so my subscribers made me a deathrun...

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Jul 16, 2019




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Comments 4 451
Coby Dawkins
Coby Dawkins 15 hours ago
if you pause it at the minute 9:27 you see the checkpoint
Houma Sugarwood
Use code fresh to be epic like fresh
Jay Childs
Jay Childs Day ago
U are really good at deathruns
Max My name jeff
Max My name jeff 2 days ago
Muselk: I’m lagging. I hv a whole ping Us: I have the best internet (has 40 ping)
Josh Duncan 08
Josh Duncan 08 2 days ago
I have a crush on my uncle btw
Landon The Creator
Dylan and Jenna
Dylan and Jenna 6 days ago
He said my subscribers made him do it me. What subs
iBrodyx 6 days ago
Nice death run, I will try it! And gg for win!
David Bruederle sr
Muselk : how do you do that. Fresh: I'm not Jarvis but im insane. Muselk: you made that jump
Izarc 7 days ago
5:50 i got cancer
Lexion Ace
Lexion Ace 8 days ago
You can play my deathrun i Can add you
2_Tsg_ Choppa
2_Tsg_ Choppa 9 days ago
Subscribe to muselk and yeetus cletus laxer beam style YYYYYEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTT
Remix Land
Remix Land 9 days ago
But muselk has more subs by alot
tristan shaver
tristan shaver 9 days ago
u make me laugh to much lol
Big Boy Gaming!
Big Boy Gaming! 10 days ago
Mc Spy
Mc Spy 10 days ago
"That is a door disguised as a triangle and I'm having none of it!"🤣
vloger DH
vloger DH 11 days ago
like and you will se how mutch times muselk rages and dies
vloger DH
vloger DH 11 days ago
btw i am a pro in forynite
Warrior ZY
Warrior ZY 11 days ago
The face at 23:53
Ethan Alexander
Ethan Alexander 12 days ago
@Muselk Hello
Laura Miller
Laura Miller 12 days ago
Fricking cheater.
Brazentorch 157
Brazentorch 157 13 days ago
Shout out to PAKman1007
Popcorn Playz
Popcorn Playz 13 days ago
Look at muselks face at 5:57
NoahPTv 15 days ago
Gamingwith fire
Gamingwith fire 15 days ago
Muselk Im gonna make you a death run... Its called the easiest death run well hope u read my comment i subed to you and Fresh lets see who's the real death run master
BenyNZ 16 days ago
Who else is a true fan of muselk?🥰 🥰Gifting my next 37 subs👇 (𝙒𝙞𝙩𝙝 𝙣𝙤𝙩𝙞𝙨 )
Mary Ellen Neil
Mary Ellen Neil 16 days ago
Who else noticed it was Lachlan’s merch
ツAyNyboiny 16 days ago
Maybe Ninja Or U Is The Best Fortnite Player Hint look at the 4th word😁
Hudson Renga
Hudson Renga 17 days ago
Is there a way to play with map with the codes
Steve 17 days ago
Elliot needs to start using the Far Out Man skin
ChippyTV 22 days ago
u can see the trap
Eggsit bro
Eggsit bro 22 days ago
Hey muselk how do you film a face cam with your game?
Dylan Tosta
Dylan Tosta 23 days ago
love your vids
Deaton 07
Deaton 07 23 days ago
19:10 Muselk there was a door there
Maximus Hastie
Maximus Hastie 25 days ago
does anyone remember overwatch days woth Oaselk and Zylbazz? No one ok just me :(
FuriousJohn :3
FuriousJohn :3 27 days ago
As soon as he said I’m getting a phone call I was called by someone
ItZ BhAsKaR 27 days ago
That was so cool dude
Mr. Germ
Mr. Germ 27 days ago
Muselk: Far out! *Muselk is a hipster CONFIRMED*
amir aliii
amir aliii 29 days ago
Dillon Colelli
Dillon Colelli 29 days ago
Is Parkman the creator cause it's not showing the code
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