes 7 days ago
Shit, I was one year old back then
Marginis 7 days ago
My parents never got me anything "violent." Instead, I just got into real fights, with bare fists and jagged rocks.
Mr Spaghett
Mr Spaghett 7 days ago
I’m gonna get those for Christmas now
Jordan Humiston
Jordan Humiston 7 days ago
I wasent born that’s what I was doing
moewdy faze
moewdy faze 8 days ago
I was in the stratosphere in 1997
E White
E White 8 days ago
More fun than, a pillow fight... That was a shitty toy. Just use boxing gloves.
Todes zauberer778
I was still developing into a fetus in 1997 plus I remember sockem boppers they had em in the early 2000s I only ever saw the commercials though
Pizza Shoppe
Pizza Shoppe 8 days ago
Do you smell what the rock is cooking 🥘🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳
themozthaunted 9 days ago
"shut up uncle rick your drunk " i fucking died
Joy Adams
Joy Adams 9 days ago
I had. These for more than four days
Mariah Rodriguez
Mariah Rodriguez 10 days ago
I sang the Sock'em Boppers song to my Mexican dad and...well it didn't go as I thought it would😅
Red Engineer
Red Engineer 11 days ago
So this is where the intro disappeared
Saul Salazar Garrido
Bri Aronson
Bri Aronson 12 days ago
These crack me up every time
Tyler Lisa
Tyler Lisa 12 days ago
Who’s watching this in 2020 👇
Vodka The Boca
Vodka The Boca 14 days ago
1997 I probably wasn’t even in my dad’s testicles
S O C K ‘ E M B O P P E R S 2:46
gamer jdeck
gamer jdeck 15 days ago
I was in my mom's belly
Sarah Johnson
Sarah Johnson 15 days ago
In 1997 I was being not alive
NBA highlights Or Mixtapes
In 1997 i was still in my dads balls
Spooky skittles
Spooky skittles 16 days ago
Who else watching this in quarantine
Alex Saddic
Alex Saddic 17 days ago
So I'm not the only person to remember them being Sockem Boppers? Everything online makes it seem like they've always been Socker Boppers and it angers me
William Isner
William Isner 18 days ago
I saw two girls at a strip club do a foxy sock em bobb em match
Mindy Johnson
Mindy Johnson 18 days ago
L was born on 2012
Stewie Griffin
Stewie Griffin 18 days ago
When I was 12 i bot 2 per of ufc gloves and me and my friend beat the shit out of each other until our parents fond out we were punching each other's teeth in
OllietheGamer 18 days ago
i laughed at this video and almost choked on chicken lol
Sean Moes
Sean Moes 20 days ago
The old man was going to die anyway
luckyhjs 813
luckyhjs 813 21 day ago
go get some beer plz
luckyhjs 813
luckyhjs 813 21 day ago
stop im pooping keeps punching /:
Oscar Frlvus
Oscar Frlvus 21 day ago
I'll tell u I was not fucking alive I'm a 2010 person
Santa Claus Broke
Santa Claus Broke 23 days ago
I love how in the commercial the kid does a cartwheel
Little Angel
Little Angel 23 days ago
I was 17 months and 2 days old on Christmas 1997.
emanuel mendoza
emanuel mendoza 24 days ago
2:46 my favorite part ;-;
kitty dirtbike
kitty dirtbike 24 days ago
No alright?
Linux Unix
Linux Unix 25 days ago
The part where the old man came in drunks and bobbed that kid I literally spat my drink out with laugher thanks now my bed is wet 🤣
CP No 444
CP No 444 26 days ago
Owen Wood
Owen Wood 26 days ago
A. I never had those things B. I wasn't born before 1997, I was born in 2004. C. I'm having a great life.
Lord Bowser
Lord Bowser 27 days ago
That's why I use wooden swords
Lord Bowser
Lord Bowser 27 days ago
Trust me they're annoying
June Triplett
June Triplett 27 days ago
Nathan games. Yo to are so funny and cool
Withered Dimension
Withered Dimension 28 days ago
You can use boxing gloves instead of this
phantom gang leader
0:07 the old step dad
WilliamIturbide 29 days ago
*Sock’em Boppers! Sock’em Boppers! Punch your dad in the belly while he is getting a beer* Yes, so nostalgic
lazy potato
lazy potato 29 days ago
Bruh right after brewstew micheals step dad plust video i see an ad for ebay amd imstill dieing
bnohandleonme Month ago
I went to put on notifications and they say “This content is for lil kiddos
channing robinson l
I thought it was sock em poppers
Andrea Wimer
Andrea Wimer Month ago
Galileo Medina
Galileo Medina Month ago
i have came from the dead i l8ike this
I T3CHL1N I Month ago
What was I doing back in 1997 Oh wait i wasn't born yet
Toy Bonnie
Toy Bonnie Month ago
I was a sperm cell in 1997
Kevin Englander
Kevin Englander Month ago
I wasn't porn in the 90s
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