So I Took Baby Preston to Science School... (Minecraft)

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So I Took Baby Preston to Science School... (Minecraft) with BriannaPlayz 👊
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Comments 80
BriannaPlayz Month ago
Subscribe or you'll have to take care of Baby Preston for the day! (and believe me you don't want to!!)
pinkiponk1 5 days ago
Avis Chongling
Avis Chongling 9 days ago
I want to
Scott Fernicola
Scott Fernicola 11 days ago
BriannaPlayz i will take him in mincraft
ABHMennie 14 days ago
Ernst Family
Ernst Family 19 days ago
GamerZac Hour ago
What if I give 1000 pie pies to baby Preston
Allen Hernandez
Allen Hernandez 7 hours ago
Bruh why doesntshe tell leah were the principal is
Alina De Leon
Alina De Leon 7 hours ago
Brianna I like the your merch
Jesper Schack-Evans
I am from Australia
Jesper Schack-Evans
I love the videos you have made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jacob Solly
Jacob Solly 9 hours ago
There is 6 Seats and there is 5 kids that does not make Sense
Jacob Solly
Jacob Solly 9 hours ago
I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove tnt
Jacob Solly
Jacob Solly 9 hours ago
Why do you always have to be a teacher
Lukas Popko
Lukas Popko 9 hours ago
chemikstreeeeee! is the best!!!!!!!!!!! I
Margarita Aguilar Solano
Maisey Xie
Maisey Xie 10 hours ago
babypreston is sooooo cute!
Chef Kid With Cade
Chef Kid With Cade 12 hours ago
Hey yeah I want pumpkin pie to
Kckc Fkfkfk
Kckc Fkfkfk 12 hours ago
l looove baby l'eau ash l looôove her
SatinLEXI5394 Wolf
SatinLEXI5394 Wolf 13 hours ago
It means Mr. potion
Pradip Agrawal
Pradip Agrawal 15 hours ago
It was an Ocean sound
Trinity Rose Turner
Trinity Rose Turner 20 hours ago
I love briannas vids
Thamia Patrice Hugo
Thamia Patrice Hugo 20 hours ago
Pineapple ocean
Adip Gaming
Adip Gaming 22 hours ago
Lol teacher
PS4gamer775 And Nintendo
11:07 this is what baby Preston did to baby Leah Ashe Trust me some of you might be worried
PS4gamer775 And Nintendo
11:20 Brianna: are you ok Leah Leah: yeah boys are gross I am offended she said that
Mayson Zhang
Mayson Zhang Day ago
Enachanted bows have infinite arrows
Zahra Lo
Zahra Lo Day ago
you know Baby Leah ash did get out of her seat at Enchantment class so ya and I love you Bri 💕
I think mr.p.otion stands for Pacific Ocean or potion 🧪
Kandi Horn
Kandi Horn Day ago
Zhee 819
Zhee 819 Day ago
I am a boy
Zhee 819
Zhee 819 Day ago
Leah is so sensible like me
Zhee 819
Zhee 819 Day ago
It looked so funny when SSunndee started to fly
Zhee 819
Zhee 819 Day ago
I hate pineapple juice but I like pineapples
Zhee 819
Zhee 819 Day ago
It mean potion
Good thing I don't have to go to school, for now😂
kian willdman
Evan kotzin
Evan kotzin Day ago
Bad. Preston. NO!!! BAD. BOY
Lucy_ Woah
Lucy_ Woah Day ago
It means potion XD
Hayden Patterson
he meant potion
Hayden Patterson
Mr. pee otion
Katie Bailey
Katie Bailey Day ago
Lol he loves poshins so his name is P. oshins 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Susan Hoyle
Susan Hoyle Day ago
P otion is like they went pee in the ocean
Carol Tween
Carol Tween Day ago
Bruh, I a British and you didn't sound very british... But you don't really need an agent for the English language
Jones Fam
Jones Fam Day ago
Who plays baby Preston bri
uzairizd wan
uzairizd wan Day ago
Yay Briana take revenge
Broadly Games123
brianna is so dum she says that steve is herobrine
Mita Joshi
Mita Joshi Day ago
I really want a shout out!I take swimming lessons and I know how to swim LOL
Patricia Carey
Hope she's ok with Preston. I know how to look after Preston😀
samanthalouise 2 days ago
means Mr. Potion Bec. he is a science teacher
lena płoskonka
lena płoskonka 2 days ago
I'm em hecker
lena płoskonka
lena płoskonka 2 days ago
Hi noob bryna
amber021410 2 days ago
pres ton was beying a brat
Christophe Montoya
baby preston sucks
andrei leon
andrei leon 2 days ago
Oh my God I bet he shoves everything in his mouth
AA Funland
AA Funland 2 days ago
I have taken chemistry even though I am 8
Oof Music
Oof Music 2 days ago
i love harry poter aaaaawwww
Paulina Sabik
Paulina Sabik 2 days ago
Catherine long
Catherine long 2 days ago
Potion I get it
Wirlesstoyz 277
Wirlesstoyz 277 2 days ago
baby lea ash is the most smatest
Nisha Salian
Nisha Salian 2 days ago
it is so funny that i was not stoping to laugh and baby preston is the naughtyest in the world
Marcella Garcia
Marcella Garcia 2 days ago
Omg I just figured out her pun mr. pee ocean
I understand your joke it's pineapple juice and it's very funny
Isabel Caswell
Isabel Caswell 3 days ago
bri i am going to bye some of your lovley merch soon!
otn2envy 3 days ago
Angel Kat
Angel Kat 3 days ago
I dont like chemistry Its so hard in royale high (BTW I dont have chemistry Class Yet LMAO)
Tanya McReynolds
Tanya McReynolds 3 days ago
Huimin Cao
Huimin Cao 3 days ago
Brianna actually creepers take so long to blow because they blow up the tnt in their body’s but you have to wait just like a tnt done
zebra fun
zebra fun 3 days ago
He will be sad if you called him jerry
Khadra Ahmed
Khadra Ahmed 3 days ago
It mean’s potion
Misael Diaz
Misael Diaz 3 days ago
Baby preston NEEDS to be good te get a A+
Olamide Onigbinde
Baby Preston is the worst
boy band
boy band 3 days ago
If i meet baby preston im yeeting him
¡Cråzy Kiddø!
¡Cråzy Kiddø! 3 days ago
can you build anterh house please
boy band
boy band 3 days ago
Bri i won science fair and won 2 place when i was 8 or 9 and my friend won 1 place and my other friend didn't won 1,2, or 3 im a girl
ahmad zafriza abdul ghaffar
Preston you are grounded by your mom
Alayna johnson
Alayna johnson 4 days ago
Brianna is like a single parent where is baby Prestons father
Melissa Vavitis
Melissa Vavitis 4 days ago
Phillip Kappell
Phillip Kappell 4 days ago
When you said baby person my son I felt sick
Phillip Kappell
Phillip Kappell 4 days ago
I’m not it’s annoying why can you just like show everyone your new Murch might not be doing that
Phillip Kappell
Phillip Kappell 4 days ago
I love when you do you dream news
Ashley Liang
Ashley Liang 4 days ago
In natural science class Preston did nothing wrong.It was Leah Ashe by she made a nether portal with zombie pig an that track ssundee
Emily Rogers
Emily Rogers 4 days ago
I love pineapples too they’re like the best food ever besides strawberries I love strawberries to
chris alver
chris alver 4 days ago
Leah Ashe being a baby: Is a potion a drink? Brianna:Yes!
Shiny Gem
Shiny Gem 4 days ago
It ment pee Ocean 🌊🤣
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