So I tried out for FaZe Clan... WILL I PASS?

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Fortnite Battle: Royale - FaZe Ali-A!?
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Jul 13, 2019




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Comments 9 076
Ali-A Month ago
SUBSCRIBE to see if FaZe Ali-A will become a thing... 👀🔥
Mikey reese outdoors
You are trash my 3year old cousin plays vetter than you
Mr galaxy kid
Mr galaxy kid 3 days ago
Please i dont want faze alia to become a thing
Mike2good4u_14 The goat
Hey I don’t really like faze Ali a but that’s up to u but I like faze A more
PMQ05 Games
PMQ05 Games 7 hours ago
Instead of faze Ali A why not Faze Ali
Typical Taq
Typical Taq 10 hours ago
Bro no offense but I can take u out in a 1v1
da fine
da fine 11 hours ago
hate it
will hesketh
will hesketh 13 hours ago
only people that think they can build faster than ali a can like this
KraZe Atomic
KraZe Atomic 14 hours ago
Bot boy
Sam Rees
Sam Rees 15 hours ago
11.34 on his friend list it’s BCC
Roger Sjolseth
Roger Sjolseth 18 hours ago
FaZe A
Secret 23 hours ago
Don’t make it happen...
Paul Houston
Paul Houston Day ago
Your channel is ded btw
GioDaLeo Day ago
Lol only 24 hours
Mr. Tyzaire
Mr. Tyzaire Day ago
Walker Ham
Walker Ham Day ago
Not hacker
Walker Ham
Walker Ham Day ago
Not ha cost
Its Gaming TV
Faze Ali would be better I think
Laura Fletcher
Subscribe to owen Fletcher b
Nabili _101
Nabili _101 Day ago
Just for a day
nekgo he is here
u trash
cj srimp
cj srimp Day ago
Ali a is a bot he poops on toilets
Master Me995
Master Me995 2 days ago
They mean mongral
So fake
iammadatlife 2 days ago
yeah that guys white 15:04
iv0r stupidface
iv0r stupidface 2 days ago
I remeber ali playing bo2 and getting 100 kils in one game
bulbatube gaming
bulbatube gaming 2 days ago
if ali a joins for real i will stop watching faze because they would be a disappointment
Oliver killer
Oliver killer 2 days ago
3 2 1 drop it like 👇
Constantin Ivascu
Ali a is abusing aim asist and overuse the combat shotgun
Mr foxy The adventure
Ali a your voice is off
Jude Costello-Wollwage
You will not pass your trash
Aaron Caro-Barzey
the sad thing was that he was with the 2 faze members who clickbate the most
Zoe George
Zoe George 2 days ago
You got this👍🏻
ITZ GABEZ 2 days ago
I am a miny Ali A
ABV slackee
ABV slackee 2 days ago
Oh yeah faze Ali a sounds really nice jks
Oliver Pursey
Oliver Pursey 2 days ago
If you did join faze your name will be faze bot
Patrick Ross
Patrick Ross Day ago
Chief CamJim
Chief CamJim 2 days ago
Faze Ali
spacc3 monk3y
spacc3 monk3y 2 days ago
Ali a can you freind me on fortnite
Thim de Moor
Thim de Moor 2 days ago
I can beat Ali-a in my sleep You can only hit this 👍 if you used the gray pump!
Plecco16 2 days ago
13:10 aim bot btw
ultimate vivo
ultimate vivo 2 days ago
Roses are red violets are blue make this like blue if you got clickbaited to
Void Vibe
Void Vibe 2 days ago
When you release ur better than Ali a
Raw3rd Gaming
Raw3rd Gaming 2 days ago
Alia is a bot :3
haydens 771
haydens 771 2 days ago
Man plz do some more cod videos
broken fnaf 5
broken fnaf 5 2 days ago
If people go to salty they are salty hahhaha
Kern boys
Kern boys 2 days ago
I’m watching just so I can laugh at you
Strange Gunner
Strange Gunner 3 days ago
My ears
Paradox Glitch
Paradox Glitch 3 days ago
the real question is How much did he pay?
rregretzz 3 days ago
😂 imagine being told “so Yh you can join FaZe! But...... only for 24hrs” 😂
Little Ieuan
Little Ieuan 3 days ago
I’m uk
S Glynn
S Glynn 3 days ago
Wow a 5 meter no scope on the 5th try, welp ur in faze now
Mr galaxy kid
Mr galaxy kid 3 days ago
please tell ne this is a troll
Maxine Campbell
Maxine Campbell 3 days ago
Alia is a legit season 1 og and im better and im a season 7
Anonimni 3 days ago
Whats with ur voice
Bowl_of_Rice79 3 days ago
Broncos f this was the official test razors could join low-key
chris Tooala
chris Tooala 3 days ago
How much people think ali a pays pros to play for him
WE BE RANDOM 3 days ago
i rlly dont like how ali heals in open:(
lordwill linds
lordwill linds 4 days ago
Oh no he wearing a bandana (ksi)
10,000 subs no videos?
He said faze can
Beastlierauto 2nd gaming
Steven Doby
Steven Doby 4 days ago
Can i try
ccornx 4 days ago
I’m like a try hard af I called easy destroy them all
WIZARDELF2007 4 days ago
1v1 me dude
Ryan Reilly
Ryan Reilly 4 days ago
batman DJ
batman DJ 4 days ago
ur acc a bot
Ali Murtaza Bucha
I can beat Ali a in my sleep
yeetus my fetus
yeetus my fetus 4 days ago
mans ur voice is begging for you to stop straining it
Laser Games
Laser Games 4 days ago
Ali Can i play once with you please? I play PS4 my name is: Sawza_OOF
Patrick Ross
Patrick Ross Day ago
Can we play later ?
Patrick Ross
Patrick Ross Day ago
I play ps4 too I'm a girl btw
Michael Sullivan
Michael Sullivan 4 days ago
Ur so fake
Terry Matalavage
Terry Matalavage 4 days ago
Parker Kautz
Parker Kautz 5 days ago
Ali a watch lazarbeam
Dark Destroyer
Dark Destroyer 5 days ago
Ali your to trash u could never be in clan
Team Oxidize
Team Oxidize 5 days ago
I will report every thing to do with faze if Ali a joins it
MrGhoast 18
MrGhoast 18 5 days ago
1v1 me pls if i win you have to have me on you friend list if i los you can undfriend me
Dominika A
Dominika A 5 days ago
L2 bash.
Dominika A
Dominika A 5 days ago
cough. please... stop talking so much.
SkittleZ 5 days ago
I wanted to see what this was and all I heard was faze Alia... I’m done
at 0:28 he says'' lets let faze can know'' XD
Danielle Ferrand
Danielle Ferrand 5 days ago
Please add on fortnite ryanthegod201 I won't to 1v1 you if you add me it whod make my day and it is my Barth day please add
Arjon Morina
Arjon Morina 5 days ago
Going from united kindom to faze clan with a plane takes you a lot of time for 24 hours he had soo jolo
Xpozed_ReconYT YouTube
Ali A I want to 1v1 you please my son is Xpozed_ReconYT
Priti Singh
Priti Singh 3 days ago
Uhm u said u wanna 1v1 him in the comment
Domingo Rodriguez
Quit your career
Ronald Punako, Jr.
I would be in faze since season 7 on pc (pc trash) console all the way
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