So You Want To Get an Astronomy/Astrophysics Degree

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This is what you can expect if you decide to pursue astronomy or astrophysics at university. I started off as an astronomy major so know a lot about the degree program and what it involves. Check out my video about why I decided to major in physics/math instead: ruvid.net/video/video-i-pGHEISg_Q.html
I still think astro is a great choice if it interests you more.
So you want to get a physics degree: ruvid.net/video/video-TfnrXvTwarQ.html
So you want to get a mathematics degree: ruvid.net/video/video-D2uvlj5ITsw.html
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Dec 16, 2017




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Comments 121
Gacha Wood
Gacha Wood 23 days ago
I am good at math, physics, computer science soooooo....?
NO U 25 days ago
me in 2020 waiting for james webb telescope to get lunched
Umbrella Agent #1
Umbrella Agent #1 2 months ago
I’m certainly in college for physics and astronomy and I can’t wait for the day I get my PhD, I have a long time to wait but it’s definitely worth the wait, I can’t imagine myself doing anything else with my life
I’m headed to university of calgary in September 2021. I’m gonna get a bachelors, then masters and then a PHD. I’m currently in grade 11 aft the time of this comment.
pduffy4 4 months ago
I would have loved to be an Astronomer but I am useless at maths and therefore Physics, so no chance. I am more interested in observing also and I don't believe a lot of the theories in modern Astronomy I am more inclined to the electromagnetic theory of Stars and that has yet to be accepted by main stream Astronomers.
Melo Boy
Melo Boy 5 months ago
Anyone know what the music is? Sounds like Chris Zabriske
Vineet Honkan
Vineet Honkan 5 months ago
I like math/physics. Currently I work in a warehouse, but I'm working on my hs calculus credit to get into uni to study astro...
Grace Kelley
Grace Kelley 6 months ago
I guess there Is James Web Space Telescope now because it is 2019. Awesome 😂😁
conscience aginBlackadder
You don't get to a uni unless you survive the destructive damaging counterproductive pressuring arrogance and fear, of the authoritarian school system that is a social disaster. It destroys everything it gets its hands on, as Einstein and Bertrand Russell already saw a century ago. It is not survived or passed by minds who suit learning by free enquiry.
giconnectu 7 months ago
Hello @Tibees from France, Paris :-)
Lizi Lock
Lizi Lock 7 months ago
I LOVE the way you explain all of this. I LOVE LOVE LOVE! the universe, but one thing worring me is that, I am not that good at maths like I would love to be. But I am not going to give up. I shall fight till the end. I am passionate about, I feel it! So I shall do it.
야나민 9 months ago
I love astronomy with my entire heart...but I’m bad at math...
Tyler Christensen
Tyler Christensen 9 months ago
What about people whose math skills are bad? Practice, practice, practice, right?
InfinitaSalo 9 months ago
I'm majoring in aerospace engineering starting this fall but I'm also drawn to astronomy. Do you guys think astro would be a good minor for someone like me?
Moody Oats
Moody Oats 9 months ago
So basically- hard but freaking awesome
whitewolfuriah 10 months ago
What If I really suck at math?
Anil Magare
Anil Magare 10 months ago
I want to be astronomy,and I will be astronomy
Aria Grace
Aria Grace 10 months ago
People who confuse astronomy for astrology piss me off
Samir Memon
Samir Memon 11 months ago
Austin Adel
Austin Adel 11 months ago
So if I study Physics as a scholar in a decent university in Europe, being financially not so wealthy , will I be able to find those types of work you mentioned at the end of the video.. and like... not having to return back to my country? Is it like.. guaranteed ?
Sagar Sharma
Sagar Sharma 11 months ago
Can I read astronomy in USA in my graduate taking maths major in my undergraduate?
greco conan
greco conan 11 months ago
Your voice is relaxing.
Leeann hell yeah man
Leeann hell yeah man 11 months ago
This is a very educational video of a Sprite help me with my future
Bobi G
Bobi G Year ago
The sixth forms I have applied to, none do Computer Science. Will this be a set-back for my application to universities? Planning to go ucl or queen's mary
I have a channel now
I really want to go into astronomy as it's my passion but I have never done computer science and I feel that would be quite a setback for me
Ahmed Salem
Ahmed Salem Year ago
Great video 🤜🏼
Carlos Elian Herrera
This kinda made me feel that I would never get the title
Abhirishi Year ago
Amazing video, keep up your videos! They motivate me yo to switch from a computer science and electrical degrees.
Red Beryl
Red Beryl Year ago
Im poor... and im dumb, but i love studying space and universe but my parents trying to choose other curses because they dont believe in me :(
So I am planning to further my studies in astrophysics and what A levels should I take. Did some research and some say I should do physics, maths, further mathemathics and chemistry but some sites said that its not necessary to take chemistry, and replace it with computer science. So what should i really take actually? 🤔
Moxy Foxy
Moxy Foxy Year ago
I am only in middle school but I will become an Astronomer at Wisconsin University!! True Fact!!!
QuantumGaming Year ago
I’m already wanting an astrophysics major #classof2027
Alejandro Ruiz Rivera
Great video. I find it really inspiring and informative. Astronomy has always been a passion for me but never got the chance to get into it. I currently work in IT but I am at a point in my life that I would love to change careers. I hold a bachelors in electronics engineering, a M.Eng with major in telecommunications, and a PhD in network engineering. I am considering in doing a master's degree in Astronomy next. As I can't really afford to be a full time student at the moment, I was thinking in pursuing an online master degree (USQ seems to have a good one). Would I be able to obtain a postdoc or a research position in Astronomy? Or is it necessary to have a PhD in Astronomy? Thanks
Teru Trying
Teru Trying Year ago
Thank you Tibees😂
Liam Manning
Liam Manning Year ago
I want to go into the biomedical field but astronomy is my true passion- what to do
Elijah Artley
Elijah Artley Year ago
I'm a sophomore in highschool this year and really want to go into the field of astronomy. I'm trying get ahead as much as possible before I start college. What are some steps I can take to help achieve that?
M. Prox
M. Prox Year ago
I only do research on the observable universe and I'm 8
Kev Dennis
Kev Dennis Year ago
Wondering if 49 is too old to study astrophysics and all of the related mathematics/sciences that supports it.
Milky Wayan
Milky Wayan Year ago
I'm an astronomy undergrad but I've taken calculus 3 two times and haven't passed it. I honestly think I'm just not a person that's good with advanced math (I was fine with it up to calculus). Should I just give up?
Milky Wayan
Milky Wayan Year ago
Update: just watched your video on making friends to get better grades and I'm devastated to realize it so late. If I would've caught your video even three months ago I might've turned my grades around in calculus this semester. Damnit. Well, it's worth a try next semester. I barely have acquaintances from the clubs I go to though, the prospect of making friends with people in math class is daunting but I have to try something differently.
Rohit IIST Kerala
Touched the core of my heart.... Thankyou Mam for the amazing information
Angel A
Angel A Year ago
I Always Loved Science, specially Astronomy and Astrophysics Good luck to those Majoring in those subjects!
Luckacy Flare
Luckacy Flare Year ago
My life is astronomy. ❤️❤️❤️
The Feynman Guy
What are my career opportunities if i end up doing a Phd on this? I really love the cosmos! I am decent in physics and mathematics.
Nandita Sudha Tiwari
I am repeatedly asked by people that "Can You see Our Horoscope? " . I am like What? I Just don't understand from where does this confusion arise.....I have kept on explaining them the difference between the both but my patience level crossed its height when one of my student at Masters Level (Physics) said, Ma'am, you must be frequently asked about people's future? It is so interesting to predict future for others. The moment He said this I was Blown Away and then Exploded. :p :p .
reda abakhti
reda abakhti Year ago
General relativity ?
Zakir Hossain
Zakir Hossain Year ago
I'm going to do math as my major and a minor in computer science. I want to be a data scientist in physics field or finance. But I'm also passionate about "astro".
Dennis Dreher
Dennis Dreher Year ago
Amazing video... I wish I could go to uni again and study astro physics! Plus, your voice is just most amazing! There is just no better way to learn maths or physics than when you explain it - how can something be so challenging and relaxing at the same time? :D
Rock Class 101
I love astronomy! Have you considered making a similar video for the amateur enthusiast?
Astromy times.
I am very passionate to do ph.d in astrophysics... Now at 10th standard.
Sankalp Bartwal
If you are good in maths and physics then you are really good in computer science.
Vishal Jangra
Vishal Jangra Year ago
hey, im an aerospace engg from india. I want research in astrophysics and currently doing on black hole so can u plzz provide me research paper on black hole so i got some ideas how to write? hope u will rply soon.
Brandon Giddings
This is my future job
Ivan Bombana
Ivan Bombana Year ago
Chemistry is better😂😂😂😂
SureelaSuwar Year ago
Like if you are watching it today :) XD
Taterz Year ago
glad i'm in SDSU, they got the hook up with the mount laguna observatory.
kelso Year ago
sigh. i wish my maths skills weren’t so atrocious. i’m currently doing my degree in psychology and will be doing my PhD in Clinical Psych. one day, maybe one day... i’ll be able to pursue astrophysics.
sassy. yanii
sassy. yanii Year ago
I really love astrophysics and you create great videos . Your inspirational astrophysics and astronomy talks motivate me to widen my knowledge . Can you please suggest names of universities which offers course in astrophysics ?
S S Year ago
Is it okay that I didn't do computer science in high school? Because its quite too late for me to opt for it and I'm wondering what to do...?
Yes. I am in Canada and all you need to get into astrophysics is english, physics, calculus and vectors, and advanced functions.
AskAstronomy Year ago
Awesome video!!
Mohmmed Adil
Mohmmed Adil Year ago
Thank you so much this is so inspiring and it's so deep i can't thank you enough.
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