So I tried out for FaZe Clan... WILL I PASS?

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Fortnite Battle: Royale - FaZe Ali-A!?
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Jul 13, 2019




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Comments 80
Ali-A 10 months ago
SUBSCRIBE to see if FaZe Ali-A will become a thing... 👀🔥
Kristofer Mitchell
Kristofer Mitchell 20 hours ago
Y did u lie by saying first try
Jaylen Gaming
Jaylen Gaming 4 days ago
Ali-A no bot
Camden Govindan
Camden Govindan 8 days ago
Camden Govindan
Camden Govindan 8 days ago
Camden Govindan
Camden Govindan 8 days ago
•MASON• 5 hours ago
His voice is cracked bro XD 😆
Gym Boy
Gym Boy 10 hours ago
My ears shattered when he beat Faze sway
Larissa Carvalho
Larissa Carvalho 13 hours ago
Love your vids Ali 🥰🥰🥰😍😍(❤ ω ❤)
Its Moony
Its Moony 21 hour ago
yes it will be awesome if you join faze clan
Artie Mcfartie
Benjamin Playz
Fake Jarvis is life banned
Dylan Maguire
RIP javis😣😔😢😭😟😖😫😩🥺
Tiger Kings 2 0
Not gonna lie I hate Faze
Jaiden Williams
Jaiden Williams 2 days ago
Who knows faze Jarvis got banned for aimbot
Kara Lenhardt
Kara Lenhardt 2 days ago
You will never pass bot
Humzah Bhikoo
Humzah Bhikoo 2 days ago
12:25 alias laugh is so fake
Angus McGloin
Angus McGloin 3 days ago
At 13:01 he copied lazarbeams outro song
Sopon Noa
Sopon Noa 3 days ago
poor Kay he never stood a chance to faze Ali
Red FuryFinanace
Red FuryFinanace 3 days ago
Jarvis said he’s so white
Tyler Bird
Tyler Bird 3 days ago
I recon FaZe-A
ohhsnaplol 3 days ago
ummmm why
Carly Hislop
Carly Hislop 3 days ago
U da best Ali a
O O 3 days ago
Ayden Tubbins
Ayden Tubbins 4 days ago
Can I become faze Ayden?????
Ashwin Beeram
Ashwin Beeram 4 days ago
Faze Ali-a
Spencer FISHER
Spencer FISHER 4 days ago
Wh0 ElSe Iss WaTcinG WhEn JArVICE IS BAnAed??
Spencer FISHER
Spencer FISHER 3 days ago
you still can
Spencer FISHER
Spencer FISHER 3 days ago
The_Legend_12 3 days ago
I want to write that lol
Tom Taylor
Tom Taylor 4 days ago
ikhlef adam
ikhlef adam 4 days ago
no one: absolutly no one: jarvis: im stuck in a tree right now
jackson dunsing
jackson dunsing 4 days ago
I thought faze Jarvis couldn’t play fortnite!!!!!
Kathie Briseño
Kathie Briseño 4 days ago
When he hit that head shot that looked like aimbot on Jarvis
Finlay Large
Finlay Large 5 days ago
Hi alia a
Student - Peter Pena
Impossible me and my friends have a clan we only have OG skins allowed
Kimberley McBryar
I never got a win can you add me Saver slayer
Whopcap 5 days ago
Why would you want to join faze man
Whopcap 5 days ago
Your voice is cracked btw
Milo Gauthier
Milo Gauthier 5 days ago
Everybody on controller comment YOUR INSANE JARVIS
Milo Gauthier
Milo Gauthier 5 days ago
Alia be like: “oh I cheated” (Jarvis) nothing new to him
Serpant_cast 5 days ago
I’m glad you got in the faze clan
Brandon Elmore
Brandon Elmore 6 days ago
Hi ALI-A nice game
Shane Kincer
Shane Kincer 6 days ago
Thomas Kim
Thomas Kim 6 days ago
At 15:37 , Jarvis said to someone he's fighting " he's super White " I just thought it was funny
Logan Coble
Logan Coble 4 days ago
Yuvraj Singh
Yuvraj Singh 6 days ago
notmusa 6 days ago
stop making videos bottt
Ted Avery
Ted Avery 6 days ago
You are a mistake Ali a
TTV Kamo Yt
TTV Kamo Yt 6 days ago
Your voice
Fishy_Patrick 6 days ago
Ali a your my favourite youtube in the world can you carrie me to a win pls I would go crazy if you replied my epic is fishy_Patrick or JDLAAMLA
chris THEDEFAULT 6 days ago
ur voice
Arin Cohan
Arin Cohan 6 days ago
He just sprayed at Kay lol 🤣
Joshua Tofilau
Joshua Tofilau 6 days ago
alias not fit to be in faze not even for 24 hours
Dillmosa 6 days ago
I live Ali ali
Chipz 7 days ago
Lashanti Taylor
Lashanti Taylor 7 days ago
Get a dog
Raze Youth
Raze Youth 7 days ago
ali-a:I got a lot of health when hes 5 hp
Hamoudi Zaiter
🤣A lot of hp
btwgeorge 2 days ago
When you don’t get the joke😂🤥🙄
M and J freestylers
s1ko fortnite
s1ko fortnite 3 days ago
Umm vid was up 10 months before wth
G G 3 days ago
When you don’t get the joke
Patrick Rivard
Patrick Rivard 7 days ago
Carter Graham
Carter Graham 7 days ago
Ali-A chill chill chill chill jarvis HUH HUH HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH
Gio R
Gio R 7 days ago
Is it me or was there barking on 8:46
Kobinho 7 days ago
Have u got a cold
Zulorca 7 days ago
At the start of the video everything just rhymed for a while
Weston Staggs
Weston Staggs 8 days ago
He’s playing on Xbox add me ok my name is weston1612
Momma T
Momma T 8 days ago
Is he on controller?
Nathan Day
Nathan Day 8 days ago
people that just dislike because its ali a just stop watching then and go watch your youtubers that you watch
Triumf Brahimi
Triumf Brahimi 8 days ago
Bro you need no clan you are crazier than faze
AABOY XD 8 days ago
Oof Man U have a saw thought
Hyp3rX 8 days ago
I don’t think u try out there is a faze scout that comes to your house
McChobzo 8 days ago
anyody realise he has make u on at the start?
Ce Mcdowell
Ce Mcdowell 9 days ago
Controlla players
_ Desertsurvival9 _
The memes 😂😂😂😂😂
Bobbie Grob
Bobbie Grob 9 days ago
He's saying Jarvis chill... THERE IS NO CHILL FOR JARVIS XDXDXD
D Ramanauskas
D Ramanauskas 9 days ago
Plixilmon 9 days ago
Rip faze Jarvis
Litening Volt
Litening Volt 9 days ago
his intro is basically just a switch between brass and brass 2.0
Recon_Expert2011 9 days ago
Can you contact Jarvis and Kay I want to try out my name is BasoxColin3
DarceyLetsPlay 9 days ago
Hi Ali A
Kish Parmar
Kish Parmar 9 days ago
Please can you add me Username:chets2208
Gabriel Garrido
Gabriel Garrido 9 days ago
Can you invite me to the party
Gabriel Garrido
Gabriel Garrido 9 days ago
Can you friend me friend me
Nivedh Sujith
Nivedh Sujith 9 days ago
no one
Ronin Hernandez
Ronin Hernandez 10 days ago
Faze ail
Ez Money
Ez Money 10 days ago
No u won’t cuz u trash
SaV Sear
SaV Sear 10 days ago
I think Ali-a isn’t the best at building but his aim is 🔥
Jackz_ 10 days ago
I see all these comments of Jarvis being banned but I think I’m the first to say ali is doo doo
Cole Haw
Cole Haw 10 days ago
Pls win
Maryam Siddiqi
Maryam Siddiqi 10 days ago
Can I join faze I am mobile player but I will buy a pc in June I live in Pak Epic id: Poly23458 Age: 9 years
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