SNL Commercial Parodies: Babies and Kids

Saturday Night Live
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Watch these SNL commercial parodies for babies’ and kids’ brands like Baby Spanx, CNN Pregnancy Test, and Nelson’s Baby Toupees.
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Published on


Jan 23, 2020




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Comments 604
Penny Wiser
Penny Wiser 3 hours ago
Macy's ad....I'm so done 😂😂😂😂
Kat Rose
Kat Rose 7 hours ago
im a female and i was bald until age 2, that baby hair piece was made for me
Modesto Nieves
Daddy is a dumb ass hahaha
Patrick Pastor
Trust me, as someone who taught preschool for one day, I need Duolingo.
Patrick Pastor
3:58 - "Decreased self-confidence?" I dunno, Green shirt seems fine with it. Either that, or he's accepted it.
Bep bep Rochi
I clicked for Bill Hader 😅
Rebecca Choi
Rebecca Choi 2 days ago
I love Kristen in the skit she is so cute and sims like
Kuribo Kutsu
Kuribo Kutsu 2 days ago
"Sweater that make them HOT" - sounds like "Oooooh, yeaaaaah!"
David Merlino
David Merlino 2 days ago
SpanxI wear them
the drunken ramblings north east UK
why did seven thirty one have to call me out so hard as the person who cant talk to children without heavily patronizing them and/or speaking coldly adult-like (yes I have to use letters as the numbers on my keyboard don't work sue me)
lurch321 3 days ago
"Do you have a fat baby? Are you ashamed of it?"--LOL!
The Feeling Is Mutual
You better build up your Stamina for long pointless stories. Because you will hear them from everyone, forever! No matter who you are.
Jerry Williams
Jerry Williams 4 days ago
I just got my gallbladder removed and I damn near opened back up laughing at “daddy’s a dumbass” 😭😭😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣
Willy 4 days ago
Omg! Be careful. You're giving people ideas!😂😂😂😂😂😂
A_003 4 days ago
imagine being a bald baby
The Ultimate Potato
6:33 That girl’s smile is the best
uh oh io
uh oh io 5 days ago
i think by the 3rd week shed know without the stick
Kay Silva
Kay Silva 6 days ago
Okay now I’m convinced that Cecily is the narrator for all Macy’s commercials.
sammy sosa
sammy sosa 6 days ago
"Do you have a fat baby?"
Salty Penguin
Salty Penguin 6 days ago
Clothes commercial to true
Julianne Hannes
Julianne Hannes 7 days ago
I looked like Jason Alexander in my first 9months of life, not having a toupee as a baby was the reason I didn't become a popular cheerleader and homecoming queen.
Ja'Nelle J
Ja'Nelle J 7 days ago
The spanx commercial is hilarious!!😂😂😂
Kamryn Quinn
Kamryn Quinn 7 days ago
"Welcome to being a woman Kailey " xDD
HeyBoo Shelton
HeyBoo Shelton 7 days ago
David The Fox Gaming
7.64 is the best part
David The Fox Gaming
Jonny Tolley
Jonny Tolley 8 days ago
Leave it to Ms Blank Face to make an SNL skit unfunny. I honestly think Kristen Stewart is on some medication that suppresses any hint of emotion or facial expression.
K Tracy
K Tracy 8 days ago
Baby Spanx...too funny!
Ron Koestlinger
Ron Koestlinger 8 days ago
CNN reports on your pregnancy like it reports on news. I'm surprised it didn't advocate terminating the pregnancy which is the left's mantra.
ben sauls
ben sauls 8 days ago
4:17 bob belcher
Cease Desist
Cease Desist 8 days ago
🤣😂 Thanks for the memories from my “ Macy’s” shopping days🥰👏🏽🥳👩🏽‍💻
Vestal Virginia
Vestal Virginia 8 days ago
I'm losing my mind at how nice those clothes were in the Macy's ad and yet I can distinctly remember refusing to wear any of them.
Caden Blake
Caden Blake 8 days ago
Omg, I definitely need Duolingo for talking to your dad.
Air Sketch
Air Sketch 9 days ago
Fat babies are so cute.
NBAGrandpa 9 days ago
Bruh that Doulingo sketch had me in tears.
Isaiah Pero
Isaiah Pero 9 days ago
Okay. Can we just all agree that babies with CGI bodies just look weird as fuck?
S Ainsworth
S Ainsworth 9 days ago
My mascara is burning my eyes 😂😂😂 baby spanx !! Lol!
Somber Stricken
Somber Stricken 9 days ago
I have 3 children and I also worked as a preschool teacher and still can't talk to children. It just doesn't come easy to some people.
Terry Burford
Terry Burford 9 days ago
I wanna marry bill hader. He will prop be like 100 when I'm old enough tho😢🤣🤣
Taťána Činovcová
takes off the scarf --> ahh where is my kid LOOOL
Cal Latata
Cal Latata 9 days ago
Ok, I know it's a joke but I actually need Duolingo for talking to kids
Lorryn SilverSpike
Baby spanx was hilarious
LEAsquad 10 days ago
CNN fake news
E Snyder
E Snyder 10 days ago
My favorite one is Macys cuz it's so true!
Fivefootnothin Chardè
Ok the baby with brown hair is in several sketches
Aiden Salminen
Aiden Salminen 10 days ago
CNN is fake News
Arlie Ferguson
Arlie Ferguson 10 days ago
"With the cooperation of the Chinese government"
Swezdog Gaming
Swezdog Gaming 11 days ago
I'm fucking dying XD
Mary Mar
Mary Mar 11 days ago
Damn, the baby spanx one was disturbing 😑😑😑😑😑
Soul Alchemy
Soul Alchemy 11 days ago
How accurate is this though?? 🤣🤣
Sabrina Sabor
Sabrina Sabor 11 days ago
Having them bitching all day long😝😝😝
DBorreliWHAT 11 days ago
Lol I love that these kids probably got paid to throw a tantrum.
melissa perron
melissa perron 11 days ago
“Putting on snow boots that will break up your Mariage” omg
Edward Creter
Edward Creter 11 days ago
0:40 "This is James Earl Jones. Celebrating a decade of your baby's growth...or his lack thereof in his teen years...THIS...IS CNN PREGNANCY TESTS!!!"
Nate Harris
Nate Harris 12 days ago
Nathan Deere
Nathan Deere 13 days ago
"Do you have a fat baby?" That made me laugh.
AshenDarkWolf0915 14 days ago
Yall the macys comercial was golden
David Merlino
David Merlino 14 days ago
I wear baby spanx
london_wdwfan 14 days ago
Daddys a dumbass
Anthony Schneider
Anthony Schneider 14 days ago
Haha, the Macy’s Star ⭐️ covering that lady’s crotch
Samantha 14 days ago
At least this Macy’s commercial is more diverse
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