So I secretly cheated with a BUILD MOD in a building competition...

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So I secretly cheated with a BUILD MOD in a building competition...
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Apr 14, 2020




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Comments 100
Seito Yokota
Seito Yokota 5 months ago
ZeroS So2
ZeroS So2 2 days ago
jandy_playz123 7 days ago
Potato Chan - ROBLOX
Thasiama Vangchhia
Thasiama Vangchhia 14 days ago
Thasiama Vangchhia
Thasiama Vangchhia 14 days ago
O my god
The Yellow Danger
The Yellow Danger 14 hours ago
You cant make a house without a cheat?
Samantha Peters
Samantha Peters 16 hours ago
Maximus Calero
I felt for do I when he said i thought you would like itโ€™
Nik Koutsivos
Indrani Khan
Indrani Khan Day ago
Bionic you should have seen your face expression
NaveelMan Day ago
Tubbies Channel
Bruh did anyone hear bionic say hell yeah? I was like:O.o wut thats bad
Zia Zaman
Zia Zaman Day ago
Nasa: SURRENDER GIVE US THE ROCKET EVEN IF U DONT HAVE and also gongganginggang And....Wah sWeAtInG while watching this video *K gongganginggang*
Dahlia Batache
Dahlia Batache 2 days ago
Omgg the plot twistt HAHAHA like did u guys see bionic's face? HAHAHAHHAHAHA 17:44 HE WAS LIKE " this stupid ba-" ๐Ÿ˜ And then, "DO YOU THINK I'M STUPID HUH???" AND BIONIC IS LIKE wtf is happening HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH
Agyabir Gurung
Agyabir Gurung 2 days ago
Sala bionic chest kar ta ha ๐Ÿ˜ก
Cullan Urquhart
Cullan Urquhart 3 days ago
You are meal
Nyi Lin Myat
Nyi Lin Myat 3 days ago
Nyi Lin Myat
Nyi Lin Myat 3 days ago
Nyi Lin Myat
Nyi Lin Myat 3 days ago
Alasiah Hayes
Alasiah Hayes 3 days ago
Mozart is a music artist
Comrade Stalin
Comrade Stalin 4 days ago
Take my advice doni always finds out of he's being trolled
Lemonxroses 4 days ago
โ€œLetโ€™s get some chicken nuggetsโ€ *spawns chickens* Me: o-o
Jasmine Gojo Cruz
I realy fill to bad for doni
413_Trenton 4 days ago
I kinda feel bad for doni
ting liu
ting liu 5 days ago
um you did the entrence you did it 2 times
Diovanie Reyna
Diovanie Reyna 5 days ago
Ethan Du 94
Ethan Du 94 5 days ago
What is his mod pls
mile_frog 6 days ago
donโ€™t do doni like that
Flantor 6 days ago
Dony's pro house is not bad tobe honest
Ar Brother
Ar Brother 6 days ago
can we just notice that he sad Mozart was a painter
CookieLegend 6 days ago
Bionic: I feel soo bad *when done* Bionic: U suck.
Spypro_ official
Spypro_ official 5 days ago
Ye lol
Vilma Maravilla
Vilma Maravilla 7 days ago
Yes you won
Nancy Talib
Nancy Talib 7 days ago
So tell him I found out on his video he made check it out ok
Nancy Talib
Nancy Talib 7 days ago
Doni cought you using the auto build
PianoNoobster 9 days ago
him if you do not do this this is gonna happen to you Me: Laughing Because a Door Locker Just Hitted me in my Heart now i have trobule breathing :c
Marieta Medrana
Marieta Medrana 9 days ago
Your si mean but your cheating you are sayying to your freind that he is bad but you are cheating huh what a disapointment
Suprihati Ningsih
Shelly Morton
Shelly Morton 9 days ago
You really got two brain sells cause you canโ€™t bild widuot mods
Jens Rusten
Jens Rusten 10 days ago
Haha danibobes
Amine Ali moussa CE2A
C h i n y
C h i n y 10 days ago
Bobes is using MOD too Lol
kimberly huang
kimberly huang 11 days ago
I feel bad he should of won
Jay-Ar Marcelo
Jay-Ar Marcelo 11 days ago
How about bionic and doniboobs haha lol doni bobes vs grian
David Cruz
David Cruz 12 days ago
Hah Gaaaaay
THE NIGHT 12 days ago
Them it was a barn me: ey cuz barney
Voilet Duncan
Voilet Duncan 12 days ago
sorry dude but in the noob house u did not win bc ur house lool like u can build it in 2week
DJ The jolteon
DJ The jolteon 12 days ago
You will billy and graser are the bessstttttt
ninjahr yeet
ninjahr yeet 13 days ago
I feel bad for doni
David Yay 2001
David Yay 2001 13 days ago
X_xRUSSELx_X #BMGO 13 days ago
Why u troll him his a nice person
Mr Thanos
Mr Thanos 13 days ago
Why dose he say wird things
Mr Thanos
Mr Thanos 13 days ago
JADON JOY | ISWK 13 days ago
plz increase ur camera quality
Gabriel Orozco
Gabriel Orozco 14 days ago
Yo Iโ€™m a good builder You can make me build for you
Thasiama Vangchhia
Thasiama Vangchhia 14 days ago
Djcdjdjdjdjdjdjdjddjdjdjdjdjdjdjrjrjdjrjrrdjrjdjdudjdjdjjddjjddjdjdjdj ryryryryryryfydyrfyfyfyfufyryryryryryryryryryrryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryryyyrryry et ryryryryyryryryrtryrryryryryryryryrryryryryryryryryryryryyrryryryryyryryr:-P
Thasiama Vangchhia
Thasiama Vangchhia 14 days ago
O my god
BRUH 14 days ago
When i hear franky's theme from one piece : ๐Ÿคฏ
Vedanth Mallick
Vedanth Mallick 14 days ago
face of the child when he dropped a expensive jar in front of mom - 17:44
Uros Marinkovic
Uros Marinkovic 15 days ago
This is so planned, full vid you just watching him from the side and at the last of the vid you dont watch him so planned
thaihiep truong
thaihiep truong 15 days ago
Cindy Fawkes
Cindy Fawkes 15 days ago
Like that smash button
Cartoon Days and lufe
did u realize he says TODAY LADYS AND JETLEMEN every video
legendarul_ tm
legendarul_ tm 15 days ago
Mod name plz
DoniBoobs: Dream 2.0
The ways of ART
The ways of ART 16 days ago
Niko Lukaลกev
Niko Lukaลกev 16 days ago
Dash Malferrari
Dash Malferrari 16 days ago
Its sad that first round when donibobes said you like it?
Zay_ Gamer
Zay_ Gamer 16 days ago
Ya know when something up because none of you guys build so when you do this I know somethin up
Artan Kadiri
Artan Kadiri 17 days ago
iii a l i c e
iii a l i c e 17 days ago
MonkeyPlaysYT 17 days ago
Kylan Tubbs
Kylan Tubbs 17 days ago
Heck nah that ainโ€™t happening let me hurry
Pudding Roblox
Pudding Roblox 18 days ago
geting panda in two day HUH
Oksana Osmaylova
Oksana Osmaylova 18 days ago
Why is his name donny bobis
Shaurya Ratra
Shaurya Ratra 18 days ago
Today He bid 4 hunters and he won
Harrison tonks
Harrison tonks 18 days ago
15:39 why the Morgz music
Ishtako 19 days ago
Wow 4 mill views inpresive
Ayush Thapa
Ayush Thapa 19 days ago
What is the mods name
JYOTI SINGH 19 days ago
Plz make more videos like this
GRACE Chrila
GRACE Chrila 19 days ago
Doni is a joker he made me laugh๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ
Rodmar John Aquinp
Rodmar John Aquinp 20 days ago
A noob house is not stone its dirt
Matthew Peters
Matthew Peters 20 days ago
I like the other guys mention better because he axially built it he did not cheat...
Matthew Peters
Matthew Peters 20 days ago
Stop cheating its not fare for the others dude.
yinghung man
yinghung man 20 days ago
"A beautiful painting by Mozart" *comes to terms that Mozart is a composer* Press X to doubt
Yare Yare
Yare Yare 21 day ago
Ur lucky doni is nob u didn't cover urtracks with some house but it cool
random cracker
random cracker 21 day ago
Ahahahhahahahahahahahhaahhahaahahahahahahaha Ship '^'
Gypee Gonzales
Gypee Gonzales 21 day ago
_What is this:
jhaiyne de los arcos
jhaiyne de los arcos
Mehoy noynoy
Ahmad Elon
Ahmad Elon 22 days ago
I feel bad for doni
_xSneaX BG
_xSneaX BG 22 days ago
U Are Like A Toxic Guy Bionic When Ur Trolling It Makes Me Mad Bro ๐Ÿ˜ก
patfitz fitzpatrick
Diamonds can make a base look bad
Bibiana Berioso
Bibiana Berioso 23 days ago
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Bibiana Berioso
Bibiana Berioso 23 days ago
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Bibiana Berioso 23 days ago
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Bibiana Berioso 23 days ago
It will take you a while and I have no doubt about that but if it doesn't get a good start with it will let me take the next one out on my own for now ko and then I'll get you to send it out and send me the new address so ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Bibiana Berioso
Bibiana Berioso 23 days ago
You be told me are nothing i can i buy you are yes or nothing
Bibiana Berioso
Bibiana Berioso 23 days ago
Oo is the only way to go with about this and it will help us understand what is happening with this new project that is
Bibiana Berioso
Bibiana Berioso 23 days ago
I wanna be yours come in in there i just want to talk to you yet
Bibiana Berioso
Bibiana Berioso 23 days ago
OK na ko it will take me to the point of this one to get it all up on a blog page but not yet it will get a little more than that I will get a good shot of what it will look
Bibiana Berioso
Bibiana Berioso 23 days ago
Not Jaker2true
Not Jaker2true 23 days ago
Memator The first
Memator The first 24 days ago
yo this got 4 million views
Vladimir Rudan
Vladimir Rudan 24 days ago
put the mod links in description plzzzzz
Swamit Singh Gurung
doni is good at building mansions doe-
Liz Mountford
Liz Mountford 25 days ago
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