So I triggered my fortnite live stream...

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So I triggered my fortnite live stream...
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Outro Song: ruvid.net/video/video-oF48yB62WFQ.html
Credit where credit is due! Thanks to spifey for the inspiration: ruvid.net/video/video-67waaiA8LA8.html


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Jun 12, 2019




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Comments 6 961
Quake 5 hours ago
Imagine how new people who found rifty that day felt
Travis The Epic Gamer ̄\_ツ_/ ̄
Yo I subscribed because of this video 😂 👍 is sams
Nacho Me Chacho
Wait I remember watching this stream
Mr. Germ
Mr. Germ 3 days ago
This is some good entertainment I was laughing my butt off when you were triggering your twitch stream
Gaming McQueen95
Gaming McQueen95 3 days ago
“Damn, *what a nice excuse bro*”
Brandon Button
Brandon Button 3 days ago
I fucking hate u shitbag
Brandon Button
Brandon Button 3 days ago
Stop fucking making a fool of yourself
david harney
david harney 4 days ago
if have ocd this hurts me
Tuxcow 4 days ago
Bk Jelkic
Bk Jelkic 4 days ago
DaPickleBoi IDK
DaPickleBoi IDK 4 days ago
0:18 No one hates Anime Tiddies Boys love them
Brandon Chen
Brandon Chen 5 days ago
TTV quazar
TTV quazar 5 days ago
Mission failed we can't get the caption
Fearless 5 days ago
Do you know Lixdy in TikTok
Qamar Abbas
Qamar Abbas 5 days ago
DARKZ GAMING 6 days ago
I cried
Verfgfonica Donan
Pvp Master
Pvp Master 6 days ago
My solo record is 15
trottroY 7 days ago
Banana man
Miguel Orozco
Miguel Orozco 7 days ago
6.9 comments les go
Tee Gee
Tee Gee 8 days ago
You shuld’ev fucking got the chest
Iz trashcan zI
Iz trashcan zI 8 days ago
why does ninja look like a 1 star Toby Maguire lmao
Jake DaSnake
Jake DaSnake 8 days ago
New title! Cursed Fortnite
Ace Hardy
Ace Hardy 9 days ago
Monzore 9 days ago
Me: people say random things to get likes so.. MILK JUG Idiots in comment section: FiRsT
Ronald Wilson
Ronald Wilson 9 days ago
What is going on U STILL NOT AT 1 MILLION
100,000 subs Without anything goal
0:19 *_No Anime Tiddies Here Pls_*
Una Radojcic
Una Radojcic 9 days ago
chapter 2?¿
Aroosh Krishna
Aroosh Krishna 9 days ago
I died when I saw this 2:30
Nick Gottinger
Nick Gottinger 10 days ago
We NeEd To BoUnCe BrUh
Lucazzz YT
Lucazzz YT 10 days ago
Does rifty look like Steve Harrington from stranger things
Edthebest123 10 days ago
Rifty we got him
Commoner 10 days ago
You should play fortnite but your webcam is bugged
Lowen Smith
Lowen Smith 11 days ago
Okay shup
PokEgamer 12 days ago
Caption: When your wife left you for spending 1k on fortnite but you meet ninja.
MrDjentle 13 days ago
Lol fake
DDWaukYT 15 days ago
1:49 voice crack
Rodolfo Gamer
Rodolfo Gamer 18 days ago
Uhh nope
Mark Haighheating
Mark Haighheating 19 days ago
Why are you swearing so much
Emeralddragon7 21 day ago
*anime tiddies*
ZeR0 22 days ago
Goku. VS Naruto Like= naruto Reply= goku
Tomatech 24 days ago
The running is basically Fortnite chapter 2
Chuckles Haste
Chuckles Haste 25 days ago
Ok buddy
ikeshh !
ikeshh ! 28 days ago
Jeffy da best RUvidr! 😇
nUt _
nUt _ 29 days ago
nUt _
nUt _ 26 days ago
Me: why papa nUT
V0RCE Gaming
V0RCE Gaming 26 days ago
Rifty: no I don’t think I will
Use Code Dumb ツ
I know this was 4 months ago but you should have healed in the storm and then move out when there is 0.5 seconds left
V0RCE Gaming
V0RCE Gaming 26 days ago
MomoMan 349
MomoMan 349 Month ago
Cardiff Grove
Cardiff Grove Month ago
Almost everyone left the stream *Gets sad trombone emote -Rifty
Mario Padron
Mario Padron Month ago
Where did you get that shirt 😎
Harry's Man United Tablet Harry Hall
Did anyone else notice the loading screen was one shot but he played normal fortnite
Sven Month ago
Triger boi
Fanboy 223
Fanboy 223 Month ago
Can I join a clan
sondre og alex jr gamer
Mkwii music in the Backround Legend
Gavin Z
Gavin Z 2 months ago
isnt that how people usually play
Parker 2930
Parker 2930 2 months ago
You shoulda said after you kept switching when he was fighting end game. ChAt dID yOu SeE tHAt
Darkness 2 months ago
Lmao if you doing this again when you get Gernades when you throw them you go your inventory and actually throw them
Anna's Gacha
Anna's Gacha 2 months ago
Is it just me or does anyone love his outro?
octopox 2 months ago
Plot twist he actually didn't mean to be bad he is actually bad but he wanted to excuse that it was a joke but it wasn't 0_0
Laura Kelly
Laura Kelly 2 months ago
You can’t you slipstreams your dumb ass
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