So, I made a decision...

Brie Larson
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Thank you for watching my first RUvid video! It was so great learning from all of those who joined - make sure to follow them 💕 Leave a comment letting me know which creators I should work with as well, please! I’m so excited about this journey - be sure to let me know what you want to see. Like or Subscribe if you want… or don’t. It’s up to you!

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Jul 2, 2020




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Comments 60
Brie Larson
Brie Larson Month ago
Give me all the ideas! What do you want to see and who should I collab with? 💕
BOT the bot
BOT the bot 18 days ago
I think you can learn how to actually act and not always start in roles of bland mary sues
Ryan Thompson
Ryan Thompson Month ago
You should do a collab with captain marvel Jk but that would be pretty epic! Also welcome to RUvid!
Christine C
Christine C Month ago
Please do a crafting video where you recreate some teen Brie Larson red carpet looks
Justap Erson
Justap Erson Month ago
Collab with Mia Malkova, that'd be a nice duo Oh, my bad. I thought you were someone else. I stand by my suggestion though.
adel shaikh
adel shaikh Month ago
You should vlog I guess that'd be great 😀
Jas 2 minutes ago
Love your video, Brie! So happy to see you on RUvid! 💖
lalo santana
lalo santana Hour ago
Brazen Hammer
Brazen Hammer Hour ago
One word to explain what I'm watching I believe that one guy from jurassic park summed it up pretty good when he found some dino 💩
Brazen Hammer
Brazen Hammer Hour ago
Another hello from the critical drinker Please make a better movie
Heloysa Pelizon
ok so did really all the haters gave views to this video to give a thumbs down and spread it to more people thanks you made RUvid share this amazing content with more people
Al Adolfsen
Al Adolfsen Hour ago
Stop this noise. You are not like us. You are a Hollywood snob. You've alienated all men , so understand that I will not spend my money to see your movies, especially Captain Marvel.
Christian Kibunga
So guys i've figured how to trace her phone number from her facebook account.ill give it to the first 700k subscribers
Renato Massaro
Renato Massaro 2 hours ago
awesome! i've known and liked you since "united states of Tara" =O) how was it working with your workmates, and what funny, scary, awkward stories about and with your colleagues that you can tell us?
Killer Queen
Killer Queen 3 hours ago
Hi Brie! I’m a huge fan!!! You should collab with some of your other Marvel friends & I agree with iisuperwomanii & think that your sketches would be amazing!
Daniel Ury
Daniel Ury 3 hours ago
Kameron P
Kameron P 4 hours ago
Literally the most hated person in marvel and it’s so clear why
Danzy Dan
Danzy Dan Hour ago
@Md Rafiqu Rahman Weak carnt.
Danzy Dan
Danzy Dan Hour ago
@Md Rafiqu Rahman Racist carnt.
Md Rafiqu Rahman
Md Rafiqu Rahman 2 hours ago
I don't see anything wrong on this video? But I clearly understand why middle age white neards hate her.
Imagine Breaker
Imagine Breaker 4 hours ago
F this channel xD
Jaime Argilés
Jaime Argilés 4 hours ago
There's enough material in the comments of this video to make like 5 seasons of "responding to my haters". You're the envy of every RUvidr!
Marshal Mathers
Marshal Mathers 2 hours ago
I don't think you envy the criticisms against her, and you're on youtube which makes you a youtuber.
EnotikPoloskunchik 5 hours ago
David Johnson
David Johnson 5 hours ago
i have to say this was very entertaining to watch!!!
Santos Silva
Santos Silva 5 hours ago
Deslikes kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Richard Cheesman
Richard Cheesman 5 hours ago
here because of Robot Head
daria 5 hours ago
Sahara Monarrez
Sahara Monarrez 6 hours ago
Wait What!! You know Juapa Zurita
beaftermath 6 hours ago
0:03 Every RUvidr Struggle Moment....! #OnCamera #StartUpIssues 😂 #Agreed100%
Havendale Blvd
Havendale Blvd 7 hours ago
Why are all her interviews along side the Marvel cast entirely awkward?
Md Rafiqu Rahman
Md Rafiqu Rahman 2 hours ago
You probably saw a completions made by haters. I am not the biggest fan of Caption Marvel but I think she is a pretty likeable gril.
alienbob21 7 hours ago
I don't Understand people's hate on Brie. It's really really weird. She's outspoken on topics that a lot of celebrities won't openly comment on unless specifically asked. Acknowledging the privilege you have and using that privilege to promote diversity and to promote inclusiveness isn't SJW rhetoric in the least. It is actually trying to get more acceptance of people who are different than rather than all the same type of people doing the same type of stuff.
Md Rafiqu Rahman
Md Rafiqu Rahman 2 hours ago
She said she doesn't care about white film critic's opinion so incel are made I guess.
Marshal Mathers
Marshal Mathers 5 hours ago
Your bring up excellent points. That does not explain though w the video that she made with a Black Woman only received 135k views while the video with her in yoga pants working out with a White Man has nearly 700k views?
Thomas Shaw
Thomas Shaw 7 hours ago
I totally understand why people can't stand being in the same room as Brie
gonzalo ortiz
gonzalo ortiz 7 hours ago
Collab with Good Mythical Morning on one of their "will it" videos!! 😁
Dd Pan
Dd Pan 7 hours ago
You should do a video about how to save the planet, about to stop pollution and saving animals!
D.I.Y Do it yourself
Other avengers should also make one they would get millions of subscribers
Marshal Mathers
Marshal Mathers 5 hours ago
Chris Evans has a youtube channel. It has about 100k subscribers. Together with this channel, that is not even 500k subscribers.
BigShaq1 8 hours ago
Hoo boy, what a pretentious fake introduction in an attempt to humanise the self-centred narcissistic person that is Brie. Sitting on millions for acting makes her no hero of the world 'stopping racism'. Bruh. save yourself some time, and donate to a homeless shelter or something, than give this hollywood production views.
Md Rafiqu Rahman
Md Rafiqu Rahman 2 hours ago
What fake about this video? Did you even watch it or just come here for hate?
jesse shuck
jesse shuck 8 hours ago
I would love to see how good you get with editing your videos... right now you seem pretty good if you are doing it. If not, forget what I just said. Lol
Md Rafiqu Rahman
Md Rafiqu Rahman 2 hours ago
Why do you even think she edit her video. She probably hired someone.
[redacted] [redacted]
whoah lots of dislikes.... wot
dipper z
dipper z 9 hours ago
Brie probably didn't want to turn off the comments just so we can see the embarassing cry babies in the comments lol
Md Rafiqu Rahman
Md Rafiqu Rahman 2 hours ago
@Brie Bacon no the haters lol
Brie Bacon
Brie Bacon 5 hours ago
Not all Brie's fans are cry babies
Justin Price
Justin Price 9 hours ago
william viz
william viz 9 hours ago
Samantha 10 hours ago
i want to see you singing and playing games please PLEASE. and oh, don’t forget how much amazing you are 🥺 an inspiration to me. i love you brie, kisses from 🇧🇷❤️
Coxofan 10 hours ago
Captain Marvel is the worst marvel movie I have ever seen, in spanish we call it "panfletazo feminista".
Nev Deaton
Nev Deaton 11 hours ago
I remember you in the TV show "The League".
Splendid 11 hours ago
first 4 seconds are perfect, those 4 seconds should've been the whole video...
Fabulous Banda
Fabulous Banda 11 hours ago
So close for 2 million views in her first RUvid video
Marshal Mathers
Marshal Mathers 5 hours ago
That would be embarrassing if an International movie star with a $1B box office couldn't achieve 2M views
Fabulous Banda
Fabulous Banda 11 hours ago
Fabulous Banda
Fabulous Banda 11 hours ago
Gaming Videos..... I like it
Luna Ijuin Lethbridge
Please do something with the try guys !!!!!!!
Michael Fraser
Michael Fraser 12 hours ago
The critical drinker strikes again.
I am Watching You
I am Watching You 12 hours ago
Just came here to leave an up-vote, Love from Australia!
Marshal Mathers
Marshal Mathers 5 hours ago
Australia is the land from down under!
Nacho Gamer
Nacho Gamer 8 hours ago
Muhammad Rehman Muhammad Rehman
Hi Brie Larson I,m a big fan of you
David Whitfield
David Whitfield 14 hours ago
Good Luck Captain. Have fun with it and ignore the inevitable hate.
Vanessa Peñaranda
Vanessa Peñaranda 15 hours ago
Queen 👸🏼
Maria 15 hours ago
Look at all these haters more obsessed w/ Larson than her actual fans 😭
Marshal Mathers
Marshal Mathers 5 hours ago
There are over 7 billion people in the world, and this video has less than 2 million views. Seems safe to say that the the majority of the population is not obsessed with her
Jaime Argilés
Jaime Argilés 6 hours ago
Wait, she has fans????
Thomas Shaw
Thomas Shaw 16 hours ago
I totally get why people don't like her
Burn the simps!!!!
Burn the simps!!!! 8 hours ago
@Be Positive simp
Be Positive
Be Positive 13 hours ago
No one said they like you here...
Daniel 16 hours ago
As a white man, can I subscribe to your content without being insulted by you in the past/present or future? Nah...
Burn the simps!!!!
Burn the simps!!!! 8 hours ago
@Be Positive simp
Be Positive
Be Positive 13 hours ago
The door's that way
Thomas Shaw
Thomas Shaw 16 hours ago
duh, I don't know how to record a video, duh. I'm so hip and relatable
Marshal Mathers
Marshal Mathers 5 hours ago
Amazing how someone who has been on set for TV and Film for decades doesn't know how to operate a camera
Burn the simps!!!!
Burn the simps!!!! 8 hours ago
@Be Positive simp
Be Positive
Be Positive 13 hours ago
Haters aren't
Jacob Lang
Jacob Lang 17 hours ago
Your this --->🤮🤮🤮🤮💩💩💩💩
Burn the simps!!!!
Burn the simps!!!! 8 hours ago
@Be Positive simp
Be Positive
Be Positive 13 hours ago
You -> ignored by her
Carrot Salas
Carrot Salas 17 hours ago
Thomas Shaw
Thomas Shaw 17 hours ago
Brie is just unlikable.
labulldog5 17 hours ago
Waiting until Brie lets all us white males know that her youtube channel wasn’t made for them. Lol
Be Positive
Be Positive 13 hours ago
It isn't made for you anyways
Abirin Mar
Abirin Mar 17 hours ago
Martin Ibarra
Martin Ibarra 17 hours ago
love u!!!
Martin Ibarra
Martin Ibarra 17 hours ago
why the dislikes i dont get it
Máté 11 hours ago
@Be Positive ok simp
Be Positive
Be Positive 13 hours ago
@Thomas Shaw Haters can't accept 342K subscribers!
Thomas Shaw
Thomas Shaw 17 hours ago
Bots can't "get it"
Rafael Lopes
Rafael Lopes 17 hours ago
Im just in love with this video, we know you from movies and interviews but this is so much nice, cute and real!! I really liked your channel
TheShibaLover 17 hours ago
why so much hate lol just curious
BigBBanger 18 hours ago
Hi guys, I think she might be Brie Larson
Wree Haught
Wree Haught 18 hours ago
Brie can you like share everything about acting!!!!!
Kara 18 hours ago
Brie, I have loved you since United States of Tara, and have been wanting more of you since! Anything you make will be successful because your shining light will be in it!
Be Positive
Be Positive 13 hours ago
@Marshal Mathers Cult following
Marshal Mathers
Marshal Mathers 18 hours ago
Scott Pilgrim had a production budget of $60M, it's worldwide box office take was only $47.6M. Not a successful box office take
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