SNL Commercial Parodies: Babies and Kids

Saturday Night Live
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Watch these SNL commercial parodies for babies’ and kids’ brands like Baby Spanx, CNN Pregnancy Test, and Nelson’s Baby Toupees.
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Published on


Jan 23, 2020




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Comments 100
Anaisha Lawrence
Anaisha Lawrence 2 hours ago
I laughed when they Baby Spanx and Tabby Spanx
Mikey Buchholz
That scene in the Macy's ad where the parents were fighting while trying to get the boots on... that hit very close to home. lol
Emory Wilson
Emory Wilson 3 days ago
the baby with the stinky diaper was literally wearing a lululemon headband
Andrew Perez
Andrew Perez 3 days ago
Macys commercial is censored is a problem but it's just that censored by side with a problem
Alpha Chad
Alpha Chad 4 days ago
I love that when they're doing the married couple arguing part, you can see the little girl laughing
You tube Love
You tube Love 9 days ago
The Macy’s clothing was hilarious!
lonelyheartsclub 10 days ago
doesn’t really matter, but here’s the thousandth comment. hoooray woohoo awesome.... i hate that as much as you did...... i’m sorry lmaoo
Stephen Key
Stephen Key 11 days ago
Who else is thinking what I'm thinking???? A certain PRESIDENT of USA....even the bald baby presenter was a "president".....i couldn't stop laughing when he said that....thought he was gonna say HE WAS the president of a certain USA
Venger Satanis
Venger Satanis 11 days ago
Cha'alt: Fuchsia Malaise!
Edda Ausness
Edda Ausness 13 days ago
Daddy's a dumb ass!
ray29ish 13 days ago
Just like cnn fake news and only right 5 percent of the time lmaooo
Jack of all trades
Jack of all trades 13 days ago
The cnn pregnancy test reminds me of the new stimulus package.
Chip Anderson
Chip Anderson 14 days ago
The CNN pregnancy test will tell you that you are not pregnant and it is all Trump's fault.
Coen A
Coen A 15 days ago
Nelson put his son on the package of his baby toupees. That’s sweet.
Angie, a Theatre Dork
It’s honestly impressive how much the Macy’s ad looks like a real Macy’s ad
Sean Pacheco
Sean Pacheco 19 days ago
They were on POINT with that Macy's sketch.
justin Anderson
justin Anderson 21 day ago
Just like the news, takes forever to give you relevant information.
The Original Cannabis
“Daddy’s a dumb ass”. Bahaha hahahahaha!!! Gold!!!
Kris Helfferich
Kris Helfferich 24 days ago
Twilight girl...acting skills of a potato.
Mr. Ghost
Mr. Ghost 26 days ago
The Macy’s commercial is so super and hilarious
Mr. Ghost
Mr. Ghost 26 days ago
Bill Hader is super funny
Mr. Ghost
Mr. Ghost 26 days ago
SNL brightens my day and makes me laugh Thanks SNL
Mr. Ghost
Mr. Ghost 26 days ago
Bill Hader is comedy gold He’s so funny
Mr. Ghost
Mr. Ghost 26 days ago
Love SNL
Mr. Ghost
Mr. Ghost 26 days ago
j808 27 days ago
CNN...fucking marxists
Joshua Navarrete
Joshua Navarrete 28 days ago
4:32 baby trump Edit: No 4:31
Davepool 6868
Davepool 6868 28 days ago
Baby Spanx is terrible 😂😂😂
ConcreteRose_tv 28 days ago
Idk know why but the baby after the two kids saying it's hot and it itches in the Macy's parody had me 😂😂😂
MaestroLives 29 days ago
That was hilarious. My face hurts
Morty C137
Morty C137 29 days ago
see, when i was a young child i hated people talking to me like i was sub-human and got quite annoyed with it
Yes No
Yes No Month ago
Lol i was bald as a baby and I'm a woman
squiderp 12
squiderp 12 Month ago
"You give them life, and I'll give them confidence." - Nelson Pediatrics
Kaitlyn Reynolds
The chunkiness is what makes babies cute!
2 ideots with a phone
Were do you ifmd all theas ekids
Stephen DeCarlo
Stephen DeCarlo Month ago
It feels like cecily carries all the snl adds
Rabies Kid McEdgeLord
I really wanna see the behind the scenes for these, bloopers with kids are so cute 🥺
Jemimah Ngu
Jemimah Ngu Month ago
Where’s my kid? 🤣🤣🤣
Heyitz_Delaney 3
I just noticed that in the macys commercial when the mom and the dad are yelling at each other trying to put the little girl's shoe on, if you watch the little girl you can see she's laughing. It must have been hilarious to be filming that scene with them.
The Yellow Pineapple
I got an ad in the same voice and was waiting 3 min for the joke
Maritza Piccarillo
The baby with baby Toupee....looks like TRUMP
ForgeGames Month ago
Sometimes I think it’s an ad, not the snl commercial.
Abigail Marshall
Lol I honestly need duolingo
Abigail Marshall
The Baby Spanx commercial is a good parody for the absurdity of diet culture and fatphobia. Also LOL my brother really could've used one of those baby toupees cuz he was completely bald as a baby
Here is another good one: ruvid.net/video/video-iILdF5ukESg.html
Corbin Schneider
This is the most random shit ever , And I love it .
Arie Rittberg
Arie Rittberg Month ago
6:00 haha
Lexxtech18 Month ago
I need that Duolingo STAT. I’m a 33-year-old woman without kids of my own (medical) and I have NO IDEA how to talk to my friend’s kids. 😆
G Hendry
G Hendry Month ago
G Hendry
G Hendry Month ago
❤bill hader❤
Uni Frog
Uni Frog Month ago
The kids were the best actors
Uncle Sophie
Uncle Sophie Month ago
I need duolingo for talking to people in general
a box of pasta
a box of pasta Month ago
the babies with the baby spanx are the most terrifying things on earth
Dozerson2 Month ago
CNN= Constant News Network.
Angry Penguin
Angry Penguin Month ago
I love how during the “and miss my cousin getting drunk” monologue, the kid was holding back hysterical laughter.
randomantguy 24
randomantguy 24 Month ago
Tbf, I was a thicc baby but now I'm skinny af
Lucy Flynn
Lucy Flynn Month ago
Imma 10 year old and I have no idea how to be nice to baby’s
c h e e s e c h e e s e
this is straight on perfect
ed talbot
ed talbot Month ago
Rachel Castelino
CNN is so funny
Gavin Hart
Gavin Hart Month ago
I love the toupees one and the Macy’s one
Colin Anderson
Colin Anderson Month ago
Daddy’s a dumb ass. 6:30
jesslesinski Month ago
If it was socially acceptable, so many people would buy baby spanx 🤦🏻‍♀️
Jupiter Month ago
Haha I thought the commercial was the add and tried to skip
Rukan Hamzah
Rukan Hamzah Month ago
dang at firts i thought that macy's comerrical was an actual ad!
Becoming Temperance
Becoming Temperance 2 months ago
BabySPANX LOLOLOL That's just wrong at any level !
Sofia Villagomez
Sofia Villagomez 2 months ago
That Macy's commercial hit a little to close to childhood
ZX Fullgrand
ZX Fullgrand 2 months ago
Kid gets in car. "We are going to buy clothes, aren't we?" Parent: "We may see." Macy's
if i were to kill myself the problem would be gone
I lost it when he said “where’s my kid” 😭
Kim Napoleone
Kim Napoleone 2 months ago
I can watch the Macy’s ad again & again!
Lila Horton
Lila Horton 2 months ago
They going to hell for baby Spanx 😂🤣😂🤣🤣 and toupees for babies 🤣😂🤣😂😂
Lila Horton
Lila Horton 2 months ago
I would BREAK that CNN test.
Sehrish Rabab
Sehrish Rabab 2 months ago
My most fav was babies wig parody🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 how can they even thick of it ..SNL is funniest ...I got ache in my belly for laughing that bad 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Caleb Hawkins
Caleb Hawkins 2 months ago
I love how when they’re putting on the girls shoes during the “and miss your brother asking for money” scene the little girl actress is laughing.
Chadro Donni
Chadro Donni 2 months ago
Vanessa Bayer is awesome at commercial sketches.
Madeline Reaves
Madeline Reaves 2 months ago
It’s always so awkward when I talk to my dad ;-; that app needs to exist now
Mat Flo
Mat Flo 2 months ago
Sadly onley 2000 kids will understand
TSMSTITCH 2 months ago
4:32 Is that Donald Trump😂😂
Evan A.
Evan A. 2 months ago
Daddys a dumbass
Ivy Dex
Ivy Dex 2 months ago
Those stupid tags STILL annoy me. And I’m 21.
Syrene Anderson
Syrene Anderson 2 months ago
all those babies in the baby wig commercial are now in 14/15 going to the 9th grade
J Itaru
J Itaru 2 months ago
I am in desperate need of not Duolingo for talking to kids, but Duolingo for talking to kids one year older or younger than you
Dwayne Rocks
Dwayne Rocks 2 months ago
The baby toupees 😂
Anna Farnham
Anna Farnham 2 months ago
Just thinking about how I’m about the same age as those babies from the baby toupees commercial
msufan590 2 months ago
Absolutely insane peyton manning's wasnt in there
a moment in time of the bruh variety
Parody Macy’s Ad: *exists* Me: Is this some kind of rich person joke I’m too poor to understand
Sofia Villagomez
Sofia Villagomez 2 months ago
That Macy's commercial was too true, I hated getting dressed up for holidays as a kid
Nestor Acosta
Nestor Acosta 2 months ago
How fucked up is she
Thomas L
Thomas L 2 months ago
The Macy’s skit is so pure 😂
Izz FIzz
Izz FIzz 2 months ago
internet Explorer
internet Explorer 2 months ago
Button downs with sharp scratchy tags in the back. That dug up some DEEP childhood memories 🤣
NCTV NCTV 2 months ago
The last one is true
Carlton Taylor
Carlton Taylor 2 months ago
06:21 was obviously written by one of writers married with kids. That was a little too real.
GamerKid1239 2 months ago
3:36 Little racist here but its funny. "They will make impression that will last a lifetime." And it shows a black male baby "stealing" something.
vin cent
vin cent 2 months ago
Hey CNN or Clinton news network
SeriousMcnegative 2 months ago
When you shop for the duo lingo app because you NEED it.
Manuel Rogoz
Manuel Rogoz 2 months ago
Kristen Stewart was the best 😂
Gamey Gamerson
Gamey Gamerson 2 months ago
"Also available in... your dad"?
William McNarney
William McNarney 2 months ago
Being a kid with Asperger syndrome, this Duolingo ad makes me think this: "Does everybody need this to talk to me?"
Lisa Thymes
Lisa Thymes 2 months ago
Who’s Watching this during quarantine....🙋🏾‍♀️
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