Snoop Dogg - One Blood, One Cuzz (feat. DJ Battlecat) (Official Video)

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From the album "I Wanna Thank Me". Out now!
Stream: SnoopDogg.lnk.to/IWannaThankMeYo
Directed by Dah Dah
#SnoopDogg #IWannaThankMe #OneBloodOneCuzz
Official Video by Snoop Dogg - One Blood, One Cuzz feat. DJ Battlecat © 2019 Doggystyle Records / EMPIRE

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Aug 15, 2019




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Comments 13 149
Keshun Davis
Keshun Davis 14 hours ago
Crips Nipsey Hu$$le R.I.P 🙏🏿 Jesus Christ
Smile Day ago
Old school music awesome!
Shan Loves
Shan Loves Day ago
Nipsey Hussle Da great
One thug one thug , you are listening to’ sound of one thug Tupac Shakur
Nifty 5Øz
Nifty 5Øz 2 days ago
“S/o to em Hoovers, for showing us how it’s done” (2:52)🍊💙
Iron DR BELL 3 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-wrgy2ZlRxU8.html ruvid.net/video/video-t24iTUl9uQ0.html ruvid.net/video/video-0ofosvRUNzY.html
Iron DR BELL 3 days ago
Truth Teller
Truth Teller 3 days ago
2:57-3:08 was the message to fight against "Corporate America" that promotes genocide through African descent gang violence...... America is the heaviest burden that anyone of African descent could ever bear.... Renounce america and find yourself outside of It's demonic government...
Jessie Moore
Jessie Moore 3 days ago
Snoop dog talk to me... Its not like the 90s where there was togetherness. I miss theses days when we was all together and it was real. This was the greatest song I feel u on this track..
Tiffany Richards
Tiffany Richards 4 days ago
honestly really appreciate this
lahendricks74 4 days ago
lll Fer. 24981
lll Fer. 24981 4 days ago
Blood s and crips
EleegY 5 days ago
i hope one day its all over i dont understand racism i hate it why hate each other when we can love everyone and make the world a better place with love not hate
Adrian Ferrera
Adrian Ferrera 5 days ago
Anyone know this dune from school yard ?
Devin Cardoso
Devin Cardoso 5 days ago
More people need to listen to this
Chapul Tepec1
Chapul Tepec1 5 days ago
Marvin Hagler
Marvin Hagler 5 days ago
KingJar Black
KingJar Black 5 days ago
Some rappers still know God is and those the ones I pray for
Nico Valle
Nico Valle 6 days ago
Chris cisneroz
Chris cisneroz 6 days ago
BLACKS AND BROWNS TOO ✊🤜🏾🤛🏿💯 R.I.P. NIPSEY HUSSLE R.I.P. KOBE BRYANT. to much bullshit going on in the world we live in today we all gotta come together as one and show these mofos wassup.
CheckerMario 6 days ago
R.I.P Nipsey Hussle
El Chapo
El Chapo 7 days ago
Man this shit cold 🥶🔥
Dma aljbore
Dma aljbore 10 days ago
Bro you wasting weed bro
marques harris
marques harris 10 days ago
Snoop, bro bro you did it again, keep staying socially minded. This song is a #CLASSIC. Peace!
What’s Up
What’s Up 14 days ago
Why crip in the first place fool !!
OG NA$A 14 days ago
Slim Griff
Slim Griff 15 days ago
That beat though.Battlecat your a foul nigga. On mamas
Bashpiee 15 days ago
This song One Blood has mix of both Pac and Snoop together. #Pac #Nipsey R.I.P
Sahle Monroe
Sahle Monroe 15 days ago
All respect to the homie snoop dog
Chelsey Lately
Chelsey Lately 16 days ago
This video was beautiful! #TMC you a real one Snoop. Nip would be real appreciative for this dedication.
King Croc
King Croc 16 days ago
snoop is that OG gangstah bl00d
Kay Khan
Kay Khan 16 days ago
Go on snoop still trying to clean the mess up. Keep up the good work big dog dont stop that barking dog louder
mario orozco
mario orozco 17 days ago
Snoop just wanna tell you how real and true you are . we all gotta Be one .
SunShine State Bullies
As a white man , I can strongly relate to this song . Dope and deep
O B Wan 3 nan kanobi
Unc holla at me da east coast and Midwest got love to show2
O B Wan 3 nan kanobi
Word up it’s not bout fame it’s bout bringing the community together again as one
Jose Salazar
Jose Salazar 18 days ago
Damn blood/cuss!!🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧😊
Lupe 19 days ago
Go Bloods👌👌👌
Nacho Niqqa :3
Nacho Niqqa :3 21 day ago
As a mexican ik somewhere before we could write our history our black brothers were alongside us. Us Helping them, them helping us BUILDING on eachothers success...why did we fall so far from grace. Why cant we do it again. Like before the white man tricked us into destroying eachothers communities so they could have the moral highground. Blood, Crips, Surenos, nortenos hell even asians where yall at come join us. We gotta find a way to take back the world before they destory it an we destroy ourselves anymore than we already have.
Golo G KiNgKoNg crip .
Fuke blood♿💙
J J 22 days ago
Delete this ASAP!! There’s No Need 4 All of This. My Apologies for all of that. No B.S.
Carlos Lopez
Carlos Lopez 24 days ago
Nigga ☠☠☠☠
Carlos Lopez
Carlos Lopez 24 days ago
Sirizo Bdv
Sirizo Bdv 25 days ago
JC Acqua
JC Acqua 25 days ago
2pac hold ya head
Chad Bauch
Chad Bauch 27 days ago
I wouldn't even join the wood pile in Texas Beto 1 unit. It wasn't easy to be solo and pressure came from many angles but we all human, your color, hometown or your appearance doesn't make you who you are. To have pride in something that didn't take work like the color of your skin, i never understood. We all one people.
Miles Stratman
Miles Stratman 29 days ago
Rolling 60's and the Swans are united and i'm glad.
Ashley Morillo
Ashley Morillo 29 days ago
I just saw Snoop at the Louisville Palace last night for his concert with Warren G, and he performed this song along with having a tribute to PAC, Nate Dogg, Biggie, and Nip.
fdyh ghj
fdyh ghj Month ago
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Dilson Gonçalves
I'm not facious... the lesson?
Jurmel Davis
Jurmel Davis Month ago
O.G still cracking shit up. Real 1
Mick Mouse
Mick Mouse Month ago
This should have a billion likes 💙❤️💙❤️
Tre Angle
Tre Angle Month ago
THIS!!! Is Hip Hop!
Brian de Goede
Brian de Goede Month ago
great message and much love and respekt to all people of colour everywhere for the music, the vibe and the inspiration to keep the faith while in this system of oppression
Coko W
Coko W Month ago
Needs to be played out aloud across the world.
unotme Month ago
Movie name please 2:28
pablo zadlo
pablo zadlo Month ago
Badman track! Haha nice snoop
stevie stevens
stevie stevens Month ago
Snoop you the truth one luv ✊🏿🔥
Jay Jay
Jay Jay Month ago
Best Nip tribute
hagos tewolde
hagos tewolde Month ago
The black man payed a heavy price for all minorities for equal rights in this country etc . Unity and love will bring us together but we must keep teaching the youth .. RIP NipdaGreat 🇪🇷🏁🙏🏽
Theresa Martin
Theresa Martin Month ago
Nipsey is truly missed he had all the gangs respect he is a real one that was taken to soon
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