So I secretly cheated with a BUILD MOD in a building competition...

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So I secretly cheated with a BUILD MOD in a building competition...
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Apr 14, 2020




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Comments 80
Seito Yokota
Seito Yokota 2 months ago
Seth Morrison
Seth Morrison 2 days ago
So this is how you get a heart from Bionic lol
Paxton Carcone
Paxton Carcone 4 days ago
Carter Friesen
Carter Friesen 5 days ago
fresh Roblox!
fresh Roblox! 6 days ago
Lol this got hearted and pinned XD
Subscribe to me for no reason
Pepole literlly get top comments for the dumbest reason possible
Saha Chaiyut
Saha Chaiyut 43 minutes ago
The Grian hermitcraft vi house is better than your pro house
Alano Dalumpines
Alano Dalumpines 3 hours ago
Karma is real
wolfy with chu
wolfy with chu 4 hours ago
😂 a Mozart painting he wasn't a painter he worked with music
jemma hoppock
jemma hoppock 4 hours ago
I feel bad for donny ☹
MittensMcMeow Fluffy
RIP Bionic. He got no complements from his own friend
Jackson Loss’sDD
Jackson Loss’sDD 10 hours ago
Johnathan Forman
Johnathan Forman 11 hours ago
doni first round "wut"
Stephanie E.
Stephanie E. 11 hours ago
2:11 come with here?
Gordon Loo
Gordon Loo 13 hours ago
As S S S
Synthesia Tutorials
Synthesia Tutorials 17 hours ago
Anyone knows whats the mod called?
iamsick_ 2939
iamsick_ 2939 18 hours ago
he has more subs tuo
Molly Gaming
Molly Gaming 19 hours ago
Whats the mods name???
The Dishonored _
if its a mod his client would need to have the mod for forge to allow him to join. so either its only a plugin or this entire vid is rigged
Catherine Aguero
i think he wants ban because he said ban 16:00
iigamingkinq Day ago
A noob house is dirt
Rohan P
Rohan P Day ago
Ha 😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😠😡
Ryan Grado
Ryan Grado Day ago
What is the mod link I wanna download it.
MrPikachu's Art
Dude Mozzart was a musician
Christopher Bruno
Christopher Bruno
Joshua Flowers
Joshua Flowers 2 days ago
this dude is so dumb he said a beautiful Mozart paintings this dude is also so mean he says you are so bad like i understand as a joke but its just rude
actually what da heck is that mod ;-; i am lazy to build a house like you bionic -n-
FoxyPlays Roblox
FoxyPlays Roblox 2 days ago
Bionic is going to Minecraft Hell for this one,Poor Doni😭
soch50 ok
soch50 ok 2 days ago
he said mo dogs
xellou BOII
xellou BOII 2 days ago
can u pls tell me whats the mod name.(also i rlly like u subbed and liked)
diamond gamer
diamond gamer 2 days ago
What your server name?
ZeN_ J0hn
ZeN_ J0hn 2 days ago
Noob House: 7 Dirt for 2 layers, then last layer 9 dirt, then for bed, delete 2 blocks and boom
J Perfect
J Perfect 2 days ago
Sub to J Perfect
musadiq chaturpuran games
Replies if
Giacomo Zito
Giacomo Zito 2 days ago
his face is poop
Typical Dude
Typical Dude 2 days ago
You are such a bad friend I feel so bad for him
Wraxpyy 2 days ago
Bayu Putra
Bayu Putra 2 days ago
what is this mod?? Answer me
Emilijus Mačiunas
how is the mod called
Santiago Luna
Santiago Luna 3 days ago
In my seventh day in Minecraft I was better then your mod
Myles Massa
Myles Massa 3 days ago
Hahahaah the end doe dobbs the fucking savage
Myles Massa
Myles Massa 3 days ago
Bruuuuuuuhhhhhhh I Am Darth maullllll bionic
DNA rekt
DNA rekt 3 days ago
The mansion was good until he changed it to diamond
Eva Deuz
Eva Deuz 3 days ago
I love bionic face it isfunny:)
will the fish
will the fish 3 days ago
Doni just doesnt get trolled
Aviv Mathews
Aviv Mathews 3 days ago
piao piao
Little Miss Galaxy
I like donni pro 🏡 house
Pls do these vids until the end plsssss
Lily P
Lily P 3 days ago
When they did barn I said: I bet the other guy will be like “I bet when I type barn there’s gonna be nothing” “WHAT ok now he’s cheat *types house*. AHHH” ok now Ik how he knew
TSteads_YT 3 days ago
12:26 yo need to edit it you said it twice btw good vid
Xaviye Brown
Xaviye Brown 3 days ago
A kinda like the noon tree house
PerunaMies 3 days ago
Moon dogs?
Evan clouse
Evan clouse 3 days ago
you did not get permission
NoDefiance 3 days ago
Why he sound like ricegum
E E 3 days ago
Mod download??
John TVTN 3 days ago
Can u plz tell me the mod name?
Ma. Victoria Alosbaños
I aslo love light blue
AK Razor
AK Razor 4 days ago
“Some more moo dogs” lmfao
mariah.loukia7 4 days ago
Doni’s so cute oml 😂
mariah.loukia7 4 days ago
This is a literal comment
Denver Colitoy
Denver Colitoy 4 days ago
1 word noob
Arjun Patel
Arjun Patel 4 days ago
he sounds like ricegum lol
Zenhd12 25
Zenhd12 25 4 days ago
#one piece music
TDE Blankz
TDE Blankz 4 days ago
What is the mod?
Cody Wong
Cody Wong 4 days ago
Who feels bad for DoniBobes
Natash Gibson
Natash Gibson 4 days ago
Ok I love your video
Natash Gibson
Natash Gibson 4 days ago
Ok ok I love your video it's the best😺
killer creeper
killer creeper 4 days ago
Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 4 days ago
Doni won round number two
s127266 4 days ago
broodje sate
broodje sate 4 days ago
3:07 we tot tree minutes
Kwenzakwenkosi Mtshali
You should have done a modern house
CutePie Meow
CutePie Meow 4 days ago
His shut up was like in the mean girls film. Wow
brandon kwon
brandon kwon 4 days ago
12:41 Im a musician that play the Piano and the Violin and says painting by Mozart. me: ._.
Mikey Stevens
Mikey Stevens 4 days ago
Yeah you dum that y I unsubscribe
Kenan Knight
Kenan Knight 4 days ago
idk the name of the mod what is it O_O
Milk Man
Milk Man 5 days ago
Do u usually say the h word?
King John C. Miranda 21
You've been fooled..
Peanut butter Face
0:53 there was no reason to put in the chests
Yeet Yeet Fellow OwO
17:44 Oh, he got caught.
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