Sneaking into the New 2020 Faze House...

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Apr 6, 2020




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Comments 80
Sylvie Mpanzu
Sylvie Mpanzu 17 hours ago
Viral Hacks
Viral Hacks 3 days ago
Shaky camera
Angela Pereida
Angela Pereida 3 days ago
I hate your rice gum
FaZe Pro
FaZe Pro 4 days ago
Your weird
Joshes Gaming center
Is Ricegum still in faze
Matthew Armistead
Nice house 🏦
Faisal Al Awadhi
Faisal Al Awadhi 9 days ago
They kicked you out from faze dumb fuck
William Birkett-Kendall
Ha ha ricegum gay logan paul mobile
Aaronn Mach
Aaronn Mach 13 days ago
4:17 LMFAO
Mr.Osornio 14 days ago
When I saw the video titled, i thought you meant faze rug
MORGZ 3.0 14 days ago
RiceGum is like morgz, but if he was an honest Asian.
White Lobster
White Lobster 13 days ago
Keev Craft that doesn’t make any sense
Jian Liu
Jian Liu 15 days ago
Da adult is trash
Benjamin Spreen
Benjamin Spreen 16 days ago
Uma Kompton Part 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nicholas Grave
Nicholas Grave 16 days ago
Doesn't ricegum have a range rover
MSC Channel
MSC Channel 19 days ago
This Guy is the Coronavirus
Right Off The Bat!
"Why cant I live here?" Cuz you dont play that much games like a pro?-
Joseph•_• Yessirski
So we gonna act like rice gum did not say this 5:08
slayzplayz 24 days ago
3:36 rains laugh lmaooo
Brooklyn Slack
Brooklyn Slack 25 days ago
Rice gum your still trash
Jayda Cassanova
Jayda Cassanova 27 days ago
Yao i subscribed i am dragonslayer32yy
2:45 Damn can you let my nigga talk😂😂😂
Hurricane_ Katrina1211
“I don’t know how to drive” 😳 what
LV xBoyy
LV xBoyy Month ago
rain high af 😭
shining lion
shining lion Month ago
This dead was justin biebers house😭
Josh VH
Josh VH Month ago
The thumbnail says ‘why can’t I live here’. Why would that be....
MagarXshikhar Month ago
Funfact : he can't stop talking
YellowBerrio Month ago
OMGGG, that was so cool that he featured some people's reaction videos to his song!
Melvyn Mathews
Melvyn Mathews Month ago
wtf happened to the 2017 ricegum
X X Month ago
Venomsgod Month ago
Rice gum u sound so trash
Angel The boss 124
người đàn ông thực sự nói chig chong
Fncaiser Month ago
Good social distancing
itscrysislol OCE
Why does rice sound like he always has a dick up his nose
KxRaxe Month ago
How does this guy even get hotchicks??
Omega Wolfy
Omega Wolfy Month ago
Rice is struggling wit his life
Finley Knowles
Finley Knowles Month ago
Bahhhhhh your so better than KSI he rose ur Channel from the dead
u dont know how to drive lol but u bought a car like a couple years ago
Jayce Johnson
Jayce Johnson Month ago
Bro shut up you don’t know why he wasn’t posting but he is now so be satisfied
Kian Month ago
gold up the new faze house is Justin Biebers old house
Logan SZN
Logan SZN Month ago
Why can you live in the FaZe House? Oh umm cause you aren't in FAZE!!!
ashley merchant
ashley merchant Month ago
I feel like rice gum should get a makeover. Like a glo up after breaking up.
YellowBerrio Month ago
Very clever idea LOLS
-Alfrxdo -
-Alfrxdo - Month ago
Nixon Month ago
You cant live there because your channel is dead bub
Christian Martin
Smh simpgum
vNixpa : h
vNixpa : h Month ago
Rice deep down wants to live with faze clan I hope they let him live there tbh
Kevin Herrera
Kevin Herrera Month ago
Rice fix the algorithm I just noticed you’ve uploaded your latest video today! Last video I saw DaAdult Vid
KO GhoSt
KO GhoSt Month ago
Yo I would love yo be in faze.. sadly I ain't even that good at trick shots tho... I only be getting 22 kill wins on MW Warzone but damn must be awesome to be in faze
1 sᴜʙsᴄʀɪʙᴇʀ ʙᴇғᴏʀᴇ 2021
‼️ Well you saw my Username 😂 I won be honest ‼️
A G Month ago
He says he’ll drop a song every 2 weeks and doesn’t
Beeg Beeg
Beeg Beeg Month ago
Carlos Robel
Carlos Robel Month ago
Rice gum literally went to get roasted... + he started to post videos he probably want to pay the bills🥱🤧
Dev Month ago
Hey 🍚gum why are you “playing catch up with the views” RUvid was a war when you joined and now you trying to join back when everything is good and peaceful???
Itzz cactus
Itzz cactus Month ago
And all you going to do is go on my tik tok and spam l for no reason looser like you sow ugly that look on your face don’t look cute at all
LtBreezy Month ago
You can’t live there because they tired of your trash ass
Ana Martinez
Ana Martinez Month ago
Rice gum been uploading 5 minute videos cmon now
James Smith
James Smith Month ago
this guy has a Xbox remote on tha flo
YO! WHATSUP Month ago
It's been 3 weeks... where is the new song?
David Hall
David Hall Month ago
“Someone call rug” 😂😂
Zach.P Month ago
How is it sneaking into the faze house when nearly everyone in the faze house knows
QuangtumGamplay Month ago
this is not a lake bros, this is the sewer coming out from neighboring houses - someone complain about the smells 3:02
QuangtumGamplay Month ago
3:25 the guys eyes looks like my eyes after smoking a fat spliff
MnkyMinster Month ago
It's been 3 weeks.... Where's the song!!!!
Venomouse Garcia
Ricegum doo doo 💩💩💩
Uvuwuewuewue Onyetuenwemweubemubemosas
he got 10mil he don’t gaf he living his best life
Packers Fan13
Packers Fan13 Month ago
Your still at 10 mil!!!!!????!!!!!???? You need to grow already dude
andryu andryu
andryu andryu Month ago
rice keep posting 1 mil average boyy
Jesse Aguilar
Jesse Aguilar Month ago
Song was hot garbage
Anthony Joya
Anthony Joya Month ago
My nigga said a basket in the pool and it’s a cart 🛒🤣💀
Shayan Raei
Shayan Raei Month ago
Guys isn't the new Faze house Justin Bieber's old house? ruvid.net/video/video-8Xg7qr-bb9w.html
zenai gonzalez
zenai gonzalez Month ago
breakup and apartment video yesss
Kent Beckman
Kent Beckman Month ago
Lmfao he don't know how to drive
lokendra singh
lokendra singh Month ago
WTF!!! Did anyone notice that it's Justin Bieber's old house? ruvid.net/video/video-8Xg7qr-bb9w.html
anyone see the yellow juul in faze rains hand at 1:47
lacamiseta Month ago
social distancing rice!
Marquion Marvelous Neal
That’s crazy that both of the faze houses were once owned by Justin Bieber
Jaylin Harper
Jaylin Harper Month ago
What happened to the Range Rover you had
snazzy Month ago
how tf this bitch still get views?
Leonardo 2012
Leonardo 2012 Month ago
Been 2 weeks were is the music video
Queen T
Queen T Month ago
Wow I noticed this was Justins old crib cause of the lake I didn’t know he sold it.
Cameron Tran
Cameron Tran Month ago
Probably because you didnt put faze in your yt name
SomaliNotBlack IAmCushitePeriod
"I haven't had human contact..." Rice kills me everytime
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