Sneaking into FaZe Rug’s house IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT...

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Hi! I’m Brandon Awadis and I like to make dope vlogs, pranks, reactions, challenges and basketball videos. Don’t forget to subscribe and come be a part of the BrawadSquad!

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Aug 17, 2020




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Comments 100
Noorie Cat
Noorie Cat Day ago
i gotta say this is one of my fav videos!
Nivaan Rao
Nivaan Rao 2 days ago
In the intro I thought a stuff toy is lying near by brawadis😂😂
Abinayaa Arikaran
These people are the funniest people on planet earth! 😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🥺😂
Abinayaa Arikaran
Stop ruining my plan you damn dog 😂😂😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣
Deborah Graham
Deborah Graham 3 days ago
Booker is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!😍😍
DELTAYT PLAYS 3 days ago
U can just say brain
Bj Pauni
Bj Pauni 6 days ago
24k_ Whoopty
24k_ Whoopty 7 days ago
Is it just me or when they wer going to ding dong ditch Anthony Bolted to brawadis
Waheed Mohammed
Waheed Mohammed 8 days ago
Brandon and Anthony or Brandon and Dennis
Gavin Zaratsian
Gavin Zaratsian 8 days ago
Rug literally stared at the camera for five seconds when he came back from the noise he heard when brawadis Jumped in the
rachel gupta
rachel gupta 8 days ago
jt_roblox 1000
jt_roblox 1000 11 days ago
You just love booker don’t you
Justin Pearce
Justin Pearce 11 days ago
poor Brian he is like what the heck is going on
Justin Pearce
Justin Pearce 11 days ago
Lola sees you LOL
Iam Babyash
Iam Babyash 12 days ago
Broooo brian ran so fast😭he's escaping damnn he's really scared
Iam Babyash
Iam Babyash 12 days ago
The way Anthony reacts when ur waking him is literally meee😂
Iam Babyash
Iam Babyash 12 days ago
The demon dog😭🤣 wait until brian hears that
Iam Babyash
Iam Babyash 12 days ago
Anthony has to go everywhere😭🤣🤣 yall are the best
Theodora Damianidis
The demon dog 🤣😂😂😂
Theodora Damianidis
Sarah Dahlke
Sarah Dahlke 12 days ago
I thought he was done when brain went over to the bar
Missy Sangare
Missy Sangare 13 days ago
I thought Sherman was with Brian like what the HEXT
Bryton caviness
Bryton caviness 13 days ago
I laughed the entire video! Great job
RAYAN OMG 13 days ago
23:25 lol rug is so scared
RAYAN OMG 13 days ago
11:55 lol again
Paula Boland
Paula Boland 14 days ago
When he said he's going to risk everything 2 seconds later we can't go to the back yard
Genesis Castellon
Genesis Castellon 15 days ago
The dimen dog 😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Emily Avila
Emily Avila 15 days ago
Aminath Yusra
Aminath Yusra 16 days ago
16:50 that contact name 🤣☠️
ARCOT SUMANTH 16 days ago
7:55 when did Anthony became a horse
Luis FRC
Luis FRC 18 days ago
Queen Phya
Queen Phya 19 days ago
ahhahahahahahahaahhahahahahahaha he took the stock
Faze Slak 1
Faze Slak 1 20 days ago
Brandon: do you know this channel do you know who I am, do you know Anthony Anthony: im a alcoholic jk jk
JAIDEN 21 day ago
ow these videos are bangers not the Ex Girlfriend drama 865 bts constellation bts constellation 7 months ago I swear Anthony and Brawadis are the funniest duo😂 1.2K Kadin Bailey Kadin Bailey 6 months ago RUvid is getting very comfortable with the non skipable ads. 305 MONSTER TECHIE MONSTER TECHIE 7 months ago (edited) GOOD LUCK! 1.1K Audrey Moreno Audrey Moreno 5 months ago When anothony said “what u think we’re gonna sleep sober” I felt that😂💀 53 Eggwick Eggwick 7 months ago Brandon should’ve Waited till the morning and sat down right next to him when he’s eating breakfast or something 😂 1K Farida habibi Farida habibi 6 months ago this is how many people laughed of anthony say kaylin i farted 275 iSleepForFun iSleepForFun 7 months ago i feel bad for rug if he was getting robbed and he didnt even know 203 dolphii dolphii 4 months ago (edited) Brandon: I’m gonna spend the night at faze rugs house by my self Sherman: hold my yogurt 23 Eric Cantu Eric Cantu 7 months ago Bring back Dennis😣man Dennis was the best person ever🙌even if you make a phone call on camera🤞bring back Dennis😿 136 Maria Hernandez Maria Hernandez 7 months ago (edited) Nobody: Anthony: “I failed PE it’s one of the reasons I didn’t graduate” 😭😂💀 But same😩 859 MarksRP MarksRP 6 months ago "Sneeking into faZe rugs house in middle of the night" - its the middle of the day.... 30 OFF- SEASON OFF- SEASON 6 months ago That’s why rug thinks there’s ghost are in his house 191 Cxrsedゼロ Cxrsedゼロ 2 months ago (edited) 14:34 Brandis: Taking a shower Camera Man: Don't mind me just watching 4 Steph Moreno Steph Moreno 7 months ago 23:26 the way he ran tho💀❤️ 34 Musiclover 16 Musiclover 16 7 months ago I was laughing EVERY single time Lola would come and sneak up on Brandon and Anthony. XD 1.4K 69 SUBS BEFORE COVID ENDS ? 69 SUBS BEFORE COVID ENDS ? 4 months ago I love how Anthony and Brandon are showing everyone how to sneak in Rug’s house😂 8 Calvin Mills Calvin Mills 6 months ago Anthony comes in the car with a Go-Gurt 😂😂 20 Denise Agraz Denise Agraz 6 months ago nobody: absolutely nobody: brandon yelling in his videos:
Alex Flores
Alex Flores 24 days ago
Brandon and Anthony make a great team
Eliminate YT
Eliminate YT 24 days ago
The dog is the funniest dog I’ve seen
Aidenツ 26 days ago
17:53 got me dead 😂 when he hit the window
Lusive Cozmic
Lusive Cozmic 26 days ago
Fire vid bro! Keep up the good work! 👌👍
Alexis Diaz
Alexis Diaz 26 days ago
Bruh look at the dog in the intro
Jovanni400 26 days ago
Yaseen El Ragaby
Yaseen El Ragaby 26 days ago
When rug ran outside to an intro to a huanted video🤣🤣😂😂😂
Lynn Nelson
Lynn Nelson 26 days ago
Anthony thank you brandon🙏 Brandon for what Anthony for letting us take a shot
Smurfy darkshadow
Smurfy darkshadow 26 days ago
0:35 booker is so cute
OutdoorBoys1 26 days ago
17:45 lmaooooo YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!!!!
Thor 27 days ago
damn dog \
Brandon Valentine
Brandon Valentine 27 days ago
I love Anthony and Brandon they're fun To watch
Roll The clip
Roll The clip 27 days ago
There is no way rug is sleeping in that big ass house by him self
i love you
Orbit .360
Orbit .360 28 days ago
They slept in the most haunted room😄 LOL
Gabriella Savattere
y is this scareing me if it is not me 22:48 just go back alitill and u will see
Cynix 28 days ago
Anthony with the gogurt lol
Jacob Boxed U
Jacob Boxed U 28 days ago
23:25 when you hit Mario and he turns on speed mode
Manpreet Sohi
Manpreet Sohi 28 days ago
Why are you drinking tequila
Manpreet Sohi
Manpreet Sohi 28 days ago
Why do you have alcohol that is very bad
Destiny Rivera
Destiny Rivera 29 days ago
Love thiss! Your videos are my favorite!
Kriti Month ago
7:54 anthony sounded like a horse lmao
TaZeSamir Month ago
23:26 l can’t the run he ran was soooo funny 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Metal Head
Metal Head Month ago
Oh no Anthony the demon dog 😅
CollideAciidd Month ago
Why does he say FaZe Rug and not Brian
margaret mingina
and you let him stop making you to drink
margaret mingina
tell your stupid friend to stop drinking or i unsub
Rebecca zamolo Edit’s & updates
I literally laughed sooooooo hard when Lola was there 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣and Brandon will say stop RUINING IT!!! I laughed so hard
meow gaming
meow gaming Month ago
Lola so funny 🤣
Adriana Tabbita
Adriana Tabbita Month ago
Brawadis and Anthony should be best friends 😂😇✨
kkf 2
kkf 2 Month ago
You know that thing that he hit you can pull it down hard and to make a loud noise
Osu people Belike
13:48 brawadis packin 😳
Francisco Mora
Francisco Mora Month ago
Monika Maxey
Monika Maxey Month ago
Anthony be like k k i just farted
Xereox PlayZ
Xereox PlayZ Month ago
22:17 dude idk why but anthony is so funny and he knocks har on door wich sounds funny for no reason to me. 😂😂😂😅
Jason Ramos
Jason Ramos Month ago
He was o hell no im out
Jason Ramos
Jason Ramos Month ago
Hw like o hell no im out
Jason Ramos
Jason Ramos Month ago
Jason Ramos
Jason Ramos Month ago
Mohamed Bouzar
Mohamed Bouzar Month ago
The gigantic tennis semiannually ban because july particularly license unto a robust wall. foolish, parched bear
Rocket League
Rocket League Month ago
👇 this is how many people think Brawadis and Anthony are the best duo
Sebastian P
Sebastian P Month ago
Scary heartbeat sound effect a grown man running around in a blanket😅
Yanely Mendez
Yanely Mendez Month ago
no one: Anthony when he hears the word prank: I am awake
Namir Roblox
Namir Roblox Month ago
Brian needs to man up
Harnifer Perez
Harnifer Perez Month ago
Bro make a part 2 with Antoni, please 😂😂
s trawberrycow
s trawberrycow Month ago
did any body notice Sherman was in the bathroom while Brandon showerd
Isabella Perry
Isabella Perry Month ago
You did the wheel on my birthday august 17th
Polar moksitoo乂
Ur camera man is bad
Amin Rat
Amin Rat Month ago
A scoobe dooo
Katia martinez mujica Mujica Cortez
I laughed when Brandon ran with the blanket 😂
Gloopy Loopy
Gloopy Loopy Month ago
Brandon and Anthony are the best and funniest duo😂😂😂
SNM Fuzzy
SNM Fuzzy Month ago
Who else laghed when that sang oh Christmas tree
YT Elite
YT Elite Month ago
This is how many times he called Anthony dumb
Alex Month ago
I liked how they scared Brian at the ending 😂
Valerie Ponciano
Lmaooo when he said ow b* tch don’t bite my finger
Fx_Abdulla_Fx Month ago
FLO Month ago
13:45 this man packin
Luci Hawes
Luci Hawes Month ago
Dude I like how you can see him threw the window
Elham Ahsan
Elham Ahsan Month ago
At first I thought it was a puppy doll but after it started to move the n I realised that it was his real dog
Zion Ehman
Zion Ehman Month ago
16:51 the name tho
Conor Oneill
Conor Oneill Month ago
I think there should be more like this and iconic due as usual and prank rug with u cheating with kealyn @brawids
Conor Oneill
Conor Oneill Month ago
Bryant Flores
Bryant Flores Month ago
i swear bro bryan ran like me when i try to turn off the lights at night
Mike Orantes
Mike Orantes Month ago
Lmao when Brian started running out the door he looked like a kid
Christina Sandoval
00:40 BOOGER instead of booker
Bailey Neal
Bailey Neal Month ago
Mohamed Bouzar
Mohamed Bouzar Month ago
The rabid beard logically knot because laundry repressingly drag before a festive sudan. lucky, observant burma
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