SML Movie: Bowser Junior's Girlfriend!

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victor Alvarado
victor Alvarado 15 минут назад
I would beat him up
Gabrielle Dion
Gabrielle Dion 16 минут назад
I am an antipigatarian
Ryan Hayles
Ryan Hayles 56 минут назад
who else saw in the background of school they had Jumanji
vanessa lemus
vanessa lemus 2 часа назад
Can you please make jeffys super power
TurboAnimations 2 часа назад
Pig jokes are getting real fucking annoying! Agree?
Ashley Merrill
Ashley Merrill 2 часа назад
I love this video
hetal patel
hetal patel 2 часа назад
This is Cody’s mommy 🐷 👚 👖 👠
Gods Child
Gods Child 3 часа назад
Stop making fun of Cody
Quantum Gamer
Quantum Gamer 3 часа назад
SML idea: Jeffy’s brother.
Quantum Gamer
Quantum Gamer 3 часа назад
I love SML, but there is no way in gods name that i am spending 75$ for a Jeffy puppet. Also, he’s my favorite character.
Daniel Lee
Daniel Lee 3 часа назад
I would kill him!
SG_PlayZ 3 часа назад
if my friend would date my mom i would be happy bcuz i wouldn’t have to feed a dog anymore
Roel Zavala
Roel Zavala 4 часа назад
If my friend dated my mom I’d try my hardest to break them up , I’d text other girls off his phone yuh feel me 😂
laura skys
laura skys 4 часа назад
So funny 😂😂😂😍
James Spears
James Spears 5 часов назад
I would beat the hell out of my friend bec that’s being a pervert and also I would take my fist and anime beat down on my friend
Andre Blueboy
Andre Blueboy 5 часов назад
3:12 lol!!!!
Emma Gibbs
Emma Gibbs 7 часов назад
I would bring a fat pig in the house!
peter flores
peter flores 7 часов назад
He used the shrimp ray
BossGtakid209 Gamer
BossGtakid209 Gamer 7 часов назад
"Sorry i opened it to fast and squezzed to hard"the mom"its so messy"junior"sorry it was my first time"if they didnt show the gogurt i would of thought dirty who else thinks so??
Tay Whatts
Tay Whatts 7 часов назад
I'm year of the dog
George Lewington
George Lewington 8 часов назад
Do a video with Jeffy a Cody's mum become in love
FireShooter1 Afzali
FireShooter1 Afzali 9 часов назад
1:08 Your Fawther, Sounds Like Her Voice Got High Pich, That's Not Her Voice!:OOOOOOOO
Natalie Gordon
Natalie Gordon 10 часов назад
Box them for sml queston
Jack corbett
Jack corbett 11 часов назад
If my freind dated my mum they would have to be her age but if there like my age and dating her I would literally shove a pencil through his head
Indre Salatkiene
Indre Salatkiene 11 часов назад
team Bruce
team Bruce 13 часов назад
I would flip out
Daisia Clark
Daisia Clark 15 часов назад
Img I can buy Jeffy I just got income tax
Sambo Sen
Sambo Sen 15 часов назад
When Cody’s mom turns into a child she looks a little cute
Charles Riffe
Charles Riffe 15 часов назад
I’d beat my friends ass
Hunter G
Hunter G 16 часов назад
Did he say the n word
David Flores
David Flores 16 часов назад
Fuck you
RDC Ginger
RDC Ginger 17 часов назад
soldier shadow the shadow clan
soldier shadow the shadow clan 18 часов назад
I want you to make a video of the sml movie please are you gonna make the movie
Kaze i
Kaze i 18 часов назад
I’d Smash
Kenny EXE
Kenny EXE 18 часов назад
It’s war
Lopez Lopez
Lopez Lopez 18 часов назад
Ezhanni the.offical
Ezhanni the.offical 19 часов назад
Eww nasty gramma www I'm get the fat diseases
Katy Blohm
Katy Blohm 20 часов назад
I got a Super Smash Bros Ultimate ad for Joker
isaacmedia 20 часов назад
5mile 20 часов назад
If you subscribe to me I’ll subscribe to you
mr.sameri floyd
mr.sameri floyd 20 часов назад
Freak the fuck out
d.money 1041
d.money 1041 20 часов назад
I missed my house payment goodman fuck you
Kayson Gaming
Kayson Gaming 21 час назад
Lol he’s girlfriend I thought he was Cody’s boyfriend lol
Chace Henderson
Chace Henderson 21 час назад
Fuck her right in the pussy
Cecilia Flores
Cecilia Flores 21 час назад
Make a video call Mario’s mistake so Mario let his son Jeffy do what every he wan’t and he broke his new tv and when he come up he said good boy but when he came back he said OMG MY NEW TV he come up to jeffy he said JEFFY WHY YOU BROKE MY NEW TV Jeffy said well you said do what every I wan’t Mario said I did and he woke up and he is jut a dream
Dallas Smith GOLD
Dallas Smith GOLD 22 часа назад
She sounds like linda
Dallas Smith GOLD
Dallas Smith GOLD 22 часа назад
She sounds like the mom in bobs burgers 🍔
Raphael Casiano
Raphael Casiano 22 часа назад
Do one with tutoring
Melted Crayons
Melted Crayons 22 часа назад
*_O I N K_*
Monster Gamers
Monster Gamers 22 часа назад
Back off chief pee pee is mine
Melted Crayons
Melted Crayons 22 часа назад
SML Idea: Bowser's Mom!
Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez 23 часа назад
I was born on the year of the pig
Adrick Harris
Adrick Harris День назад
LuX LuX Boy
LuX LuX Boy День назад
SML ideaa justin beber
Dead pool Coming
Dead pool Coming День назад
Join in th fun
unicorn kk 453 queen
unicorn kk 453 queen День назад
The answer is simple Suicide
anthony dillard
anthony dillard День назад
why would MR goodman push a cat
Magic 6172
Magic 6172 День назад
Isn’t that a shrimp ray!
R 26
R 26 День назад
This is the most funny thing ever it is so hilarious thing funny hahaha joke lol XD
Cody The Hunky Dude
Cody The Hunky Dude День назад
This is like so gay.. he shoud’ve fallen in love with this hunky dude!.
Cody The Hunky Dude
Cody The Hunky Dude 18 часов назад
I’m hunky!
Milian Matute
Milian Matute День назад
You are ugly 😒
Snake King
Snake King День назад
2:25 like this comment if u saw the jumanji board game in the back ground
Happy Homie
Happy Homie День назад
The reason I love 2019 so much is because I was born on the year of the pig like if you are too But it’s sad because in China pigs are thought not to be that smart...
Anime King
Anime King День назад
SML idea: Bowser and Jeffy and Black Yoshi fight Cody's out of control fat pig demon giant mom
Jackie Stevie
Jackie Stevie День назад
Notkis is a kid
Vedad Hodzic
Vedad Hodzic День назад
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah День назад
Cody's girlfriend Or Juniors boyfriend: Cody gets a love spell and uses it on junior
Bongski Bunda
Bongski Bunda День назад
In The Movie Chris Sounds like Brooklyn T. Guy
SlateAlloy 582
SlateAlloy 582 День назад
God she’s so ugly young
hatty xv
hatty xv День назад
Sml idea juniors girlfriend
JeffyFan128 День назад
If my friend date my mom I would kill the jeffy hater by myself
Caroline Ward
Caroline Ward День назад
This is how fat Cody's pig mum I I I
Layla Douglas
Layla Douglas День назад
2:20 anyone botice the jumanji game
Caroline Ward
Caroline Ward День назад
5:21 settle down ur Pepe get big
Legendsliveforever2 День назад
If You want to get yo money like this comment to get it sunny
Erika Morineau
Erika Morineau День назад
I have an idea: rosalinas sister
devin keck
devin keck День назад
wtf 11:50
Reika Mouton
Reika Mouton День назад
Good so funny 🤣
Lukester День назад
Charlie and friends
YellowCoated_josh День назад
Doesn’t junior have a girlfriend called toadette
tfue День назад
SML Movie: Bowser Junior's Girlfriend!
*ItzRapidd *
*ItzRapidd * День назад
If I had a friend that dated my mom I would’ve beat his ass.
DavidFox 145
DavidFox 145 День назад
Pcssfc День назад
Am I bad to wanna see how will smith dose genie? Or am I not aloud to have an opinion?
Idostuff Adrian
Idostuff Adrian День назад
What isn't jounior going to be his step step dad because on the old videos it says his dad is his step dad
Xvbzdjdhd Vshsjddn
Xvbzdjdhd Vshsjddn День назад
👂👀👂 👃 👅
Fire Nation rules
Fire Nation rules День назад
Can you make part 2 of Cody fat mom trying to date chef pp please?
The Wolfs
The Wolfs День назад
I will kill him
ashley white
ashley white День назад
Jeffy Jeffy please
Pyxel Panda
Pyxel Panda День назад
I never really noticed the Jumanji Board Game in the classroom
Michael Rago
Michael Rago День назад
1 like= 1 girlfriend for Junior
Emanuel Jenkins
Emanuel Jenkins День назад
Junior and Cody‘s mom duh duh duh later A PIG 🐖
Meep da1
Meep da1 День назад
Smack the shit out of my friend
Jim Dolence
Jim Dolence День назад
I would throw him off a cliff
Martin Sanchez
Martin Sanchez День назад
CoolJeffyVideo День назад
Did Anybody see Cody Mom on the life in 5:37.
Emigdio Bautista
Emigdio Bautista День назад
did anybody notice codys mom when codys mom gave junoir the note on the side ofbook shelf
legogamer melvin
legogamer melvin День назад
I would get that fame and mlg glasses
Alex Courchene
Alex Courchene День назад
Sofia the casters
Alex Courchene
Alex Courchene День назад
you calling Cody's mom a f****** pig Regal
iBody ChicksDaily
iBody ChicksDaily День назад
Did anyone else see Cody's mom on the bottom right?
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